Where art thou?

Friday, 29 August 2008

back to college, cooked, rushed to the hospital

helloooo. Last Monday i went back to KYUEM! that was the first time that when i reached the Lembah Beringin toll that i felt sooooo happy! back then when i was still studying at KY, the sight of the toll was so devastating. huhuhu. rasa cam nak nangis kadang2. it's a sign that college is near. haha! but last monday was totally different. we rolled down the windows and felt the cool air rushing thru our hair. then i asked them to rolled back up. cause it's ruining my hair. hehehe. i went there with Alifa, Fiqry n Naomi. got all so excited. once we reached there, we stopped by at the cafe, i had to keep the cakes that i bought for my petbrothers in the fridge. met up with them later. aiman looked different with the new hairstyle. haha! faris is still faris. well they're both adorable! didn't get a chance to see my new petsisters tho. went to see Pn. Nor Ain n Pn. Raha. felt like it had been ages since i saw them. but it had only been about 2 months. hang out at the cafe and had lunch. met up with syufiza!!! gosh i was shocked to c her there! i didn't know that she was coming. i saw a tall figure at the foyer. and she started to wave at me. i was like "who's that?" then Pam went "Fiza lar!" then i ran to her! ahhaha! rindu gila ngan fiza. didn't manage to say goodbye to her tho. i had fun going back to college that day. haih rindu.

Last Tuesday, i learned how to cook Macaroni. However, i only cooked it half way, my mom continued the other half. huhuhu. why? well, i had to go n get my hp from the shop. and waited there for a few minutes. and by the time i got back, my mom had already finished it. soo cam tak pro sangat lagi ar. oh yea, about my hp, apparently, water got inside it. WHICH i don't remember when n how! i think it was during breakfast before i went back to college. it got stuck at the time n date settings that morning. had to borrow my mom's hp. well, i've finally found a hp that i can use temporarily. so i can be contacted again. however, i've lost some numbers. i have only those which had been saved in the sim card. so yada yada yada. u know what i mean.

Yesterday, yess this is the peak of it all. early wednesday morning. maybe about 4 something, i woke up cause i felt myself really really hot. as in high temperature ok. after a quick call of nature. i went back to bed but i couldn't sleep. so about 6 something, i heard the TV on. saw my mom watching tv n called for her as i felt terrible. i had really really high temperature. my legs and fingers were numb. my fingers were like erm.. crumpled? no no no that's not it. well my thumb was like stuck at my palm. something like that. it just won't move. my dad n mom had to massage my fingers to make it back to normal. lama jugak ar. after that, i had some cereal and took panadol actifast. i felt really cold however my temperature is still high. so my parents decided to bring me to the hospital. was rushed to the emergency ward. now i had severe headache. it wasn't my migrain. it's different. i think it's due the high temp. neway, went on drips. the nurse took some blood to test whether i had dengue or not. and was jab. gosh, who would've thought that a jab on the butt could be worse than a jab on the hand. now that's what i call a pain in the ass. neway, my high temp. subsided due to the jab. and the blood test was negative. still go headache tho. so had to take medication. i felt better in the evening. then suddenly at night, my temp. shoot up. and i had fever again till morning just now. after tking my medication and all, about lunch time i felt better again. have to wait n see whether tonight im gonna get fever again. if i do, this sat. the doctor said i'll have to n do the blood test again. huhuhu. well ok, that's it for now. wanna go rest. ciao!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

saya telah berjaya memasak!!

dengan sukacitanya dimaklumkan bahawa pada petang 22 Ogos 2008, saya telah berjaya memasak Nasi Goreng Kampung! woo hoo!! well, my mom's way of cooking it lar. cause it's different from those u c at the restaurants. sangat happy sebab dah tau masak something!! :) gonna learn how to cook other dishes too! should have taken a pic of it kan? hahahhaa. it's not those yg pakai instant rempah jugak ok. sendiri buat. ohhh happy nya saya. achievement! yesss! well, i just wanted to say that. hahahah! till then!

Thursday, 21 August 2008


i just love having sleepovers!!! and attending them too! the first sleepover i had was when i was 13 years old at one of my bestfriend's house. now she's in the US. huhu. we held it on friday the 13th and watched friday the 13th. :) after that i had a few sleepovers at my house. twice with the funky munkies and 3 times with azdianur n izyan. had sleepovers cause we had our own study group. miss those times. never slept over izyan's house tho. sleepovers are fun cause u get to stay up late and gossip, watch movies, play twister or play uno and etc etc like i did once with the funky munkies. last tuesday, Izyan n i sleptover azdianur's house. we spent the whole night watching clips on YouTube! hahaha! watched a bit of padaiyappa (is that how u spell it??) oh,there was this clip called "Babak Sedih drpd The Legend of Condor Hero" it was sooo funny! watched Gelimat as well! it's those clips where they put in their own subtitle. what u hear is what u get. then after a late dinner we played Monopoly Star Wars! at first i was rich.. then i went bankrupt! azdianur won n she was freaking rich! she had thousands!!! gosh. after i went bankrupt i decided not to play anymore. kept on owing money with them. so, we watched 21. i was half asleep n half awake. izyan dah tertido dah skejap. after the call of nature, i was fresh again and watched the movie till the end with izyan. azdianur yg end up tertido during the movie. hahaha.

slept at 6.40am! never had i stay awake that long! we played monopoly for a looong time okay. cause azdianur wants to play till she gets to build a hotel which she did. hmph. neway, woke up at 11am. and everyone was still asleep so i decided to go back to sleep and wait for azd's alarm to go off at 12pm. however, i woke up at 12.30pm by the sounds of the flush in the toilet by izyan. hehehe! then we borak2 till i woke azdianur up cause i wanted a towel. hehe sorry babe for waking u up! but it was already 1.30pm! after more talking, we head of for the showers and siap2 and all. had a quick lunch at Burger King. after that it was Karaoke time!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!! went to red box. RM6++ per head!! student price! coolios! and i'm a member there! hahhahaha! collect points. padahal baru second time kat situ. we sang for 3 hours straight. the last one hour suara semua dah pecah2 dah. out of tune but we don't give a damn! hahaha! we sang with all our might! and trust me. it was LOUD! from dangdut to pop to rock to rock kapak to old malay songs to even hindi songs! everything! we ended our karaoke session with the very famous raya song "Suasana Hari Raya" :) won't be able to sing it with my frens this year won't i.. :( had dinner at rasta and on the way back.. i played the songs that we sang during the karaoke. i recorded it. damn funny! hehe. had a great day with my two wonderful lovely lively pretty bestfriends! here's some pictures! :)

oh yeah.. not that happy right now.. i thought of going out on the 30th to celebrate merdeka that night. Unfortunately, my parents had planned to have a kenduri that night. WAAAAAAAAAAA...

Sunday, 17 August 2008


Last friday, 15th August 2008, the funky munkies had a reunion dinner!! funky munkies consist of 8 people. Was formed in 2003 at sunway lagoon while going down the escalator. HAHAHAHA! bongek. back then when we celebrated our freedom after PMR. it had been awhile since the last time the 8 of us gather together. so the reunion dinner last friday was really good! held at treetop at uptown. to make things fun,i decided to buy heart-shaped balloons and masks! and bought feathers to put on the masks! semangat gila kan?! i got all excited about it n fiq made cupcakes! it was so cute! there was a live band at treetop and fiq n aimi requested a song. they requested for "Leaving on a jet plane". nabilah, aimi, hanna, azd n izyan got all teary. i didn't however. which was kinda odd. usually bab2 emo ni, raje will be one of 'em. hehe :p . then after that everyone was back to normal. then fiq asked for the cupcakes and when we opened the box. there were tiny umbrellas stick on to it too!!! it was sooooo cute!!! fiq bought us some beads which she put in a packet and stick it to the umbrella too. there were 4 beads i think.. erm..a heart, the letter F, M and R. R coz stands for Raje. hehe. we sat near the fan, the one which sprays water as well.. u know those type of fans. yea. so it was really hard to light the candles. SUDDENLY, black out!! so kelam kabut lah light the candles and we quickly sang Happy Birthday to the funky munkies hahahahah and blow the candles together. it was fun. never had i blew candles with 7 other frens at the same time! :D the lights came back on and then the band played Dancing Queen by ABBA. we sang loudly! well a few of us did. ;) . had loads of fun that night. gonna miss it for sure. :(

oh last night makan free! went out for dinner with izyan n bumped into azdianur's parents! hahahaha! yay! well i gtg now. wanna go pasar mlm buy dinner! gonna watch lee chong wei tonight! woo hoo!! go malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!! fighto-o oh!!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


alhamdulillah.. i passed my A levels exam with flying colours. :D and will most probably be flying off to the UK end of sept. not sure about the date yet. i'm so excited!!!! but a bit sad too. some of my college buddies won't be flying with me. :'( waaaaaa. i was hoping we could all meet up there. but i'll pray that they will in the end get to fly there too! gotta have faith! gosh byk betul benda nak kena prepare. haven't start on anything yet. think i'll start with my medical check up. my parents will be tagging along to the UK. make sure i dah settle down then baru diorang balik. for now, i don't know anyone else who's going to Lancaster!!!! waaaaaa keseorangan.. LONELY GILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean yes i'll make new friends. but once i reach there. cam.. waaaaaa.... mesti banjir punya! heish. takperlah. i've gotta learn to be independant! (independant woman song at the background) hehhe. it's such a relief after getting my result. i opened my email on last sunday night. thought it was coming out on monday. and then while i was watching my japanese drama, Gokusen. suddenly got a msg from nain asking my result. buat terkejut orang je. then i checked my mail. gosh, suspense gila! i saw the title.. my id number n name.. took a peek at it from behind my blanket. then bila bukak and saw the result.. ran n scream to my parents room.. pity them. they were sleeping. hahahah. just had to tell them there n then. after that i couldn't sleep. spend the night chatting with a few friends. haih. better spend time with my loved ones! only 1 month and a few weeks to go. aight! again. i'm very thankful to god. till then. adios amigos!

Saturday, 9 August 2008


monday. yes.. MONDAY. what? why? WELL, my result will be out on MOnday. before this, it was said that it will come out on the 8th. but no... it has been corrected.. 11 august is the date.. TAKUT!!!!!!! huhuhu. haih. k tukar topic. i've watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony yesterday. agak bosan ar. some of it was really cool. the effects and all. the people who performed synchronisedly!! awesome. but then when the athletes came out.. and how many countries were there? dah tak ingat dah. lama gila nak tunggu the torch part tuh. i slept. thank god i woke up just in time to see the part where they light the giant torch at the stadium. i think the stadium is called the bird's nest?? yea i think so. haven't watch any games yet. wanted to watch gymnastics. but then it was the men gymnastics. not so keen on watching that. outfit diorang ketat sangat.. obscene gituh. HAHAHA. ehem. anyway, looking forward to watch swimming. rindu swimming. lalala.

to calm myself down from all my "cuakness" of my result coming out this monday, i would watch Gokusen, a japanese drama. drama ke? yer kut. jun matsumoto is kawaii(cute)!!! how ever i just realise that he's a bit on the jo side. jo as in jongang. agak spoil gak ar. huhuhu. but the guys in Gokusen 2 r much much cuter!!!! suka suka suka! besides that, i'm reading harry potter and the half-blood prince. hehe. dah bosan kan. i just came back from cineleisure. didn't do anything really. teman my bestfren, Azy beli ticket for her n her bf for tonight's movie. i think i'm really really gonna miss her if i go to the UK. oh i've received 5 presents from one of my old frens. due to him losing a bet with me. i've demanded 5 presents from him. MUAHAHAHA. well, it's bcoz he didn't give me anything for my birthday for the last 5 years so saja tuntut hak. plus the bet was whoever loses will have to do something for the winners. he asked for it.. so there u have it! :P anyway, was kinda surprised tho that he put the effort in buying me those presents. i opened 2. a zebra shower cap! kawaii! and candies for my sweet 16 birthday. the presents were labelled starting from the year we knew each other. coolios! thumbs up to him for that! the other presents i'm gonna open it on the day i get my results. just in case my result is bad, at least i have something to make me happy a bit. huhuhu bapak ar sedey. BUT I HOPE THAT WON'T HAPPEN! hopefully i'll open it with a big wide smile on monday! aight! wanna go watch tv! adios!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

it is soooo near...

what it so near?? my A levels result is will be coming very very SOON... i'm sooo freaked out.. waaaaa.. went to MOC.. and found out that it'll (the results) be out before the 10th.. mr. zaidi was the one who told us. pam n i think that most probably 7th or 8th kut. mr. zaidi was at MOC to give a short talk.. for those who doesn't know what MOC is.. MOC stands for Muslim Overseas Camp which was held at Pusat Pemantapan Akidah Jakim, Jelebu. gosh, Jelebu was soooo hot n dry!!! and when it's early in the morning, it was freakin cold!! before this, the place was called pusat pemulihan akidah.. semua orang cam WHAT?! hahahaha. rasa cam kitorang nih suma budak2 bermasalah jer.. thank god they change the name.. sounds much better now. our dorm was full of writings on the wall.. must be from the boys yang henda dipulihkan akidahnya.. all sorts of stuff were written on the wall. there was one about seeing a ghost and asking the person who's sleeping on the 3rd bed to beware.. guess who sleeps on the 3rd bed.. fiza n i.. huhuhu.. alangkah cuak nya kami.. bongek betul.. but of course, nothing happened. no ghosts or whatever. had a drawing of a sixpack cartoon at the wall behind my bed.. macam2 lah. the talks were very beneficial.. about fasting, praying and others.. it wasn't boring n dead like some talks as the ustaz was funny. he made it interesting! :) our facilitators were seniors from our college and a few from Kolej Mara Banting. they were very helpful. telling us about what to bring n buy. i'm glad i went to MOC. got to c my frens n learn new stuffs.

SO anyway, i'm really really nervous about my result right now. if it's good. i'll be happy. extremely happy to be exact. and continue my life with happiness. :P if it's bad.. ohmaigawd. i'll be in my room banjir for sure. and the days to come will be gloomy. my parents are being sooo confident that i can make it. it's driving me crazy cause i myself am not that confident that i'll make it. i hate it when they do that. confident sangat anak diorang dapat fly.. sekali kalau tak dapat macam mana.. kan dah malu. bgtau semua orang yg anak dia nanti fly.. now a lot of people tau. cuba kalau tak dapat macam mana? siapa yg paling malu dan sedih? anak diorang jugak kan? ada diorang pikir pasal tuh? takde.. diorang cuma fikir anak diorang dapat fly. dah fikir dah kat UK nanti macam mana. nak ikut sekali lar itu lah ini la. result anak diorang dah kuar ke? belum.. they have no idea that it's pressuring their child don't they?? no they don't.. can the child tell them this? no.. why? cause she herself doesn't want to think what will happen if she doesn't make it. why? cause it'll make her sad. why? cause she really really wants to go. i think i'm getting carried away. i'll just have to have faith.. pray to god.. hope for the best..