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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Summer 2010 (Part 2)

Yo yo! After my holiday to Italy, went back to Malaysia. 2 weeks in KL, still tan as ever.
My mom was shocked to see me. I look huge n dark. ahahahaa.
She went "gelapnya anak mamaaa :( " hahaahahah! so worried about my tan.
Wouldn't be called a holiday if tak tan kan? Anyway, I went to Pulau Redang with the family.
It was our first holiday with new members of the family, Adam and Alisha. :D !!!
It was awesome!! I went snorkelling for the first time! The beach was just beautiful!
love it.

I'm a sucker for beautiful beaches. I LOVE THE BEACH.
I love laying by the beach doing nothing. just nothing. it's the most relaxing thing to do.
By the end of the Redang trip, i just made my tan worse. hahahaaha.
here are some pics!

super tan! what a mistake to be taking a pic with a very fair baby!
Sherry bummed out after a long day :)

Random fact of the day: Yawning is not cause by boredom or tiredness

Sunday, 19 December 2010

My first homemade burger!

Hello world!!
It's such a BEEEAUUUTIFUL Sunday morning!
Clear blue skies, whole place is covered with white snowy blanket.

Anyhoo, last night, i decided to make dinner for my friends n i. :)
I love going on cooking adventures and my friends will be the guinea pigs to try them. hehehe.
So, I made Rosti & Lamb and Portobello burgers.

The Rosti & lamb was a total flop. Rosti tasted alright BUT it's too starchy. think i would need to give it another try nanti. Lamb... I do not know how to cook lamb. enough said. hehe. Tho the tiny bits that i cut from the lamb was alright. Rasa cam mkn da
ging goreng jer. hahaha.

I've got no pics of them cause i was too busy preparing that i forgot to take pics of them. My friend, Yana took a pic of the rosti n lamb, i'll post it up once i have em pics.
BUT none of us took the picture of the burger.
the first thing that i asked my friends to try was the burgers cause i like em!
I had mine earlier. Had to try it on for myself first before i let them eat right.
see whether it is edible or not. haha.

This is how the burger is suppose to look like:
Mine was lack of two things compared to the actual burger provide by the recipe; the provolone cheese (it took me a few mins to scan the whole shelf at Sainsbury's but they didn't sell it :() and the Prosciutto, as there aren't any halal of that, so i just opt it out. I also used the normal Portobello mushrooms not the large ones.

Anyhoo, the burger taste good!! i liked it and so did my friends! Will be on my "food yang menjadi" list! hehehe :)

Random fact of the day: The rumbling sound caused by the movement of gas in your stomach and intestines is called Borborygmus.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

My summer 2010 (part 1) - Italy (continuation)

Ciampino Airport, Roma

ITALY : I've already posted most on Italy in one of the previous post BUT i don't think i've mentioned about the last n most important part of my Italy trip. I'm gonna write it down now, WE WENT TO THE WRONG AIRPORT on the day we were going back to London! HORROR gila.

One of my friends got confused whether we were going to Ciampino or Fiumicino Airport and ask the directions on how to get to Ciampino (the wrong one) a few days before our departure date. So everyone thought we WERE going to Ciampino. We had bought the bus tickets and what not. ON the day of departure, we reached Ciampino earlier than as per planned as we took the earlier bus cause we could (which was good because we didn't see what's coming at that time). Only at the airport itself
did my other friend gave us the flight ticket. So everyone started walking and i opened the ticket n realise that it's written Fiumicino instead!!!!! but at that time, i wasn't really sure which airport we were at (worse case right.. well i wasn't the one in charge of going back) so anyway, i just went "babe, we are at Ciampino? but my ticket says Fiumicino?" and my fren's face totally changed and went SHIT. OHMAIGAWD. and that's when i started to get panicky. and we both hurriedly ask the rest to check their tickets and everyone was just shocked n started to get panicky. ahahhahahha but one of us asked everyone to calm down n rushed to go back to the bus and asked whether that bus goes back to the city.

Apparently, the right airport, Fiumicino is on the other side of the city!!!! Nasib baik, we took the earlier bus before. so we had a bit more time to reach the right one. we hoped on the bus and were praying hard that we wouldn't miss out flight. once we reached back to the city, we had to take the train to the airport!!!! we were running for our lives to the platform i tell u. then once we touched down at Fiumicino we started to run our ass off again! it's like in Amazing race. SERIOUSLY. the guys carried their bagpack so it's easier for them to run. Us girls were running with those luggage stroll bags!!! we thought we reached the gate, BUT THEN it wasn't the
right one when we asked one of the polive officers there. it was further away!!!! like Air Asia nya dock and KLIA camtuh! jauh kan. ha. so, panicky again, we ran so fast, the bag was going all crazy but we just drag that god damn thing when we were running! one of my friends even took off her slippers cause it's easier to run. The people at the airport must be thinking we're one rushing Asians catching their flight. hahahahaahah.

Finally when we reached the right gate, our flight was delayed. (a blessing in disguise) we were there on time but boy were we tired. you would know that the 5 of us had b
een running (maybe ran a marathon) cause of how we were out of breath. hahahahahaha. penat gila. but we were glad that we made it on time n laughed it out when we recap what had happened. (masa tuh boleh la ketawa kan) haha. :)

At the end of our trip. I was tan as ever. I have quite a dark skin tone n i got darker. oh boy. hahahaha. but it was worth it!!

I miss Italy.
one of my experiences I shall never forget. :)

Arrivederci! x

It snowed!

Good morning fellow readers! It snowed today!
Tho, i missed the first snow fall! wonder at what time did it start to snow.
So, i woke up and look out the window and that's what i saw (pic above).
I can't wait for the next snow fall! Yet, i know i won't be liking it once it starts to snow more frequently. hahaha
It is said to be that this year's snow will be worse than last year.
Brace yourself people! huhuhu.

I've finished planning out my winter break yesterday.
I shall share it with you. :)
Azdianur will be coming up for the first 3 days at the start of winter break,
off to London for xmas, boxing day and till the 29th with Shika,
finishing off 2010 at Bristol with one of my close n craziest friends, Yasirah,

I will be spending my winter break with my bestfriends, yeay!!!
Also, it's gonna be a white christmas this year! woot woot!

one more thing, i find this to be so romantic. hehe. In Covent Garden, London, if a couple kiss under the Christmas tree at the West Piazza, this will light up the lights around that area. (cue for awwwhh) AWWWWHHHH. haha. sweet kan?? how romantic is that weh. :)

xoxo, sorayaness

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The other Soraya!

TODAY is my bestfriend's birthday!!!!!!!

You're one of my craziest & most awesome friends EVER!

I would never forget that time when we were 11 years old, u helped me when i got my migrain attack. :D
After 10 years, i still didn't get to celebrate your birthday!

I'm really really happy that i got to spend more time with you this time around!
10 years of not seeing u (that one year u came back doesn't count cause i only met u for a night) and poof u're back this year!
was just awesome.

I know, u won't be long in Msia and will head back to the U.S. in a few years time.
Well, Malini, i'll work my ass off and make sure i attend your wedding in the states!
God's will. :)

I love you & I miss you bestie!!

-xoxo, raja-

Saturday, 16 October 2010


This must be the longest time i've left my blog!!!!!
4 months +!!! awwwh kesian blog. :(

Well, thou shall not fear! Soraya's here! ;)
(YEAY) hehe.

my summer holiday this year has been, well i must say, quite eventful!
sooooo much better than Summer 2009. definitely.
It's 2.32am right now, and i've decided to update my darling blog.
I shall not pour out about my summer now. I'll update on that slowly.
For now, I am glad to be back in Lancaster!

This is my school :)

It's getting colder day by day. A sign of winter's coming.
I heard winter 2010 will be worse than last year's. :(
Work has been given. tutorials oh tutorials.
oh well, let's be fine, fresh, fierce!
bring on the finale.

random fact: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew of the Muppets wears glasses but has no eyes.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


HELLOOOOO everybody!! i am super tired right now! yet, i can't rest coz i haven't pack for storage and back to Msia. :( . Right after i finished my exam, i went for some retail therapy! hehehe. from that day onwards, i had something on every single day until today! was suppose to go to Lake District on May 29th but wasn't a good weather. On the 30th, went to Manchester to visit my cousin and watched Westlife's Where We Are tour!! ahahhaha, can't believe i watched Westlife's concert. followed my fren as she's a fan. Am not a huge fan, but they SANG so well live!! i enjoyed myself that night! thank god, they sang their old songs more than the new ones, so i could sing-a-long to some :) Thanks Nadia FN for the tickets! (good seats they were).

May 31st, I had planned a surprise birthday party/gathering for my friends n i before we all head back to malaysia. Somehow, the birthday girl accidentally found out before the surprise due to some slip of word by my junior. heih. but oh well! Nadia didn't spoil the surprise. well, after the cake was brought out, she told me that she knew about it! hahahah! i hope u had a great time!

1st June, head to London with Nadia FN. I wanted to do some shopping but summer sale wasn't on yet, sooooo didn't buy much. just bought some pair of shoes! Got my first Crocs!! hehehe. it's so light! Took Nadia FN to eat ice-cream at Ciao! the ice-cream there is awesome! Don't have the ice-cream pics with me now. Nadia went back to Lancs on the 3rd and i stayed on causeeee.....

On June 4th, I went to Italy!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME. plus with some really funny frens, it was such a fun trip! we went to Pisa, Venice, Florence, Milan, and Rome! We reached Pisa, just to take pics with the tower, then head to Venice on the same day. Spent one night each in Venice, Florence, and Milan but 3 nights in Rome! more things to see in Rome! we stayed in an apartment when we were in Rome and it was so cool!! my skin tone had leveled up! ahahhaha i'm really tan right now. feels like a ninja turtle cause around the eyes, it's fairer than the rest of the face cause of my sunglasses!!
I just got back from London yesterday.
and later today, i've got a dinner to attend and i'm super dark right now. damn it. hahahah but then again, holiday right, what's summer holiday if u didn't get some tan going on?! :D :D .

Next stop, Msia!! and then, 26th June.. REDANG Island!!!! belum sempat nak putih balik dah nak tan balik. hahaha. heih. Sunny Malaysia I'm coming home soon!!

p/s: will talk more about my Italy trip next time :)

random fact: sea lions have external ear flaps (they're the ones that we usually see in circus), seals don't.

Friday, 28 May 2010

exam's over.. not happy?!

ok. a person should be smiling gleefully, all dancing for joy when exam's over right? RIGHT! BUT in my case, being my sensitive self, for the first time, i feel all shitty and sad right when exam's over. I HATE THIS FEELING

first of all, this whole exam period has been such a bumpy road (plus my stress level n depress level increased). none of the papers were easy. there's ALWAYS something that i could have done much better. So, to end the exam period, to have done your last paper quite well, would be a nice way to end it no? BUT yea.. the last paper just now was tough. 2 questions which consists of 100% each. I am very well confident that i could get 100% for one of the questions but the other one.. sheesh. the thing is, we had 3 choices and pick 2. the choices were, project planning, inventory planning and quality management. Quality mngt was the one i can aced off. so, i had concentrated more on inventory planning when i was doing my revision but not on project. BUT the project planning one, i had studied before in my first year, and it's a bit confusing unless u really know how to it then it's fine(i was good at it in my 1st year). HOWEVER, just now, looking at the inventory planning question, it was tricky! and looking at the project planning question GOOD GOD IT WAS BLOODY easy to get the 50% marks straight BUT i forgot how to do it. I DID revise that part but i totally forgot how to calculate it just now. i attempt to do it, but mid-way i just can't remember how to calculate it. so not to waste time, i took the risk and did the inventory planning question instead WHICH i know i used the right formulas BUT the wrong figures for some. URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GERAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S REALLY FRUSTRATING OK!!! (ini jer sebenarnya kesimpulannya)

it's frustrating when u know u could have done it BUT then u forgot how to do it. IT'S BLOODY FRUSTRATING. AND WHY THE HELL AM I COMPLAINING WHEN IT'S FREAKIN OVER?! CAUSE I'M FRUSTRATED!! I HATE THIS! I HATE EXAMS! stupid exams. u make me feel stupid. and and u know what, all these. ALL THESE stupid shitty feelings... i've got myself to blame. all these crying n nonsense. All me. It's my fault.

i really want to feel happy right now. i really wish i could smile n just have fun BUT i just can't feel that way right now. i've never had such struggle during exams before. ever. in my life. ever. My intention of getting a 1st for my 2nd year has just flown out my window. I'm just hoping i would get at least a 2nd upper for my 2nd year results now. God's will i hope i can. so what have i learned from this?!? 3rd year study awal2 jgn nak last minute. this time, padan muka. last year dah mmg last. u better not screw it up, ur future depends on it woman!

u see now i can't even enjoy the fact that exam's over. what the hell wei. It's too late to do anything now (more reasons for me to hate this feeilng). i need to calm myself down. I don't know what i'm gonna do after this, but i know i have just got to get this shitty feeling OUT OF THE WAY. BE GONE!!! SHOO!

a bit of flashback, usually when i'm in this state mind, back in college, i would have poured my tears out on one of my chaletmates bed. now, i'm just pouring it out on my blog. ahh, good old times.


Saturday, 15 May 2010


SHMEXAMS.. sounds very.. ooh la la no? HAHAHA. Weird. Anyway, i just finished my management accounting paper just now. MY GOD, it wasn't easy, it wasn't that hard.. I JUST DON'T KNOW. I know i've lost 12 marks, confirm gone. yg lain tak tau lah. :( waaaaaa.
the weather is sooooo nice right now. it's such a beautiful day! the sun is shining, the sky is blue... and i just feel like berlari berkejaran bergolek-golek on the nice green grass BUT Soraya has to study! STUDY WOMAN STUDY! grrrrr~ i've got my strategic management paper this Monday and Principles of Financial Accounting the next day! THE NEXT DAY. WHY?!?! but i pity friends more as they have 4 papers straight in a row!!! but i know they can do it!!!! they're awesome! :) Go Nadia FN and Yana!!! wooh!!!! BERUSAHA!!!! Nadia MN n I are in the same boat cause our paper is like next day to each other. must berusaha too! go Ketuts! :D

I'm gonna have more of like the 4 papers straight in a row starting the 24th. not really straight lah cause got one day break in between. 24th, 25th, 27th & 28th. OMG, even looking at the dates after writing it here looks horrible!!!! eeeeeeee..

right now, this very minute, one of the cypriots is having his own cheer moment. HAAHAHAH. bengong ar diorang nih. OMG, a few days back, i was untangling the vaccuum's wire at my door, and one of my flatmates, passed by and he wasn't wearing any top on, just his sweatpants, u know how it's like your reflects to just look up when someone walked pass in front of u right, so i did and the moment i did that, my iPod (i was wearing my iPod at that time) paused! and he winked at me. I went Hi! closed my door and laugh like mad and got grossed out! HAHAHAHAHAH GELIIIIII OKAY!!!! serious geli. eee. ahahahahah. they are always shirtless! the first time i got in to my flat last year, opened the main door n PAP, some guy's body at my eye level.. i was like erk! then he went, oh sorry. he thought i was his fren as he was expecting someone. HAHHA thank god he's cute. ahahhahaha what a way to welcome me to my flat yea? :D dunno whether i've mentioned this before but there are only 3 msians in my flat and the rest (7 people) are all Cypriots. hahahah. a minority when it comes to my flat. but they're nice! tho sometimes can be a "BIT" noisy!

ookaayyy, i better get going.. it's 4.21pm now, must start study at 4.30pm! i hope so. I HAVE TO!! exam soraya ooiiiii. nanti sendiri menyesal.. huhuhu. oh yes, ending it with a random fact yea? hmmmm okay.

in Jodhpur, India, they have blue houses!!! hence the picture.
i'm having some trouble moving the picture to down here. HMPH. :)

toodles for now! wish me luck for my exam! n good luck to u! ganbarimasu!

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Smile, though your heart is aching,
Smile, even though it's breaking.
When there are clouds in the sky-
You'll get by.
If you smile through your pain and sorrow,
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through
For you.
Light up your face with gladness,
Hide every trace of sadness.
Although a tear may be ever so near,
That's the time you must keep on trying,
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
If you just smile.

Smile is a song, originally used as an instrumental theme in the soundtrack for the 1936 Charlie Chaplin movie Modern Times

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Eiffel! :)

Champs Elysse!

I! at one of the I Amsterdam blocks. :)

In Keukenhof's green house! the tulips outside weren't fully bloom yet. this is good enough!

another pose together with frens at I amsterdam!

London-my friends n i playing Rock Band via xBox at our friend's place!! this was super cool!!!

kenapa tiba2 ada underline ni!! okay, something's wrong with the post, suddenly got underline and i don't know how to un-underline it. ahahah.

anyhoo, during my easter break, i went to London n Amsterdam! woot woot! it was soo much fun! will talk about it after my xm!

hehe. my first paper is less than a month, i'm not ready for it AT ALL. THE HORROR THE HORROR. my exam starts on the 7th of May and ends on May 28th! let's all pray for the best aight! i'm currently doing my coursework now (ADA LAGI okay. siut gila.) i want to read marketing!!! grrrrrr~

oh oh! i've got myself an iPod nano!!! the 5th generation one. it's striking Pink! I LOVE IT!

from today onwards, i'll end my blog with an interesting fact okay?! well, i don't know whether it'll be interesting to u or not, but it's just stuff that i just found out! hehehe.

DIDSH U KNOW.. that M.A.C. , Origins, Aveda, and Clinique are all under Estee Lauder? :)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

just a little note when..

With a smile and a song
Life is just a bright sunny day
Your cares fade away and your heart is young
With a smile and a song
All the world seems to wake in a new rejoycing with you
As the song is sung

There's no use in grumbling when raindrops come tumbling
Remember you're the one
You can fill the world with sunshine
When you smile and you sing
Everything is in tune and in spring and life flows along
With a smile and a song

And life flows along
With a smile and a song


I do believe this helps when i'm stressed out or feeling down with grey skies over me.

Friday, 12 February 2010

goodbye grey skies hello blue!

Well, not literally as what the title says. cause lancaster is always raining! but yeap! emo moment gone right on the very next day!!! Alhamdulillah. I hate being all so emo. ANYWAY, i received 3 parcels on the very next day!!! i just repeated "the very next day" twice. make it 3 including the one i just wrote. :P i was well happy when i saw my name on the list at the porter's lodge! i hardly get any parcels so like to get one (in this case 3) was like OOoooOo!!!! AHAHHAHA. well i knew i was gonna get some parcels going on but not at the same time! so it got me all hyped up! hehehe. One was from my parents! woot woot! :D one was frm Amazon! (but buku account.. booooo :P) and the other was from DELL!!! the dell one really got me. i really thought i would be getting back my netbook next week! i didn't realise that it had the cellotape saying dell on one of the sides u see. i opened it and it had this big air bag going on and i saw something green inside it. i was like.. WHAT IS THIS?! then i took it out and i went "AAAaaAA!!!" ahahaha. yea, gave a little scream of joy. i hope nothing goes wrong with it now. :)
must take very good care of my new lappy now. i shall call it.. Little Jade.

Oh, i still haven't talked about my Paris trip yea. will do that once i get pictures from my fren. :P V-day is just around the corner!! JUST RIGHT AROUND THERE. and Chinese New Year falls on the same day! dong dong dong chang! This year's V-day, i had invited my girlfrens to come over for dinner :) am cooking! :D lalalalalala. i can't wait! Every year i would do something on V-day. it's just fun! spreading a little bit of love aiiiight!

Oh, i did a presentation on the QSR industry just now. glad it's over n done with! now i can concentrate on other stuff. but anyway, gosh, everytime i practice my presentation, i get all hungry! it was on Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway and what not.. dang! but yea i think we did well just now :) I THINK we did. hehehe.

am gonna give myself a break for tonight, and tomorrow night and also the night after that. HAHAHA every night this weekend i've got plans. busy busy. :) better plan my days yo! toodles for now!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dear blog....

Dear blog, i'd never thought i would write this, selfish of me to feel this way
sometimes i feel that i value my friends too much. It hurts me that they don't value me as much. I don't blame them. Definitely NO.
sometimes i just wish they don't just assume things about me. assume things that i like, what i don't like. assume that i'm not interested in going. things that i've said, one can change their mind can't they?
Sometimes i wish they would value me as much. Some of them never invite me for anything. They don't see it as a big deal.
to me, yes it is. that's just me.

Sometimes i even feel that some of them don't really like me. I'm just a person for them to talk to. that's it. not a friend. Sometimes they don't even talk to me about other things. It's just on one thing. I feel dumb when that happens. I know other things too. Even if i don't i can learn, they can explain to me.

Friends whom i've never seen for a long time or been in contact is different, but it hurts more when they are my close friends.

I guess i view the word 'friend' in a different picture than them. i never like to see my friends sad. I feel guilty when i see them sad and unhappy. Why wasn't i there. Why are they sad? I'm always there to cheer them up. I know i'm not obliged to, but i'm their friend, and i think that's what friends are for.

Cliche as it may seem but "A friend in need, is a friend indeed".

Most of them never realise when i'm sad. Never. well maybe because i don't like to show it to them.
Most of my friends had never seen me cry (except my chaletmates & chalet neighbours). I never like people to see me get all teary. I have a thing for bottling up all these negative feelings inside me and when i do let it all out.. it really makes me depressed. It happens sometimes. Those who i can be manja with and not be judged are far away from me. Living in different states, we still do keep in touch but hard to see them in person anymore.

I never hated a friend, not now not ever. i love my friends (besides my family and god), ALL of them, no matter where they come from, how they look like, whatever their IQ level is, whatever! they are my friends. they are the ones who make me happy, whom i can laugh with, share my stressness, my drama life with but just sometimes...

this feeling.. all this that i just poured out to you dear blog, it'll pass. It'll go away very soon. I don't keep sadness in me for long. It is not healthy for me. :)

"Have friends not for the sake or receiving, but of giving"

Another one of soraya's emo moments here.. huhu.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

HOMG such a bz honey bee

OMG it's been such a long time since i last put up a post. This will be just a short post tho. I'm really really busy this month. I've got loads of courseworks and other uni stuff to deal with. Will update on my Paris trip last month & my "dramatic" life soon. ALSO, my laptop has broken down. It fails me again, i'm very disappointed with u, Lappy. Currently, i would have to go to the library or a comp. lab to go online.

So yea, till then, toodles everyone! wish me luck for my courseworks n test!! xx