Where art thou?

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

super busy me

I haven't been this busy ever!
I've got so many things on hand.
I'm actually kinda freaked out.
Takut tak siap and then i'm doomed.
cam tak cukup doomed dah kan.

A lot of things happened since the last post.
I won't blab about it now.
Ok, just one short one, last Monday, didn't have the MOnday Blues. not even a bit! causeeee..
I had a role in the co.'s corp. video. Had shooting on that day. Got all dolled up.
Felt like an artist. Turned out to look like a friggin stewardess. hahaha.
Acted as the "chairman's secretary".
oh well. one step to being famous! HAHAHA RIGHT -_-"
I think i'll have time to post some other stuff after May 10th.

On a diff note, I'll be going to Russell Peters Notorious World Tour 2012!!!
So excited! finally something to look forward to.

Now let's hope there's someone for me to look forward to in the near future.
haha. kidding. need to get my life settled out first.