Where art thou?

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

my lappy is being so gedik

This is Lappy, my laptop. being sooo bitchy right now. it crashes every now n then. THANK GOD i've made a back up JUST IN CASE i have to like reformat the whole thing. for a few days, at times, it will not start up. i mean, i could hear the fan going on, but like, bunyi cam orang semput je. tak bukak pun to the main window tuh. i have to like shut it down n on again and then wait for it to do its startup repair. i'll leave it for like half a day to give it a rest. gosh! and then the other day, it refuses to log on as ME!! it said "User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded". LIKE WHYYY!! frustrated and not wanting to go to the uni's service centre cause it's quite a walk, i smsed my darling sister what i should do. so she's my tech heroin! kesian adik dia buta I.T. hahahahah! after that got sorted out, it decided to not let me use it again (back to square one where i can only hear the fan). eventually, it got all better by itself. usually it'll be when i decided to go n take it to the service centre! gedik betul.

Anyhoo, i realise i've not blog that often anymore as compared to last time. 2nd year is a really bz year to start with. everything just go bam bam bam during the first week. like woah woah slow down. wooh! hehe. just now, i was following thoroughly to what the lecturer was saying and then omg.. lost lost. where am i. :( . dah kena baca apa benda yang dia ckp tadi. susah susah.. heih. well, come to think of it, nothing's easy in life! berusaha Soraya! yeaaa!

Halloween is just around the corner!! oOooOo! hehehe. but this year, i won't be dressing up as anything. might put on some make up, that's it. huhu. WHY? BECAAUSE, am going to Notts games and by the time i get back, it would b night time and cam tak sempat nak ber'dress up' n all. make up pun ntah sempat ke tidak kut. i dunno.

did i tell u that i met my juniors? like newcomers to my uni. they're all very nice! the girls la. can get along with them. yeay! the guys i dunno, don't really talk much with them. tho, one of them is pretty cute! very much like my type (by the looks la, attitude wise belum tau lagi. huhu). those who know me.. will more or less figure out how this person will look like. muehehehe. :p .
oh oh! i've this fren who went to a ballet college before! isn't that cool!!! i was like.. WOAH, COOL! like omg, i've never met anyone who went to a ballet college before. tak pernah tau ada pun. hahaha. but then she got injured and couldn't continue so she continued her degree in bus. studies! jauh beza gitew. hihihi. hmm i always share stuff that's not important to u at all huh. i wonder whether any of the readers went like "why are u telling me this?!". well, u've read it!! HA! oh well, sharing is caring. I am sharing therefore..I am caring! wheeee!oh yea! btw, look what i found online! I'm even on a badge! hihi. ;)
till then, taaaa! xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

something for you to try out!

Here's the thing, back when i was in standard 6, during my prefects trip to Cameron, my friends n i wanted to know what the guys who were in the next room were talking about. So, one of my friends said that if we put a glass on the wall, with the side open on the wall, (i.e. the bottom of the glass is facing u), u would actually hear them on the other side. Like actually hear what they're talking about! but it has to be really quiet on your side of the room.

So nadia (who lives next door) n i tried it just now for fun and even with internets and internal telephones. using the glass is much more fun! ahahhahahah! altho, we didn't make any conversations.. gila kuno kan.
So, for those who never tried it before, what are u waiting for! TRY IT!!! don't tell your frens what you're about to say. let them guess and ask them later what u said! (just to check if they actually hear u) :D


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

things i miss! and more..a

so here we go again, i'm back in Lancs. huhuhu. so far everything's ookaayy. except the fact that i haven't got all my stuff yet cause i haven't had the time to go and pick up my boxes from my senior's house. no food no pots n pans. everyday i have to eat out. pergh! sick of the food already! i want rice!!!! i want to masak ikan bilis masak kicap! i want to goreng ayam! i want to make nasi goreng! hehe.

k, back to what i wanna write about. back in Malaysia, almost every single day i would go to my sister's mother-in-law's house to visit my ever-so-cute niece, Alisha. Well, i have 2 other nicknames that i call her.. namely Dot and Shabab (short for Alisha debab) ;)
I miss that!!!!! dah tak dapat tatap muka ALisha hari2 dah. :(
my mom said "she won't remember u when u get back here" the other day.
i was like "WHAT?! she will!!! we have skype!!!"
gila buat org hampa jer mama ni.
also, i wouldn't get to gossip with my sister all the time hahah but then again god bless technology!!!

my bestfriends back home!! i wouldn't get a call from Azd asking me what should she eat for lunch or dinner. i miss that! she would always ask me places to eat. sebab raje selalu makan luar ke?! yea i think that's the reason. i wouldn't get to just go out with a fren cam last minute cam tuh. like just a call and let's go!! hoho. but but i guess blink blink blink by the time u know it, it's already summer and i'm gonna be back in m'sia again.

classes had started. OMG, i have a lecturer who speaks english with a very very very strong italian accent! when she spoke.. i was like.. what?! what?! bangsa apa dia ni?? cause i've never heard anyone who speaks english like dat b4. then she said. sorry for her strong italian accent. ohhhhh italian ker. every single word she said, will have a. a as in for like "a book". yea. that sound. cam welcome..a ,to..a.. ,more..a ,change..a. rasa mcm kena faham those u know like in malaysia kan ada bahasa F la.. bahasa W la. haaa. like that. hahahaha! serious. i will soon get use to it! yea saya boleh!

oh yea, masyaallah, why are the guys here soooooooo hot. my friend n i saw this guy who looks soooo much like christiano ronaldo but not the remp-ish and gay-ish version like him. YES. ronaldo tuh cam rempit jer :p and kadang2 nampak gay jugak ar. IT'S MY OPINION. biarkan daku, janji bahagia. anyway!! this guy, is fairer and cam waaaaa hot gila! hensem sangat! cam like hensem gilalah! but but ada sikit potential to be gay. cause like good looking guys always turn out to be gay. HAMPA.
hehehe. bongek.

a note to myself: Welcome back to your second home Soraya!!! :p

till then peeps, take care! xx