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Sunday, 12 February 2012

no fun on Feb 14th 2012 for me

Although I don't celebrate Valentine's Day but ever since I was 15, I would plan to do something fun on that day. since everyone seems to be all lovey-dovey. I thought i'ld share some friendship love with my friends.
I would either go out with my friends or have them over for dinner and just chill and laugh around.
However, this year. I don't think there's gonna be any fun mojo going on, on the 14th. It's a weekday and i would be tired by the time i get home, also i'ld have to get up early the next day for work. It's not the same like back in uni where my friends & I would sleep at 4 or 5am because we are still at my room laughing our asses off and we would all make it to our 9am lecture.
Damn, i really miss those days. boo~

I'll just hope it's going to be a fine day then.

no spongebob, not this time. :|

xoxo, Soraya

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A story about a ...

"guess" what this post will be about.. LOL

So, I had a group coursework when i was in my 2nd year. There were four of us in the group and one of the group members is a guy from Ukraine. The first time when my other group member introduced him to the rest of us, he just gave a hello, no smile, no shaking hands and straight away sat down. I got the impression that he's not a fun type then. BUT I WAS WRROONNGGG.

After that first time of us all knowing who is who, we had our first group meeting and i guess he warmed up himself with the group. The following meetings after that he will always do something that never fails to make me laugh. He is such a fun person to be with! I never look forward for group meetings u see cause it's always so serious and stressful but for this particular group coursework, i look forward to it every time. It is a bit stressful sometimes but he lightens up the seriousness. :)

He is also a gentleman. The act of chivalry was always there. He will never fail to open the door for me. Even when he is walking behind me, he will try to hold the door by reaching out his hand. Once, after our meeting, I was walking behind him and he suddenly stop midway. so i stopped too, then he asked me to walk in front cause it's not nice if he walks in front of me. I decided to just walk beside him instead. :p

There was this one time where he asked whether i know the theme song for Star Wars, the Darth Vader theme to be exact. So i said yea n he asked me to sing the tune and i did. While i was singing the tune, he made some sounds. I thought he wanted me to stop so i did. But then he asked me why i stopped, he was doing the sound effects of the light sabers! LOL. So i had to continue. hahahaha. our other group member who was in front of us, just shook his head when he heard us doing the star wars thingy (this guy is the serious one in the group).

Once when we were at the computer lab, we were talking about how long our names were. SO he said whenever he's at the immigration counter, the officers will just look for a short while and let him pass cause his name is just too long they couldn't be bothered. hahha. and he showed me his passport (who on earth brings their passport everywhere they go yea.. hahaha comel gila) and u know how our passport pictures are young pictures of us right? so he looked so young in that picture and very good looking too! so i blurted out "WOW! You look so ..... young!" the truth is, i almost blurted out "WOW! You look so hot!" HAHAHAHAH. nasib baik aku tak ckp tuh.

Also, once, one of the group members were not in a good mood. she was really sad about something so i started singing the song Don't Worry Be Happy and i stopped midway (well i wouldn't want to sing the whole song right?) but he continued the song! ahahhaha.

I had a crush on this guy. (can't u tell?!?!) HEHEHE. I am not in contact with him anymore. In my 3rd year, we didn't take the same subjects so I didn't see him anymore after my 2nd year. But i am glad that I've met such a person. He is very nice and he makes me laugh all the time. I love those two attributes in a guy. Having good looks is a major plus. this crush of mine, well, good looking la. my friends said he looks like a model. hohoho. but kalau muka ada tapi hati takder buat apa kan? especially those good looking guys who will always make friends with good looking girls je or they know they're good looking so they act arrogantly. menyampah gila.
I miss having such a person, like this crush i'm talking about, in my life.

Here in Malaysia, it's so difficult to find a guy who will actually hold the door for you or even let you pass through the door first. They were not taught of this chivalry acts. I mean, letting you through first is the least that they can do. I'm not saying there's none... ada la. tapi sikit sangat.

I want someone like the guy whom i had a crush on when i was in my 2nd year cause I was never sad at that time. Even if I was stressful or sad, it will go away quickly.

xoxo, Soraya