Where art thou?

Thursday, 20 December 2007

missing me!!!! hehe

helloooooooo!! it's been ages i know!.. wooh! i'm on my 3rd sem break now.. supposedly study.. BUT.. u know.. dah dapat holiday panjang2.. the mood's just not there! i hate long holidays.. buat soraya jadi malas.. however, when i start to think about my exam.. i become like.. stressed out.. but then i got no mood to study.. cam lagi stress.. and then i haven't even finish my hw yet!!! and it's already the 3rd week!!! why didn't i do it earlier?? good question.. BECAUSE.. the first week.. i had to relax cause i was tired as the last week b4 the holidays.. there's always some event going on in college.. then then 2nd week.. spent my week at Ilham Resort, Port Dickson for my Petronas Soaring the Eagle camp.. it was ok.. much much better than the previous camp! the resort itself was better!! seriously.. the activities held during the camp.. ada yang boring ada yang best jugak ar.. i think i find this camp to be much more fun as my group was active.. we were constantly laughing i tell u! and as a person who just loves to laugh.. well.. u know the rest.. of course i enjoy kan? Fadhil from KTJ and Khairi from UTP are very funny.. i mean.. i don't think they intend to make jokes.. it's their character.. hahah! I find them funny.. nice guys they are! i made lots of new friends! and met with some of my old friends i've met during the last camp.. ;) we stayed in a suite.. where there were 3 bedrooms.. my roommate was Yazira, my collegemate and Wani from UTP.. and the others in the other rooms are 2 girls from UTP and 2 frm KTJ namely Farah n Sarah.. they were my roommates in my previous camp! haha! i kinda "bonded" with Yaz.. i mean.. is that right? bonded? i think soo.. didn't know that we can click that well! we were like gossiping and i was telling her my story and all.. so she knows quite a lot about me now.. :) there's this one time.. where we were like on the bed and cam with the pillows and all. giggling away.. ahahahha! cute ah kitorang! ahahahhaha.. perasan betul.. then there was a time during lunch.. well after lunch lar, ju vern would be with us after lunch.. then i would blast the radio out loud.. and started dancing.. and ju vern joined in! we went crazy i tell u.. then yazira can't join us cause her toe was swollen.. and i was the who who hurt her.. kesian dia.. i accidentally langgar her small pinky toe with my big toe.. and she can't walk properly after that.. so i called her OKU short for Orang Kurang Upaya.. HAHHAHAHAHHAHA! sorry yaz.. then there's this one night where we were so bored that we decided to karaoke.. and sekali tgk cd tuh penuh ngan lagu melayu jer!! but then lantak lah kan.. janji i bahagia.. and yes i was! ahhahahaha! quite fun i say.. i mean minus the boring part where we had to listen to the person talking.. during some of the activities..
ohmigosh! i nearly forgot! i took a picture with santa Last Sunday!!! together with his 2 chinese looking elves! hahaha and my sister and her bestfriend, Azlynn.. i was sooo excited! it was at Midvalley.. and we even wore the santa hat tuh.. whee!! we were like the only malays during that photo session.. there was a lot of session apparently.. we went for the 12.30 session.. best sangat!!! we had 3 pics.. so this is one if it..

my sister's getting married next year on 4th of April.. happy for her!!!! am proud to say i have a good looking future brother-in-law!! yay!! hahahahah! my sister and him sometimes look like siblings.. i think it's their smile.. well. mereka bagaikan pinang dibelah dua.. CELAMAK! hahahahahahah! i can't wait for the wedding!!! hehehe.. I bought this pair of shoes for the wedding ceremony which will be held at Sime Darby Convention Centre and the heels is 3.5 inches high! MUAHAHAAH! but cam.. sure nampak cam giant nanti.. ahhahaha.. a beautiful giant i hope :) oh yeah, about my love life.. i give up on nachos dah! don't want to like him anymore BECAUSE.. he likes someone... tak sangka minah tuh.. since it's against my policy (i won't like someone who already likes someone else.. mcm kacau).. soo malas dah lah!! tak nak aku sudah!! ada byk lagi org lain kat dunia nih! .. HEHE.. a little bit of a drama... :) but hey it's true what.. well, hopefully i'll have one in the UK... insya-allah kalau saya fly ke UK lah kan.. anyway, i better get going.. gotta do my m'sian studies project! Adios Amigos!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

the farting incident

Alright peeps, FIRST OF ALL, it's not about me! it's what i saw.. AND of course.. HEARD... it was damn funny.. i was at OU with Izyan.. and then as we were walking.. adalar this dude which i know.. well, i just know who he is lar.. never spoke to him before.. then as we were about to pass each other.. his friend was running from behind him.. and he jump and he did some kind of split the same time AND THEN I HEARD IT!!! THE FART SOUND!!! he farted right smack at his friend's (the dude that i know) face! i was like.. what the... kelakar gila! we started laughing our heads off.. and his friend laughed out loud too! kesian dia!! hahahahah.. budget macho sekali kena kentut!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! i will never forget that incident.. and i know izyan won't either.. it's kinda amazing that he could jump that high tho.. and fart at that particular time!!! bongek betul.. hahahhah!
So anyway, speaking of farting.. there's this book that my sis and i bought for our dad which is called "The Art of The Farting"... i haven't read it yet.. however i think it's really interesting and funny as i've never seen my dad laugh like how he laughed when he read that book.. :) OH, and there's this movie called "Mystery Men" i think.. not so sure.. it's about this superhero wannabes.. ben stiller's in it.. and ada one superhero nih.. his power is his fart.. he will give his peeps pegs (yg cam penyepit baju tuh) and ask them to clip it at their nose.. and ask someone to pull his finger.. when it's pulled.. HE FARTED.. and his fart made everyone who didn't close their nose fainted.. i wonder who on earth would want such power kan?! scary weh..
k.. enough about this farting stuff.. i'm currently reading "Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul"... most of my friends went, awwww or alar.. i'm not sad that i'm single OKAY... saje je nak baca.. the stories in that book are all so sweet!! how the guy try to get the girl's attention.. and the girl likes the guy but didn't know that the guy likes her too... i mean.. yeah fine, it's sooo cam.. girlish and jiwang if u have to say it.. BUT.. cam sweet ar cara diorang. u gotta read it if u wanna know.. HAHAHHAHA... so after reading the chapters that interest me.. (as u see there are chapters on divorce.. makes me sad so i skip that chapter.. :P) i started on Shopaholic.. and the starting pun dah attract my attn. can't wait to read on! gotta do my assignments u see... huhuhu!
currently i'm thinking of not liking my crushie anymore... tired of liking him and no signs of him liking me!!! how frustrating!!!!! urgh!!! ok, i'm not doing anything to get him.. which is dumb to be complaining.. but it's not my way.. to me.. girls should NOT chase the guys.. it's vice versa that's correct.. don't u agree?? i don't even know why i like him sooo much.. apparently, according to his close fren, he doesn't have a crush on anyone.. BUT WHY?!!! crush on someone lar!!! so that i'll stop liking him! if i like someone at that time.. at suddenly i found out that that certain someone has a gf or likes someone else.. i will stop liking that someone.. soo pls pls.. i hope that crushie of mine will like someone! so that i'll stop liking him! it's driving me nuts i tell u!! waaaaaaa :( -end-

Saturday, 10 November 2007

yay!!!!!!!!!! exam's over but it's still not the end

woooohooooo!!! exam's over!!! and i'm back at home! well, just for 4 days.. but wait till the end of sem. break!! one month and 2 weeks.. gila lama cuti.. loooongg holidays can sometimes be soo boring.. nanti soraya rindu akan kawan2 college dia.. huhuhu.. so yea, didn't really blog cause had exam.. accounts and econs.. i guess it was OKAY.. pray for the best lar... :) i didn't get to go to any of my funky munkies' open house this year!!! huwaaaa sedey gila okay.. i actually cried cause i didn't get to go.. cause of my exam and some of them had it on a weekday.. can't just go back to kl and come back to tg. malim right.. harga petrol dah naik.. hehehe.. HOWEVER, the funky munkies did meet up today at my house for dinner! gosh i miss them so much!! hanna n aimi (part of the funky munkies) couldn't make it tho... kalau diorang ada.. sure lagi best! gotta wait for end of this year.. everyone will be free!! yeay!

2008 is coming.. well, in about a month's time.. kinda scared.. cause.. it'll mean that my Alevel exam's coming... THE HORROR.. THE HORROR... hehe.. IT IS... if i have to repeat my econs and acc paper.. MY GOD.. i will have to work my ass off then... :'( ... banjir lah nanti chalet L-23.. hahahahaha! i shall worry about it later... right now, i'm just so happy cause today i saw my friends!!!! a nice way to sum the day up! here's a picture of some of the funky munkies.. just for ur info.. we came up with the name Funky Munkies when we were going down an escalator(i hope i spell it correctly) at Sunway Lagoon in form 3.. weird huh.. :D

dinner with the funky munkies at my hse
beraya di rumah Aiman pada hari seterusnya! hehe

Saturday, 27 October 2007

long time no blog

woah!!! lama gila i tak blog.. ANYHOO.. i'm sick right now.. got fever and flu.. had flu yesterday after my accounts paper.. why must the Great Hall be so bloody cold?! sheesh.. so yeah, updates right? let's c.. i think i'll keep it short this time.. this will just be the summary of what had been happening around me since the last time i blogged ok?! first of all, MY COLLEGE is falling apart!!! literally!!! i mean there are cracks every where people!! not just any cracks! but those serious and dangerous ones, as u can c through the wall thru the crack!!!! horror kan?? so now there's construction going on in our college.. u can actually c one of the acad. department is lower than the other.. the teachers are now stationing at the resource centre (R.C.)@ library on the 1st floor and the student services at the same place but at the Ground floor.. the teachers are all so noisy i tell u!! diorang lupa diorang kat Library kut.. we, the students find it hard to really really concentrate with them being there.. and with Pn. Rogayah (the student services manager) being there as well, i thought it would be much quieter.. but i was so wrong.. sama jer.. no difference.. the noise is still there.. coming most from the teachers above.. kinda annoying sometimes.. so the only time yang agak quiet kat R.C. is at night.. :)

besides that. my crushie is getting hotter!!! damn u.. hehehe.. oh well, that's an external benefit of him to me!! (masukkan economic term jap)... i think he knows.. NOOOOO.. well, his bestfren knows.. but i hope he won't tell the dude.. if he tells..matilah.. Oh yeah, my Hari Raya celebration was kinda fun.. played Spiderman Monoply in melaka! i went bankrupt and owed Dinni a few thousand dollars.. can't remember the figure anymore.. :( i'll have a rematch with u someday dear cousin!!! u just wait.. muahahahah! but didn't go to any open house yet.. 2 of my frens buat open house.. but i couldn't go.. it was on a weekday plus i had my accounts exam coming at that time.. GERAM!!

I can't remember any other significant incidents that happened to me dah..that's all i can remember for now.. on medication right now... guess it's part of the side effect.. HAHAHAHAHA.. no lah no.. i'm having my econs exam on the 7th!!! takut ar... pray for me people!!! well, yes, i' praying for myself and my frens too so that we can all pass with flying colours!!! after my econs paper is Deepavali!!! i'm sooo gonna raya during that 4 days break!!!! can't wait to get myself the purple contact lense!!! hehehe!! yay!! k, enough for now.. need to take a nap! adios amigos!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

woo hoo!!

Yay!!! i just finished my trials!!!! My accounts paper was kinda easy just now. . it was the May/June 07 paper which means dat the Oct/Nov 07 paper will be tough!! dang it! woooh.. lama nya dah tak blog! been busy.. anyway, i wanna talk about what happened on my birthday!!! (eventho it was last week) :P
so yeah, b4 my birthday i told my frens that i wanted a banner.. this is because, in my college.. when it's someone's birthday, their frens will hang up a banner wishing them happy birthday.. so i wanted one too.. hehehe.. so my frens told me it was going to be much more special than those banners as they will put a picture of me as well.. i said DON'T.. and then decided that i want just a normal banner... SOO, when it was my birthday, i didn't pass the notice boards dat day, instead headed straight to the library.. in the library, a few girls wished me happy birthday n it was kinda weird as they're not close to me.. so i asked em how did they know.. and they said "oh u tak tau ke? ada poster kat notice board ada gambar u".. i was like.. WHAT?! KAT MANA??? then rush to the notice boards and saw 2 posters with a picture of me on it.. ANDDD... THE WORSE PART IS.. it was a picture of me in a telekung.. and posed like those nasyid singers.. it was a picture pija took with her hp during the first semester... HOW EMBARASSING?!!! so i took it down..
i thought it was just 2 posters.. when i bumped into the 2 culprits who posted the posters namely, Pija and Fiza (my chaletmates).. hehehe.. i went like.. "OMG!!!!! of all pictures!!!!! korang!!!!" and on the poster was written "Birthday Girl (17/09..) Sorabaya (bukan nama sebenar)"i told them i took down 2.. then fiza smiled.. i was like.. oh shit.. there's more?! then she laughed and ran away.. so i went hunting for my poster... hahahaha.. and managed 2 take another 1 which was posted at the Dining Hall! back at the chalet.. i asked them where's the other one.. obviously they wouldn't tell me.. so fine then.. bersemangat untuk cari the last one.. so it was evening classes.. then i saw it! the poster! in front of the Dining Hall.. i thought it was the last one.. BUT NOOOOO when i came to the notice boards.. the posters were up again! this time.. it was at the general notice board, House notice board.. and spanish notice board! APPARENTLY, they were frustrated as i took down the posters quickly that morning.. so they printed more and post it again! heish.. so the whole day i was like on a treasure hunt ("treasure sangatlah".. gambar sendiri..).. i found the last poster at night.. it on one of the pillars on the way to the guys chalets!!! teruk betul.. but my friends told me that it wasn't them who put it there.. someone else had remove it from the place they put it to that pillar.. KEJAM SUNGGUH ORANG ITU!!! must be some idiot.. eheheh.. just kidding..
Although, it WAS embarassing to actually have that picture all around college.. it would be something that i shall never forget.. my friends actually took the time to go to Alifa's chalet and print those posters.. ALIFA pun sama bersubahat!!! and pam pun! who approved the picture! gosh!.. hehehe.. oh well, bila lagi nak ada gambar kite di sekitar college yer tak? MUEHEHEHE...
gtg do my personal statement now! chao! till the next blog!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

sweatiest outing ever

yes.. u read it right! the SWEATIEST outing ever!! here's the story!! today, i went out with Pam, Alifa, Firqy, Adif, Wan and Syukri.. my outing with the medic students.. well except for syukri.. nyway, we went for ice-skating!!! it was really fun! my 3rd time ice skating.. the last time i went for ice skating was on my 17th birthday.. so.. this time.. i only hold the sides the first few minutes.. after that.. i think i was okay! hehehe.. i thought Alifa how to skate!!! betul tak alifa?! yea betul.. :) it was her first time and she could skate well enough dah.. i guess if u played rollerblades before.. it helped... So it was pam's 3rd time skating too.. however she loves the walls so much.. hahahahaha.. she sticks to the side wall.. but then alifa n i will get her to the middle and skate.. she can skate when she's with us.. tapi bila sorang2.. jgn haraplah.. hahahahaha.. so cute lah pam.. Wan was like Pam at first.. sticking to the wall.. but then he got the hang of it.. Adif kesian.. he was the one who wanted to go ice-skating.. then.. dia sakit kaki.. pity him.. but then dia ice-skate jugak! janji bahagia ar... fiqry gedik.. dia dah terer tuh.. sajer jer.. syukri pun.. hehehe..

1st picture, me and alifa skating. 2nd picture, wan is in the distance on his way.. hahaha.. my chin was not on fiqry's shoulders!! it was behind it... hmph..

so anyhoo.. after 3 hours of ice-skating.. we headed for lunch.. at chicken hartz.. i think that's how u spell it.. then syukri went back with his old fren then he bumped into at the shop.. we then wanted to take those sticker pictures.. but then the shop closed down.. :( we went to the arcade instead!!!! everyone played some stuff... THEN, here comes the best part! we all played the dance thingy!!! that dance mat with the machine.. yeap.. it was my first time.. and cam best gila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhahaahaha.. fiqry was like dancing his ass off i tell u! the medical students went crazy! adif and wan had a so called "re-matched"! and fiqry was playing all the machines that had the dance thingy.. i played 3 times with alifa at first.. and pam the 2nd and 3rd time.. there were 2 dance machines that we tried.. it was the one with just the leg movements and the other one was together with the hand movements.. the one with the hand movements was much harder.. u'll tend to 4get which one's right and left! when it was fiqry vs. adif. my goodness.. their hands were flying all over.. it was scary standing next to them.. it's like they can slap u or chop u off.. seriously! dah lah tgn diorang panjang! we were all sweating after that! like.. really really sweating! stock berpeluh sampai basah baju ar! but man it was fun playing that dance machine thingy.. it was fun just watching the guys play it as well! here's a video of me vs. pam....hahahaha.. enjoy! oh and a picture of alifa and fiqry competing.. :)

Monday, 10 September 2007

Car craze!

My dear friends.. i would like to express my love towards sports cars in this blog!!!!!! I just love these posh cars!! i just go crazy when i c them.. I saw the new Nissan Skyline today while i was waiting 4 the taxi with mom (well, i think it's new.. the back is diff from the ones that have those 2 round lights..) it was SUPERB!!! i tried searching for it in the web.. couldn't find it.. what i found as another type.. the rear view was different.. i'll go crazier if i see a Ferrari.. another car that i like would be the Nissan Fairlady 350Z.. oh my gosh.. i love that car! but somehow i don't think it goes with the name.. especially if a macho guy drives it.. a bit funny.. like macho man is driving a fairlady.. hmmm.. but my love would be the Porsche Boxster.. my dream car since i was in primary school.. :) lamborghini is a very cool car too.. but it's too square.. however, i'll go crazy if i see it too.. i once saw it while i was in the car in a traffic jam.. it was next to my car.. and my head was just stuck to the left watching it.. hahaha.. the doors are cool.. YES IT IS.. the powerful Bugatti looks unique to me.. the front part however, kinda looks like the back of a car.. hahaha!.. FYI, i only like these cars because i think they are BEEEAUUTIFUL... ask me about the power or engine or other.. i'll go blank (blink blink).. hehehe! ;) here are some pictures!

Nissan Skyline GT-R and Nissan Fairlady 350Z

Porsche Boxster and Lamborghini

Bugatti Veyron

Sunday, 9 September 2007


I just bought myself this really really cool tie!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! i seriously can't wait to wear it on Monday, the 17th!!! and it's on my birthday too!! yay!!!!! FYI, every monday in college is a tie day for Pam n I.. it was something we came up with when we were juniors.. :) i just realise i have no pictures of myself on tie day!! gonna take some nanti... so here's a picture of Pam n I when pam, alifa n i were on our adventure looking for our costumes for the International Day Last Semester.. ( i think it was last semester)...

we were wearing a crown.. it's not that clear in this picture.. :)

Anyhoo.. i have only 1 week of holiday left.. the first week didn't feel like holiday to me.. ok fine.. maybe a little bit.. it's not actually a holiday break.. more towards study break for those who have papers to sit / RESIT this Oct/Nov haih.. i can't help going online the past few days... maybe it's because the connection is really bad in KYUEM.. hahhaha.. damn it.. susah nak concentrate on studies!!! but i have too!!! my god! i can go crazy!! i really hope i do well in this oct/nov session.. ok ok.. better go study! Adios amigos! oh yeah.. peeps, i enjoy reading this person's blog , hazril.blogspot.com. his blog always crack me up.. a malay man who loves to flashback about his school life.. :)

Monday, 3 September 2007

it's already September!!

WOAH!! how time flies don't u think?! it's already september.. GOSH.. oh.. my merdeka celebration was normal.. went to The Curve as always.. but this time.. Izyan joined us! us=me & fiq.. Azdianur went to Wangsa Maju to celebrate... anyway, the performances were boring!! well except 4 Zainal Abidin and Reshmonu.. that Zainal Abidin can really sing i tell u.. his voice sounds just the same when he sings live.. respect.. the fireworks were great!!! i love watching fireworks.. i wonder how they do it..
oh gosh oh gosh, i went to the bazaar yesterday.. and i bought this really pimpy studs! ahhahaha.. gonna wear it 24 7! it's sooooo bling bling!!
HEY! Since we're now in September.. means that.. MY BIRTHDAY'S COMING!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D happy happy joy joy.... however.. it also means that i'm getting older... noooooooooooo.. takperlah... i'm still young at heart.. hehehehe.. this is the first time i'm celebrating my birthday during the fasting month... huhuhu.. september also means that trials are getting closer... MUCH CLOSER.. THE HORROR THE HORROR.. should be studying.. what am i doing here? hehehe.. k k, off to do some work now! supergirl... away!!!! ;)

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

holiday's about to start!

holiday my foot! hehe.. 2 weeks and a few days of studying.. k fine, maybe a BIT of shopping and hanging out with muh frens.. BUT STILL... kena study.. haih.. i really can't wait to finish A levels.. met up with a few of my seniors the other day.. and they were all getting ready to go to the overseas.. starting their university life.. WAHHHHHH JEALOUS... i wanna go too!!!! oh well, my time will come.. (mulakan semangat kuda gagah vogue!)
i miss my wildthing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fiq pun! kite rindu sangat ngan korang! :( (just a shoutout to my homies.. ).. luahan perasaan.. hahahhaha! WHY must people shorten my name.. i think i have a very nice name.. (excuse the vainess)... but hey.. it's MY NAME.. some people in this college call me SORA.. .. what the..?? kan?! bongek betul... :p gosh, i still haven't gotten my IELTS result yet.. was to bz to take it yesterday.. and today.. the woman in charge is sick.. i have to wait till tomorrow to get it... i wanna know now!!!!! everyone else got theirs already!

Friday, 24 August 2007

waaaaaa... :(

I feel sooo sad!!! huwaaaaaa.. nak nangis.. i feel like i'm getting dumber and dumber everyday for econs.. which is sooo wrong!!!! it's like.. when i read.. i understand it.. but when it's time to answer questions.. i'll get stuck.. i just did a Data Response just now.. i don't quite understand the article.. so OBVIOUSLY salah!!!!! huwaaaaaaaa!!!! FRUST SANGAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and geram with myself!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! (good to have a blog to let it out).. sedey.. urgh! that day.. kena buat Essay and then the question with 13 marks to.. cam cacat jer kite tulis.. sangat sedeh... why am i so stupid in econs! kenapa org lain boleh i tak boleh?! is it because of my mindset?! am i not giving my best?! i'm working my ass off i think!!! it's the only subject that i'm always stressed out about.. ask my chaletmates or Alifa n Pam if u don't believe me.. nih dah lah A2... AS pulak kena re-sit!!!!! sangat stress!!!!!!

k, dah tak nak ckp pasal econs dah.. i wanna talk about my D.O.E trial expedition last weekend.. it was an experience i tell u.. i've walked for 25.2 km!!! PENAT GILA... mmg dah nak tahap gila dah pun.. went on the expedition for 2 days.. on the first day, we nearly got lost.. but thankfully the last group.. together with 2 other groups.. so one of the 2 asked whether it was the right direction to the Kolam Air Panas... and the dude said "NO.. THIS WAY WILL LEAD TO A DEAD END.." by that time.. all the other groups were way ahead of us to the dead end.. pity them... so my group and the 2 groups arrived at the campsite earlier than we thought.. kolam air panas nya takderlah hebat sangat pun... when we reached there.. it started to rain.. so everyone rushed to get their tents up and then went it and eat n eat n eat.. starving.. that night.. we played Old Maid and Happy Family.. i became the Old Maid.. :(... we had Spaggheti with prego... bread and kari ayam (courtesy of Brahim's).. Campbell chicken soup with bread.. hahahah.. kebulur lah katakan.. the next morning.. was awaken by fikri's voice.. saying "bangun bangun.. (sambil gegarkan tent)".. then off we go again.. we passed a farm, Mai Farm.. saw goats and horses.. dah lama gila tak nampak binatang2 tuh.. so was a bit excited.. then we walk n walk n walk.. on the way, we passed a rubber plantation.. then we walk again.. (under the HOT sun) we walked on till we reache KYUEM!! well we had a few stops on the way of course.. but at this one point.. it was just a straight road and greens around us... IT WAS THE WORSE.. it was like never ending!!! rasa cam nak pengsan pun ada.. but once i saw the teacher's apartment.. woo hoo!! semangat membara..

oh yeah, at the campsite.. all of us went to the waterfall.. (had to go into the river and walk to get there) then a few of my frens and i cam back to the campstie earlier than the rest.. then while we were talking i saw the guys all looking at the river.. and apparently.. people were swept away by the water current!!!!! i thought they were joking at first.. but after looking at Iqtidar's face.. i know they weren't joking.. they were all shouting to Pai and Po to grab on to something.. and then i saw few other students.. came up back to the campsite.. so.. this was what actually happened... apparently, when it rains.. the people there will collect the water in the dam... then they will realease (not sure about the term to use) the dam at 7 o'clock.. at this time.. the students were walking in the river heading back to the campsite.. SOOO.. they were all swept away by this strong current.. quite a few almost drowned... THANK GOD none actually did.. some were trying to save their slippers.. and that didn't work.. they themselves almost drown.. one even tried to save his towel!!!! he was going under water and yet his hand was up above the water holding the towel.. (the towel didn't survive).. my cousin was one of those who nearly got drowned... he said he felt like he was in an Indiana Jones movie... (yeah, it wasn't funny when it happened was it Dinni?)

so that was my D.O.E expedition was like.. baru Trial.. haven't gone through the Qualifying and the real expedition yet.. well i think i wanna go back to my chalet now (at the Resource Centre now).. gotta do my hw.. till we meet again in the next post.. bye blog! muah.. ;)

Sunday, 12 August 2007

miss my blog!!!

Hey ho! gosh, it has been such a long time since the last time i blogged.. before college started! and now it has been a month.. i am now officially a SENIOR.... i feel so old!!!! huhuhu.. the juniors are all so hot.. the girls i mean.. the guys.. boleh tahan ar jugak.. MUAHAHAHAA...
i just got back my AS result... the horror... :( i got one A out of 3 subjects i took... got a B for Econs.. gonna re-sit the paper this November.. yeah!! semangat baru!!!! the other subject. we'll just ignore it yea! hehehe.. sedey ar jugak sebab kena re-sit.. but oh well, what to do!! another recent thing that happened to me.. the chinese guy that works at this kedai betulkan specs broke my specs!!!! really frustrating!!!! WHY?! because it's GUESS!! and then, he replaced the sides with some no brand.. aaarrghh!! Why didn't i ask for GUESS? BECAUSE.. that shop doesn't have specs with that brand!!!!! geram gila ok!!! huwaaa.. fortunately, it doesn't looks so bad.. i didn't feel like hitting that guy.. in fact, i felt like hitting the indonesian girl who works there.. BLOODY ANNOYING I TELL U... she was like yaping all the way about oh fragile specs tuh sebab tu lar.. kena tuh lar ni lah.. sheesh! seriously i was like a volcano waiting to burst.. my mom was next to me.. so kena bawa bersabar.. tak boleh lepas kan kemarahan.. hehehehe..
Let's catch up with what happened last month.. let's c.. start college, dah agak stress dah.. sebab ada welcoming test.. (for accounts).. thank god i did quite ok.. fuh! :) then met the juniors.. most of them are friendly.. is it because that i'm a senior so they're being friendly? hmmm.. hehehe.. the guys... don't really talk to them.. soraya kan malu2.. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. no lah no no... ;) ohhh.. the Batch Anniversary was fun!! especially the cheering part! ahahha.. everyone was cheering so loud for their houses that night.. the next day semua suara dah nak hilang.. i have 2 petbrothers now.. in my college.. there's this Pet Family thing.. it's like a tradition.. everyone will have their own petfamily.. i have 2 petsibling.. Tengku Aisha Fateha and Navin.. wasn't close with Aisha last semester till this pet family 07..i think the part where we have to write letters to our petbro and keep our identity secretly made us so excited that it made us closer!! so happy! not so close with Navin though..
Diamond's Welcoming Party was fun as well.. my petbrothers found out who i was before the party.. they weren't suppose to find out.. terer betul budak2 tuh.. semangat berkobar2 nak pecahkan identiti petsis diorang.. hmph.. writing letters to them was soo much fun! especially when i wrote it together with Aisha.. spent 1 hour to write a letter.. because we kept on laughing.. ehehhe.. oh.. my petbros' name are Muhammad Aiman and Tengku Faris Shah.. nice boys they are.. i think Faris is a bit on the shy side.. whereas aiman is very outspoken.. they are much taller than me though.. i feel so short standing next to Aiman.. feel shorter standing next to Navin.. hahaha! at last i have brothers!! always wanted one.. now i've got two!! i don't care if they're just my petbros.. i'll treat them like my real adik2.. to a certain extend of course :D
I'll be going on an expedition next Saturday!!! woo hoo!!so excited! never been on one b4.. oh my gosh! i almost forgot.. i am now the President of the Spanish Club!!! how cool is that.. hahahah... UNFORTUNATELY, i only know how to speak basic spanish.. not really good at it too.. (mcm mana lah kan..) gonna brush up on my spanish!!! yeah!! semangat KGV (Kuda Gagah Vogue)!!! tak boleh kalah ngan petbro (he's in the spanish club as well).. the club has a new advisor.. joining mrs. Oliver.. her name is Mrs. Yeomans... she asked us that day.. who was in the club since last semester.. and the seniors raised their hands (i'm one of em) then suddenly she spoke spanish and i didn't understand a word (like i said.. i only know the basics) then i went like "HUH?!" then everyone laughed... how embarassing!.. kinda funny when i think about it again..
I gtg and take my bath now.. going to go to the bazaar! whee!! till we meet again in the next blog! adios amigos! :)

Monday, 9 July 2007

hmm.. it seems that i can't write the title for this blog... oh well.. anyway, yesterday i went to mont. kiara's bazaar and yay!!!!!! FINALLY!!! i bought myself a pair of wedges!!! woo hoo!

oh yeah, kenapa ada BYK SANGAT PORSCHE ON THE ROAD NOWADAYS?!!!! buat orang jealous tau!!!! i am a BIG FAN of porsche okay.. and for these past few days, i've been seeing lots of 'em.. gilalah.. byk betul duit diorang nih.. i just love supercars.. they are just.. SUPERB! :D

i didn't watch transformers.. :( i didn't even watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3... so sad.. i guess i just have to watch it on DVD... haih..

college is starting soon!!!! real soon!!!!! wahhhhh... malasnyaaaa.... i don't want to sit for any test!!!!! but there'll be a welcoming test... bongek lar... homework pun tak siap lagi... can't wait to go to Jakarta... i think i'll be really really tired next monday.. from Jakarta back to KL then straight to KYUEM... dang.. so rushing...

gosh, once college starts.. i'm gonna b a senior!!!! woah! can't wait to see the juniors.. bet there'll be a lot of those types.. referring to the girls of course... u know what i'm talking about.. those types.. KEH KEH KEH.... the junior guys?? hopefully they are all "ka wa iiii!!!!" (means cute).. muahahahaha! i'm so bad.. oohhhh.. gonna have pet sis or pet bro! i better scan all of them.. ahahahha.. so nanti senang nak pilih.. kena pakat ngan my pet sib, aisyah fatihah.. fighto o! can't wait to meet up with my chaletmates!!!!! i miss them sooo much! i miss the "kecohness" of our chalet..

aight! back to work now! chao peeps!

Friday, 6 July 2007

stop talking about bfs with me mom..

my mom kept on talking about bfs stuff with me today.. in fact, in the morning, she even said "yaya nanti bila dah ada anak, bagi dia nama Iskandar Zulkarnain if lelaki" i'm like.. ERR OKAY..... hahahaha! i don't mind giving that name anyway.. i like it! SO ANYWAY, drop the subject for awhile.. went 2 tesco.. then came back home.. watched Jangan Pandang Belakang.. the story is a bit slow..

okie dokie, then back to the "stuff" i am suppose to talk about here.. so i was in my mom's room with her.. sambil dia tengah lipat baju then out of the blue!!! she said "yaya kalau ada bf kena bgtau mama tau.. jgn diam2 ada bf.. kena introduce kat mama.." so i went like "apa kena ngan mama hari ni" ckp dlm hati ar.. but i said "yer ma.. yer" to her.. DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE A BF TO U?!! sheesh..

i jsut hate it when she talks about these stuff okay.. it's like as if i have one and not telling her.. well i don't mom.. don't make me feel soooo erm.. single. i'm happy with it right now.. well kinda.. :p.. the reason why i hate it, it's because.. SHE ALWAYS..and i mean ALWAYS talk about it.. every now and then.. for sure this "topic" will be raised..

just needed to let it out.. glad it's out!!!! fuh.. k.. yay for blogs..

Thursday, 5 July 2007

the evening at secret recipe..

i think we used Aiman's hp for this pic.. the self-timer didn't have any sound to alert us that it was going to snap! and soo.. i was saying "dah ker.." and syaza erm.. syaza was.. i have no idea what she was going to do.. the others mmg tak henti senyum.. Mun pandang tempat lain! budget macho ar mun?! hahahha

i shall put the other pictures in friendster. :)

i hate cicak..

before i talk about the cicak part... i went jamming today!! with Munirah and her fren, Alvin. it was kinda fun! but the fact that i suck at playing American Idiot.. amat frust... haih.. that song cam laju gila okay... i managed to get the early part right.. but then after that hancur.. then played again and again.. till the early part got messed up too.. practice makes perfect! RIGHT..

here comes the cicak part! so my family and i came home from dinner.. we saw Lady(my cat) running upstairs.. then we saw something on the floor.. it looked like poop in the dark.. then i went near it and was like.. "apa tuh..".. so my sis came near and said.. CICAK.. and then dad just walked past it.. my mom was like.. siapa dah bunuh dia.. then i was like a crazy girl.. ran to the other side and kept saying eeeeee.. geli! siap tarik2 rambut lagi.. hahahha.. (that part was just for dramatic feeling..)seriously phobia with "cicak".. i am a cicakphobic.. :P anyway, my sister took a good look at it again.. and APPARENTLY, IT HAD NO LEGS ANYMORE!!!! geli kan? kan? kan? kalau tak geli jugak.. then i salute u.. it was one big cicak i tell u! what on earth happened to its legs?! and THE TAIL.. OMG.. no one knows where the tail is.. my cats were all upstairs at that time.. buat bodoh jer.. mesti diorang punya kerja nih.. sure punya! Romeo tuh buat muka comel jer.. well no one knows who did it and where the tail went.. so my dad just threw that dead lizard away.. HOW DISGUSTING.. bluek..

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

happy day :)

i didn't blog yesterday as i was really tired.. last night i took fiq to Coffee Bean at One Mont Kiara and because of fiq's cuteness, we had 3 honey sticks for free!!! muahahaha.. well, abang cashier tuh kata takper... ;) and then we ordered for kids pure vanilla drink but his fren accidentally gave us the regular ones.. wahhahahah.. save duit kitorang!!! wooh!!! i'm glad fiq liked her present! it was a nice night... dah lama tak borak2 ngan fiq.. fiq ketawa kuat sampai orang kat meja sebelah pandang.. haih.. oh well, it was fun!! but it so happens that last year, fiq and i went to Starbucks for her birthday.. and this year it was Coffee Bean.. next year? which coffee outlet? hmmm.. tak nak dah lar.. nak partaaayyyyy!!!! :P

today was fun too!!! met up with my old frens! Aiman is still as loud as ever! gosh i miss her so much!! i am sooooo happy to meet up with them just now! ... everyone just kept on laughing and laughing and laughing! thank god there weren't any customers at that time.. well, ada pun cam satu dua jer... but i don't really care, i just miss laughing with em!! but i think the workers at secret recipe tuh semua give up tengok kitorang.. hahaha! and i pity them! they had to give us the menu for about i don't know.. 10 times maybe!!! ahahhahaha! kesian kesian.. we took lots of pictures just now.. the candid ones cam bongek gila.. there was a picture of us in the car.. mun had this bear key chain hanging at her backview mirror.. i was about to take our picture then the bear swing in front of the camera lense and i shouted BEAR! and snap when the camera.. and yes.. out came the picture of me with my mouth wide open saying bear.. everyone else was just smiling nicely and the bear wasn't even in the picture!!! stupid bear.. i shall upload some of the pics once i receive them :)

off to do my hw now.. (sampai bila nak habis nih!!!! i keep procrastinating!!! bongekkkk)

Monday, 2 July 2007

hmmmm.. feeling a bit stressed out

gosh.. it's already the 2nd week of holiday.. i haven't finish any of my homeworks yet... huwaaaaa :( i haven't even started on my Personal Statement.. AAAAAAAAA!!! going crazy... and i'm going of to Jakarta next week.. shitttt.... i hate shity feelings...

i renewed my pasport just now.. and i looked so chubby in the picture!!! we tend to gain a few weights when we're in pictures right?! yes.. i think so :) .. ohh, i met my old schoolmate, bryan.. and he still looks the same.. he was with his friends and one of 'em was kinda good looking.. hahaha! sempat aku.. :P

i'm currently watching Concert for Diana.. she's soooo sweet.. kesian lar.. it's so sad to see someone soooo kind yet she's no longer in the world... such a nice princess!! u don't see other princesses doing what she did... she was such a noble person... but i think deep down inside of her, she wasn't really living a happy life.. i'm sure with her sons.. that's an absolute yes.. but with Prince Charles.. i don't think she was happy with him... in the Concert for Diana, they showed clips of her.. and there's this one clip where she was at the water park with her sons.. comel sangat!!!!!! sweet memories for the princes...

i really don't feel like studying right now.. this is suppose to be a semester break.. and yet we have tons of homework and we're gonna have welcoming test once the holiday is over!! what crap!!! it should have been called study break then.. sheesh!!! benci lah! tapi nak dapat semua A dlm A levels.. macam mana?! haih.. have to go thru this right... no other choices....

ok great!! i just found out that his bestfren now knows that i have a crush on him... waaaaaaa! ANYWAY, i've decided to not like him that much anymore... suka macam tuh jer.. takderlah gila2 suka... he seems like he's not attracted to girls.. GAY KE?? nehhh... guess i don't tend to attract him.. damn it! ahhahahaah! oh well... i gotta be myself right! kalau tak suka sudah..ada byk lagi org lain kat dunia nih.. hopefully i won't be an andartu.. ;)


Sunday, 1 July 2007

first blog entry!! yeeha!

woo hoo! this is my first blog entry.. the look is a bit simple.. still got some updating to do with the look of this blog.. anyway, today was a tiring day.. started the day of by going to the mall.. walked from one end to another.. and what did i buy?! a shirt.. it's mega sale! and i bought one shirt.. i need my sister with me when i'm out shopping.. but she was in singapore... went for Christina's concert.. JEALOUS!!!! oh well.. i can't wait to go shopping with her :P

let's write in another colour.. orange! hehehe.. i miss my crushie.. although he doesn't know that i really really like him... holiday for 3 weeks.. suppose to be a good thing.. however, with the homeworks.. god.. how can u enjoy it.. blue! i wonder if he'll ever like me.. i wonder if he knows.. it's kinda obvious.. well i keep looking at him.. wonder if he realised that... my bestfren is trying to find out whether he likes someone in college or not from his bestfren.. he's soooo secretive! ooohhhh mysterious... hahahaha.. he's so tall.. i think i have a thing for guys with small eyes.. ;)

purple! oh oh! i saw this water tank.. and outside of the water tank was written PUAS Bhd. and underneath it was written "rumah pam".. ahahahahahahah! boy did it make me laugh.. sorry pam.. but it was funny... :) hmmm.. since the holidays started.. my bedtime had turned to 4 am.. not good.. but i can't help it.. i'm watching that 70's show on youtube.. i just love that show!! i like fez!! so cute! speaking of it, i think i'm gonna watch it now.. till the next blog! (yay! end of first blog!)