Where art thou?

Sunday, 14 December 2008


hehehehe. pic frm my Samsung Tocco. i love it i love it i love it!
Hola amigos!! it's not like i'm gonna go on a holiday to Spain or anythin'.. but i miss going to Spanish Club. huhuhu. i think i wanna go to Spain during the summer break. YEAP! :D . first and foremost, I made cupcakes just now!!! yay! unfortunately, it doesn't taste really really good. it tastes like.. apam. ahahha well not exactly like apam. i dunno how to describe it. well, it's a simple vanilla cupcake and i think i should've put icing on it. i'll try again some other time.

Raya Haji was okay. didn't feel like Raya to me. had lectures, and bila org buat opn house, i had classes to go to. so sad. but petang raya tuh, i went to the Surau as they had some mkn2 going on. :) dpt la food sedap sket that day! :) hehehe.
Christmas holiday just started!!! i'm happy sad! happy cause finally.. a break from studying n sad cause i have an assignment to do. haih. it's been awhile since the last post. my Ac.F test was not so good as i didn't have time to finish one question! waaaaaaaa. hopefully the other questions can help cover that one.
oh yea, celebrated Nana & "Luqman's" birthday last Saturday. u wanna know why i put Luqman's name in " ? well, because HE, the birthday boy didn't attend his own birthday dinner!! can u imagine that?! he didn't go for his own birthday dinner. the reason?? "oh u guys didn't tell me!" Nadia DID tell him and when nadia told him that she did tell him about the dinner. then he said "but u guys didn't confirm"... in the first place kan, kalau tak dgr berita ke apa ke. sms la tanya kan, jadi ke tak. ni tak. tunggu jer.. in d end, everyone else pergi except dia. thank god nana went. so we celebrated her birthday jer. nadia n i went out the day before looking for a nice place to have dinner for their birthday. we spent hours cause we wanted to go to this restaurant called The Royal Latinos Tapas Bar (mexican food) but it was fully book, so we had to make do with Verdes (italian restaurant) instead. we were all trying to get luqman but his phone was switched off! and it got us all worried. then when syaz went back he saw luq walking all healthy. (we thought he was sick or something). and he blamed us for him not turning up 4 d dinner. syaz on the other hand who stayed near to luqman didn't even bother to call him up before coming tanya nak pergi together ke tak. i tell u, i don't understand them at all. they live like only 10metres apart and don't bother telling each other stuff. haih. felt so awkward having to meet luq the next day cause we had a project to do. i think he felt the same way too. but thank goodness everything was back to normal after a day or two. :)

Last Friday night, i went to Sugarhouse again for the Christmas party. Nadia & I had so much fun! the songs that the dj played, ooohhhh we know most of it alright! best! a lot of my classmates were there too! well, cause Sugarhouse belongs to the Student Union so yea, only uni students are allowed there. :) there were some people who dressed up as a xmas tree, santa, and reindeers! went there with Danny and his frens frm China and when we reached there, more frens frm China! huhuhu. they were all nice people and got one cute one.. HHAHAHA. so yipee!! :) oh yea, there was this one night, where Iqa, Nadia & I made cucur bawang. and that night jugak ada fire alarm. ahhahahahaha! we were like.. it wasn't us right.. RIGHT?! buat cucur jer pun kan. plus, at that time, we've finished our cucur and were having our dessert (i.e. peaches and cream.. mmmm).

One of my partners in crime went back to M'sia yesterday. :( . sent her off at the station. how nice to go back to m'sia kan. haih. oh well, i'll go back too during the summer! :)

AND NOW.. some pictures! :)

The cucur bawang getting their "tan". hehe.

Sending Nadia off to M'sia

In d bus on d way back to uni
From top left 2 right : Eddie, Boy, Andy, Danny, me & Nadia