Where art thou?

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

oh dear god

Oh my god,
I'm freaking out for my last four papers.
I'm scared.
I need more time but there's no more time.
I keep telling myself I can do this.
but.. every now n then I just have that feeling of OMG MCM MANA NI..
I really need to get good grades.
I haven't done my essay for the 13th of June, just finishing outlining one essay.
I've only got 2 days and a half to prepare for that paper.
I'm scared.

Dear god, pls give me the strength to go through this final 4.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

My favourite cookie!!!

Meet my favourite cookie!!! *hi everyone!*
I've never had a favourite cookie before.
BUT NOW.. I've got a favourite!!
It tastes sooooo good!! I LOVE IT.
see, I've taken a few bites before I took the picture, I can't help it. ahahaha.

It is scrumptious!
It's called the all butter quadruple belgian chocolate cookie!
Why quadruple? well....
It's loaded with melt-in-the-mouth chunks of smooth Belgian milk, dark, and white chocolate then half-dipped in more chocolate.
seriously, it's really good!
If you have a Sainsbury's supermarket near you, grab yourself a box!!!
Fill yourself with some happiness of the cookie! hehe.
Once you've tasted it, I bet you'ld want more!! (I'm not getting any commission for posting about this cookie okay, it's voluntary! I just love this cookie and I want all of you to try it too!)

As I will be heading back to Msia soon and not coming back to England anytime soon. or even EVER (i hope not). I'm really gonna miss all the food that I can't get in Msia!
So, once i'm back home, i shall attempt to bake cookies that will taste (I SURE HOPE I CAN) similar or even better than this! so then, i'll have a new favourite! what's better than homemade cookie!?! especially by yourself :)

xoxo, Soraya

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Four more to go!

Hellooooo everybody!
Final exams have started and I've got 4 more papers to go.
Had 3 papers before this and only one was alright.
2 exams were back to back papers, 23rd and 24th and both were not that good. Haih. but yesterday's was much better then 23rd's. The one on the 23rd was terrible. horrible. I was teary eyed after it but decided not too cause I had another paper the very next day.
definitely not gonna get a first for the module on the 23rd BUT i just hope for the best.

Haven't had enough sleep last two nights, i was really knocked out last night. penat sangat. huhu. haih, tolong lah biar result bagus.
My next paper will be on the 3rd of June and it's on Corporate Finance. Can't remember anything about that module. macam tak pernah belajar ok. Gonna get started on it right after I freshen myself up after writing this post.
After that I have Economics for Managers, Advanced Finance, and lastly Rethinking Leadership.
I really hope I will ace these four papers!!!

let's do this people!
Berusaha kita!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Family Day in Lancs

I'm just super tired right now, thought i'ld blog awhile.
So, i just got back frm the Family Day held by Kelab UMNO Lancster and Lancaster Uni Msian Soc. It was funnnn!!!!

the theme was Kecoh 1 Lancster, and literally memang kecoh ar satu lancaster kat tepi tasik tuh. haahahhaha.
I planned to not play any games BUT after watching the dudes played baling selipar, it got me all excited! ahhahaha. I know I wasn't the only excited one cause ada juga yg lain yg semangat gila bila tgk diorang main.

the thing is, i've never played it before.
first time tgk orang main Baling Selipar pun masa 1st year, masa Family Day jugak lah! ahahahahah. So since just now they decided to have a woman category for baling Selipar, i joined in! KECOH NAK MAMPS. hahahaha

let me just say that we definitely didn't play according to the rules. setakat siapa kena baling, and bina balik selipar jer lah kut ikut rule. ahahha. it was for fun anyway! :) it was undergrads vs. postgrads. postgrads main dasyat weh. strategy baik punya, ingatkan dah mati semua, tiba2 ada sorang yg hidup gi naikkan selipar tuh. ceit! ahahha.
pastuh siap ambik selipar kitorang, the one that we used to throw at the others, tak nak kasi balik!!! ahahahah tak aci!!!! and since we don't have any slipper to throw to the rest, some took the other slippers away and ran with it!! ahahahahah
haaa even cerita kat blog ni pun dah kecoh dah. ahahah. siap wrestle to the ground ok nak ambik balik selipar tuh. (yer sebab saya orang yg ber-wrestle tuh jugak) ahahahahaha.
gila lah, it ended up like rugby. My first baling selipar was soooo much fun!!!! :))))

there were other games too like water balloons, find the sweet in the flour, u know like the sukaneka games. the simple yet fun games :) I don't have any pics to put up cause I forgot to bring my camera just now :(

As my first paper is this coming Wednesday, it was a good few hours of releasing stress, relaxing, good food. meeting people, chit-chatting. say goodbye to some postgrads leaving for Msia soon. huhu. but yea, it's not goodbye like one of them said as us final years will be heading back home soon too and boleh lah jumpa2 kat msia nanti.

anyway, bab farewell mewell ni boleh blog lain kali sebab mesti a bottle of mixed feelings masa tuh. ahahah. Definitely, 100%, gonna miss my Lancaster family alright!

aight then, think i should go freshen up and do my reading!!
takut lah first paper ni, dah lama tak buat exam essay. hohoho.
Let's all pray that we will all get flying colours!
God's will.
ciao cincau!