Where art thou?

Sunday, 27 December 2009

and here i go!!!!

yuuhuuuu!!! :D it's time for my xmas holiday trip again!!! yeay!!! woo hoo!!! hehehe. this time, i'm off to Paris! finally!!! my plan to finish up my courseworks before i leave for paris had failed!!!! woe is me.. woe is me.. so i have myself to blame when i'm gonna be friggin stressed out when i come back. boo hoo! :( . travelling to Paris via Eurostar, hopefully everything will be okay. pray for me yea! pray that i'll reach my destinations safely. Amin. Will be off to london tomorrow, then paris on the 29th, like EARLY in the morning, have to be there at 4.45am! huhu. and then coming back to london, then head to manchester! will be back in Lancs in about 9 days time. (9 days time, my stress level will shoot up). k k wtv, will think about that later.

BOXING DAY! boxing day was kinda boring. BECAUSE this time, i was in lancaster! takperlah, there's always a first time for everything! right? right! not many shops were opened. and not all those shops were having like massive sales. Next was good. bought a bag from the RUnway COllection at a very reasonable price!!! love it! oh i bought a hot water bottle cover just now from Accessorize! isn't it cute!!?!?! geram tgk. :)

Alrighty, think i should get some early sleep! esok nak bgn pagi, walaupun ada wake up call but must try to wake myself up! omg, i once did this yoga called Wake up Yoga (my fren, Intan introduced it to me. she's full with all this yoga, belly dancing and what not! love it! hahah thanks babe!) anyway yea, and like there was this part where u have to breath in n out slowly, and u're suppose to do it lying on the bed. it was relaxing. AND YES... while i was doing that, i dozed off!! hahahha! when i woke up i was like.. WTH!?! ahahhahhaa. bongek gila. :p

till then,

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right"
-Oprah Winfrey-


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

White Blanket of Snow :)

On the 21st of December 2009, it snowed heavily in.. well u know where when u watch the video!!! if u focus on the background, at the light, yea, heavy right? hahaha. LAME clip! cam gedik jugak pun ada. HAHAHHAHHA! :p who cares! it's snowing!!! woot woot!!


Indoor Skiing!!!!

Nadia Farhan, me, Andy (our ski instructor), Farrah, Bebeh, & Nana


I went indoor skiing and luging on the 14th!!!! it was AWESOME!! hahahahha. my fren accidentally booked the ski session for those who knew how to ski. Nadia n i are the only ones who tumbled over. The rest didn't go up the hill. I fell face first cause i got stuck at the lift. My ski came off, and yes, i kissed the snow. My lips went numb! ahhaha. Nadia on the other hand fell back when she was on the lift. The security got her first. Then another security got me when i was at the top after i fell. we felt like immigrants! ahhahahahaha! i had to walk down that steep hill! WALK okay! heih. well it was an adventure alright! hahaha! well, the security guy then helped to change our tickets to the taster session! :D

Luging! it's jsut like going down a slide with a sled! it was going really fast! and like u feel as if u're about to make a full turn when u're making a turn! i don't know how to explain. :P . it was fun!!! went on it 6 times i think. hahahahha.

Our ski instructor, Andy was sooo funny! he's like high or something. everything we say he'll respond with an "AWEESOMEE" or "COOOL" hahahahaha. like gaya2 mamat2 stone. lawak gila. and when he found out we were from Lancaster Uni, he was so excited cause his gf studies there too! kept talking about his gf and how bad the weather's like in Lancs. hahahaha! we felt like he was just pulling our legs when he was teaching us some ski stuff. we had to like, ski down on one leg, ski down while doing the action "head & shoulders, knees & toes!", ski down and make some jumps, and also ski down backwards!!!! and we all kept laughing at each other and he was like "why do u guys keep laughing at ur frens??" hahaha. apa lar. i really enjoyed myself that day! :D

Bebeh & I

I've been quite close with her for the past few weeks. Back when she was in my uni, i wasn't that close with her, but after we had like a sleepover, we got close! yesterday, she flew back to Brunei for good. :( huhuhu. I'm gonna miss her!!!! God's will, i'll visit Brunei one day! :) xx

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Apa khabar?

Nescafe's new premium coffee called Suraya! hihihihi

i was walking along one of the aisle in Sainsbury's and something caught my eye! yes! that coffee! ahahaha i just had to take a pic of it. ;) . i wonder how it tastes like..

oh don't mind the title, i realise yesterday that the abangs who work at Pizzetta and Sultan knows i'm for malaysia and just love to go Apa Khabar? then when i answer, Baik! they just stood there like dunno what to say after that. HAHAHAH. bongek.

not sure whether i've mentioned this before, but am gonna say it anyway! :p i just love it when someone who i don't know is being nice to me. be it a girl or a boy, i just find it sooo nice. because to me, i know that it's sincere. for example, last Wednesday, (mula dah dia ngn story dia.. hehe), i went to the comp. lab to print out my coursework and promised my fren to meet up with her there. When i went in, there were two guys, a brit and a chinese. so minding my own business, i sat, sign in my name, and wait for the comp, to log on. tunggu punya tunggu, tak on on! cam bapak lembap! so i was twirling on my seat, ahhahah. u know that office chair that u can turn around n around. yea, so then while was turning, then i accidentally made eye contact with the chinese dude, so cam like.. uh oh, tgk balik computer screen. he was sitting behind
me btw, after that i saw from the reflection of the computer screen that the chinese dude, let's call him CD for now, was coming towards me. i was like, WHAT. what does he want from me! then he said "the computer is not working. all of em" i was like "OH. erm.." the brit was using a laptop but he was using one of the comp! i didn't know what to do, cause i've promised my fren to meet there and while i was about to sms my fren and tell her to meet somewhere else, he said "do u want to print? u can use my comp." so i went to his computer and asked him whether he has finished using it and to kindly log out. he then said "i think if i log out, and u log in, u won't be able to use it". i went "but i'm going to print." (this would mean, i'm gonna use ur print credit! it's ur money!) but he was being such a nice person, he just said go ahead.

so, THEN, while i was opening my essay, he was packing his stuff, he said "are u from malaysia?" i was like, EHHHH, how did this CD know where i'm from? usually, assuming that he's from CHina, they wouldn't know where i'm from. i was like YEA!! how did u know?!? then he said "by the way u talk" i was like.. OMG. like how. well i guess, my facial expression gave him that, so he was like, cause i'm from singapore! :) . then i was like, NO WONDER!! ahahahaha. was about to strike a conversation, then my fren came and i had to open the door. so when i was taling to my fren about the coursework, he just stood there behind me for like a minute or two. and i felt really bad cause it's his account and his money am using. then he just told me to log off after i'm done. when he was about to go out i just called up to him and said Nice to meet u!! and he smiled and off he go. I was sooo curious to know his name! i just had to so i searched in the comp, since it's his acc am using. so i tried to find him on fb, but failed to do so. the next day as i was walking with my fren, i asked her "do u remember how that guy look like? i can't really recall" and then when i look infront, there he was! i was like, isn't it this guy? then he saw me and said hi! so i did too and my fren went, THAT WAS HIM!!! i was like yea!! ahahahhahaha.
YESTERDAY, i was in my lecture, AND HE WAS THERE!! all this time, he was in the same lecture as i am!! cam apakah bongeknya soraya. dah satu term mamat tuh satu lecture ngn kau. hahaha. i know that this guy existed but i didn't know that he would be C
D. it's the way he dressed i guess? at the comp lab he had like a leather jacket (as told by my fren, i didn't really look at him n what he was wearing, was focusing on my work but my fren had a good look at him) well I THINK that it's him. side view, he looks the same. but i still am not 100% sure. wanted to like make eye contact and see whether he'll smile at me cause he recognises me but i don't recognise him. but there's this girl who's sitting next to him n blocking the way. pergh. anyway yea, i think it's him. and u know what, tomorrow will be the last lecture! :( .

anyhoo! on a random note, I MADE CHOC FUDGE THE OTHER DAY!!! i made something that i can't eat! ahhahaa. it's called non-baking choc fudge. i just put it in the fridge t
o set it! it has biscuits, walnuts n raisins in it :) . i had a few of my frens as my subjects to test it. HAHAHHA. and they said it was good! i tasted it myself, a bit, and it wasn't that bad! :) yay for me!
here's a pic of it. not that pretty but hey, don't judge a book by it's cover!

Friday, 20 November 2009

I'm gonna die single :p

LAMA NYA TAK BLOG!!!!!! huhuhuhu. apologize for that. i've been super bz! i just finished my Marketing test! it was alright. altho wasn't quite confident with one of the question but i did my best!! still got 2 courseworks and tutorial homework to do tho. BUT BUT I WANT TO BLOG!!! WHEEEEE!!!

I'M GONNA DIE SINGLE. ahhahahahahhahah! i hope not! u know what, i just found out that petronas doesn't allow its workers to get married to each other. habis plan soraya nak cari potential bf IF she works at petronas nanti. hahhahahahhhaha. but actually come to think of it, IF i were to die young yea, (touch wood) it would be better if i'm single i think. i wouldn't make my special someone all so sad and mourning. about feeling guilty if he was to get another gf or something. yea. :) . speaking of this makes me think about this book i once read, it's called the Mrs. Marriage Project. Not sure whether i've mentioned about this book before but anyhoo, it's about this young girl whose sister's bestfriend jsut passed away and she pitied that girl because she didn't get the chance to get married before she died. So, this girl decided to get married. She doesn't have any bf or whatever, so she sets out on her own quest and met all this random strangers and what not. in the end, she didn't get married. Instead she ended being kidnapped by one of the random strangers (nothing bad happened tho besides being kidnapped that was it) and bla bla bla long story short.. she was rescued and never do that ever again.

DOn't worry, i won't do anything stupid like that! I know my time will come and god has my life all planned out for me! It's for me to make it right! wooh!

today is one of my bestfriends birthday! she turns 21 on the 21st! isn't that cool!?! :) Happy 21st Birthday Intan Soraya! We even have part of our names the same! she told my friends n i who are currently in overseas that our theme for her birthday is to wear a telekung. hahaha, so i msged the other 2 frens of mine and asked them to send me their pics in telekung and i compiled our pics in one frame and posted it up in our group on fb! glad she loved it!

oh, 2 of my guy frens are not on speaking terms. :( it's sooo sad to see such good friendship go to waste! one of them is the guilty one but is too ego to admit that it's his fault hence the other guy decide to give him the silent treatment. how childish isn't it?! i mean like, just apologize! it's not that hard. he's just soooo stubborn! i don't understand why he can't just say sorry. and this guy is like the closest fren as compared to the rest! now, it's so hard for me to plan any gathering or what not cause one of them will have some 2nd thoughts of coming because the other one is there. like urgh. bongek. i have not said a single word about this to any of the two. they better settle this quickly or i'm gonna settle it for them!

on a random note, i am one who can't stand the silent treatment, be it me who's giving it or the one getting it! my "tak nak kawan" length would last only for a few hours and that's it! u know, jsut to release my anger and like having them feeling guilty or make them realise that it's not funny, it's enough for me.

oh no, it's 5pm already. aight then, i think i need to go now. might be watching New Moon later! aaauuuuuu! <------ the sound wolves make. ;) till then mon ami.. au revoir!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

my lappy is being so gedik

This is Lappy, my laptop. being sooo bitchy right now. it crashes every now n then. THANK GOD i've made a back up JUST IN CASE i have to like reformat the whole thing. for a few days, at times, it will not start up. i mean, i could hear the fan going on, but like, bunyi cam orang semput je. tak bukak pun to the main window tuh. i have to like shut it down n on again and then wait for it to do its startup repair. i'll leave it for like half a day to give it a rest. gosh! and then the other day, it refuses to log on as ME!! it said "User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded". LIKE WHYYY!! frustrated and not wanting to go to the uni's service centre cause it's quite a walk, i smsed my darling sister what i should do. so she's my tech heroin! kesian adik dia buta I.T. hahahahah! after that got sorted out, it decided to not let me use it again (back to square one where i can only hear the fan). eventually, it got all better by itself. usually it'll be when i decided to go n take it to the service centre! gedik betul.

Anyhoo, i realise i've not blog that often anymore as compared to last time. 2nd year is a really bz year to start with. everything just go bam bam bam during the first week. like woah woah slow down. wooh! hehe. just now, i was following thoroughly to what the lecturer was saying and then omg.. lost lost. where am i. :( . dah kena baca apa benda yang dia ckp tadi. susah susah.. heih. well, come to think of it, nothing's easy in life! berusaha Soraya! yeaaa!

Halloween is just around the corner!! oOooOo! hehehe. but this year, i won't be dressing up as anything. might put on some make up, that's it. huhu. WHY? BECAAUSE, am going to Notts games and by the time i get back, it would b night time and cam tak sempat nak ber'dress up' n all. make up pun ntah sempat ke tidak kut. i dunno.

did i tell u that i met my juniors? like newcomers to my uni. they're all very nice! the girls la. can get along with them. yeay! the guys i dunno, don't really talk much with them. tho, one of them is pretty cute! very much like my type (by the looks la, attitude wise belum tau lagi. huhu). those who know me.. will more or less figure out how this person will look like. muehehehe. :p .
oh oh! i've this fren who went to a ballet college before! isn't that cool!!! i was like.. WOAH, COOL! like omg, i've never met anyone who went to a ballet college before. tak pernah tau ada pun. hahaha. but then she got injured and couldn't continue so she continued her degree in bus. studies! jauh beza gitew. hihihi. hmm i always share stuff that's not important to u at all huh. i wonder whether any of the readers went like "why are u telling me this?!". well, u've read it!! HA! oh well, sharing is caring. I am sharing therefore..I am caring! wheeee!oh yea! btw, look what i found online! I'm even on a badge! hihi. ;)
till then, taaaa! xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

something for you to try out!

Here's the thing, back when i was in standard 6, during my prefects trip to Cameron, my friends n i wanted to know what the guys who were in the next room were talking about. So, one of my friends said that if we put a glass on the wall, with the side open on the wall, (i.e. the bottom of the glass is facing u), u would actually hear them on the other side. Like actually hear what they're talking about! but it has to be really quiet on your side of the room.

So nadia (who lives next door) n i tried it just now for fun and even with internets and internal telephones. using the glass is much more fun! ahahhahahah! altho, we didn't make any conversations.. gila kuno kan.
So, for those who never tried it before, what are u waiting for! TRY IT!!! don't tell your frens what you're about to say. let them guess and ask them later what u said! (just to check if they actually hear u) :D


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

things i miss! and more..a

so here we go again, i'm back in Lancs. huhuhu. so far everything's ookaayy. except the fact that i haven't got all my stuff yet cause i haven't had the time to go and pick up my boxes from my senior's house. no food no pots n pans. everyday i have to eat out. pergh! sick of the food already! i want rice!!!! i want to masak ikan bilis masak kicap! i want to goreng ayam! i want to make nasi goreng! hehe.

k, back to what i wanna write about. back in Malaysia, almost every single day i would go to my sister's mother-in-law's house to visit my ever-so-cute niece, Alisha. Well, i have 2 other nicknames that i call her.. namely Dot and Shabab (short for Alisha debab) ;)
I miss that!!!!! dah tak dapat tatap muka ALisha hari2 dah. :(
my mom said "she won't remember u when u get back here" the other day.
i was like "WHAT?! she will!!! we have skype!!!"
gila buat org hampa jer mama ni.
also, i wouldn't get to gossip with my sister all the time hahah but then again god bless technology!!!

my bestfriends back home!! i wouldn't get a call from Azd asking me what should she eat for lunch or dinner. i miss that! she would always ask me places to eat. sebab raje selalu makan luar ke?! yea i think that's the reason. i wouldn't get to just go out with a fren cam last minute cam tuh. like just a call and let's go!! hoho. but but i guess blink blink blink by the time u know it, it's already summer and i'm gonna be back in m'sia again.

classes had started. OMG, i have a lecturer who speaks english with a very very very strong italian accent! when she spoke.. i was like.. what?! what?! bangsa apa dia ni?? cause i've never heard anyone who speaks english like dat b4. then she said. sorry for her strong italian accent. ohhhhh italian ker. every single word she said, will have a. a as in for like "a book". yea. that sound. cam welcome..a ,to..a.. ,more..a ,change..a. rasa mcm kena faham those u know like in malaysia kan ada bahasa F la.. bahasa W la. haaa. like that. hahahaha! serious. i will soon get use to it! yea saya boleh!

oh yea, masyaallah, why are the guys here soooooooo hot. my friend n i saw this guy who looks soooo much like christiano ronaldo but not the remp-ish and gay-ish version like him. YES. ronaldo tuh cam rempit jer :p and kadang2 nampak gay jugak ar. IT'S MY OPINION. biarkan daku, janji bahagia. anyway!! this guy, is fairer and cam waaaaa hot gila! hensem sangat! cam like hensem gilalah! but but ada sikit potential to be gay. cause like good looking guys always turn out to be gay. HAMPA.
hehehe. bongek.

a note to myself: Welcome back to your second home Soraya!!! :p

till then peeps, take care! xx

Friday, 25 September 2009

Turning 2NT1

My birthday cake! - Cotton Candy flavoured ice-cream with Vanilla cake courtesy of Baskin Robbins

hehehe. do u get it? 2NT1? :) IF u don't, i meant to say twenty one. haven't had the time to blog about it. SOOOOO!!! this year, i celebrated my 21st birthday 3 times!!! hahahahah! once in UK, once with my college frens, and once with my dear funky munkies on my birthday itself. On the night of September 17th (my birthday. hehe), went for buka puasa at my ustazah's place with my parents. they knew that it was my birthday so they had a cake made for me and ustazah's children made fish n chips for me! very sweet of them. my ustazah also cooked for me. sedap gila! so terharu. hehehhe. had to leave early, so my parents had to go back with their fren while i took the car back home. the pizza guy was to come at 8.30pm. that night, i called my frens to come over to have a small makan2 at my house to celebrate my 21st birthday. it rained really heavily that night, was a bit sad cause i thought i wouldn't get to play my bunga api. nasib baik hujan berhenti. so i got to play the bunga api with my frens that night!!!!

anyhoo, i was very upset tho that night as my frens were to come at 8.30pm but they came at... 9.30pm! they were never THAT LATE. was really down cause i was all alone at home, had to set the tables myself, was all pretty up, glad to get the dinner table done. but my excitedness died when it was 9pm. i have the most unpunctual frens ever. hahaha. thank god they made it up to me by surprising me with balloons and they were all wearing different kind of hats and gave me a "crown". after few minutes of calming myself down, i was back to normal n having fun with my friends! one of them broke a jug tho. ahhahahha kesian dia. nasib my mom didn't like that jug that much. i really appreciate them planning a surprise for me cause they hardly plan stuff for our get together. hahahahha! it's true! so, i was very touched. altho, i wasn't that surprised cause when my bestfriend called me, she sounded restless and asked me to go outside when usually she would just press the doorbell. ahahaahah! i know u too well azd. :p all in all, it was a good good night!
on September 23rd, celebrated my bestfriend's (Izyan) 21st @ Delicious. had a table booked at the very corner of the restaurant cause my friends n i, we can be a little bit LOUD when we're together. (a little bit ke?!) we wore party hats and hanna baked the birthday cake! unfortunately, the cake met an accident so the side of the cake was dented (some reckless driver caused hanna to make a sudden break and the cake smashed the side of the box). but the manager was oh so kind, he said they would help to modify the cake! he even took a picture of us and print it there n then!! the pic was put in a frame with the word delicious at the side!!! it was nice. good food, good ambience, good friends.. love it!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Berlalu lah sudaahhh ramadhan~

i would like to apologize to all if i've ever said or done anything wrong in any way.
May god bless us all!

HAVE A HAPPY RAYA!!! let's start a new year, all fresh up!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The death of a knight, a king, and a star

22nd January 2008, Heath Ledger left the world.

I wasn't really a fan of Heath Ledger, but i must say, he was a heart-throb. He had good acting skills and the best, in my opinion, was shown when he acted as the joker in The Dark Knight. I loved him in 10 Things I Hate About You. He had the sweetest smile! my sister was a fan of his and i told her about his death and i think she was really upset about it. :( It's such a pity to loose such a young actor who have yet a long way to go in the world of great movies. May u rest in peace Heath.

25th June 2009, Michael Jackson left the world.

His death was really a shock to me. My mom texted me about his death and i was stunned. I didn't expect, off all people, M.J. would pass away. U know, cause with all his This Is It tour and how big it's gonna be. I watched tribute for him on MTV. I cried my heart out watching his close frens n family trying their very best to be strong while giving their speeches. The next day i had two big swalloned eyes and my mom dare not ask me about it. huhu. He has influenced generations of musicians and music. No one in this world can dance like Michael Jackson. He is truly, one of a kind. May u rest in peace M.J.

15th September 2009, Patrick Swayze left the world.

He was famous for his role in Dirty Dancing but I liked watching him in this movie called To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything!. It's a movie about 3 drag queens going on an adventure looking for Julie Newmar. Swayze played the role of the leading drag queen. His two co-stars, or co-drag queens hehe, were Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo. He was so pretty in that movie! (as compared to the other two.. hahah). His death was expected i guess as he was in a critical condition. Then again, i think he had the time of his life :) . May u rest in peace, Patrick Swayze.

Friday, 11 September 2009

wooh!!!! reunion with college peeps! and birthday party

yesterday night, 10th September 2009, my college frens n i celebrated nana's, milo's and my birthday! and also as a small reunion of our batch! it was held at Ole-ole Bali and the ambiance was nice! ada mood gituh, sekali datang 27 budak2 kyuem nih kecoh satu kedai! ahahahaha. plus one of us had this really loud laugh going on! eh not me ok. kalah i! the food was good n i had my frens with me! it was nice. :) . my birthday is in erm.. 6 days time. and milo's on the 13th. nana's birthday was on the 10th itself! but we just decided to combine the three of us altogether! most of us agreed that it would be better if we were all seated in one loooong table. as that night, we had two tables and cam tak best sangat duduk asing2. i haven't open any of the presents i received as i shall open it on the 17th itself! but i did take a peak at those presents which were not wrapped kan.. i can't help it! heheheh.
i just came back from tarawikh and tahlil at my old sekolah agama. my sekolah agama well, it's not exactly a sekolah. when it first started, it was just a one-storey terrace house which was turned into a sekolah agama called Kafa Azzahrawan. i practically grew up there. started going there when i was erm.. wait lemme think.. erm.. 8 years old and up till now i sometimes go there for tadarus or tarawikh or sometimes just to go n support them in any activities they do like hari sukan or hari keluarga. my ustazah cooks the best sweet & sour lala ever!!!!! back then, when it was still at that house, (now they moved to a shop office building tuh so cam tak homey sangat dah lah, very erm.. school-ish jugak) we would all asked ustazah to cook for us, we would tell her what we want to eat for buka, our parents will fund it, and there's a feast! hahahha! gosh i miss those days! i miss my friends whom i was close to back then in Kafa as well. ahaha. i don't think i was all that goody2, was a bit hyper when i was small. always jumping around. very easy to spot me if i'm lining up. hehe.
DID i ever tell u that i was fired from being an assistant monitor back in primary school?!!?! and u know what the reason was?! the reason was... i talk too much!!!!!! i was only 7 for god's sake! gila bapak sedih ar masa tuh. tapi biar ar.. standard 3, i jadi prefect.. :P . i miss being a kid! being a grown up cam banyak benda kena fikir. but then, well there's the pros n cons no? :) as long as i'm happy! it's A ok!!! :x

butterflies in my head...

if u'll be nice to me, i'll be nice to you.
what you give is what you get.

you didn't acknowledge me back then, or even spoke to me before, how can you expect me to be friendly with you all of a sudden? you might say i'm really arrogant but hey, you were like that to me. you might see me being friendly with your friends but when it comes to you, i'ld totally ignore. i think u know that i once had a crush on you. after i found out that you knew, i realise that you were being a bit nicer to me. If that's the reason.. oh no. if it's not, well then oh okay. you don't seem to have any problem talking to other girls, why can't u approach me like how you approach them? pls don't be mad at me for posting this. i've got to let it out. i don't care if u read it or not. i'm just saying what i wanna say. you can say what you want, that's your say. this feeling of mine is making me really confuse. i might be in denial by saying that i don't like you anymore. coz look who's blogging about this. heh. it's bcoz you kept on popping up every now and then! different from the previous people i had a crush on cause they would just disappear and never to be heard anymore or would end up with a girl and i can just forget about them.

don't complain about me not being nice to you and what not. i'm really sorry but it's not me to just go up to a guy whom i HAD a crush on before and talk like old friends. we're friends with the same people, why can't we act normal like they do? I've said what i wanted to say, i hope you'ld have a gf quickly so i can just forget about you. which i wish i won't have to do but.. neway, i don't like it when i know i could have just talk to you like normal but i just don't have the guts to bring myself and say something. If you're being moody about me posting this up, just think about what i've just said.

oh, i feel so much better after letting it out! wooh. after posting this, i shall just forget about this post and it'll just be another one of soraya's emo moments.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

the day that the date is 09/09/09!

yeap! it's 09/09/09! once in a life time bebeh! cool isn't it. my dad was hoping my niece would born on this date but oh well. :) . oh oh! another date that's gonna be cool would be 10th of October next year!! 10.10.10. sure byk org kahwin nanti. ada ong kan. hihi.
it's september and it means my birthday is coming and am about to go back to UK. :( . it's like a bottle of mixed up feelings going on. i feel like i wanna go back there, but at the same time, i'm gonna miss home. but then i think everyone feels the same way too! hmmmm. my mom had started asking me to make a list of things i have to bring back there. i'm making a list of food i wanna eat before i go back there! all the fast food outlets! wooh! A&W, Pizza Hut, McD, Burger King, KFC, Carl's Jr., etc...!!

i'm gonna turn 21 soon, and i don't feel any wiser or whatsoever. it's like when i was in high school, back when i was in form 1, i would have this perspective that the seniors in form 5 are so matured. but when i came to that, i didn't feel any different. it's the same old me! hahahaha. but then obviously, now am not like a 13 year old of course. some people can act and look so matured even when they're only in high school. whereas, my friends n i, well i guess cause we're all in the same gang. hehehe. nevermind.

speaking of them, i really miss them!!! i only met them altogether at once, erm.. twice since i got back! and 2 had gone back to the US! :( . August 19th, we had a reunion where all 8 were present, went for a friggin awesome karaoke outing! and then sleepover at izyan's apartment. we felt like housemates for awhile and izyan kept saying "rasa cam rumah org bujang" ahhahahah. bongek. we slept at around 6am. watched Coming Soon. don't think it was SCARY, more towards suspense. i bought helium balloons for us to play with. hahaha. we got a call frm the security asking us to keep the volume down. no surprise there. hahahhaha! lepas tuh semua ckp bisik2. hahahahah. pastu bila terkuat cam.. weh weh weh. hahahhaa.

we don't really meet each other that often. it's hard to find a free time, as everyone's studying at different places and have different holidays. so, when we're together, we can be loud and non stop laughter going on! which i think what everyone does when they're with their close friends. :) can't wait till the next funky munkies reunion!

Friday, 4 September 2009

U R THE CUTEST!!!! picit picit geram geram!


Born on 2nd September 2009, makes her a virgo baby too!!!! yay!!!!!!!! welcome to the club alisha! hihi. ur aunty is like super excited ok.. hehe. comel gila kan my niece!!!!! my first impression was like "omg.. she's so small!!! comelnya! awww comelnya!" the comel cam ntah berapa byk kali kut disebut. seriously i feel like pinching her cheeks. she has the softest cheeks ever!!! and she LOVES to play around with her lips.. she makes all types of facial expressions which makes her super duper cute! the first sound that i heard that came out from her was.. fart. hahahahaha! my parents, my sis, my bro-in-law, n myself were all quietly in the room minding our own business. i was patting her gently when suddenly.. brot! (well, that's the closest way i can describe the sound). i was shocked n went " DID SHE JUST FART?!" and then everyone started to laugh as it was kinda loud to come from such a small baby!! hahahahhaha! and adam was like "ha ni lah baru anak bapak!" hahahhaha.. yer adam yer. apala dot ni, belum apa-apa lagi u dah kentut kan kat aunty u.. cis. here r a few more pics! (geram kan tgk dia) hihi..

comel nya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh geram! hihi

I LOVE YOU ALISHA @ DOT!!!!!! i'm so glad u came into this world earlier.. i've got more time to look at you!!! :D


Wednesday, 2 September 2009


My first concert and it was good!!! (above: izyan, aimi, aimi's fren named Farid, n moi). have to say i'm not a die hard fan of any of the bands that performed during the MTV World Stage live in Malaysia.. but i had fun!! i like All American Rejects so that was good enuf! Pixie Lott was cute! a new band that i discovered was Raygun.. oohhh diorang COOL GILA!!! hihihi. didn't watch BOys like Girls tho, cause i was bz eating pizza and izyan n i couldn't be bothered. hahaha. got a free plastic raincoat and everytime it drizzled i'ld wear it.. and it would stop when i wore it!! geram betul. at last it didn't rain, n i tore my raincoat like those human that would turn into monster. u know how they would tear up their t-shirt and roar or so? yea.. i tore it like that! hahahahahah! however, i left out the roaring part of course!

when i was sitting with izyan waiting for azd n rus, two guys came up to us and asked us to do a survey. before that, when we were lining up to go into sunway, the same guy (one of them) had asked my fren, Pam to fill in the survery but not us. Off all people for him to ask to do the survey after hours of being at the line and in sunway lagoon itself, he managed to find us again. so anyway, after we filled in the survey, i asked his fren to take a picture of us. let me just tell u, that the weather was really damp. and at times hot. so our faces were kinda like oily and sweaty la kan! so, when he was about to click the camera, he said "eh adik, muka u all kasi sikit kesat la. cam berminyak sikit" and i went "WHAT?! apa abang ni! eeeee" but then lap la kan! bongek betul!!! just take the damn picture boy! then he like do the action of wiping his forehead and all. heih. wtv it is, i had fun!! especially when i have my close frens with me at the concert!
Nana, me, & Izyan

i've watched UP!! Russel is soooooooooo cute!!!! rasa cam nak cubit2 jer! the story is actually quite sad! i was teary twice! hahaha. tot i was the only one, but my fren got teary too when she watched it! sad n funny! that's what i've got to say about UP! i just love watching the one where he tried to take out the plaster! that part is not shown in the movie tho, gotta watch it on youtube! watch that part people!! i think it's called russel band aid? hehe not sure.


i apologize for not blogging for about a month! huhuh.. was extremely laaazzyyyyy! bad soraya, bad. but anyhoo!! Bandung was good! didn't shop that much, to my surprise. i guess there's soooo many things that u can buy, u jsut can't decide what to buy! hihihi. they have all the branded items there at cheap prices.. AND NO it's not the fake ones!!! well, SOME are.. BUT some are not.. u know, it's like those warehouse places. i bought myself a Jimmy Choo handbag since it would cause about a thousand or so if i were to buy it at the shop itself.. so i got it for RM700 something! sukaa bag tuh. hehe. kalau dah harga camtuh tak suka kalau tak tau la kan. Also, in msia, it's hard to find Baby Phat's products.. especially the clothes. i bought this uber cool yellow Baby Phat sweater!! suka gila. rasa cam nak pakai hari2. i bought the same one for baby Dot too! hahahaha! i went to Gunung Tangkuban Perahu. where there were hot springs? is that what u call it.. kawah2 yg ada air panas tuh. k, i think i'm right.

my parents n i in front of one of the hot springs.

food was good too!! i recommend anyone who goes to bandung to go to The Valley which is situated on top of a hill and it has a breath taking view! went at night, it has a really romantic ambience to it tho. and also, this place called Kampung Daun! sedap gila food dia. the place is very green and has a man made waterfall. everyone eats at a pondok. a nice one that is :)my dish at Kg. Daun. Nasi ... Complete. i can't remember the middle name.

Bandung trip was a success i must say! but i wanna go to Jakarta again! huhuhu. Jakarta's Grand Kemang was a very cool hotel and Chito's was a great place to hang around!!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

the planned week!

HELLO EVERYBODYYYYY! :) i've got this whole week planned out! oOOoO! i will be going to Bandung tomorrow! going with parents together with my mom's bestfriend, her husband, & son. hmmmm. hope the trip will be fun. IT BETTER BE.

ANNYYYWAAAYYY, after the day i got back, i've got a therapy to go to in the morning! THERAPY?! yesssss.. therapy. i'm on this allergy therapy using bio-resonance thing. google it up if u wanna know what it is. alternative medicine. well, i hope it works! i'm gonna have to go for the therapy 5 times. once a week. if it does work, I CAN EAT the stuff that i'm allergic to!!! i hope my migrain will go away too!!! i want to indulge in chocs okay!!! dah la kat overseas chocolate dia lagi sedap. grrrrrr! .

after the day of my first therapy which takes only half an hour jer. HAHAHA. MTV WORLD STAGE LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE I COME!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaa!!! woot woot!!! this will be my first ever concert!! lalalalala. altho, i'm not a die hard fan of those bands performing, it's gonna be fun! All American Rejects baby! oh, lemme tell u of what i would have thought of the best 21st birthday ever for my self!!! like THE BOMB ok.. FOR ME THAT IS. here it is, i was fantasizing about going to ARASHI's 10th anniversary concert cause it's around my birthday. BUT it's in Japan, the tix are only sold to johnny's entertainment members AND it's during fasting month. therefore, HAMPA. huhuhuhuhu. IF ONLY they would come down to msia!!!! urgh. their 10th anni concert will definitely be awesome!!!! cause usually these japanese idols, their concert would be a bit different. not just singing or wtv. dengan itu, saya ingin memaklumkan kepada anda semua bahawa saya akan bersuka-ria pada mlm MTV world stage live tersebut! banzai!!! banzai!! ;)

Bandung, soraya's coming!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Feeling lucky!

I met up with my best old friends, Syaza n Aiman. Aiman is the only girl i know with Aiman as her name. All the other Aimans i know are boys. (aiman if u're reading this.. hehe). so what's all the lucky feeling about?? It was Saturday night, I'm at OU trying to find a parking space! and i got one! movie was starting at 8.45pm and was still driving around at 8.25pm! Time pressure and already stressed out Aiman told me to jsut randomly parked at the side and wait for someone to come out. a few mins later, a couple went out! and their car was parked right next to where i was!! i was sooo happy! i cheered and Aiman cheered too!!! kecoh gila dlm kereta. Then we saw the guy was looking at us and realised that we were cheering, he started laughing n even point at us!! he even told his gf to like look at us. it was like "eh eh, look at the girls! they're so happy to get the parking hahahahaha". bongek betul. but then we were LUCKY! made in time for the movie. oh u know, it's been awhile since the last time i went to rasta. i forgot the way out! i knew that one road would lead me to a cemetary and the other leads to home. i had to ask my fren to drive ahead and i tagged behind! huhuhu. oh! i almost forgot! WELCOME TO MY BLOG GIRLS!!

the same day, that afternoon, i went out with Intan n boy i was lucky to get a parking space right next to the entrance at OU! cam wahhh bahagia gila! AND THEN i went to Wondermilk to buy cupcakes, there was a parking space right in front of the shop!!! ahahha wheeee! oh, i watched SETEM with intan soraya. The movie, in my opinion, was kinda fun to watch! well not because one of the character's name is Suraya (ehem) but it's different from all those lovey dovey malay movies. sikit2 cinta, nangis2 lar.. pergh. altho, it got me all tension up when i was watching it because there was a lot of running n who would get the stamp and all. i got all excited too. hahahaha! so did intan! and when the guy said "Terima Kasih Cik Suraya" we both were just stunned. all in all, i like that movie! it's not THAT FUNNY.. but there r some here n there.

(the cupcakes i bought! the taste? LOVE IT!)

Yesterday, i met up with my petbrothers n petsister! altho i didn't spend much time with one of my petbro cause he came late!!!! like really really late! all because there was some miscommunication between him n Aiman (the other petbro). and the reason why i just had to go out with them yesterday because they prefer to meet up before their A levels results are out. ALL THE BEST!! neway, another lucky incident!!! we were to meet up at KLCC yea, and i don't want to go alone on the lrt cause i don't feel like it. eventho i've did it b4. so, called up alifa and she was going to sunway with her frens. i asked her to ask her frens whether they want to meet up at klcc. the next thing u know.. alifa told me that her frens had changed the venue to klcc!!!! which means, i get to go to klcc with alifa!!! AND THEN, apparently alifa's "friend" was going to meet his fren at klcc too.. since he's driving, i got a lift to KLCC!! YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!! hehehe. THANK U alifa n "friend"!! ;) i wanna meet with my adik2 again! hopefully in the UK!

oh yeah! i've watched The Proposal too! funny! i like!!!! to the people who haven't watch it! take a time off and go watch it! Ryan Reynolds will not let u down! hehehe. <3

p/s: I WANNA WATCH UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

food, music, n munky love!

woah! was too lazy to upload anything on my blog. hehe. holidays turn me into a lazy bum! oh how cruel u holiday u.. (sarcasm..) let's see.. what have i been doing?!

i had this japanese food called Shabushabu!!! it's GOOOODD. i had it at this restaurant in Jaya 33. If i'm not mistaken the shop itself is called Shabushabu. i might be wrong. my fren said that shabu is a type of drug which i think so too! tapi yer la, shabu2 kan in japanese language. wtv it is!!! GO TRY IT! sedap! :) it's kinda like steamboat but it's not. here's a pic! i had the beef shabushabu.. they had it sliced really really thin! it's amazing how thin the meat was! and u see that small black pot there, uhuh yea, there's rice in it. so u've got meat, vege (the one on the left) and rice. wooh! perut kenyang.

i went karaoke with Pam, Alifa, Nana, Quiyah, n frens! celebrated pam's 21st! i love karaoke! can let loose and like wth lantak ar suara aku tak sedap tapi kau kena dengar jugak type of fun! hahahahhaha! went to Amp in Sunway Pyramid. cool juga la tempat karaoke dia. but the turn off is, there were only 2 mics!!! 2 jer?! like waaattt.. kan? red box kasi 3 okay! hmph. i wanna go karaoke again!!!! jom jom!!! people let's go!

went for one of my darling munkies 21st birthda bbq! it was the first funky munkies reunion since i got back! u know what, i think i just love the feeling of meeting frens who are excited to see u. it's like.. u feel cam.. awww they love me! :p . we had like a small "meeting" to discuss when we should all meet up again. semangat gila. tho, it seems impossible cause everyone's free at different times!! :( and also, two of them will be going back to the US soon n won't make it in time for my 21st! waaaaaaa! nampaknya dinner reunion before diorang fly balik la. damn i miss hangin with my funky munkies!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Chipmunk me!

me being really excited for my first try out of talking after sucking up Helium air. :D

OU all the wayyyy

last week, starting from tuesday, i went to OU almost every single day up till Saturday.
aahhahahha. gila takder keje (which is true)

watched Public Enemies with Ju Vern the other day. we went there at 1.30 and the movie was at 2.30 and yet, we got the best seats!!!! in the middle, last row. NICE! but i wasn't very happy with the movie. SAD ENDING!!! tak sukaaa the ending! frust betul. hehehe. ju vern n i were like.. eyeee kenapa ending dia camtuh.. bla bla bla bla right after it ended.

met up with Pam n Alifa last tuesday. lepas rindu dah kat pam. hahahha. i bumped into my petbro, Aiman. funny story. Pam n i passed the Atm machine where aiman was lining up. didn't realise it was him but then... (pam n soraya's conversation.. joined in by aiman at the end)
Pam : eh, soraya! adik u!!
Me : huh. mana?
Pam : (pointing to Aiman)
Me : Pam! Don't point! stop pointing. it's not aiman
Pam : eh yerla.. it's Aiman. betul adik u!
Me : nooo it's not. (decided to just call out his name) Aiman!
Aiman : (turned around) OMG Soraya!! what are u doing here?! bila u balik!! (went out of the line)
Me : (shocked). eh betul u! ahahhahahha! eh aiman! line up first go take out your money.

kecoh gila i ngan pam masa tuh. hahaha. after that borak2 jap. (tak penting.) :P

met up with one of my bestfriend, last sat. intan was suppose to join us but then the bf had asked her out before i did. DAMN IT! he beat me to it. hmph. watched Harry Potter that night as well with Alifa and her cousins. ok la.. but as usual, book is better.

yesterday was my sister's Baby SHower! it was really really entertaining for me! ahhahah! some of her frens just crack me up! they're so funny! the games that were played were fun too! especially the one where only the guys participated. they had to eat baby food, drink lemon tea from the milk bottle and wear baby diapers!!! lawak gila. they were going like "wehh, macam mana budak2 ni minum ar, dapat sikit jer weh"

oh!!! i tried something new yesterday too!!! u know those helium ballooons yea, when u breath in the helium air and start talking, u will sound like a chipmunk. well, i did it!!! hahahahha! it was friggin funny! i'll post up the video after this post. :)

Beach Boys Get Around

This is such a fun thing to do when bored!!

The rules are :
1. Play your mp3s (put all available tracks and turn on the shuffle mode)
2. For each question , click the next button
3. The current song title being played is the answer to the question

Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall
(ahhahaha! ignoring the question.. pity that someone!)

Take a look around - Limp Bizkit
(oooohhh!! yea man, take a loook around!)

A little less conversation - Elvis Presley JXL remix
(ohh... i don't think so. or maybeee.. hmm)

The Jump Off - Lil Kim
(heehehe jumping towards life yo!)

kiroro - mirae
(ehhh! so mellow! -___-)

Break Out - Foo Fighters
(do i make my friends feel dizzy and wanna chase me around?! hahahha at times yea?)

Have you ever really loved a woman - Bryan Adams
(NOOOOO!!!! SAD CASE BETUL!! waaaaaaa)

WHAT IS 2+2?
Rubberneckin - Elvis Presley Paul oakenfold remix
(sounds of crickets going around)

Don't go breaking my heart - Elton John
(wahhh, touchy)

Whine up - Kat Deluna feat. Elephat man
(wooh!!! hahahah! sadly, don't like anyone right now ;) )

Only when I sleep - The Corrs
(ahahha.. i do tend to dream a lot about my everyday life..)

Ghetto superstar - Mya
(OH YEA!!! this will be super cool! hahha)

Love Fool - The Cardigans
(OMG.. such a pathetic person!! dah mati pun masih pathetic...)

Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre
(WAHAHAHHAHA!!! eeeee so corny!)

Enter Sandman - Metallica
(HAHAHHAHA! bongek. sooo not what one should think when seeing the crushie)

I want you back - Jackson Five
(jeez, i've got better things to doo.. why so pathetic!)

Chihuahua - DJ Bobo
(that's right people, i turn into a chihuahua when it's full moon. bloody annoying. HAHAHAHAH)

All 4 Love - Color me badd
(awwwww.. definitely true)

Relaku Pujuk - Spider
(waaaaaaaaaaa.... why must it be like this? dramaa)

The sign - Ace of Base

Kiss me - Six pence none the richer
(what's so funny about that man)

Destination Calabria - Alex Gaudino

La Bamba - Richie Valens
(well, that's a nice beat to die to.. hehehehe. everyone will be dancing around while i'm dying. sad)

I want you to want me - Letters to Cleo
(WHAT?! APA NI!! waaaaa desperado betul. let's just hope that won't ever happen!)

Own Worst Enemy - Lit
(hahahhahahaha!!!!! I am my own worst enemy? neh)

Woman - Wolfmother
(i attract woman.. no wonder.. HAHHAHAHAH! bongek)

Fuck you very much - Lily Allen
(What on earth?! that is scary!!!)

My Boy Lollipop - Millie Small

Freedom - Wham!
(this would be really funny!! i can picture it now)

Get Around - Beach boys
(hehehhe! good one)

Friday, 10 July 2009

rajeeeeeeee is bacccckkkkk

ngeeee :D so happy so happy! hehe. i haven't been blogging for a month! didn't feel like it. neway, i am back in malaysia!!! wheeeee!! i saw my sister's baby bump! it's soooo cute!! my sister has a small frame as compared to me and her stomach isn't that big as compared to other pregnant women... so cam COMEL!! hahahaha! and i sometimes put my palm on her stomach to feel Dot. the first time i felt Dot kicked, i was really surprised and a little bit creeped out! hahahaha. boleh rasa ada something cam push my hand. wooh!!! hahaha.

i self-quarantined myself for about 5 days cause i was sneezing. however, i think i was sneezing due to the dusts. hahaha. plus, my friends were all busy the first week i was back. apalar, i cuti korang semua start sem baru. heih. but oh well, ada byk lagi masa. :D the first friend i met up with was Mun, padahal baru jer jumpa masa easter hari tuh. ahahha. on wednesday, i met up with Fiq and we went for karaoke! best gila!!!! jsut the two of us and we took the high tea set, so fiq ordered some food together with some drinks. altho i spilled my drink cause semangat sangat nyanyi kan. bongek gila. we were singing to one of MJ's song and my hand accidentally knocked off the glass, habis tumpah. nasib baik tak pecah. i did a half split to avoid the water and we were both shouting sebab terkejut. hahahahahah! seriously it was farny. yesterday, i met up with Azd, it was really nice to see her after a long time!! missed her. haven't met up with the rest of the munkies and my ex-collegemates! gosh i miss them!!! will meet up with pam n alifa soon i think. HOPEFULLY.

nowadays, i'm always bored. i've got nothing to do. i spent most of the time watching tv, and i hardly go online cause internet connection is kinda slow. there's this indon drama, Dara Manisku, that i happened to watch the other day. one of the heroes in that drama khaawwwt. heheheheh. he looks mix. his name is Bertrand Antolin if i'm not mistaken. Later, i'm gonna watch PUBLIC ENEMIES with Ju Vern!!! yay!!!!! JOHNNY DEPP!!!!! next week, i'm planning to go to a fish spa!!!!! hahahha, i bet it's gonna be iiiinteresting! anyone wants to tag along?! hihihi.

right, i'm off now! till then, xx

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

wooot woot! pictures!

<--in front of Valhalla! we had to wear rain coats!

The Big One! i'm the 3rd from the back if u look on the right hand side :)

me with Pleasure Beach's mascots?

my face and Danny's expression when we were going down!! --->

the Big One. that reaction was when
we went down this track!

with Chu Chu!!! ----------------->

Louise & I!!

with Helina!!!