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Thursday, 27 September 2007

woo hoo!!

Yay!!! i just finished my trials!!!! My accounts paper was kinda easy just now. . it was the May/June 07 paper which means dat the Oct/Nov 07 paper will be tough!! dang it! woooh.. lama nya dah tak blog! been busy.. anyway, i wanna talk about what happened on my birthday!!! (eventho it was last week) :P
so yeah, b4 my birthday i told my frens that i wanted a banner.. this is because, in my college.. when it's someone's birthday, their frens will hang up a banner wishing them happy birthday.. so i wanted one too.. hehehe.. so my frens told me it was going to be much more special than those banners as they will put a picture of me as well.. i said DON'T.. and then decided that i want just a normal banner... SOO, when it was my birthday, i didn't pass the notice boards dat day, instead headed straight to the library.. in the library, a few girls wished me happy birthday n it was kinda weird as they're not close to me.. so i asked em how did they know.. and they said "oh u tak tau ke? ada poster kat notice board ada gambar u".. i was like.. WHAT?! KAT MANA??? then rush to the notice boards and saw 2 posters with a picture of me on it.. ANDDD... THE WORSE PART IS.. it was a picture of me in a telekung.. and posed like those nasyid singers.. it was a picture pija took with her hp during the first semester... HOW EMBARASSING?!!! so i took it down..
i thought it was just 2 posters.. when i bumped into the 2 culprits who posted the posters namely, Pija and Fiza (my chaletmates).. hehehe.. i went like.. "OMG!!!!! of all pictures!!!!! korang!!!!" and on the poster was written "Birthday Girl (17/09..) Sorabaya (bukan nama sebenar)"i told them i took down 2.. then fiza smiled.. i was like.. oh shit.. there's more?! then she laughed and ran away.. so i went hunting for my poster... hahahaha.. and managed 2 take another 1 which was posted at the Dining Hall! back at the chalet.. i asked them where's the other one.. obviously they wouldn't tell me.. so fine then.. bersemangat untuk cari the last one.. so it was evening classes.. then i saw it! the poster! in front of the Dining Hall.. i thought it was the last one.. BUT NOOOOO when i came to the notice boards.. the posters were up again! this time.. it was at the general notice board, House notice board.. and spanish notice board! APPARENTLY, they were frustrated as i took down the posters quickly that morning.. so they printed more and post it again! heish.. so the whole day i was like on a treasure hunt ("treasure sangatlah".. gambar sendiri..).. i found the last poster at night.. it on one of the pillars on the way to the guys chalets!!! teruk betul.. but my friends told me that it wasn't them who put it there.. someone else had remove it from the place they put it to that pillar.. KEJAM SUNGGUH ORANG ITU!!! must be some idiot.. eheheh.. just kidding..
Although, it WAS embarassing to actually have that picture all around college.. it would be something that i shall never forget.. my friends actually took the time to go to Alifa's chalet and print those posters.. ALIFA pun sama bersubahat!!! and pam pun! who approved the picture! gosh!.. hehehe.. oh well, bila lagi nak ada gambar kite di sekitar college yer tak? MUEHEHEHE...
gtg do my personal statement now! chao! till the next blog!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

sweatiest outing ever

yes.. u read it right! the SWEATIEST outing ever!! here's the story!! today, i went out with Pam, Alifa, Firqy, Adif, Wan and Syukri.. my outing with the medic students.. well except for syukri.. nyway, we went for ice-skating!!! it was really fun! my 3rd time ice skating.. the last time i went for ice skating was on my 17th birthday.. so.. this time.. i only hold the sides the first few minutes.. after that.. i think i was okay! hehehe.. i thought Alifa how to skate!!! betul tak alifa?! yea betul.. :) it was her first time and she could skate well enough dah.. i guess if u played rollerblades before.. it helped... So it was pam's 3rd time skating too.. however she loves the walls so much.. hahahahaha.. she sticks to the side wall.. but then alifa n i will get her to the middle and skate.. she can skate when she's with us.. tapi bila sorang2.. jgn haraplah.. hahahahaha.. so cute lah pam.. Wan was like Pam at first.. sticking to the wall.. but then he got the hang of it.. Adif kesian.. he was the one who wanted to go ice-skating.. then.. dia sakit kaki.. pity him.. but then dia ice-skate jugak! janji bahagia ar... fiqry gedik.. dia dah terer tuh.. sajer jer.. syukri pun.. hehehe..

1st picture, me and alifa skating. 2nd picture, wan is in the distance on his way.. hahaha.. my chin was not on fiqry's shoulders!! it was behind it... hmph..

so anyhoo.. after 3 hours of ice-skating.. we headed for lunch.. at chicken hartz.. i think that's how u spell it.. then syukri went back with his old fren then he bumped into at the shop.. we then wanted to take those sticker pictures.. but then the shop closed down.. :( we went to the arcade instead!!!! everyone played some stuff... THEN, here comes the best part! we all played the dance thingy!!! that dance mat with the machine.. yeap.. it was my first time.. and cam best gila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhahaahaha.. fiqry was like dancing his ass off i tell u! the medical students went crazy! adif and wan had a so called "re-matched"! and fiqry was playing all the machines that had the dance thingy.. i played 3 times with alifa at first.. and pam the 2nd and 3rd time.. there were 2 dance machines that we tried.. it was the one with just the leg movements and the other one was together with the hand movements.. the one with the hand movements was much harder.. u'll tend to 4get which one's right and left! when it was fiqry vs. adif. my goodness.. their hands were flying all over.. it was scary standing next to them.. it's like they can slap u or chop u off.. seriously! dah lah tgn diorang panjang! we were all sweating after that! like.. really really sweating! stock berpeluh sampai basah baju ar! but man it was fun playing that dance machine thingy.. it was fun just watching the guys play it as well! here's a video of me vs. pam....hahahaha.. enjoy! oh and a picture of alifa and fiqry competing.. :)

Monday, 10 September 2007

Car craze!

My dear friends.. i would like to express my love towards sports cars in this blog!!!!!! I just love these posh cars!! i just go crazy when i c them.. I saw the new Nissan Skyline today while i was waiting 4 the taxi with mom (well, i think it's new.. the back is diff from the ones that have those 2 round lights..) it was SUPERB!!! i tried searching for it in the web.. couldn't find it.. what i found as another type.. the rear view was different.. i'll go crazier if i see a Ferrari.. another car that i like would be the Nissan Fairlady 350Z.. oh my gosh.. i love that car! but somehow i don't think it goes with the name.. especially if a macho guy drives it.. a bit funny.. like macho man is driving a fairlady.. hmmm.. but my love would be the Porsche Boxster.. my dream car since i was in primary school.. :) lamborghini is a very cool car too.. but it's too square.. however, i'll go crazy if i see it too.. i once saw it while i was in the car in a traffic jam.. it was next to my car.. and my head was just stuck to the left watching it.. hahaha.. the doors are cool.. YES IT IS.. the powerful Bugatti looks unique to me.. the front part however, kinda looks like the back of a car.. hahaha!.. FYI, i only like these cars because i think they are BEEEAUUTIFUL... ask me about the power or engine or other.. i'll go blank (blink blink).. hehehe! ;) here are some pictures!

Nissan Skyline GT-R and Nissan Fairlady 350Z

Porsche Boxster and Lamborghini

Bugatti Veyron

Sunday, 9 September 2007


I just bought myself this really really cool tie!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! i seriously can't wait to wear it on Monday, the 17th!!! and it's on my birthday too!! yay!!!!! FYI, every monday in college is a tie day for Pam n I.. it was something we came up with when we were juniors.. :) i just realise i have no pictures of myself on tie day!! gonna take some nanti... so here's a picture of Pam n I when pam, alifa n i were on our adventure looking for our costumes for the International Day Last Semester.. ( i think it was last semester)...

we were wearing a crown.. it's not that clear in this picture.. :)

Anyhoo.. i have only 1 week of holiday left.. the first week didn't feel like holiday to me.. ok fine.. maybe a little bit.. it's not actually a holiday break.. more towards study break for those who have papers to sit / RESIT this Oct/Nov haih.. i can't help going online the past few days... maybe it's because the connection is really bad in KYUEM.. hahhaha.. damn it.. susah nak concentrate on studies!!! but i have too!!! my god! i can go crazy!! i really hope i do well in this oct/nov session.. ok ok.. better go study! Adios amigos! oh yeah.. peeps, i enjoy reading this person's blog , hazril.blogspot.com. his blog always crack me up.. a malay man who loves to flashback about his school life.. :)

Monday, 3 September 2007

it's already September!!

WOAH!! how time flies don't u think?! it's already september.. GOSH.. oh.. my merdeka celebration was normal.. went to The Curve as always.. but this time.. Izyan joined us! us=me & fiq.. Azdianur went to Wangsa Maju to celebrate... anyway, the performances were boring!! well except 4 Zainal Abidin and Reshmonu.. that Zainal Abidin can really sing i tell u.. his voice sounds just the same when he sings live.. respect.. the fireworks were great!!! i love watching fireworks.. i wonder how they do it..
oh gosh oh gosh, i went to the bazaar yesterday.. and i bought this really pimpy studs! ahhahaha.. gonna wear it 24 7! it's sooooo bling bling!!
HEY! Since we're now in September.. means that.. MY BIRTHDAY'S COMING!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D happy happy joy joy.... however.. it also means that i'm getting older... noooooooooooo.. takperlah... i'm still young at heart.. hehehehe.. this is the first time i'm celebrating my birthday during the fasting month... huhuhu.. september also means that trials are getting closer... MUCH CLOSER.. THE HORROR THE HORROR.. should be studying.. what am i doing here? hehehe.. k k, off to do some work now! supergirl... away!!!! ;)