Where art thou?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

the memorable thing that happened to me on 11.11.11

So, almost everyone is all hyped out about the date 11 November 2011.
I think most people got married on that day. ahhaaha. ada ong la katanya. plus, it's a super cool date!
As for me, I had my own memorable moment on the 11th of Novermber 2011 too!!!
I signed my job offer letter!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't realise it till i was about to sign it. I said to the guy who happened to be in the same programme as me that OMG, WE'RE SIGNING THIS ON 11.11.11!!!!!
How cool is that?!?!?! and he just replied with a "yeaaa. this is history." cam erm... why do i not see any exclaimation marks going on here. hahahahah.

Tomorrow's the big day for me!!! super nervous now and excited! haha. I hope you'll treat me well Sime Darby :)

xoxo, Soraya

Friday, 11 November 2011

the visit

The title of this blog post sounds like a title of a short story yes?

Anyhoo, one of my close friends from the UK came to Msia for a visit. Her mom is a Malaysian so she came down to visit her relatives here. I am sooooo excited to meet her in Malaysia!!

Eventhough we met up for only a few hours, I was just so happy to see her in person! and not via skype or msn. I miss my life in UK so so much. I miss how independent i was there, the freedom that i have and also the safeness i had in lancaster. It's soo different now that I'm back home. haih.
Having a fren from UK to visit me was just something i needed. I won't be going back to england anytime soon but a little bit of england came to visit me. :) bliss! Thanks Louise! It was great seeing u!

xoxo, Soraya

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

I've never tried eating soft shell crab before. Well mainly cause I'm kinda allergic to seafood.
BUUTTTT, there comes a time when one just have the urge to try eating it and then take their medication. HEHE.

So, I went to Full House at Sunway Giza a few weeks back and ordered their Deep fried soft shell crab for starters. 3 soft shell crabs were served. you see, these type of crabs are not big so it's fine as starters. It was really good!! it was crunchy and even the shell, it kinda melts in your mouth after the first bite! it's really good. I didn't take a picture of it cause well, i was so in to it that i forgot to snap some pics. It's served with a tiny bowl of wasabi mayonaise. I'm not really a fan of wasabi but the wasabi taste wasn't that strong anyway. It was good.

I love Full House's deep fried soft shell crab! will definitely go there and order em again!

xoxo, Soraya

nearing a new chapter in the book of life

Well, most people say that when you start working, that's when you experience the real world.

SO, on the 14th of November, I will be joining Sime Darby for their Management Trainee Programme!!!!! yeay!!!!

I went through all 4 stages and passed them all :D Alhamdulillah.
It's a 6 months programme more or less like a probation period and after that, hopefully I'll be in a department that likes me and I like them too. hehehe.

I am super excited!!! a tad nervous too. I can't wait to start on something new and make new friends! wheee~

xoxo, Soraya