Where art thou?

Sunday, 14 October 2012


LIKE AMAGAD.. i have left my blog that long?!?! ahahhahahaha. daaaaayuuum. The title of this post is actually what one of my colleagues calls me. hahahaha. SORS.

This might actually be the longest break i had after the last blog post! Anyhoo, i just got back frm volunteering at Relay For Life 2012. It was fun! tiring but fun. a bit bored at times cause there wasn't much to do but i guess when it comes to volunteering for an event. that happens cause people come n go at diff time.
in front of the starting line
 Work have never been seen so hectic. been working on weekends for a lot of times. replacement leave ada but too busy to even take replacement leave. hohoho. I guess that's work. some of my friends are saying that i'm turning into a workaholic. I don't think I am. I hope I'm not! Anyway, don't wanna fret. hehe. Let's talk about interesting things that happened lately. 

Firstly, I stood next to Michelle Wie!!!! And those who googled for Michelle Wie might end up at my blog here. hahahahaha. sorry mate. Anyway, it's the LPGA season and there was the Charity Gala Dinner. As one of the main ushers for the dinner, I was on duty to be one of the 'models' to help hold the player's item being auctioned. I was lucky to get Michelle Wie's golf club n got to stand next to her on stage during the bid. it was awesome! the emcee made her swing a few times to make the bid go higher. and my god that girl can swing alright! i was afraid she might swing me instead so i stood quite far and by the looks of it, i think someone can be knocked out if someone were to be hit by her swing. 

in the Red Kebaya standing next to Michelle Wie! yeay! 
Besides that, the other day, I went to a dinner and as it was black tie event, we all went there looking very classy and elegant. However, at one point, our vain-ess took over and we decided to camwhore the whole night. hahahaa. Referring to the picture below, our attempt to look like cover girls? what do you think? hihihi.
a female magazine cover maybe? 
and below is just a random picture of my colleagues laughing at something I said. they were both literally ROFL. hahahah. I miss both of them! hope they won't be as bz next week!

obviously, these were not only the things that happened throughout me not updating my blog. hahaha. just writing down what pops into my head. :) something interesting happened, but let's see if it gets more interesting. am giving it a week. and i'm not taking it too seriously. it's too fishy. if it's a prank frm a friend, trust me i'll unfriend that person. -_- 

that's all for now peeps! it's Sunday!! finally i can rest. (i hope)


Sunday, 8 July 2012

oh me gosh, would u look at that.

My gosh, I haven't been blogging for more than a month. boooo~ have been a busy little bee and sometimes when I do have time, wasn't in blogging mode. lol.

I just had a loooong dream about a person last night. When I talk about a person during the day, he or she will someone end up in my dream that night. So yesterday, I met up with a good fren of mine who just got back from the UK and u know.. girls when they haven't seen each other for a long time, semua benda lah cerita kan, gossips, work stuff, love life etc. I was telling her about a certain someone n surprise surprise, i dreamt him last night. not a nice dream. I don't like it if i dream about this someone cause it makes me feel like I haven't had a closure. 

Yes, another quite emo blog. I haven't been on a dating scene for quite some time now and I think I should get back on it cause I think I'm lack behind. LOL. Anyway, about this person, I've had my part of closure but he didn't. sometimes, i wonder what are the things that he really wanted to say and sometimes i feel like, it's better that i don't know what he wants to say cause it might just cause mixed up feelings for me. Although i told this person that we should be friends, I'm not treating him as one. i guess because I'm afraid he has other reasons than just being friends with me and also on my part, I know he has a very caring, loving and protective gf. Don't wanna mess with someone like that yo. Some people, they are not grateful with what they have. You have a caring n loving girlfriend and yet you still pursue or try and see whether you could get yourself another girl. Sometimes I feel like I miss this person but when I think about it, I think I actually miss getting attention and having someone who I can just kacau anytime I want. or someone who just wanna be there for me. I do feel like we could be friends but then again, if your gf knows who I am, I might get run over. lol.

Currently, my eye candy is dating a chinese girl. dang raje, tuh lah. lol! boooooooo~ my friends have been telling me there are other fishes in the sea. SO CLICHE. BUT... SO TRUE. the thing is I haven't been meeting new people. so dia sorang je la yg aku asyik usha kan. lol. The people I see most of the time are my colleagues and at times my frens. Should get out more on the social scene too! hmmmm. Sunday morning and I'm ranting about this. pfft! 

Alright, let's get some McD breakfast! and start my Sunday!!!! or shall i say, sundae? hehe.
 Me at the office, needed a break, played with the props used for storytelling activity to kids
xoxo, Soraya

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

when was the last time I..

So, before this, I made myself clear that my priority is to get myself a job before I go about having a boyfriend. Now that I've secured myself a job which I'm happy with.. I don't know how to start.
 I don't want to look for one cause like what the hell, cam desperate je. 
I am looking (literally) but not doing anything about it. 
  I just miss going out on dates and getting the attention. lol.
The last time I went out on a date would be 2 years ago but wait don't think that counted as a date tho. I went out with that guy cause I wanted to know what he had to say to me. Out of the blue confession case. 
Anyway, that didn't work out cause at that time, I wanted to concentrate on my studies and when it comes to boys, they are eye candies and that's just about it. So i guess the last time i went out on a date would be when I was 16. WAAAHHHH dasyat gila. (sendiri terkejut please..)

Now, it seems like almost everyone is getting married at my age. I'm 24 btw. yer tak tua sangat pun tapi semua orang cam tunang lah kahwin la and here I am, someone who's not even seeing anyone.
Yes, I know there are loads of people who are in the same shoes as I am.

One of my friends told me that I'm not socializing enough. Honestly, I have to say I haven't been going out much with my friends. I haven't seem them for quite some time now. Socializing in term of meeting new frens (especially the opposite sex) was what one of my friends was referring to. The thing is, unfortunately when some of my frens/colleagues invite me to hang out, something would always come up and I won't be able to make it. So, lost the opportunity to make new friends or get to know that person that i'm having a slight crush on right now. LOL. (and with my shy issue around guys that I'm attracted to, not helping either)

I'm trying my best to not be as shy as I used to be but I hardly meet this slight crushie of mine. hampa.
I don't know whether I just sound pathetic or not. I don't care really. Lepaskan perasaan je ni.
hahaha. oh well, kalau ada jodoh, takkan ke mana ye tak? tapi kalau tak berusaha pun apa2 pun tak jadi. 
so kena berusaha, tapi tak tau nak buat apa. LOL.  
Yer, berusaha Soraya!!! One fine day, yes!

AAANYWAY, I should head off to slumberland now.
Buenas noches muchachos & muchachas! 

xoxo, Soraya

Saturday, 2 June 2012

back from Johor!

I just got back from Johor yesterday evening and gosh it was so tiring. Spent one whole week in Johor for work. Although, i still haven't had enough rest, i was out today for 12 hours, facial, lunch, went to meet my fren who's back for summer holiday and then off to One utama with mom n dad. penaaat. then tomorrow, off to get a new phone!!!! yeay!!!!! InsyaAllah dapat lah kan. hahaha. i won't be getting one of the latest phones definitely cause i'm not a tech geek and i don't really dig into those apps. janji boleh check email, google stuff, sms n call, it's good to go. :)

2 weeks ago, I went out with my some of my close friends from college and mmg lepas rindu habis lah. haha. after the guys left, us girls were so excited that we could then gossip about our love life. the thing with us girls, when you put a whole lot of single girls together, the main topic will always be about bila nak dapat boyfriend. HAHAHAHA. one of my frens came to the conclusion that something's wrong with us. lol. on my side, I can't argue with that cause i've got social issues when it comes to people that i like. hahahaha. i shall not comment further. dah pernah tulis pasal ni kan. lalalalaala~

Anyway, I feel like Malaysia is not safe anymore. I got back yesterday and all i hear is about kidnapping news. one of it happened The Curve. THE CURVE people!!!! i go there a lot and i'ld never thought a kidnapping scene would happen there and thank god the girl managed to escape! early this morning, i heard about an attempt kidnapping news on the radio. apa nak jadi ngn malaysia ni? It's so scary ok. It's sad to know that my beloved country is no longer safe. haih. kes culik anak "somebody" punyalah sibuk, but anak2 orang lain yg kena culik, takder pun semangat, takder pun nak berusaha gila2.  apa beza nya anak orang lain dengan anak orang berada. haih.

I know this post has random stuffs in it, no connection at all but i just felt like blurting out whatever i'm thinking about. :)

aiiiight, it's good to be back to my comfy bed! *golek2 atas katil* ;p

xoxo, Soraya

Thursday, 10 May 2012

not myself when...

wanna know something? well some of u might know this cause apparently it's obvious (according to some frens of mine). I don't act like myself when i'm around the guy that i like. I am shy. WTH right? macam tak je kan. lol. but yes, it's only when it comes to someone i have a crush on (or slight crush) i'll turn into this shy person which sometimes make that person think that i'm arrogant / sombong. huhuhu. it's just that i go all speechless, and shall not look at that person in the eye for too long.  hahahaha. and maintain lah kan. I want to be myself but i somehow can't bring myself to that. for example today, i could have just voiced out and say, hey come join us here! i would have if he was some other person. instead i just let him passed by when i think he wanted to join us but none of our frens saw him passed by. so he just walked away. kesian dia. I can't even bring myself to say hi to that person cause i just feel so shy. it's like the other person have to initiate it first then i can let loose and be myself. lambat sikit nak warm up. hahahaha. haih. :)

xoxo, Soraya 

Monday, 7 May 2012

oh U K

I MISS ENGLAND. I miss my freedom there. I miss the air there. YES. THE AIR. THE FRESH AIR. (in Lancaster that is) London does not have fresh air. haha. I miss eating whatever I want. I miss cooking. I miss the food that is available there. I miss everything about my uni life in UK. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

(not relating to me missing UK).
Life can be soooo unfair sometimes. And sometimes you just wonder, why are all these unhappy things happening to u. And you know you've gotta stay strong and have positive thoughts. And try to stay happy no matter what cause you only get to live once. 

xoxo, Soraya 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

super busy me

I haven't been this busy ever!
I've got so many things on hand.
I'm actually kinda freaked out.
Takut tak siap and then i'm doomed.
cam tak cukup doomed dah kan.

A lot of things happened since the last post.
I won't blab about it now.
Ok, just one short one, last Monday, didn't have the MOnday Blues. not even a bit! causeeee..
I had a role in the co.'s corp. video. Had shooting on that day. Got all dolled up.
Felt like an artist. Turned out to look like a friggin stewardess. hahaha.
Acted as the "chairman's secretary".
oh well. one step to being famous! HAHAHA RIGHT -_-"
I think i'll have time to post some other stuff after May 10th.

On a diff note, I'll be going to Russell Peters Notorious World Tour 2012!!!
So excited! finally something to look forward to.

Now let's hope there's someone for me to look forward to in the near future.
haha. kidding. need to get my life settled out first.


Thursday, 22 March 2012

saat2 mencuci mata

hahahaha! so basically, for those who don't understand the title of this post, cuci mata literally means washing the eyes BUT sometimes it's a term used to describe one's act of looking at someone that's nice to look at. aka, sedap mata memandang. hihihihi.

So, these past few days, someone interesting has been coming to the office everyday since Tuesday. I hardly get to cuci mata nowadays. boo~ anyhoo, Soraya pun mengambil kesempatan untuk mencuci mata. like hello, kasi can sikit ok. i'm like kinda stressed out with work this week. at least, there's something interesting kan.
plus, i'm single, so I don't feel guilty :p cuci mata JER pun :)
as compared to uni life, hari2 cuci mata and it's like every now and then cuci mata sebenarnya. HAHAHA. until i'm immune to it. hambik kau.. immune. lol.
and now i'm missing it like crazy. i know a few of my frens would totally agree with me ;) u know who u are. haha.

alright, need to get on with work!
berusaha kita!

xoxo, Soraya

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

busy little bee

So last week, I went to Janda Baik for 7 days. holiday? NEY, i went for work.
It was a school holiday camp for kids and youth where they learn about personal safety, sex education, self-defense and much more.
It was really interesting and fun!
I was one of the facilitators and I myself learned some new stuffs too. lol.

Since we were in Janda baik, and our camp was just along the river, we went into the river almost everyday. ALMOST. haha. I only went in fully (before that takat gedik2 main2 air kat tepi je ahahha) during the girls' camp. well yea cause have to make sure they don't go too far cause the current was quite strong. the girls really had a fun time splashing water at me. didn't wanna get drenched at first, but they were like Kak soraya masuk lah masuk lah! and i'm like.. haa takper takper. saya kena jaga korang. then they saw me shiver and they were like OMG KAK SORAYA MENGGIGIL. like YES GIRLS!!! I'M COLD. WHAT DO U EXPECT. so i decided to dip in cause it wouldn't be too cold then and yessss, right after they saw me dipped in, i got up and YEAY!!!! SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH. there was only one soraya facing 10 teenage girls. pfft! kena bully. oh well. it was fun nevertheless.

the facilitators took shifts every night to just guard around just in case if anything happens. so i picked the 4am-6am shift during the girls' camp. it was freakin cold during that hour!!!! but lovin the fresh air. and apparently another faci saw a 'pontianak' across the river, on top of a tree around 2.30am. THANK GOD, i didn't look up at the trees across the river when i was doing my shift. it didn't even cross my mind anyway about all these things.

During the kids camp, i had to become a fireman, but i'll talk about it once i have the picture. hehe. i made new frens! they were so nice and we clicked instantly. some girls are so easy to make friends with. i love that. :) but they're all in a different division, so hardly gonna see them again. huhu.

I got back on thursday night, and friday morning i was back at the office facing a pile of workload on the desk. HORROR. and the amount of deadline this week is just crazyyyyy. HAIH.
let's hope there's a bit of a breather for me next week. fighto-OH!

xoxo, Soraya

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hello March!

Hellooooo everybody!

So, I didn't update much in Feb. I got cooped up with work etc.
Anyhoo, my 3rd n final job rotation is just around the corner!
I will be attached to the CSR department! yeay!!!!
I'm so excited!
It's at the head office in KL.
I've always enjoyed CSR stuff so I have a good feeling about this final rotation.
Let's all pray that I'll love my work there.
Cause i believe that you have to love what you do. Gotta be passionate about your job then everything will go well.
So kalau stress pun takper. :)

besides that, last month, i finally met my online fren in person!!!
I met her through mIRC (do u guys remember mIRC?!?!)
We happen to know the same person and from there we kinda trust each other cause we had a mutual fren. (she had a crush on my schoolmate) SMALL WORLD IT IS.
from that day onwards, we became online friends till now.
So the first time that we actually knew how each other looked like was when we had facebook!
We became frens in 2001 and we've always been in touch with each other. even when we both studied overseas, we would send emails cause chatting was a bit difficult due to time difference.
and finally, after 11 years, we finally planned to meet up!!! and we did!
at first we thought that it would be awkward cause we're soooo used to just chatting, gossiping, via YM. ahahaha but after meeting up, it was just like 2 girls having their gossip session and catching up with each other life stories.

u know, during my centralized training, our lunch will always be a free buffet at this restaurant called Halia in Sim Darby Convention Centre, and good god the food there is AWESOME. and yesterday was the last free buffet for us cause it was the last centralized training. HUHUHU.
no more free buffet at Halia!
oh well. dah ada gaji sendiri kan. hohoho.

aight, it's a nice Saturday.
gotta go freshen up and start the day!!!

xoxo, Soraya

Sunday, 12 February 2012

no fun on Feb 14th 2012 for me

Although I don't celebrate Valentine's Day but ever since I was 15, I would plan to do something fun on that day. since everyone seems to be all lovey-dovey. I thought i'ld share some friendship love with my friends.
I would either go out with my friends or have them over for dinner and just chill and laugh around.
However, this year. I don't think there's gonna be any fun mojo going on, on the 14th. It's a weekday and i would be tired by the time i get home, also i'ld have to get up early the next day for work. It's not the same like back in uni where my friends & I would sleep at 4 or 5am because we are still at my room laughing our asses off and we would all make it to our 9am lecture.
Damn, i really miss those days. boo~

I'll just hope it's going to be a fine day then.

no spongebob, not this time. :|

xoxo, Soraya

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A story about a ...

"guess" what this post will be about.. LOL

So, I had a group coursework when i was in my 2nd year. There were four of us in the group and one of the group members is a guy from Ukraine. The first time when my other group member introduced him to the rest of us, he just gave a hello, no smile, no shaking hands and straight away sat down. I got the impression that he's not a fun type then. BUT I WAS WRROONNGGG.

After that first time of us all knowing who is who, we had our first group meeting and i guess he warmed up himself with the group. The following meetings after that he will always do something that never fails to make me laugh. He is such a fun person to be with! I never look forward for group meetings u see cause it's always so serious and stressful but for this particular group coursework, i look forward to it every time. It is a bit stressful sometimes but he lightens up the seriousness. :)

He is also a gentleman. The act of chivalry was always there. He will never fail to open the door for me. Even when he is walking behind me, he will try to hold the door by reaching out his hand. Once, after our meeting, I was walking behind him and he suddenly stop midway. so i stopped too, then he asked me to walk in front cause it's not nice if he walks in front of me. I decided to just walk beside him instead. :p

There was this one time where he asked whether i know the theme song for Star Wars, the Darth Vader theme to be exact. So i said yea n he asked me to sing the tune and i did. While i was singing the tune, he made some sounds. I thought he wanted me to stop so i did. But then he asked me why i stopped, he was doing the sound effects of the light sabers! LOL. So i had to continue. hahahaha. our other group member who was in front of us, just shook his head when he heard us doing the star wars thingy (this guy is the serious one in the group).

Once when we were at the computer lab, we were talking about how long our names were. SO he said whenever he's at the immigration counter, the officers will just look for a short while and let him pass cause his name is just too long they couldn't be bothered. hahha. and he showed me his passport (who on earth brings their passport everywhere they go yea.. hahaha comel gila) and u know how our passport pictures are young pictures of us right? so he looked so young in that picture and very good looking too! so i blurted out "WOW! You look so ..... young!" the truth is, i almost blurted out "WOW! You look so hot!" HAHAHAHAH. nasib baik aku tak ckp tuh.

Also, once, one of the group members were not in a good mood. she was really sad about something so i started singing the song Don't Worry Be Happy and i stopped midway (well i wouldn't want to sing the whole song right?) but he continued the song! ahahhaha.

I had a crush on this guy. (can't u tell?!?!) HEHEHE. I am not in contact with him anymore. In my 3rd year, we didn't take the same subjects so I didn't see him anymore after my 2nd year. But i am glad that I've met such a person. He is very nice and he makes me laugh all the time. I love those two attributes in a guy. Having good looks is a major plus. this crush of mine, well, good looking la. my friends said he looks like a model. hohoho. but kalau muka ada tapi hati takder buat apa kan? especially those good looking guys who will always make friends with good looking girls je or they know they're good looking so they act arrogantly. menyampah gila.
I miss having such a person, like this crush i'm talking about, in my life.

Here in Malaysia, it's so difficult to find a guy who will actually hold the door for you or even let you pass through the door first. They were not taught of this chivalry acts. I mean, letting you through first is the least that they can do. I'm not saying there's none... ada la. tapi sikit sangat.

I want someone like the guy whom i had a crush on when i was in my 2nd year cause I was never sad at that time. Even if I was stressful or sad, it will go away quickly.

xoxo, Soraya

Sunday, 29 January 2012

First friend to get married!!!!

Last Saturday, my friend, Syukri got married to his high-school sweetheart, Aizan.
They make such a good couple! Really complement each other I must say.
So he was my first friend to get married!!!
Congratulations again Syuk & Aizan!!!!
I was super excited and so were my two other girl friends who went to the wedding with me.
We couldn't help but cheer his name when we saw him with his wife in the golf cart as their transportation to the wedding hall. It was held at a Golf club btw. hehe.
I hope Aizan didn't mind that. bet she must be thinking who are those groupies. hoho.

A picture of my friends & I with the raja sehari :) They were smiling all the time!
hahahhah. happy betul ye :)

I had the chance to meet my friends from KYUEM too! It was soooo nice!
Everyone was just so happy to see each other. I haven't met some of them for 5 years!
oh it was just so nice to meet old frens.
We were all so excited and most of our conversations would just end abruptly and continue to another person. hahaha. limited time yea. macam speed dating BUT NOT.
So, i guess i will be seeing them again for another friend's wedding!
let's see who's next on the line! hahaha!
I know my chaletmate back in college will get married either mid or end of this year.
mini college reunion again! yeay!!

p/s: so i found out that one of my friends, stalk my blog. hahaha. shouldn't have told me!
so here's a shout out to him if he's reading this! HI NAZRI!!!! *wave wave :D

Thursday, 26 January 2012

My favourite pearl tea!

So, before this I had my tutti frutti phase where every now n then it's FROYO TIME!!!
Froyo = Frozen Yogurt (just in case some doesn't know what it stands for.. hehe)

Nowadays it's always Chatime!!
Thanks to my friend, Yana who introduced me to Chatime a few months back.
I loved it since. wheee!

Chatime sells pearl tea or bubble tea. you can drink anything that they serve and just ask for the pearls/bubbles to be included in the drink! Those pearls are made from tapioca starch btw (i just found out myself.. a few secs ago. LOL)

My favourite has to be their Hazelnut Chocolate Milk tea with pearls!
loooovee it. I've never tried other flavours besides hazelnut choc and superior pure cocoa.


I actually tried bubble tea ages ago when i was a small kid but i hated it cause it tasted so artificial, like powdered flavour and just add water. but this time it's totally different!

This pearl tea never fails to make me happy n bubbly! like! :)


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I love my weekends with my niece

And sometimes, coincidentally, we'll be wearing the same coloured outfit, even when she's wearing a cow costume. HAHAH.

Monday, 2 January 2012

A new year


2011 was awesome. I hope that 2012 will be as awesome or even better than awesome...
be-awesome!!! (it means beyond awesome btw) hehe.

I celebrated the new year at the curve together with the Funky Munkies.
For those of you who doesn't know who the Funky munkies are.. well, it's just a name that my friends and I came up with to call our group. We came up with it when we were 15 and it's stuck till now. hahaha. It was the first time that the munkies celebrated new year together so it was great!

The fireworks display at The Curve was just spectacular!!! I LOVE IT. (the picture above is not the one frm The Curve) I was just so awed by the fireworks that I didn't bother to get my camera out. It's now a sweet memory! hehe. they had this new firework thingy going on that i've never seen before cause it's similar to the chinese red fireworks.. u know the one that goes.. pompompompompompompompompom!!! quickly. yesss that one. hehe. but this one was just bigger and up in the sky. It was just awesome i tell u!
And the fact that I got to watch it with my close friends... i was just happy :)


My friend's car broke down on the way back to another fren's apartment. huhuhu.
our other fren had to drive back and pick us up.
and then the next morning, the toilet door was locked frm the inside (someone accidentally locked it and shut the door i guess) so we had to use the end of a can opener to pick it open. hahahah.
way to welcome the new year ha. hoho.

oh well, cheers for 2011! and for more exciting moments to come! May god bless us all :)