Where art thou?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

not myself when...

wanna know something? well some of u might know this cause apparently it's obvious (according to some frens of mine). I don't act like myself when i'm around the guy that i like. I am shy. WTH right? macam tak je kan. lol. but yes, it's only when it comes to someone i have a crush on (or slight crush) i'll turn into this shy person which sometimes make that person think that i'm arrogant / sombong. huhuhu. it's just that i go all speechless, and shall not look at that person in the eye for too long.  hahahaha. and maintain lah kan. I want to be myself but i somehow can't bring myself to that. for example today, i could have just voiced out and say, hey come join us here! i would have if he was some other person. instead i just let him passed by when i think he wanted to join us but none of our frens saw him passed by. so he just walked away. kesian dia. I can't even bring myself to say hi to that person cause i just feel so shy. it's like the other person have to initiate it first then i can let loose and be myself. lambat sikit nak warm up. hahahaha. haih. :)

xoxo, Soraya 

Monday, 7 May 2012

oh U K

I MISS ENGLAND. I miss my freedom there. I miss the air there. YES. THE AIR. THE FRESH AIR. (in Lancaster that is) London does not have fresh air. haha. I miss eating whatever I want. I miss cooking. I miss the food that is available there. I miss everything about my uni life in UK. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

(not relating to me missing UK).
Life can be soooo unfair sometimes. And sometimes you just wonder, why are all these unhappy things happening to u. And you know you've gotta stay strong and have positive thoughts. And try to stay happy no matter what cause you only get to live once. 

xoxo, Soraya