Where art thou?

Thursday, 25 September 2008

a few hours left.. thought i doodle some stuff

yesterday night i couldn't sleep.. too excited to fly today? nehh. really sad to leave my crib. my green n white bedroom. my cats. i am really really gonna miss Romeo n Lady. gonna give them a good squeeze before i go. love them to bits. well neway, yesterday night, the topic that was going on with me n my two bestfriends was all about him. (oh teringat lagu mcfly.. it's all about uuu.. it's all about u.. lalala). erm the dude. i just came back from izyan's house and got a msg frm her saying that she saw him. off all the people kan. hahaha. so talked about him lah kan. then a few hours after that, azdianur called me up full of enthusiasm. i could even sense it on the phone. dasyat kan. apparently he follows up on my blog!!! dude.. i didn't know that u follow up on my blog?! i thought he just read that one post when i gave him my blog address and that's it. i guess he must be really pissed off when he read "that" post huh. but at least now u know why, right? sorry if i was a bit over. had a bad day that day as written in that post. hence the terlebih emo. hehe. but that was how i felt at that time. whatever's written in this blog is the truth and nothing but the truth. it seems that i'll always have something to talk about him then. i have friends who are connected with his friends. i guess it's okay. by the time i return back to m'sia.. all will end well! :) need time to adjust. just like before. so long farewell. Lancaster HERE I COME!!!!!

OH WAIT! i forgot to put this in the previous post..

YESTERDAY i went to collect my visa and guess who i saw collecting his visa too?!!!!! MY HANDSOME BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahaaa! so happy while waiting for my turn. yazira give up ngan soraya masa tuh. ahhahaha! lalalala! suka suka suka. k just thought i'ld share this good news! :p

the last night i'll be spending in M'sia..

wwwwwoooahhhhhhhh! i can't believe it!!!! i'm actually flying tomorrow night!!! ohmaigawd.. huhuhu. hopefully all goes well. :) neway, last monday was my first time driving to KL. went there with Pam. i wanted to visit the national monument as i've never been there b4. I KNOW! ada ke. hehehe. then Pam wanted to go to the Bird Park cause she's never been there b4. so YAY! then we still wanted to jln2 so went to carcosa seri negara. we were so excited to look for the Galeri Seri Perdana, we found it but then it was closed! maka hampa, so we wanted to go to Istana Negara. we failed to do so as we got lost! hahahah! i know it's along the highway. pam knew that too. but we forgot which highway it was. hahaha! called topan for directions, and pam was my navigator, had some misunderstanding of the directions given by topan. so, sesat lah kami. we drove till Jalan Thambypillay n Jalan Scott area. huhu. sooooo exhausted! both of us were fasting! hahahah. serious takder keje kan puasa2 nih. but it was worth it baybeh!

The next day, i went to the curve to buka puasa with my college buddies. most of the girls couldn't make it. tinggal i sorang. well there's shahira n mot's cousin, Ana. she is the sweetest girl ever! and gosh, does she likes to take pictures alright! byk gile gambar dia ambik. hence, there's a lot of my picture in her camera! hahahahha! glad she was there. if not i sense a little bit of awkwardness. anyhoo, all in all, it was a nice dinner! at tony roma's. the chicken i ate was sooo filling. pergh. yeah mmg lah tak habis kan, exactly what the guys had expected. :p

packing is driving me insane!!!!!!!!!! i hate to pack!!!!! i'm gonna have trouble packing my stuff there in the UK. no one will be there to help me. no fiza(usually fiza would help me pack my stuff), no chor, n no mama. huhuhu. my check-in luggage is still overweight! gedik ar. can't u just lose ur weight like i did?! ha bag? hehe. well, hand luggage are all done. gosh, this will be the last night for me to sleep in my comfortable bed! waaaa golek2. haih. i shall not blog till i reach Lancaster. so, till then, TOODLES MY FRENS!!! hope to c u in the UK and next year when i come back for the holidays!!!!! I LOVE U ALL! XOXO!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

oh laparnya daku.. huhuhu

i am sooo hungry right now! well dah nama pun puasa right. sabar sabar. i only have 4 more days left. then i'm off to Lancaster!! i'm now a bit excited as i saw my fren's pictures and seems to have fun there! i'm really sad about leaving my home n my frens tho. huhuhu. all these while, the longest time i would be away from my bestfriends would just b a month or two. NOT A YEAR. last Friday, after buka puasa, i went to McD with the funky munkies. it was the first time they brought along their boys. usually when we hang out, it will only be US and no one else. so it'll only be girls lah kan which sometimes bf diorang will ask kenapa diorang tak boleh ikut. HAHAHA. apalar. sometimes we need a girl outing. sooo that night i thought why not just bring them along la kan. so azd brought her bf, aimi brought her ex n fiq brought one of her scandals. i've met them all b4. so i forced intan to bring her bf BUT he couldn't make it. GEDIK ARH. hhahhah. apparently, according to intan, he's very very shy. well, once he meets the funky munkies, don't think he'll be shy anymore or tak nak hang out ngan kitorang langsung after that. u better bring him to the airport ok!! i nak tgk. :p

*read on if u're in the mood to read. if not. don't. (it's just my rintihan hati. hahahaha. melayu gile.)

i had a bad evening actually on friday. it's just that i didn't get what i wanted for buka puasa. but i craved for it so it made me moody. and then i saw this guy whom i really hate right now. ha why not we talk about him kan! k i don't hate him lar, wait.. yea i think i do after thinkin about what he did. ANYWAY, back then in high school, i had this HUGE crush on him. like suka gila. hehe. he's 2 years older btw. so then after some chatting, calling and going out. well we went out twice jer. we had some misunderstanding and then we stop contacting each other. we only sms each other to wish birthday wishes and hari raya. (actually this is the shorter version of the story.. it's soo much longer. hahhaha) neway, continuing my short story, after about 5 years of not contacting me, he suddenly smsed me asking me to teman him to keep him awake cause he wanted to study. so i did. cause i was studying too at that time as A levels was a only a few weeks ahead. i thought he just wanted to u know ask how was i doing and all. but then the next week, he just poured his heart out at me which shocked me like WHAT THE HELL. he asked me that question. which i replied with a no. it's just impossible. i've gotten over him which took me about a year to get it over with! and suddenly dia senang2 jer mintak orang macam tuh? i was pissed off that night. i had pija next to me when all this drama happened. kinda funny tho.

neway, after that rejection, i didn't reply his smses after that. soon enough, he emailed me, saying all those stuff again. by this time, i've made the conclusion that he's one desperate guy. again it was drving me mad. as i have to concentrate on my studies and all. i mean, yes sometimes when i think about the past, i kinda miss those times BUT it's not my fault. if he had asked me back then, it would have been a yes. but now, thinking about me leaving for the UK and all. i am one who doesn't believe in long distance relationships. and at the point of him being desperate. HELL NO. so i decided to just stay frens with him. i know it would be weird as i don't think we started of as frens too. was never an item with him either. just a high school crush. but i am proud to say that i went out with one of the cutest seniors! MAUAHAHAHAH. i know my schoolmates would agree. ;) not my mom tho. huhuhu. don't wanna go to that part of my memory. after my A levels, back at home, sometimes we chat. normal stuff. didn't touch that topic anymore. oh yeah, i was also pissed with him cause he had some scandal going on with one of my close frens. yea, was pissed with her as well. but she didn't realise that tho. how inconsiderate of her. even if i don't have anything to do with him anymore but as a close fren, it's just wrong! never date ur fren's ex! even if it's jsut an ex-crush!

neway, i did go out with him a few months back. haha. cause i won a bet and asked him to buy me presents. lalala. i think i've mentioned this b4 in one of my previous posts. now i regret asking him to buy me those presents cause when i wore them or look at it. it reminds me of him. CURSES! after all those commotions, he has a gf now! guess he got over me. so fast right? toyed with my feelings!! fine, i don't want u tapi cepat gila siut dpt gf. shouldn't have done that to me!! why did u come back to me?!! tak baik tau. to make him as a fren now is just impossible. he changed. thank god i made the right decision. i hope i won't find another guy like u. neway, good for him that now he has a gf. don't bother me anymore! oh about my close fren, she thought of bringing him to that hang out at mcd that night cause her scandals can't go. can u believe that?! that time mmg biatch giler ok. she knows that he has a gf now and yet she wants to bring him along. what on earth! she had the nerve to call me n ask me that!! gave her a big fat NO. at the end, one of her scandals did show up. whom i don't like at all. budak kecik perasan hebat. hmph. kurang pahala soraya. huhuhu.

i'm glad i met my frens that night who made me happy. and at that time, i put it behind about her being a biatch. cause she IS my fren. nothing can break that.

Friday, 19 September 2008

i turned 20! huhuhu..

yesterday was my birthday, i am now 20 years old. dang, how time flies huh! didn't do much yesterday. was alone at home in the morning. well, it's kinda my fault cause i didn't wanna follow my parents out due to my laziness. then a close friend of mine called me. so i got him to keep me company for awhile. laugh my ass off listening to him complaining about his ex. told him Love is blind! tak caya! blinded by her ex's beauty. ANYWAY, i went to Tropicana Golf n Country Club for buka puasa with my family and my mom's bestfriend n her husband. and GOSH, there were loads n loads of food!!! like seriously i think the ramadhan buffet was the best i've ever been to!! there were putu piring n apam balik which were made fresh there, rojak mamak, rojak buah, buah pulasan!, langsat, satay, all sorts of jellies, steamboat, and much much more! u don't even know where to start! ohhh now i'm making myself feel hungry. nooooo. well, this is what u call fasting right mate! suppose to go buka puasa with my college buddies today, but i forgot that i've a doctor's appointment n i don't think i can make it in time. dgn jam kat KL suma nanti. huhuhu. i had it all planned edi! and pam couldn't make it as well, kena jaga her grandpa. the guys went ahead with it anyway. cis.

oh oh! i shall put up a few pics of my family n i breaking fast at tropicana y'day..

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

life.. such drama.. and i want my..

Hola! went to submit my Visa online application form with all the other documents yesterday. gosh there were so many people. most of the people there are my ex-collegemates! it's nice to c old frens. even if u're not that close with them. suppose to reach there b4 8am. unfortunately my dad took the wrong way so we had to go thru heavy traffic, so we reached there around 8.30. haih. but neway, i had alifa, faten, n yaz to keep me company. so, by the time u know it Oh dah habis dah?! hehehe. oh yea, saw this really really good looking guy. well, to me he's just damn good looking. very much like my type. oh suka suka! hahahaha! he sat next to yvonne's mom. yvonne's mom spoke to him. huhu. wonder which part of UK he'll be flying off to. lalalala. since i don't know his name, i've been referring to him as my Handsome Boy. hehe. neway, submitting the visa took only a few hours. but to get the documents ready and all. oh my god, so many stuffs to do. doing the online application was already such a drag. then i had to re-do as something went wrong when i wanted to login. sheesh. then came the part where i went to take my visa pic.

Last Friday, i went out with Alifa to go and settle all my documents to bring with me to do my visa. So i went to Jasema to photostat some stuffs and while i was walking with alifa, i almost tripped. then i walked again and again i almost tripped. i was like WTH, and tada, my slipper, u know the part where it's connected to the base. yea that one. it came off. so it's just like wearing a rubber base without anything holding it together at my feet. macam mana nak jalan camtuh kan?! alifa was laughing at me. jahat ar alifa. i had to drag my right foot just to make sure the slipper follow along. hahaha. rasa cam handicap sekejap tau. especially when i was crossing the road. so once i reached Jasema (kedai serbaneka for those who doesn't know what it is) i went straight to the slippers part. yea urgent kena beli selipar capuk mcm mana pun. huhhu. then suddenly all the lights went off!! i told alifa that the shop is closing! but alifa cam relax jer and told me to just buat bodoh. k fine lar, then i saw the grill came down! so i told alifa that IT IS closing. and bila tanya abang tuh baru lar dia ckp. bongek betul. so i only managed to buy the slippers. didn't photostat the documents. had to go to another shop.

then came the part where i had to go get my pic taken. on the way there, there was a car which was double parked along the road. benci lar org yg double park kat jln sempit! it causes so much stressness on other people! particularly me. so neway, the new Camry is kinda broad right. so the Honda Civic that i drove was kinda broad as well. dua2 kereta bontot besar kan. tuhla. then i couldn't drive thru. and alifa wasn't confident that my car could squeeze thru. so did i. i reversed but the car behind me didn't budge at all! kurang ajar gila. there weren't any cars behind him pun! back to the story, as more cars came, everyone started to honk. then suddenly a few indian mans came out from a shop nearby and they were all holding walkie-talkies. a very weird scene really. then one of them signal to me asking me to wait a minute. so ada this indian driver ar yg masuk dlm camry tuh. then i saw one of the men wearing a vest that carried keadilan's logo. so cma. ohhh i honk some political person. woo hoo! hehe. then only i realised that the car was full of keadilan stickers at the wind screen. hehe. after that i settled everything, my pictures. visa online form n so forth. :p had a really stressful friday morning i must say.

went buka puasa with pam, alifa, fatin, shika n milo just now. yas n yaz were suppose to join us but yas is in penang. dang it. girls' night out la konon. org yg nak girls' night out nya tak datang-yas. loh n boon seong joined us and so did josephine! :) and so pam invited topan n frens but they didn't reply. told nain about it and bila tanya nak join, nampak gaya mcm tak join jer so he didn't join us. had a great time just now. had steamboat and pineapple fried rice. oh and milo's hot n spicy fried rice. hahaha. tak laku. :P there was this one part where we all argued on whether the dessert that i ordered was mixed with nangka, cempedak or mangga. HAHHAHAA! it was like such a big deal. sheesh. josephine was the final judge of what it was and it was the nangka group who won! yayy!! :P seriously it was a freaking nangka. after dinner, sent loh n pam to the Kelana Jaya LRT station. first time drive loh. he was sooo quiet in the car! scared of my driving maybe?? hehehe. me n my singing. hahahha.

i shall sum this post by saying.. "I want my handsome boy!!!!!!!" :P

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

googled my name

have u tried googling ur name b4? well i did. and wooh! sorayas, u girls rock! hehe. there's a Soraya who happens to be a World Famous Belly Dancer!! woo hoo! u shake it girl! oh,there was a Soraya, whose full name's Soraya Raquel Lamilla Cuevas, a colombian-american singer/songwriter. she won a 2004 Latin Grammy Award!! passed away due to cancer. :( There was a Persian princess which goes by the name Princess Soraya Esfandiari Bakhtiari. she is fine! Soraya is also a brand for facial products! hahaha! that's a bit weird actually. kinda interesting to google my name! lalala. have any of u tried typing ur name using ur nose?? i did it before back in high school. hahahaa! got those chain emails thru friendster and my frens n i tried it out! type ur name using ur nose and see what u get and c what ur frens get as well. felt so funny when i was typing with nose. hahahaha! i must be really really bored at that time. oh here are the sorayas that i mentioned above :)

i didn't upload the belly dancer soraya here. couldn't fine any decent pics of her. HAHAHA!