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Sunday, 8 July 2012

oh me gosh, would u look at that.

My gosh, I haven't been blogging for more than a month. boooo~ have been a busy little bee and sometimes when I do have time, wasn't in blogging mode. lol.

I just had a loooong dream about a person last night. When I talk about a person during the day, he or she will someone end up in my dream that night. So yesterday, I met up with a good fren of mine who just got back from the UK and u know.. girls when they haven't seen each other for a long time, semua benda lah cerita kan, gossips, work stuff, love life etc. I was telling her about a certain someone n surprise surprise, i dreamt him last night. not a nice dream. I don't like it if i dream about this someone cause it makes me feel like I haven't had a closure. 

Yes, another quite emo blog. I haven't been on a dating scene for quite some time now and I think I should get back on it cause I think I'm lack behind. LOL. Anyway, about this person, I've had my part of closure but he didn't. sometimes, i wonder what are the things that he really wanted to say and sometimes i feel like, it's better that i don't know what he wants to say cause it might just cause mixed up feelings for me. Although i told this person that we should be friends, I'm not treating him as one. i guess because I'm afraid he has other reasons than just being friends with me and also on my part, I know he has a very caring, loving and protective gf. Don't wanna mess with someone like that yo. Some people, they are not grateful with what they have. You have a caring n loving girlfriend and yet you still pursue or try and see whether you could get yourself another girl. Sometimes I feel like I miss this person but when I think about it, I think I actually miss getting attention and having someone who I can just kacau anytime I want. or someone who just wanna be there for me. I do feel like we could be friends but then again, if your gf knows who I am, I might get run over. lol.

Currently, my eye candy is dating a chinese girl. dang raje, tuh lah. lol! boooooooo~ my friends have been telling me there are other fishes in the sea. SO CLICHE. BUT... SO TRUE. the thing is I haven't been meeting new people. so dia sorang je la yg aku asyik usha kan. lol. The people I see most of the time are my colleagues and at times my frens. Should get out more on the social scene too! hmmmm. Sunday morning and I'm ranting about this. pfft! 

Alright, let's get some McD breakfast! and start my Sunday!!!! or shall i say, sundae? hehe.
 Me at the office, needed a break, played with the props used for storytelling activity to kids
xoxo, Soraya

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