Where art thou?

Sunday, 9 August 2009

the planned week!

HELLO EVERYBODYYYYY! :) i've got this whole week planned out! oOOoO! i will be going to Bandung tomorrow! going with parents together with my mom's bestfriend, her husband, & son. hmmmm. hope the trip will be fun. IT BETTER BE.

ANNYYYWAAAYYY, after the day i got back, i've got a therapy to go to in the morning! THERAPY?! yesssss.. therapy. i'm on this allergy therapy using bio-resonance thing. google it up if u wanna know what it is. alternative medicine. well, i hope it works! i'm gonna have to go for the therapy 5 times. once a week. if it does work, I CAN EAT the stuff that i'm allergic to!!! i hope my migrain will go away too!!! i want to indulge in chocs okay!!! dah la kat overseas chocolate dia lagi sedap. grrrrrr! .

after the day of my first therapy which takes only half an hour jer. HAHAHA. MTV WORLD STAGE LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE I COME!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaa!!! woot woot!!! this will be my first ever concert!! lalalalala. altho, i'm not a die hard fan of those bands performing, it's gonna be fun! All American Rejects baby! oh, lemme tell u of what i would have thought of the best 21st birthday ever for my self!!! like THE BOMB ok.. FOR ME THAT IS. here it is, i was fantasizing about going to ARASHI's 10th anniversary concert cause it's around my birthday. BUT it's in Japan, the tix are only sold to johnny's entertainment members AND it's during fasting month. therefore, HAMPA. huhuhuhuhu. IF ONLY they would come down to msia!!!! urgh. their 10th anni concert will definitely be awesome!!!! cause usually these japanese idols, their concert would be a bit different. not just singing or wtv. dengan itu, saya ingin memaklumkan kepada anda semua bahawa saya akan bersuka-ria pada mlm MTV world stage live tersebut! banzai!!! banzai!! ;)

Bandung, soraya's coming!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Feeling lucky!

I met up with my best old friends, Syaza n Aiman. Aiman is the only girl i know with Aiman as her name. All the other Aimans i know are boys. (aiman if u're reading this.. hehe). so what's all the lucky feeling about?? It was Saturday night, I'm at OU trying to find a parking space! and i got one! movie was starting at 8.45pm and was still driving around at 8.25pm! Time pressure and already stressed out Aiman told me to jsut randomly parked at the side and wait for someone to come out. a few mins later, a couple went out! and their car was parked right next to where i was!! i was sooo happy! i cheered and Aiman cheered too!!! kecoh gila dlm kereta. Then we saw the guy was looking at us and realised that we were cheering, he started laughing n even point at us!! he even told his gf to like look at us. it was like "eh eh, look at the girls! they're so happy to get the parking hahahahaha". bongek betul. but then we were LUCKY! made in time for the movie. oh u know, it's been awhile since the last time i went to rasta. i forgot the way out! i knew that one road would lead me to a cemetary and the other leads to home. i had to ask my fren to drive ahead and i tagged behind! huhuhu. oh! i almost forgot! WELCOME TO MY BLOG GIRLS!!

the same day, that afternoon, i went out with Intan n boy i was lucky to get a parking space right next to the entrance at OU! cam wahhh bahagia gila! AND THEN i went to Wondermilk to buy cupcakes, there was a parking space right in front of the shop!!! ahahha wheeee! oh, i watched SETEM with intan soraya. The movie, in my opinion, was kinda fun to watch! well not because one of the character's name is Suraya (ehem) but it's different from all those lovey dovey malay movies. sikit2 cinta, nangis2 lar.. pergh. altho, it got me all tension up when i was watching it because there was a lot of running n who would get the stamp and all. i got all excited too. hahahaha! so did intan! and when the guy said "Terima Kasih Cik Suraya" we both were just stunned. all in all, i like that movie! it's not THAT FUNNY.. but there r some here n there.

(the cupcakes i bought! the taste? LOVE IT!)

Yesterday, i met up with my petbrothers n petsister! altho i didn't spend much time with one of my petbro cause he came late!!!! like really really late! all because there was some miscommunication between him n Aiman (the other petbro). and the reason why i just had to go out with them yesterday because they prefer to meet up before their A levels results are out. ALL THE BEST!! neway, another lucky incident!!! we were to meet up at KLCC yea, and i don't want to go alone on the lrt cause i don't feel like it. eventho i've did it b4. so, called up alifa and she was going to sunway with her frens. i asked her to ask her frens whether they want to meet up at klcc. the next thing u know.. alifa told me that her frens had changed the venue to klcc!!!! which means, i get to go to klcc with alifa!!! AND THEN, apparently alifa's "friend" was going to meet his fren at klcc too.. since he's driving, i got a lift to KLCC!! YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!! hehehe. THANK U alifa n "friend"!! ;) i wanna meet with my adik2 again! hopefully in the UK!

oh yeah! i've watched The Proposal too! funny! i like!!!! to the people who haven't watch it! take a time off and go watch it! Ryan Reynolds will not let u down! hehehe. <3

p/s: I WANNA WATCH UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

food, music, n munky love!

woah! was too lazy to upload anything on my blog. hehe. holidays turn me into a lazy bum! oh how cruel u holiday u.. (sarcasm..) let's see.. what have i been doing?!

i had this japanese food called Shabushabu!!! it's GOOOODD. i had it at this restaurant in Jaya 33. If i'm not mistaken the shop itself is called Shabushabu. i might be wrong. my fren said that shabu is a type of drug which i think so too! tapi yer la, shabu2 kan in japanese language. wtv it is!!! GO TRY IT! sedap! :) it's kinda like steamboat but it's not. here's a pic! i had the beef shabushabu.. they had it sliced really really thin! it's amazing how thin the meat was! and u see that small black pot there, uhuh yea, there's rice in it. so u've got meat, vege (the one on the left) and rice. wooh! perut kenyang.

i went karaoke with Pam, Alifa, Nana, Quiyah, n frens! celebrated pam's 21st! i love karaoke! can let loose and like wth lantak ar suara aku tak sedap tapi kau kena dengar jugak type of fun! hahahahhaha! went to Amp in Sunway Pyramid. cool juga la tempat karaoke dia. but the turn off is, there were only 2 mics!!! 2 jer?! like waaattt.. kan? red box kasi 3 okay! hmph. i wanna go karaoke again!!!! jom jom!!! people let's go!

went for one of my darling munkies 21st birthda bbq! it was the first funky munkies reunion since i got back! u know what, i think i just love the feeling of meeting frens who are excited to see u. it's like.. u feel cam.. awww they love me! :p . we had like a small "meeting" to discuss when we should all meet up again. semangat gila. tho, it seems impossible cause everyone's free at different times!! :( and also, two of them will be going back to the US soon n won't make it in time for my 21st! waaaaaaa! nampaknya dinner reunion before diorang fly balik la. damn i miss hangin with my funky munkies!