Where art thou?

Sunday, 29 March 2009

I am sooo hot!! i burn!!

ok ok. u know how facebook has these quizzes. i took the Who were u in a past life? quiz and well, i was MARILYN MONROE in my past life!!! How hot was i!!!!! super hot! hahahhahahahaha!!!! AND AND i took the Who whould be my celebrity boyfriend? and guess who i got?!? BRAD PITT!!!!!! after i got the result of the quiz i was like.. WOAH!! hahahhahha! and double woah when i got the result about the past life quiz! hahahaha! but wait, THERE'S MORE!! i took the Which star wars character are you? quiz. and i'm Princess Leia!!!!!!!!! I FEEL AWESOME! hehehhe. even the little things in life like a quiz can cheer me up.. hahha. i'm such a soraya. OH YES. which leads me to this, have u guys tried this thing called urban dictionary?? hahaha! it's so funny. just type in ur name and see what is the definition. i'll give u mine..

A hilarious girl, who loves T.I. SO much....(obsession lol). Shes crazyy funn, outgoing and goes with the flow. Shes not THAT mean but her poor speakers died and she gives papercuts. She likes to follow guys on the skytrain and says "Holla at ur girl" Shes gangster to the max. she has an accent and says "its unbeliewable how wiwes use winegar". Mohobattein makes her sad. She's single,looking and likes long walks on the beach holla at her;) LOL!!
"You cried watching mohobattein? omg ur such a Soraya!"

i wonder who put that definition in for their friend named Soraya. hahah!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Hello helloooow!!!! :D haven't blog for quite awhile as i was busy with my assignments. now it's easter break!! yay! finally, a break! fuh!. hehe. went to Sheffield last weekend. visited my very old fren, Munirah. i knew her since i was 7 years old. i think she's one of my close buddies who knows me very well. Anyway, Sheffield is quite a nice place actually. it's like they have places to just sit around and lepak. u can just bring ur food, sit there and eat such as this one place called Winter Garden. u can just go in it and sit n eat or just sit around. i find it peaceful. when i was in there, there was a pair of newly weds who was taking a picture. aawww so sweet. dua2 pun gebu. hahahhaha. watched a theatre called An Inspector Calls, a thriller which was not bad at all. twas my first time watching a theatre in the UK so i guess it was alright. but I really really would like to watch a theatre in London. like those erm, We Will Rock You or Chicago and etc. I will one day!! well, it was a nice weekend to meet her in sheffield. it was our first sleepover!

i came back last monday and that night itself i went over to Nana's house and watched som
e horror movies with nadia, danny n luq. we watched 2 movies called Demonic Toys and Puppet Master. it's not scary. disgusting a bit. belum sampai tahap gory. suspense and terkejut terkejut lah kut. The Puppet Master however, i watched it back then when i was small. so i remembered it as being scary, but bila tgk balik hari tuh cam. hmmmm.. bosan. oh well, budak kecik kan tgk cerita hantu pasal puppet bunuh2 orang. it's like that movie called It. i'm sure MANY of u watched it way back then. THAT MOVIE definitely made me afraid of clowns. up till now i dislike clowns. :P . another movie that made me afraid of this humanlike dolls would be Chuckie. eeeeeeee tak sukaaaaa. and i used to have a doll that looked like that. sangat horror. always imagine stupid stuff like the doll turned looking at me or coming at me. huhuhu.

oh yea!!! Last Friday, after handing in my last coursework for the term, (well i ha
ve another one but that's due in May, hehe.) i was sooooo bored, i called up nadia n nana asking them to go out and take a walk with me. it was such a nice day that i couldn't let myself just sit around in my room. then i decided to ask danny to come along. and then i was like.. hmmmm i think i wanna go to the park. i saw a sign which said something park (can't remember the name) when i was in the bus going to town. so i invited all of them to go to the park with me. hehehhe. syaz n luq too since they're the ones who live off campus. the park wasn't what i expected it to be. i was imagining it to be like those hyde park types.. not as big but something like that. but it wasn't. in fact, luq's n syaz's campus's compund is much nicer!! we ended up taking lots of pictures there instead. we then walked to Williamson Park which is like a hutan simpanan to me. there were so many dogs there. not stray dogs but they were not on their leash.

there was this huge dog coming along the path that we were all taking and some of the guys (i won't say who..) were already in front and only us girls were left behind. SO, i asked one of the guys to stay on my left cause i was afraid that the dog might lick me or something. cause i was wearing a 3/4 tights. if i were to wear like jeans or something full length then i won't be that afraid. but u know what that guy did?! he just said "tak nak tak nak" and walk quickly in front of me. i was shocked. i couldn't believe what he had just did. one of the other girls who heard what he said was quite shocked as well. i definitely didn't expect him to do that. or even say that. what type of guy is that right?!!!!!! i was so taken aback at that moment. fine la kan, i'm not ur gf so u don't have to protect me BUT i am ur fren!!!!! and like u're a guy!!! macho la sikit. pergh. besides that, at one point, we were walking and again the guys were in front (i don't really care tho who's in front of not) but the fact that, one of my toes suddenly cramped and 2 of the guys didn't even stop, they continued walking cam urgh. u don't have to like help me but will u just stop and wait. my girlfrens of course stopped and ask if i was alright and only of the guys did stop too. but one of my frens asked me whether i was acting. ada ke tanya soalan tuh. why on earth would i be acting in pain?! maybe she doesn't know that i always get cramps at my legs. hahahha. agak pelik la tanya soalan tuh. heih. i told her no and like i always get cramp. after that i had to walk slowly and no sudden movements. Unfortunately, on the way back, there was a huskie who was justbeing friendly and ran towards us which made all of us panic and yes, my toe cramp again. hahahha. i think i need to be on my calsium pills again. this time it hurt sooo bad, i kept on swearing. hahahahah! ANYWAY, back to the point, if i have a bf and let's say like i fell or suddenly my leg cramp or anything, and this happens in the public. if he feels embarassed to help me or like just ignore me, my god, i'll break up with him there n then!! tak guna gila. can u imagine if like u're walking with ur frens (boys n girls).. and like u fell or kaki cramp, and the guys just went like "cepat la weh, abaikan jer sakit tuh" or "what's wrong with u" or better just continue walking.. don't u feel like.. ermm.. hmm. i dunno what word to use. hahahhahah! u get my point. lalalallaa.

k, let's change topic now. hahahah! sleepover at nana's place tonight!!!! yay!!!!
i'm hungry now. lunch lunch lunch! :D till then! toodles!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Marching thru March

well, seems that i haven't been blogging that often hmm.. cuba teka kenapa... ahhaha bongek. i've been busy with reports, assignments, etc. i don't quite like this university life. but then again, when i start working, i bet i'll say something like "i wish i was back in uni".. and with my uni life being in the UK.. i'm sure gonna miss it at that time. oh well, that's the future, shall not worry about that yet. should be grateful no? but there's so many things to do and every subject is getting tougher! and yes.. i bet one would say "oh well, that's uni life".. urrgh. not going anywhere with this.. therefore, basically, i've gotta enjoy every moment of my uni life and make sure i get good grades!!!! GAMBATE!!! :) (a bit of motivation going on here yall.. hehe.)

a few days back, i watched a video of Dot (my future niece or nephew).. he or she has got arms n legs now!!! and all of us once looked like aliens don't we? when we were in our moms womb when we were just about to form into a normal human shape.. we really really looked like an alien.. u know how people always describe aliens as big head two big eyes.. yea.. like that. and yet we then were created into beautiful human beings.. the wonders of god. Masyaallah. :)
still can't tell whether dot would be a girl or a boy cause the erm.. i forgot the name in english.. it's something cord.. oh yea, the umbillical cord kept covering that part so yea.. can't see yet. dot kept moving, i saw him/her golek2.. so cute. ingat mak dia punya womb swimming pool ker ar. kesian my sis. morning sickness n all. but i guess it's all worth it in the end :D

i had a chat with one of my close frens just now on msn and we were talking about relationships. it all started when i asked her about her status on facebook as she just changed it back to in a relationship. she told me that being together with someone is not like laying on a bed of roses.. it's not all that beautiful..
in my opinion, if u lay on a bed of roses, then it is like being in a relationship then wouldn't it.. yes it's beautiful and all, but sometimes u'll get prick with thorns. soo it's a yes and no thing going on there. hhaha.. but anyway, she told me loads of stuff just now and every single thing that she told me, i found it to be so true. like how u sometimes have to make sacrifices and all those stuff. well, followed by examples from her life. am not going to share it here tho.
i realised that she changed.. her perspective on relationship i mean.. compared to back then. she also said nice things about me not having one yet and all those stuff. which made me feel not pathetic anymore.. HAHHAHAH. but yea.. i'm really really glad that i talked to her just now. she's one person who knows how i feel cause she went thru more or less the same things i went thru.
oh well, my time will come. i have faith.

and yes, i think i ought to go now, got a project to work on. deadline's next week! huhu! fightooo-O!! till then... xoxo!