Where art thou?

Sunday, 22 February 2009

shopping makes me happy.. typical perempuan. HAHAH

helluuuu dear blog!(wave wave).. hmm this font colour is so sweet. it's so girlish. anyway, i've finally finished watching Akazukin Chacha!!! the japanese cartoon i used to watch back when i was a small girl. Anyway, my friend n i are now looking for the japanese cartoon called Salad Juyushi Tomatoman
or better known as just Tomatoman . i wanna watch it! the characters' name in the cartoon are all so cute such as Princess Peach, Mama Letus, Patt Pitt Putt Pott (the quadruplet peas) and others. hehe.

went to town today, need to buy some stuff. made a last minute plan to watch Bolt and then i ended up buying some other stuff as well. huhuhu. but but it made me feel so happy for some reason. :P i bought this really really big bag. it's those beach bags and it's leopard printed!! it's sooo kewl. well to me that is. lalala. i bought two cupcakes which looked pretty n sweet and boy does it taste sweet too! the names of the cupcakes as printed on the label are Victoria(left) n Barbie Vanilla(right). hahaha. kawaii ne? anyway, Bolt was great! the hamster named Rhino is sooooooo cuddly!!!! no wonder my sister & my bro-in-law went to get a hamster right after watching that movie! hahahaha. there's also another character in it that is so adorable, but i don't know its name. it's a persian cat, one of the pets of the green eyed man. hahahaha. oh yes, we bought a large popcorn just now n gosh it was huge! it was bigger than my whole face! and nana ordered diet coke as well AND i guess the cashier thought we wanted large as well, she straight away took the large cup and fill it in before i could stop her. IT WAS THE BIGGEST CUP OF COKE I'VE EVER SEEN.

oh, today i had to wait for nana at the bus stand for like 20 minutes b4 going to town!!! never had i had to wait for someone that long! and we missed 6 buses that'll take us to town because she was late! but her reason was acceptable so yea, apology accepted. my dad's birthday is coming and i bought him a birthday card that's written "Brad Pitt has got the looks, Lennox Lewis has got the muscle, Richard Branson has got the money and Stephen Hawking has the brains but you've got something no one else has.... ME!" on it. awwwww right?! hahahahha! i hope he'll like it :)

i think i better get on with my work, spent half of the day in town. yesterday wasn't a productive day as well and tomorrow at 2pm going to kak Faezah's house for Usrah. so must get some work done tonight! i must work hard so i can get that Audi!!!!! FIGHTO-OH!!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

pictures on friday the 13th

as mentioned in the previous post, i would post
up pictures of me n my friends on the night of Friday the 13th where the boys cooked for us :D.

Monday, 16 February 2009

short stay computers

my title has nothing to do with what i'm gonna blog about really. hahahaha. well, a bit i guess, cause i'm using the short stay computer at the library. haven't been blogging for quite some time as i was busy with my work and all. so busy out there.. so lonely inside.. (muehehe does anyone know that song?? ;) )

Last friday, which was Friday the 13th (OOoooOOoo), i had my malaysian gang over. Nana had asked the boys to cook dinner for us. Surprisingly, they did quite a good job! they made Lamb with something like black pepper sauce, roast chicken with bbq sauce(luqman's special sauce), and nasi goreng which turns out something like those teppanyaki rice cause Danny put too much water. hahahha. and because the rice was really soft we made it into rice balls. well, some of us did. (i'll put up pics on the next blog). everyone was soooo full that night! the original plan was to watch a horror movie at Nana's place after dinner cause her room has more space. then danny, nadia n i had made last minute plans to go out with my management science group members so we decided not to watch the horror movie.

didn't do anything interesting or special on Valentine's Day. i wanted to give my frens heart-shaped chocolate lollipops i saw at a shop but when i went to get it, it was sold out. i bought em an oval shaped chocolate lollipops instead. hahaha. then i spent my evening with my group members trying to finish up the group project which is due today before 4pm. i hope tom n sarah managed to compile it.

last night, i was so eager to watch Inter vs. AC Milan. BUT i don't know why, it didn't come out when i went on the iraqgoals.com. before this, i've watched 2 or 3 matches there and it streamed well. was devastated, i had nana n nadia over my place to watch it with me. i made em Tortilla wraps and nachos. sekali tak dapat tgk bola!!! geram gila. so we decided to watch a horror movie instead. we ended up watching 2 movies, The Ametyville Horror and Silent Hill. so much for nana kena balik before 12am tau. haha, we sent her back near 2am. huhuhu.

hmmm, i wonder how short is this short stay computer anyway. well, i better go now before it logs off by itself. 30 minutes till my class starts anyway. adios amigos!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

the heartbeat of DOT and the urge of going back home..

first and foremost! the only thing that's making me happy for now: i'm now referring to my future niece/nephew as Dot. i've been calling him or her Dot. hehehe. everytime i email my sister, i'll go hello CHor and Dot!!! yesterday, my sister sent me an email and there was a video attached. it was a video of the scanning thingy.. i dunno what it's actually called. anyhoo, my bro-in-law recorded it. So i saw DOT!!! there was blue/red bleeping lights and my sister said that that's Dot's Heart!!!!!!! and then there was the sound of the heart beat!!! it was so loud and quite fast too!!! i guess it's excited as the family is!!! :D i was sooo happy that it got me all teary! hahahah. i really i wish i was back home right now. i want to be with my sister!!! dang.. haih. plus with this freaking cold weather.. i really wanna be back in malaysia. life crisis.. hmph.

things driving me insane: it feels like there's no more weekend for me. there's always some assignment to work on every week. it's really got me stressed out. my group for my stats subject doesn't seem to be interested in getting the work done. no one seem to care. i had to gather on which day they're free to do the group meeting with the tutor. it's so frustrating when u're apart of a group like this. and i want to get good grades, there's no choice. urgh. one of my subjects seems to be kinda tough. there's so many calculations n numbers. it's confusing! there are 2 presentations coming up. 2 group projects. one essay. WHAT ELSE?! i've said it before and i'll say it again.. IT'S SOOO COLD. it's soooooo windy.

a nice break for a day: went to CNY celebration last friday held by the Chinese Students' Association. so weird to watch the mat salleh's doing the lion dance. tak best langsung. hahaha. can't beat the ones i watched in malaysia. there was a fshion show.. models wore traditional Chinese costume. kinda cool. the week before i went to Stephen & Apple's house for CNY. they're such a nice couple. they have a baby boy named Branson who kinda reminds me of doughboy! hehe.

happy event: Last WEdnesday, i went to primary school to do my volunteering project. was fun. had to give a bit info about Africa. the kids were 10 years old. they had to make tribal masks! well, me n the other volunteers had to make some as well which turned out kinda cool! :p (self-praise). talked about the problems in africa and what can we do to help. the kids will be coming over to do their performance in mid feb together with other primary schools who will be doing on Japan, South America and i can't remember the other country... CHina maybe?.. hmm. can't wait 2 watch them perform!

a tiny frustration: Yesterday, i went to the Palestine Charity Dinner held by LUMSS. my friends n i had to help decorate the hall. i made letterings but it was no use cause it couldn't stick to the curtain. a waste of time really, i could have helped my friends in other stuff instead of doing those letterings. but oh well, what's done is done. the letterings can be used for other things i hope.

issues: u know some people don't really care if u have a lot of work to do or not don't they. there's this person, who's kinda like the boss. and well, i've got a lot of assignments to do as been told up there in this post. but he kept pestering me to do what i'm suppose to be doing for the club. i have to make a report and another thing. he's not even a student and he wouldn't understand the stress level going on. everytime he sees my face or my friend's he'll ask about whether we've done our work or not. like what the hell. maybe u should ask how we're doing instead of just "so dah habis dah assignment? nanti nak ada meeting. siapkan la bla bla bla bla". ingat org takder kerja lain ke??! my frens & i treat him like an older brother. we can kacau2 him. BUT because he IS older than us. kena la respect sket kan. but seriously man, we know lar we have to do our job but pikir la, kitorang ada assignments lagi. especially me, being the one who gets stressed out damn easily.

damn, i really need to calm myself down sometimes. dunno why i get so stressed out so easily. there's no break till easter. it'll be work work work. sometimes i feel stupid talking to some people cause they talk about some intellectual issues. how on earth do they know all this stuff? READ. yea, have to blame myself for not reading a lot then.

why am i not happy after writing all these gibberish down. one big awan kumulonimbus above my head now. think i better listen to some music and get started with my assignments. till then. I MISS U CHOR!!!! :'(