Where art thou?

Saturday, 27 October 2007

long time no blog

woah!!! lama gila i tak blog.. ANYHOO.. i'm sick right now.. got fever and flu.. had flu yesterday after my accounts paper.. why must the Great Hall be so bloody cold?! sheesh.. so yeah, updates right? let's c.. i think i'll keep it short this time.. this will just be the summary of what had been happening around me since the last time i blogged ok?! first of all, MY COLLEGE is falling apart!!! literally!!! i mean there are cracks every where people!! not just any cracks! but those serious and dangerous ones, as u can c through the wall thru the crack!!!! horror kan?? so now there's construction going on in our college.. u can actually c one of the acad. department is lower than the other.. the teachers are now stationing at the resource centre (R.C.)@ library on the 1st floor and the student services at the same place but at the Ground floor.. the teachers are all so noisy i tell u!! diorang lupa diorang kat Library kut.. we, the students find it hard to really really concentrate with them being there.. and with Pn. Rogayah (the student services manager) being there as well, i thought it would be much quieter.. but i was so wrong.. sama jer.. no difference.. the noise is still there.. coming most from the teachers above.. kinda annoying sometimes.. so the only time yang agak quiet kat R.C. is at night.. :)

besides that. my crushie is getting hotter!!! damn u.. hehehe.. oh well, that's an external benefit of him to me!! (masukkan economic term jap)... i think he knows.. NOOOOO.. well, his bestfren knows.. but i hope he won't tell the dude.. if he tells..matilah.. Oh yeah, my Hari Raya celebration was kinda fun.. played Spiderman Monoply in melaka! i went bankrupt and owed Dinni a few thousand dollars.. can't remember the figure anymore.. :( i'll have a rematch with u someday dear cousin!!! u just wait.. muahahahah! but didn't go to any open house yet.. 2 of my frens buat open house.. but i couldn't go.. it was on a weekday plus i had my accounts exam coming at that time.. GERAM!!

I can't remember any other significant incidents that happened to me dah..that's all i can remember for now.. on medication right now... guess it's part of the side effect.. HAHAHAHAHA.. no lah no.. i'm having my econs exam on the 7th!!! takut ar... pray for me people!!! well, yes, i' praying for myself and my frens too so that we can all pass with flying colours!!! after my econs paper is Deepavali!!! i'm sooo gonna raya during that 4 days break!!!! can't wait to get myself the purple contact lense!!! hehehe!! yay!! k, enough for now.. need to take a nap! adios amigos!