Where art thou?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

when was the last time I..

So, before this, I made myself clear that my priority is to get myself a job before I go about having a boyfriend. Now that I've secured myself a job which I'm happy with.. I don't know how to start.
 I don't want to look for one cause like what the hell, cam desperate je. 
I am looking (literally) but not doing anything about it. 
  I just miss going out on dates and getting the attention. lol.
The last time I went out on a date would be 2 years ago but wait don't think that counted as a date tho. I went out with that guy cause I wanted to know what he had to say to me. Out of the blue confession case. 
Anyway, that didn't work out cause at that time, I wanted to concentrate on my studies and when it comes to boys, they are eye candies and that's just about it. So i guess the last time i went out on a date would be when I was 16. WAAAHHHH dasyat gila. (sendiri terkejut please..)

Now, it seems like almost everyone is getting married at my age. I'm 24 btw. yer tak tua sangat pun tapi semua orang cam tunang lah kahwin la and here I am, someone who's not even seeing anyone.
Yes, I know there are loads of people who are in the same shoes as I am.

One of my friends told me that I'm not socializing enough. Honestly, I have to say I haven't been going out much with my friends. I haven't seem them for quite some time now. Socializing in term of meeting new frens (especially the opposite sex) was what one of my friends was referring to. The thing is, unfortunately when some of my frens/colleagues invite me to hang out, something would always come up and I won't be able to make it. So, lost the opportunity to make new friends or get to know that person that i'm having a slight crush on right now. LOL. (and with my shy issue around guys that I'm attracted to, not helping either)

I'm trying my best to not be as shy as I used to be but I hardly meet this slight crushie of mine. hampa.
I don't know whether I just sound pathetic or not. I don't care really. Lepaskan perasaan je ni.
hahaha. oh well, kalau ada jodoh, takkan ke mana ye tak? tapi kalau tak berusaha pun apa2 pun tak jadi. 
so kena berusaha, tapi tak tau nak buat apa. LOL.  
Yer, berusaha Soraya!!! One fine day, yes!

AAANYWAY, I should head off to slumberland now.
Buenas noches muchachos & muchachas! 

xoxo, Soraya

Saturday, 2 June 2012

back from Johor!

I just got back from Johor yesterday evening and gosh it was so tiring. Spent one whole week in Johor for work. Although, i still haven't had enough rest, i was out today for 12 hours, facial, lunch, went to meet my fren who's back for summer holiday and then off to One utama with mom n dad. penaaat. then tomorrow, off to get a new phone!!!! yeay!!!!! InsyaAllah dapat lah kan. hahaha. i won't be getting one of the latest phones definitely cause i'm not a tech geek and i don't really dig into those apps. janji boleh check email, google stuff, sms n call, it's good to go. :)

2 weeks ago, I went out with my some of my close friends from college and mmg lepas rindu habis lah. haha. after the guys left, us girls were so excited that we could then gossip about our love life. the thing with us girls, when you put a whole lot of single girls together, the main topic will always be about bila nak dapat boyfriend. HAHAHAHA. one of my frens came to the conclusion that something's wrong with us. lol. on my side, I can't argue with that cause i've got social issues when it comes to people that i like. hahahaha. i shall not comment further. dah pernah tulis pasal ni kan. lalalalaala~

Anyway, I feel like Malaysia is not safe anymore. I got back yesterday and all i hear is about kidnapping news. one of it happened The Curve. THE CURVE people!!!! i go there a lot and i'ld never thought a kidnapping scene would happen there and thank god the girl managed to escape! early this morning, i heard about an attempt kidnapping news on the radio. apa nak jadi ngn malaysia ni? It's so scary ok. It's sad to know that my beloved country is no longer safe. haih. kes culik anak "somebody" punyalah sibuk, but anak2 orang lain yg kena culik, takder pun semangat, takder pun nak berusaha gila2.  apa beza nya anak orang lain dengan anak orang berada. haih.

I know this post has random stuffs in it, no connection at all but i just felt like blurting out whatever i'm thinking about. :)

aiiiight, it's good to be back to my comfy bed! *golek2 atas katil* ;p

xoxo, Soraya