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Thursday, 10 May 2012

not myself when...

wanna know something? well some of u might know this cause apparently it's obvious (according to some frens of mine). I don't act like myself when i'm around the guy that i like. I am shy. WTH right? macam tak je kan. lol. but yes, it's only when it comes to someone i have a crush on (or slight crush) i'll turn into this shy person which sometimes make that person think that i'm arrogant / sombong. huhuhu. it's just that i go all speechless, and shall not look at that person in the eye for too long.  hahahaha. and maintain lah kan. I want to be myself but i somehow can't bring myself to that. for example today, i could have just voiced out and say, hey come join us here! i would have if he was some other person. instead i just let him passed by when i think he wanted to join us but none of our frens saw him passed by. so he just walked away. kesian dia. I can't even bring myself to say hi to that person cause i just feel so shy. it's like the other person have to initiate it first then i can let loose and be myself. lambat sikit nak warm up. hahahaha. haih. :)

xoxo, Soraya 

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l.y. said...

zomg. HIGH 5!!!

apparently i would be super shy when i am facing someone that am having a crush on. jadi i would be super cool and sombong like. not purposely one lor.

i miss you. :) xx.