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Friday, 20 November 2009

I'm gonna die single :p

LAMA NYA TAK BLOG!!!!!! huhuhuhu. apologize for that. i've been super bz! i just finished my Marketing test! it was alright. altho wasn't quite confident with one of the question but i did my best!! still got 2 courseworks and tutorial homework to do tho. BUT BUT I WANT TO BLOG!!! WHEEEEE!!!

I'M GONNA DIE SINGLE. ahhahahahahhahah! i hope not! u know what, i just found out that petronas doesn't allow its workers to get married to each other. habis plan soraya nak cari potential bf IF she works at petronas nanti. hahhahahahhhaha. but actually come to think of it, IF i were to die young yea, (touch wood) it would be better if i'm single i think. i wouldn't make my special someone all so sad and mourning. about feeling guilty if he was to get another gf or something. yea. :) . speaking of this makes me think about this book i once read, it's called the Mrs. Marriage Project. Not sure whether i've mentioned about this book before but anyhoo, it's about this young girl whose sister's bestfriend jsut passed away and she pitied that girl because she didn't get the chance to get married before she died. So, this girl decided to get married. She doesn't have any bf or whatever, so she sets out on her own quest and met all this random strangers and what not. in the end, she didn't get married. Instead she ended being kidnapped by one of the random strangers (nothing bad happened tho besides being kidnapped that was it) and bla bla bla long story short.. she was rescued and never do that ever again.

DOn't worry, i won't do anything stupid like that! I know my time will come and god has my life all planned out for me! It's for me to make it right! wooh!

today is one of my bestfriends birthday! she turns 21 on the 21st! isn't that cool!?! :) Happy 21st Birthday Intan Soraya! We even have part of our names the same! she told my friends n i who are currently in overseas that our theme for her birthday is to wear a telekung. hahaha, so i msged the other 2 frens of mine and asked them to send me their pics in telekung and i compiled our pics in one frame and posted it up in our group on fb! glad she loved it!

oh, 2 of my guy frens are not on speaking terms. :( it's sooo sad to see such good friendship go to waste! one of them is the guilty one but is too ego to admit that it's his fault hence the other guy decide to give him the silent treatment. how childish isn't it?! i mean like, just apologize! it's not that hard. he's just soooo stubborn! i don't understand why he can't just say sorry. and this guy is like the closest fren as compared to the rest! now, it's so hard for me to plan any gathering or what not cause one of them will have some 2nd thoughts of coming because the other one is there. like urgh. bongek. i have not said a single word about this to any of the two. they better settle this quickly or i'm gonna settle it for them!

on a random note, i am one who can't stand the silent treatment, be it me who's giving it or the one getting it! my "tak nak kawan" length would last only for a few hours and that's it! u know, jsut to release my anger and like having them feeling guilty or make them realise that it's not funny, it's enough for me.

oh no, it's 5pm already. aight then, i think i need to go now. might be watching New Moon later! aaauuuuuu! <------ the sound wolves make. ;) till then mon ami.. au revoir!