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Sunday, 14 October 2012


LIKE AMAGAD.. i have left my blog that long?!?! ahahhahahaha. daaaaayuuum. The title of this post is actually what one of my colleagues calls me. hahahaha. SORS.

This might actually be the longest break i had after the last blog post! Anyhoo, i just got back frm volunteering at Relay For Life 2012. It was fun! tiring but fun. a bit bored at times cause there wasn't much to do but i guess when it comes to volunteering for an event. that happens cause people come n go at diff time.
in front of the starting line
 Work have never been seen so hectic. been working on weekends for a lot of times. replacement leave ada but too busy to even take replacement leave. hohoho. I guess that's work. some of my friends are saying that i'm turning into a workaholic. I don't think I am. I hope I'm not! Anyway, don't wanna fret. hehe. Let's talk about interesting things that happened lately. 

Firstly, I stood next to Michelle Wie!!!! And those who googled for Michelle Wie might end up at my blog here. hahahahaha. sorry mate. Anyway, it's the LPGA season and there was the Charity Gala Dinner. As one of the main ushers for the dinner, I was on duty to be one of the 'models' to help hold the player's item being auctioned. I was lucky to get Michelle Wie's golf club n got to stand next to her on stage during the bid. it was awesome! the emcee made her swing a few times to make the bid go higher. and my god that girl can swing alright! i was afraid she might swing me instead so i stood quite far and by the looks of it, i think someone can be knocked out if someone were to be hit by her swing. 

in the Red Kebaya standing next to Michelle Wie! yeay! 
Besides that, the other day, I went to a dinner and as it was black tie event, we all went there looking very classy and elegant. However, at one point, our vain-ess took over and we decided to camwhore the whole night. hahahaa. Referring to the picture below, our attempt to look like cover girls? what do you think? hihihi.
a female magazine cover maybe? 
and below is just a random picture of my colleagues laughing at something I said. they were both literally ROFL. hahahah. I miss both of them! hope they won't be as bz next week!

obviously, these were not only the things that happened throughout me not updating my blog. hahaha. just writing down what pops into my head. :) something interesting happened, but let's see if it gets more interesting. am giving it a week. and i'm not taking it too seriously. it's too fishy. if it's a prank frm a friend, trust me i'll unfriend that person. -_- 

that's all for now peeps! it's Sunday!! finally i can rest. (i hope)


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