Where art thou?

Monday, 9 July 2007

hmm.. it seems that i can't write the title for this blog... oh well.. anyway, yesterday i went to mont. kiara's bazaar and yay!!!!!! FINALLY!!! i bought myself a pair of wedges!!! woo hoo!

oh yeah, kenapa ada BYK SANGAT PORSCHE ON THE ROAD NOWADAYS?!!!! buat orang jealous tau!!!! i am a BIG FAN of porsche okay.. and for these past few days, i've been seeing lots of 'em.. gilalah.. byk betul duit diorang nih.. i just love supercars.. they are just.. SUPERB! :D

i didn't watch transformers.. :( i didn't even watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3... so sad.. i guess i just have to watch it on DVD... haih..

college is starting soon!!!! real soon!!!!! wahhhhh... malasnyaaaa.... i don't want to sit for any test!!!!! but there'll be a welcoming test... bongek lar... homework pun tak siap lagi... can't wait to go to Jakarta... i think i'll be really really tired next monday.. from Jakarta back to KL then straight to KYUEM... dang.. so rushing...

gosh, once college starts.. i'm gonna b a senior!!!! woah! can't wait to see the juniors.. bet there'll be a lot of those types.. referring to the girls of course... u know what i'm talking about.. those types.. KEH KEH KEH.... the junior guys?? hopefully they are all "ka wa iiii!!!!" (means cute).. muahahahaha! i'm so bad.. oohhhh.. gonna have pet sis or pet bro! i better scan all of them.. ahahahha.. so nanti senang nak pilih.. kena pakat ngan my pet sib, aisyah fatihah.. fighto o! can't wait to meet up with my chaletmates!!!!! i miss them sooo much! i miss the "kecohness" of our chalet..

aight! back to work now! chao peeps!

Friday, 6 July 2007

stop talking about bfs with me mom..

my mom kept on talking about bfs stuff with me today.. in fact, in the morning, she even said "yaya nanti bila dah ada anak, bagi dia nama Iskandar Zulkarnain if lelaki" i'm like.. ERR OKAY..... hahahaha! i don't mind giving that name anyway.. i like it! SO ANYWAY, drop the subject for awhile.. went 2 tesco.. then came back home.. watched Jangan Pandang Belakang.. the story is a bit slow..

okie dokie, then back to the "stuff" i am suppose to talk about here.. so i was in my mom's room with her.. sambil dia tengah lipat baju then out of the blue!!! she said "yaya kalau ada bf kena bgtau mama tau.. jgn diam2 ada bf.. kena introduce kat mama.." so i went like "apa kena ngan mama hari ni" ckp dlm hati ar.. but i said "yer ma.. yer" to her.. DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE A BF TO U?!! sheesh..

i jsut hate it when she talks about these stuff okay.. it's like as if i have one and not telling her.. well i don't mom.. don't make me feel soooo erm.. single. i'm happy with it right now.. well kinda.. :p.. the reason why i hate it, it's because.. SHE ALWAYS..and i mean ALWAYS talk about it.. every now and then.. for sure this "topic" will be raised..

just needed to let it out.. glad it's out!!!! fuh.. k.. yay for blogs..

Thursday, 5 July 2007

the evening at secret recipe..

i think we used Aiman's hp for this pic.. the self-timer didn't have any sound to alert us that it was going to snap! and soo.. i was saying "dah ker.." and syaza erm.. syaza was.. i have no idea what she was going to do.. the others mmg tak henti senyum.. Mun pandang tempat lain! budget macho ar mun?! hahahha

i shall put the other pictures in friendster. :)

i hate cicak..

before i talk about the cicak part... i went jamming today!! with Munirah and her fren, Alvin. it was kinda fun! but the fact that i suck at playing American Idiot.. amat frust... haih.. that song cam laju gila okay... i managed to get the early part right.. but then after that hancur.. then played again and again.. till the early part got messed up too.. practice makes perfect! RIGHT..

here comes the cicak part! so my family and i came home from dinner.. we saw Lady(my cat) running upstairs.. then we saw something on the floor.. it looked like poop in the dark.. then i went near it and was like.. "apa tuh..".. so my sis came near and said.. CICAK.. and then dad just walked past it.. my mom was like.. siapa dah bunuh dia.. then i was like a crazy girl.. ran to the other side and kept saying eeeeee.. geli! siap tarik2 rambut lagi.. hahahha.. (that part was just for dramatic feeling..)seriously phobia with "cicak".. i am a cicakphobic.. :P anyway, my sister took a good look at it again.. and APPARENTLY, IT HAD NO LEGS ANYMORE!!!! geli kan? kan? kan? kalau tak geli jugak.. then i salute u.. it was one big cicak i tell u! what on earth happened to its legs?! and THE TAIL.. OMG.. no one knows where the tail is.. my cats were all upstairs at that time.. buat bodoh jer.. mesti diorang punya kerja nih.. sure punya! Romeo tuh buat muka comel jer.. well no one knows who did it and where the tail went.. so my dad just threw that dead lizard away.. HOW DISGUSTING.. bluek..

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

happy day :)

i didn't blog yesterday as i was really tired.. last night i took fiq to Coffee Bean at One Mont Kiara and because of fiq's cuteness, we had 3 honey sticks for free!!! muahahaha.. well, abang cashier tuh kata takper... ;) and then we ordered for kids pure vanilla drink but his fren accidentally gave us the regular ones.. wahhahahah.. save duit kitorang!!! wooh!!! i'm glad fiq liked her present! it was a nice night... dah lama tak borak2 ngan fiq.. fiq ketawa kuat sampai orang kat meja sebelah pandang.. haih.. oh well, it was fun!! but it so happens that last year, fiq and i went to Starbucks for her birthday.. and this year it was Coffee Bean.. next year? which coffee outlet? hmmm.. tak nak dah lar.. nak partaaayyyyy!!!! :P

today was fun too!!! met up with my old frens! Aiman is still as loud as ever! gosh i miss her so much!! i am sooooo happy to meet up with them just now! ... everyone just kept on laughing and laughing and laughing! thank god there weren't any customers at that time.. well, ada pun cam satu dua jer... but i don't really care, i just miss laughing with em!! but i think the workers at secret recipe tuh semua give up tengok kitorang.. hahaha! and i pity them! they had to give us the menu for about i don't know.. 10 times maybe!!! ahahhahaha! kesian kesian.. we took lots of pictures just now.. the candid ones cam bongek gila.. there was a picture of us in the car.. mun had this bear key chain hanging at her backview mirror.. i was about to take our picture then the bear swing in front of the camera lense and i shouted BEAR! and snap when the camera.. and yes.. out came the picture of me with my mouth wide open saying bear.. everyone else was just smiling nicely and the bear wasn't even in the picture!!! stupid bear.. i shall upload some of the pics once i receive them :)

off to do my hw now.. (sampai bila nak habis nih!!!! i keep procrastinating!!! bongekkkk)

Monday, 2 July 2007

hmmmm.. feeling a bit stressed out

gosh.. it's already the 2nd week of holiday.. i haven't finish any of my homeworks yet... huwaaaaa :( i haven't even started on my Personal Statement.. AAAAAAAAA!!! going crazy... and i'm going of to Jakarta next week.. shitttt.... i hate shity feelings...

i renewed my pasport just now.. and i looked so chubby in the picture!!! we tend to gain a few weights when we're in pictures right?! yes.. i think so :) .. ohh, i met my old schoolmate, bryan.. and he still looks the same.. he was with his friends and one of 'em was kinda good looking.. hahaha! sempat aku.. :P

i'm currently watching Concert for Diana.. she's soooo sweet.. kesian lar.. it's so sad to see someone soooo kind yet she's no longer in the world... such a nice princess!! u don't see other princesses doing what she did... she was such a noble person... but i think deep down inside of her, she wasn't really living a happy life.. i'm sure with her sons.. that's an absolute yes.. but with Prince Charles.. i don't think she was happy with him... in the Concert for Diana, they showed clips of her.. and there's this one clip where she was at the water park with her sons.. comel sangat!!!!!! sweet memories for the princes...

i really don't feel like studying right now.. this is suppose to be a semester break.. and yet we have tons of homework and we're gonna have welcoming test once the holiday is over!! what crap!!! it should have been called study break then.. sheesh!!! benci lah! tapi nak dapat semua A dlm A levels.. macam mana?! haih.. have to go thru this right... no other choices....

ok great!! i just found out that his bestfren now knows that i have a crush on him... waaaaaaa! ANYWAY, i've decided to not like him that much anymore... suka macam tuh jer.. takderlah gila2 suka... he seems like he's not attracted to girls.. GAY KE?? nehhh... guess i don't tend to attract him.. damn it! ahhahahaah! oh well... i gotta be myself right! kalau tak suka sudah..ada byk lagi org lain kat dunia nih.. hopefully i won't be an andartu.. ;)


Sunday, 1 July 2007

first blog entry!! yeeha!

woo hoo! this is my first blog entry.. the look is a bit simple.. still got some updating to do with the look of this blog.. anyway, today was a tiring day.. started the day of by going to the mall.. walked from one end to another.. and what did i buy?! a shirt.. it's mega sale! and i bought one shirt.. i need my sister with me when i'm out shopping.. but she was in singapore... went for Christina's concert.. JEALOUS!!!! oh well.. i can't wait to go shopping with her :P

let's write in another colour.. orange! hehehe.. i miss my crushie.. although he doesn't know that i really really like him... holiday for 3 weeks.. suppose to be a good thing.. however, with the homeworks.. god.. how can u enjoy it.. blue! i wonder if he'll ever like me.. i wonder if he knows.. it's kinda obvious.. well i keep looking at him.. wonder if he realised that... my bestfren is trying to find out whether he likes someone in college or not from his bestfren.. he's soooo secretive! ooohhhh mysterious... hahahaha.. he's so tall.. i think i have a thing for guys with small eyes.. ;)

purple! oh oh! i saw this water tank.. and outside of the water tank was written PUAS Bhd. and underneath it was written "rumah pam".. ahahahahahahah! boy did it make me laugh.. sorry pam.. but it was funny... :) hmmm.. since the holidays started.. my bedtime had turned to 4 am.. not good.. but i can't help it.. i'm watching that 70's show on youtube.. i just love that show!! i like fez!! so cute! speaking of it, i think i'm gonna watch it now.. till the next blog! (yay! end of first blog!)