Where art thou?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

saat2 mencuci mata

hahahaha! so basically, for those who don't understand the title of this post, cuci mata literally means washing the eyes BUT sometimes it's a term used to describe one's act of looking at someone that's nice to look at. aka, sedap mata memandang. hihihihi.

So, these past few days, someone interesting has been coming to the office everyday since Tuesday. I hardly get to cuci mata nowadays. boo~ anyhoo, Soraya pun mengambil kesempatan untuk mencuci mata. like hello, kasi can sikit ok. i'm like kinda stressed out with work this week. at least, there's something interesting kan.
plus, i'm single, so I don't feel guilty :p cuci mata JER pun :)
as compared to uni life, hari2 cuci mata and it's like every now and then cuci mata sebenarnya. HAHAHA. until i'm immune to it. hambik kau.. immune. lol.
and now i'm missing it like crazy. i know a few of my frens would totally agree with me ;) u know who u are. haha.

alright, need to get on with work!
berusaha kita!

xoxo, Soraya

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

busy little bee

So last week, I went to Janda Baik for 7 days. holiday? NEY, i went for work.
It was a school holiday camp for kids and youth where they learn about personal safety, sex education, self-defense and much more.
It was really interesting and fun!
I was one of the facilitators and I myself learned some new stuffs too. lol.

Since we were in Janda baik, and our camp was just along the river, we went into the river almost everyday. ALMOST. haha. I only went in fully (before that takat gedik2 main2 air kat tepi je ahahha) during the girls' camp. well yea cause have to make sure they don't go too far cause the current was quite strong. the girls really had a fun time splashing water at me. didn't wanna get drenched at first, but they were like Kak soraya masuk lah masuk lah! and i'm like.. haa takper takper. saya kena jaga korang. then they saw me shiver and they were like OMG KAK SORAYA MENGGIGIL. like YES GIRLS!!! I'M COLD. WHAT DO U EXPECT. so i decided to dip in cause it wouldn't be too cold then and yessss, right after they saw me dipped in, i got up and YEAY!!!! SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH. there was only one soraya facing 10 teenage girls. pfft! kena bully. oh well. it was fun nevertheless.

the facilitators took shifts every night to just guard around just in case if anything happens. so i picked the 4am-6am shift during the girls' camp. it was freakin cold during that hour!!!! but lovin the fresh air. and apparently another faci saw a 'pontianak' across the river, on top of a tree around 2.30am. THANK GOD, i didn't look up at the trees across the river when i was doing my shift. it didn't even cross my mind anyway about all these things.

During the kids camp, i had to become a fireman, but i'll talk about it once i have the picture. hehe. i made new frens! they were so nice and we clicked instantly. some girls are so easy to make friends with. i love that. :) but they're all in a different division, so hardly gonna see them again. huhu.

I got back on thursday night, and friday morning i was back at the office facing a pile of workload on the desk. HORROR. and the amount of deadline this week is just crazyyyyy. HAIH.
let's hope there's a bit of a breather for me next week. fighto-OH!

xoxo, Soraya

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hello March!

Hellooooo everybody!

So, I didn't update much in Feb. I got cooped up with work etc.
Anyhoo, my 3rd n final job rotation is just around the corner!
I will be attached to the CSR department! yeay!!!!
I'm so excited!
It's at the head office in KL.
I've always enjoyed CSR stuff so I have a good feeling about this final rotation.
Let's all pray that I'll love my work there.
Cause i believe that you have to love what you do. Gotta be passionate about your job then everything will go well.
So kalau stress pun takper. :)

besides that, last month, i finally met my online fren in person!!!
I met her through mIRC (do u guys remember mIRC?!?!)
We happen to know the same person and from there we kinda trust each other cause we had a mutual fren. (she had a crush on my schoolmate) SMALL WORLD IT IS.
from that day onwards, we became online friends till now.
So the first time that we actually knew how each other looked like was when we had facebook!
We became frens in 2001 and we've always been in touch with each other. even when we both studied overseas, we would send emails cause chatting was a bit difficult due to time difference.
and finally, after 11 years, we finally planned to meet up!!! and we did!
at first we thought that it would be awkward cause we're soooo used to just chatting, gossiping, via YM. ahahaha but after meeting up, it was just like 2 girls having their gossip session and catching up with each other life stories.

u know, during my centralized training, our lunch will always be a free buffet at this restaurant called Halia in Sim Darby Convention Centre, and good god the food there is AWESOME. and yesterday was the last free buffet for us cause it was the last centralized training. HUHUHU.
no more free buffet at Halia!
oh well. dah ada gaji sendiri kan. hohoho.

aight, it's a nice Saturday.
gotta go freshen up and start the day!!!

xoxo, Soraya