Where art thou?

Sunday, 27 December 2009

and here i go!!!!

yuuhuuuu!!! :D it's time for my xmas holiday trip again!!! yeay!!! woo hoo!!! hehehe. this time, i'm off to Paris! finally!!! my plan to finish up my courseworks before i leave for paris had failed!!!! woe is me.. woe is me.. so i have myself to blame when i'm gonna be friggin stressed out when i come back. boo hoo! :( . travelling to Paris via Eurostar, hopefully everything will be okay. pray for me yea! pray that i'll reach my destinations safely. Amin. Will be off to london tomorrow, then paris on the 29th, like EARLY in the morning, have to be there at 4.45am! huhu. and then coming back to london, then head to manchester! will be back in Lancs in about 9 days time. (9 days time, my stress level will shoot up). k k wtv, will think about that later.

BOXING DAY! boxing day was kinda boring. BECAUSE this time, i was in lancaster! takperlah, there's always a first time for everything! right? right! not many shops were opened. and not all those shops were having like massive sales. Next was good. bought a bag from the RUnway COllection at a very reasonable price!!! love it! oh i bought a hot water bottle cover just now from Accessorize! isn't it cute!!?!?! geram tgk. :)

Alrighty, think i should get some early sleep! esok nak bgn pagi, walaupun ada wake up call but must try to wake myself up! omg, i once did this yoga called Wake up Yoga (my fren, Intan introduced it to me. she's full with all this yoga, belly dancing and what not! love it! hahah thanks babe!) anyway yea, and like there was this part where u have to breath in n out slowly, and u're suppose to do it lying on the bed. it was relaxing. AND YES... while i was doing that, i dozed off!! hahahha! when i woke up i was like.. WTH!?! ahahhahhaa. bongek gila. :p

till then,

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right"
-Oprah Winfrey-


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

White Blanket of Snow :)

On the 21st of December 2009, it snowed heavily in.. well u know where when u watch the video!!! if u focus on the background, at the light, yea, heavy right? hahaha. LAME clip! cam gedik jugak pun ada. HAHAHHAHHA! :p who cares! it's snowing!!! woot woot!!


Indoor Skiing!!!!

Nadia Farhan, me, Andy (our ski instructor), Farrah, Bebeh, & Nana


I went indoor skiing and luging on the 14th!!!! it was AWESOME!! hahahahha. my fren accidentally booked the ski session for those who knew how to ski. Nadia n i are the only ones who tumbled over. The rest didn't go up the hill. I fell face first cause i got stuck at the lift. My ski came off, and yes, i kissed the snow. My lips went numb! ahhaha. Nadia on the other hand fell back when she was on the lift. The security got her first. Then another security got me when i was at the top after i fell. we felt like immigrants! ahhahahahaha! i had to walk down that steep hill! WALK okay! heih. well it was an adventure alright! hahaha! well, the security guy then helped to change our tickets to the taster session! :D

Luging! it's jsut like going down a slide with a sled! it was going really fast! and like u feel as if u're about to make a full turn when u're making a turn! i don't know how to explain. :P . it was fun!!! went on it 6 times i think. hahahahha.

Our ski instructor, Andy was sooo funny! he's like high or something. everything we say he'll respond with an "AWEESOMEE" or "COOOL" hahahahaha. like gaya2 mamat2 stone. lawak gila. and when he found out we were from Lancaster Uni, he was so excited cause his gf studies there too! kept talking about his gf and how bad the weather's like in Lancs. hahahaha! we felt like he was just pulling our legs when he was teaching us some ski stuff. we had to like, ski down on one leg, ski down while doing the action "head & shoulders, knees & toes!", ski down and make some jumps, and also ski down backwards!!!! and we all kept laughing at each other and he was like "why do u guys keep laughing at ur frens??" hahaha. apa lar. i really enjoyed myself that day! :D

Bebeh & I

I've been quite close with her for the past few weeks. Back when she was in my uni, i wasn't that close with her, but after we had like a sleepover, we got close! yesterday, she flew back to Brunei for good. :( huhuhu. I'm gonna miss her!!!! God's will, i'll visit Brunei one day! :) xx

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Apa khabar?

Nescafe's new premium coffee called Suraya! hihihihi

i was walking along one of the aisle in Sainsbury's and something caught my eye! yes! that coffee! ahahaha i just had to take a pic of it. ;) . i wonder how it tastes like..

oh don't mind the title, i realise yesterday that the abangs who work at Pizzetta and Sultan knows i'm for malaysia and just love to go Apa Khabar? then when i answer, Baik! they just stood there like dunno what to say after that. HAHAHAH. bongek.

not sure whether i've mentioned this before, but am gonna say it anyway! :p i just love it when someone who i don't know is being nice to me. be it a girl or a boy, i just find it sooo nice. because to me, i know that it's sincere. for example, last Wednesday, (mula dah dia ngn story dia.. hehe), i went to the comp. lab to print out my coursework and promised my fren to meet up with her there. When i went in, there were two guys, a brit and a chinese. so minding my own business, i sat, sign in my name, and wait for the comp, to log on. tunggu punya tunggu, tak on on! cam bapak lembap! so i was twirling on my seat, ahhahah. u know that office chair that u can turn around n around. yea, so then while was turning, then i accidentally made eye contact with the chinese dude, so cam like.. uh oh, tgk balik computer screen. he was sitting behind
me btw, after that i saw from the reflection of the computer screen that the chinese dude, let's call him CD for now, was coming towards me. i was like, WHAT. what does he want from me! then he said "the computer is not working. all of em" i was like "OH. erm.." the brit was using a laptop but he was using one of the comp! i didn't know what to do, cause i've promised my fren to meet there and while i was about to sms my fren and tell her to meet somewhere else, he said "do u want to print? u can use my comp." so i went to his computer and asked him whether he has finished using it and to kindly log out. he then said "i think if i log out, and u log in, u won't be able to use it". i went "but i'm going to print." (this would mean, i'm gonna use ur print credit! it's ur money!) but he was being such a nice person, he just said go ahead.

so, THEN, while i was opening my essay, he was packing his stuff, he said "are u from malaysia?" i was like, EHHHH, how did this CD know where i'm from? usually, assuming that he's from CHina, they wouldn't know where i'm from. i was like YEA!! how did u know?!? then he said "by the way u talk" i was like.. OMG. like how. well i guess, my facial expression gave him that, so he was like, cause i'm from singapore! :) . then i was like, NO WONDER!! ahahahaha. was about to strike a conversation, then my fren came and i had to open the door. so when i was taling to my fren about the coursework, he just stood there behind me for like a minute or two. and i felt really bad cause it's his account and his money am using. then he just told me to log off after i'm done. when he was about to go out i just called up to him and said Nice to meet u!! and he smiled and off he go. I was sooo curious to know his name! i just had to so i searched in the comp, since it's his acc am using. so i tried to find him on fb, but failed to do so. the next day as i was walking with my fren, i asked her "do u remember how that guy look like? i can't really recall" and then when i look infront, there he was! i was like, isn't it this guy? then he saw me and said hi! so i did too and my fren went, THAT WAS HIM!!! i was like yea!! ahahahhahaha.
YESTERDAY, i was in my lecture, AND HE WAS THERE!! all this time, he was in the same lecture as i am!! cam apakah bongeknya soraya. dah satu term mamat tuh satu lecture ngn kau. hahaha. i know that this guy existed but i didn't know that he would be C
D. it's the way he dressed i guess? at the comp lab he had like a leather jacket (as told by my fren, i didn't really look at him n what he was wearing, was focusing on my work but my fren had a good look at him) well I THINK that it's him. side view, he looks the same. but i still am not 100% sure. wanted to like make eye contact and see whether he'll smile at me cause he recognises me but i don't recognise him. but there's this girl who's sitting next to him n blocking the way. pergh. anyway yea, i think it's him. and u know what, tomorrow will be the last lecture! :( .

anyhoo! on a random note, I MADE CHOC FUDGE THE OTHER DAY!!! i made something that i can't eat! ahhahaa. it's called non-baking choc fudge. i just put it in the fridge t
o set it! it has biscuits, walnuts n raisins in it :) . i had a few of my frens as my subjects to test it. HAHAHHA. and they said it was good! i tasted it myself, a bit, and it wasn't that bad! :) yay for me!
here's a pic of it. not that pretty but hey, don't judge a book by it's cover!