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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Summer 2010 (Part 2)

Yo yo! After my holiday to Italy, went back to Malaysia. 2 weeks in KL, still tan as ever.
My mom was shocked to see me. I look huge n dark. ahahahaa.
She went "gelapnya anak mamaaa :( " hahaahahah! so worried about my tan.
Wouldn't be called a holiday if tak tan kan? Anyway, I went to Pulau Redang with the family.
It was our first holiday with new members of the family, Adam and Alisha. :D !!!
It was awesome!! I went snorkelling for the first time! The beach was just beautiful!
love it.

I'm a sucker for beautiful beaches. I LOVE THE BEACH.
I love laying by the beach doing nothing. just nothing. it's the most relaxing thing to do.
By the end of the Redang trip, i just made my tan worse. hahahaaha.
here are some pics!

super tan! what a mistake to be taking a pic with a very fair baby!
Sherry bummed out after a long day :)

Random fact of the day: Yawning is not cause by boredom or tiredness

Sunday, 19 December 2010

My first homemade burger!

Hello world!!
It's such a BEEEAUUUTIFUL Sunday morning!
Clear blue skies, whole place is covered with white snowy blanket.

Anyhoo, last night, i decided to make dinner for my friends n i. :)
I love going on cooking adventures and my friends will be the guinea pigs to try them. hehehe.
So, I made Rosti & Lamb and Portobello burgers.

The Rosti & lamb was a total flop. Rosti tasted alright BUT it's too starchy. think i would need to give it another try nanti. Lamb... I do not know how to cook lamb. enough said. hehe. Tho the tiny bits that i cut from the lamb was alright. Rasa cam mkn da
ging goreng jer. hahaha.

I've got no pics of them cause i was too busy preparing that i forgot to take pics of them. My friend, Yana took a pic of the rosti n lamb, i'll post it up once i have em pics.
BUT none of us took the picture of the burger.
the first thing that i asked my friends to try was the burgers cause i like em!
I had mine earlier. Had to try it on for myself first before i let them eat right.
see whether it is edible or not. haha.

This is how the burger is suppose to look like:
Mine was lack of two things compared to the actual burger provide by the recipe; the provolone cheese (it took me a few mins to scan the whole shelf at Sainsbury's but they didn't sell it :() and the Prosciutto, as there aren't any halal of that, so i just opt it out. I also used the normal Portobello mushrooms not the large ones.

Anyhoo, the burger taste good!! i liked it and so did my friends! Will be on my "food yang menjadi" list! hehehe :)

Random fact of the day: The rumbling sound caused by the movement of gas in your stomach and intestines is called Borborygmus.