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Friday, 18 February 2011

New found spot for studying

I've found a new study spot!
My friends n I were always complaining how the library and Learning Zone is too far frm our houses so yeay! this place is much closer. It's called Barker's House Farm. Used to be a farm. (it's true!) Lancaster ni kampung. :) sebelah uni ada sheeps lagi. white fluffy creatures they are. like!

Anyway, I was feeling really sleepy so, Iqa n I decided to take a short break and record a video showing the place :)
Hope you enjoy it! we did.
First video is where Iqa used the Cyborg effect and pretended she's in a Virtual Game on the 1st floor, 2nd video taken right before we head back is me showing the G-floor then back to Iqa :)
(the videos are quite long sebab malas to cut it short so.. yea) ;)

xoxo, Soraya

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

V-Day Potluck Party!!!

Hello there!
Before I go on about the V-day Potluck Party,
let me just clarify this, I do not celebrate Valentine's Day BUT on that day or the day before
I would do something with my friends since we don't celebrate it.
like going out or have dinner together with the girls. :)
Ok, now i've got that cleared out,

Last sunday, I hosted a "v-day" potluck party!!!
loads of fun! Every year since 2002, I would plan something for the lovers day.
yea, I love my friends, so share the love baybeh! :p

Altho this year was having dinner again with the girls like last year, I still had great fun!
Had loads of food! We had Spaghetti Bolognese (my first attempt! and success!!!), Chicken Nuggets, Nasi Impit with Kuah Kacang, Shepherd's Pie, Tuna Sandwiches, and Marble Cake.
We played games this time! Charades, Black Jack, Chao Tai Ti? (is that how u spell it?)
and of course... to top it all off, lots and lots of laughter!!!

You girls make my grey skies blue :)
I cherish our friendship and may we be friends forever.
I want our children to be friends!
So nanti we can gossip about them together! MUAHAHAHA. :p

'There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness'
-Lady Blessington-

xoxo, Soraya

Friday, 11 February 2011

one thing..

What I realize about myself...

If I am angry about something or someone, no matter how angry/mad I am,
give me just one night to calm down and think about it..
I will be A ok the very next day!!

I've had a few situations and it somehow ends up in such a way.
*well SO FAR, hasn't pass more than a night lah,
hope it stays that way tho*


super random food items!

Alright! one thing you should know about me is that... I can go crazy with the items at the supermarket!!!
I can spend hours at Sainsbury's! I somehow would go slightly out of my shopping list due to the fact that I see something interesting. hahah.
well, not just sainbury's but in town la, like the Oriental store is another prey. hahah.

FIRST! Mooch Chocolate milk! WHy? Because of the packaging!!! How cool / cute is that?!
Yes, i'm such an easy target for things like this. Them sellers/producers would love me.

Second! I am a big fan of Kettle Chips!!! Why? Because they don't add MSG!!
For your info, I do not eat food that contains MSG (it's different if I accidentally take it. I would stop eating it if I know it contains MSG). THIS product is definitely MSG free cause I don't get migrain after consuming it! :D :D
Rock on Kettle Chips! (Malaysia tak byk flavour... booooo~)

Third! THIS IS JUST AWESOME. Msian supermarkets should have this!!!

In malay, it's called buah Berangan. usually it has a hard shell, and one would have to bite it to crack it open and then start picking out the skin that is stuck at the chestnut! so mafan (means troublesome)!
The taste of this product is just the same as the one unpeeled!!!! I hope they do sell it in Msia and it's just me who didn't know about it. oh please oh please.
With this, all you have to do is just open the packet, put it in a bowl and heat it up if u want to!
then, the best part comes.. YOU EAT!!!! *nom nom nom*

-nice food makes me happy-

Orchard Tree Planting!!!!

Dear all,
I would like to proudly announce that I had planted an Apple tree!!!!
My FIRST EVER tree planting!!!
All my life, i've seen my parents doing the digging up and what not at home (not that we have an orchard) but this time I dug up the dirt, put in the tree, put in the baja kompos etc!
:D :D

Let me tell you how I end up planting this Apple tree. haha.
I'm in this volunteery society called Green Lancaster :)
So yes, by the name, you would kinda get the hint that it's about doing environment stuff.
This is my first event with them so yea! We planted the Apple and Pear trees near the pre-school at the Uni's campus.

I did not plant this tree by myself fyi. At first I had my own tree then it was taking me too long to dug up the hole! haha. It rained before that so the ground was all sticky!!!!
It was really difficult to dug up the dirt! very muddy! so i decided to work together with another girl. :)

Hereeee are some pictures! tak clear sangat cause I used my mobile :)

Pics from top: The baby apple tree about to be covered by the "blanket"; dirty gloves; muddy wellies; the apple tree waiting to be all grown up! ;) and the baby pear tree which I didn't plant.