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Sunday, 29 June 2008

kenapa BTN mara tak kat tempat yg sama?! WHY...

i shall repeat the title again.. KENAPA BTN MARA TAK SAMA TEMPAT NGAN KITORANG?!!!! waaaaaaaaaaa!!! kalau tak, sure best sikit sebab ada pam n alifa.... heih.. i wonder who else will join my BTN... takkan petronas students jer kut?! can't be.. can it?? whateverlah.. not looking forward to it anyway.. i took fiq out today.. yesterday was her birthday and tak sempat jumpa smlm cause i went for Urbanscapes.. every year since 2006, i would go out with fiq on her birthday.. just the two of us.. mkn petang or dinner.. just to catch up with her.. this year tak mkn kat kedai kopi.. hahaa.. today we ate at Paddington House of Pancakes!! yay!! oh urbanscapes was fun!!! before this tak pernah tau ada bands like Komplot, The Other Side Orchestra.. and a few others.. they are cool!!!! komplot best.. vocalist dia cool.. thank u izyan for introducing me to their songs! :) oh we watched one buck short, bittersweet and other bands.. stayed there till 12am.. oh masa tengah beli burger, izyan n i layan jer lagu yang this dj called lapsap tgh main.. well schedule tulis lapsap.. best gak ar..

oh oh! there was this dude.. who dance sooooo pelik.. cam pelik gila lah and FUNNY too!!! i think he was drunk.. can tell by the look of his eyes.. mmg peliklah cara dia nari.. even the dudes depan kitorang asyik lah mengajuk the way he danced.. he looked like a sex maniac.. scary! the way he moves was like.. cam lembikkan badan dia.. so hard to describe!! it was entertaining gak ar.. laughing the whole time.. and can't believe izyan found him to be COOL?! so we said that izyan minat gila kat dia.. because he looks like Zaibo.. we call him Zaibo nugget.. nugget cause izyan saw him at the nugget stall.. hahaha!

watched kung fu panda and sweeney todd just now with my mom.. kung fu panda best gak ar.. boleh la.. sweeney todd was a bit boring.. johnny depp + musical.. hmm. tak kena.. hooooo later at 2.45am.. SPAIN vs. Germany!!! go SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!! as the ex-president of KYUEM's Spanish CLub, jgn malukan warga espanyol!!!!!!! :P i need u to win!!!! not gonna lose the bet alright!! lalala.. i think i will be able to stay up till 2.45am.. BUT from 2.45am till the end of the game.. hmmm.. cam tak confident jer boleh stay up.. huhuhu... i'll try!! k, i think i've a short composition already.. like always.. :) adios amigos!

Friday, 27 June 2008


was so tired yesterday.. i think it's because for these past few days asyik tidur lambat jer kut.. bila study dulu pukul 10.30pm jer dah "pengsan".. teruk tul.. but kalau tgk movie ker.. chatting ker.. sampai pagi2 buta pun boleh aje.. kan fiza kan?! hehe.. oh oh! bought the urbanscapes ticket yesterday at BSC.. apparently Azdianur might not be able to make it.. U HAVE TO GO!!!! i know u will.. but ingatkan nak gi sama2.. the three of us.. izyan me azdianur.. i really miss the good old high school days.. heih.. lagi best kalau azdianur ada sama.. it's a music fashion festival and just the two of us are going?! gosh.. well, itu izyan yang cakap ar.. oh yeah! speaking of buying the tickets tadi.. pak cik guard dekat BSC kena marah ngan soraya.. it's his fault! i'm the customer right.. saya ada hak pengguna.. so what happened was.. tengah cari parking and then saw a car about to go out.. mamat tuh baru nak masuk kereta and start engine n bla bla bla.. so i waited dekat ngan kereta dia.. then because it was like a turning.. ada 2 cars on opposite direction nak masuk that laluan jugak.. BUT because i was there waiting for the car to come out.. i kinda like block the way.. however, biasa lah kan.. selalu jer kena tunggu orang keluar then u dapat lah the parking space! orang blkg i tuh pun just tunggu jer lah.. TETAPI.. pak cik guard tuh.. knock on izyan's window (izyan was next to me) AND asked me to move.. cause i'm causing a jam.. FOR GOD'S SAKE! 2 kereta jer lah.. plus org belakang tak horn ke apa ke buat muka ke... i then said skejap saya nak ambik parking nih.. then the guard said "u sudah cause jam tengok" eh tolong lah eh.. org lain takder ape2 pun, dia pulak.. dah jalan tuh sempit n i want to park.. diorang tunggu jer ar.. they know that i want to park my car.. it's no big deal actually.. cause it's normal!!! BUT this guard made it such a big deal and it pisses me off soo.. i said (dengan garangnya) "SO! sabarlah" and i tutup tingkap.. i think i scared izyan.. sorry awak.. hehe.. izyan said i was really garang.. huhuhu.. apakan daya.. the guard messed with the wrong chic..

i watched this video at youtube.. warwick malaysian night opening dance 2008.. cool gak arh dance diorang! best jer.. and then i watched warwick malaysian night dikir barat.. and instead of tokyo drift.. diorang buat KL drift! cool sangat!!! rasa cam nak join jer!! best ar dikir barat diorang.. just now i watched Michael Jackson Ghosts.. gosh.. their dance moves.. SUPERB!!! i just love watching people dance.. i like to dance too!! lalalala... fiza, kite dah takder partner aerobic.. (random statement jap)

i didn't watch russia vs spain.. too tired.. i wonder who won.. spain kah?? i think i'll watch the siaran ulangan later.. oh my god bosannya!!! urgh.. belum habis unpack pun lagi barang2 kolej.. huhu.. pemalas betul.. maybe i'll unpack bit by bit lah.. i have only a week left till i go for BTN... better make it as useful or fun or entertaining or wateva as possible.. nanti kat btn sure menyesal tak sudah.. 2 days of pure lectures on malaysia's history.. aktiviti menguap akan berleluasa for sure.. u know how sometimes people change their mind on something.. i think i change my mind on some stuffs... try again..

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

saya tak nak pergi BTN

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! TAK NAK PERGI BTN!!!!!!!!!!!! urgh! seriously tak nak pergi..... gosh.. why oh why?! god... today is such a mixed up feeling for me... i'm feeling happysad.. :)( ahahha pelik lah pulak emoticon dia... ANYWAY, finally i bought myself a pair of skinny jeans!!! oh yeah baby! :P joy to the world! hehe.. then i went to isi minyak with my bestfren.. baru first time belajar isi minyak tadi.. huhuhu.. selama ni suruh baiya kat situ tolong isikan.. oh yeah.. forgot to cerita.. last sunday yg pergi rasta ngan my bestfren, Azdianur.. we actually got lost! HAHAHAHA! boleh ker.. well mmg boleh.. how?! she took the wrong turning and i think we ended up somewhere in kg. sg. penchala.. and there was this one road.. gosh it was bloody creepy and so dark.. jln dia sempit giler.. mmg muat untuk satu kereta jer.. and then.. if i'm not mistaken.. along the road.. on the left was tanah perkuburan.. cause from my condominium i could c one plot of tanah perkuburan and i think that was it.. didn't tell azdianur at that time.. takut freaked her out.. so i just told her to like.. terus jer terus jer jalan.. after that i told her and she was like "omg raje.. takut kite.. " mmg menakutkan babe.. can't deny it..

oh yeah, back to the midvalley part.. i saw a few familiar faces just now.. first collegemate that i saw, shazwan diamond @ classmate acc! 2nd familiar face! meor garnet! was walking right behind him.. but tak tegur sebab saya malu (tak kenal dia sangat).. and plus dia kat depan.. camner nak tegur kan.. 3rd n 4th! Laila dan balaknya, Zul! hihihi.. this couple, i tak nak kacau sooo.. i tak tegur la.. plus i don't think they saw me.. so hanya sekadar lalu jer.. 5th familiar face! Wardina... she looked a bit pale though just now... 6th! tak ingat nama dia apa.. that girl yang berlakon cerita "Cili2 Padi" yang hari tuh masuk that show yang artis2 nari2 tuh.. husband dia kurus giler babs tuh.. well u know who i'm talking about right?! ha yang tuh lar.. yeah.. oh.. i saw C... remember i told u that i think C's not interested in me anymore.. i think i'm right.. saw him with a girl.. well then, good for u! :) speaking of this.. MY MOM... straight forward giler tadi.. i think she's worried that i'm gonna end up as an andartu / andalusia cause she asked me to go look for a bf.. i told her secara straight forward nya jugak.. i'm not desperate... muahahaha! but the good thing is.. now dia kasi green light kalau i nak kuar dgn guys! kalau tidak punya lah susah.. kena go thru like some kind of interview gituh.. hahahaha! kite lah yang kene go thru that interview.. haih.. mama mama.. no worries.. kite chill dulu.. tgk2 siapa yg interested.. HAHAHAHAH!!! ish ish.. k k, adios amigos! till we meet again..

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

what to dooooo

it's been 3 days since i finished college.. and gosh.. i'm bored.. boredom can get me stressed out! hahahahah! heih.. went out on sunday night with my bestfren.. felt good.. dah lama tak borak2 ngan dia :) went out with my mom just now.. teman her go buy stuffs.. yeah, holiday ni.. i jadi my mom's driver.. but i don't mind.. i like to drive anyway.. oh yesterday evening i went to alifa's house.. gi ambik gambar2 frm her.. yay!!! then gossip gossip sket.. :P hmm.. speaking of gossips.. long holidays always bore me.. my frens won't b around.. cause their holidays tak sama ngan i punya.. dang it.. i think now if i were to go out with some of my college frens (can't tell names) mesti lain.. cause now they have their partners with them.. huwaaaaa.. if u guys wanna go out.. u HAVE TO tell me! i tak kesah la i akan kuar ngan korang ker tak.. sebab rasanya i may feel left out... but u must tell me okay.. sometimes i tak kesah pun kalau keluar ngan korang kut.. i just need to go out... if u guys don't tell me, i akan kecik hati.. (u guys know me right.. )TAU!

speaking of partners.. my love life's going downstream.. i think C is not into me anymore.. but it's understandable.. B on the other hand.. we're just frens.. my ex-crush back in high school is trying to get me back.. unfortunately, i don't wanna.. i'm sorry.. but i don't feel any chemistry between us anymore.. maybe we can stick as frens yeah.. i mean.. it has been about 5 years since the last time we spoke to each other and suddenly here u are wanting me back?! sheesh.. maybe i've changed.. u wouldn't know.. and maybe u've changed and i wouldn't know that right?? oh well, being frens would be better for us.. hmmm.. but i have to say i do feel lonely sometimes.. sometimes jer.. hehehe.. lalala.. tukar topic..

esok gi cari jeans!!! yay!!!! i sooo need new jeans right now.. oh this saturday ada this event called urbanscapes at KLPAC.. wonder whether i should go.. it sounds interesting.. and it's on afiqah's birthday.. wonder whether she'll make a party or something.. if she does.. yay!!!! lama tak gi party.. however this saturday pun i want to go out with izyan (my bestfren too).. to go to the urbanscapes.. i think i'll go.. gotta make plans with them.. i hope my parents will give me the green light.. my dad's coming back this friday!! yay!!! he's in Africa right now.. something to do with limkokwing stuff.. can't wait for him to get back.. alar.. tapi then saturday kalau kuar mesti dia cam kecik hati sket.. haih.. how le.. well, takperlah.. i'll just try my luck.. gosh i soooo miss my chaletmates right now!! rindu ar bising2 dlm chalet! singing out loud like no one's business.. i think i'll leave my blog here..

Sunday, 22 June 2008

end of my college life...

i still can't believe that i won't be going back to KYUEM.. i'm already missing my frens.. miss the borak2 times in the chalet.. talking about our future n all!.. :( sedey sangat... i hope i'll meet them again which i will in august for M.O.C. but after that.. i hope i'll meet them again in the future.. anyway, during end of sem dinner i was going around asking anyone i know to sign my yearbook.. my petbrother was sad that we're leaving.. so sweet! haha.. gonna miss him.. oh yeah, that night after the dinner, pam was thirsty and wanted to go to the MPH (Multi-purpose Hall) to buy a can of drink frm the vending machine.. when we were on the field on our way to the MPH, we got caught up with our own shadows on the field.. ada spotlight kat situ.. so main2 ngan our shadows jap.. and then bumped into pokchek and hazim.. and decided to take a few pictures of us jumping! which was cool!! :P and then siapa ntah.. can't remember who.. said the guard tengah marah2 and calling pn. rog.. so pam n i cepat2 gi mph.. then tengah beli.. then we saw the male guard doing his rounds with his flashlight.. ada 2 junior kat mph masa tuh.. but they just kept quiet.. diorang faham our keadaan masa tuh.. so masa tuh dah after our curfue.. (is that how u spell it).. anyway, we then hid behind the vending machine.. not saying a word.. nanti boleh lah dengar our voices kan.. at that time.. pam already got her drink.. but she had to wait for Acip as he has some of pam's cds.. and wanted to return it.. so masa tengah sembunyi and tunggu acip.. johan n frens were coming back from the girls area.. and passed by the mph and suddenly johan dengan pandainya pergi ckp kuat2 "eh pam?! what are u doing here??" and male guard tuh pulak ada kat situ and terus lah dia halakan his flashlight to pam.. and wala! pam terus explain that she just wanted to buy a drink and is waiting for her stuff.. i just kept quiet.. and pam said give us a few minutes.. but then johan was like.. i think u girls should just go cause pn. rog is on her way.. so we ran our ass off across the field.. penat giler ok! we were in our high heels shoes pulak tuh!! and it's padang kyuem i'm talking about here... we went straight to kampung diamond and apparently ada taklim masa tuh.. so tgh temengah2 tuh sekali kena kasi short speech.. peluh2 suma tuh.. haih.. but it's ok.. farewell speech kan.. bila lagi nak kasi ucapan kat tangga chalet masa taklim.. huhuhu... (out of topic sekejap)... anyway, yea.. i must say that night was quite an adventure for the two of us!!!! cuak dowh.. haha! but these are the memories that will last forever.. :)

Friday, 20 June 2008

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just one more day

i just can't believe it.. tomorrow is the last day of college... SEDIH SANGAT... waaaarrghhhhh sure rindu time lepak2 kat chalet and all... haih... nasib baik ada M.O.C (Muslim Overseas Camp).. at least dapat jumpa my collegemates again.. walaupun bukan kat chalet.. but yay!!! after that mesti banjir lagi sekali.. yesterday night we had Majlis Wida' (Majlis Perpisahan).. Banjir big time bebeh.. HAHAHAH! serious ar.. first person yang i peluk yang banjir would be noni.. and then it carried on.. hehehhe... fiza brought along one box of tissue.. bagus pun dia bawak.. it was very handy.. i'm in the R.C. right now.. LAST TIME UNTUK DUDUK KAT RC!!!!! waaaaaaa... everything hari ni would be the last time.. waaaaaaa... (better stop with the waaa kan).. hehe.. tonight ada end of sem dinner.. IT WILL BE THE LAST END OF SEM DINNER!!! MMG END LAH... (sniff sniff).. :( OH OH!!! mlm ni dapat yearbook!!!! yay!!!! autograph session tonight!!!! woo hoo!

:( baru lepas nampak bhanisha... mesti rindu kat dia.. always smiling all the time.. very cheerful girl! she won't be going to M.O.C.(duh..) soo who knows when i'll meet her again.. k k, tak nak sad story lar.. happy happy pulak! okay, so last wednesday night was the Students' Dinner.. takder la BEST GILER... oklah.. not bad.. fun jugak ar.. a lot of wore black that night.. everyone looked great! Pam, Dyana(not sure about the spelling) and I were voted for Miss Kyuem and Topan, Irfan n Fariq for Mr. Kyuem.. we had to wait for i think 5 minutes or so on the stage because si fariq tuh gi mana ntah.. bongek tul.. orang dah lar tengah malu kat atas tuh.. heish.. nasib baik ada pam utk teman.. the emcee was like "ok while waiting for fariq u guys can just mingle around".. and irfan was like "so girls.. who wants to get lucky tonight".. something like that ar.. EEEEEEEEEE GELIIII!!!! bongek tul... then fariq came and apparently they had questions for us! takder keje betul.. we had to pick a number and then from there they asked us the question lar.. topan punya soalan was why do u think u deserve this award.. can't remember what he answered.. next dyana punya soalan was.. did u expect to be nominated and why? i think she said no and she doesn't know what else to say.. ermm.. next.. it was my turn.. of all the people to get this particular question.. i yang kena.. heih.. the question that i got was among the guys nominated here.. who would i date n why?... more or less macam tuh ar soalan dia.. MALU GILER OK MASA TUH.... fine soalan dia camtuh jer.. BUT CAM.. my god.. so anyway, i ckp Topan cause i know him n he's my fren.. betul lah kan.. topan if u're reading this.. jgn perasan okay.. i won't date u.. MUAHAHAHAHAHA u know that don't u?! topan knows a lot eh topan.. sentiasa up to date ngan gossip orang.. HAHAHAHA! kidding...

ANYWAY, back to my story.. irfan punya soalan.. tak ingat apa.. oh pam's question was.. if u could bring one thing with u to a deserted island.. what would it be.. something like that i think and she said she'ld bring her frens.. soraya maybe.. sooo sweet kan??!! love u pam!!! :) i know u love someone else more.. HAHAHAHHAHAH! :P :P yes yes i know.. in a different way kan.. lalalala.. fariq punya question best.. which superhero would u like to be? he said he wants to be SPiderman cause he likes to jump.. SPIDERMAN LOMPAT KE?!! i think he crawls n swings.. haha! the winners were topan n dyana... best dressed male n female went to Johan n Vidhya.... Vidhya n dyana lawa giler malam tuh.. giler lawa arh.. ngan supermodel body diorang tuh.. respect... :) oh, we had some dancing that night! kelakar giler!!! shin chuan nari ganas siut.. takut pam.. HAHAHAHA! wong nari comel giler.. kelakar gak ar... sekali ha kau.. dia buat dia punya own gerudi bapak arh!! and then ada this one part he danced with nain.. hahahahaaha! yang tuh mmg ar.. pam n i masa tuh mmg dah tak tahan ar.. i think everyone enjoyed themselves masa tengah nari tuh.. tak reti pun lantaklar.. janji bahagia yer tak? (yes yes).. k i think i better go now.. i've been glued to this chair for how long pun dah tak ingat dah.. OH MY GOD!! BARU TERINGAT SOMETHING!!! when we were on our back, while in the bus.. we saw prostitutes along the road! dia pegang2 this one mat salleh guy and mamat tuh cam "erm... takperlah.. no thank u" macam tuh ar gaya2 dia.. eeeeeeeeee disgusting gila tgk baju diorang.. lebih baik tak payah pakai baju terus... k, fiza's here.. wanna go back to chalet dah.. adios peeps! till then! to my college buddies, get ready to sign my yearbook!!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

saya sangat gembira

i'm at home right now!!! ohhh how i miss muh crib!!!! yesterday we had Cafe Night Out where students can perform for fun.. and yea i enjoyed myself watching all my frens perform!!! i yang naik seronok sama! together with acap n hajar!!!! hehe.. they danced when i can't remember his name played Bunyi Guitar i think.. tapi tak ramai yang di depan to dance.. kesian acap! hehehe.. takper acap! lagi beberapa hari jer kat kolej... (oh dang... sedey nak tinggalkan kolej siut)
well anyway, after cafe night out, ju vern, pam, aisyah, noni, nana n me go lepak2 kat the padang.. i've always wanted to run on the field.. just run u know.. so i ajak ju vern n noni! and we did it!!! it felt soooo good! rasa cam bebas giler! and then after running i heard someone called out my name.. it was Ija.. and she was with few of her frens on the field too.. one of them was serap!! cause he said "soraya! bising ar!" for ur information SERAP! masa lari2 tuh aku jerit sket2 jer lah! .. sheeesh... ANYWAY, we then took pictures of us jumping lar.. running lar.. the jumping pose was really funny as timing asyik salah jer.. penat giler! we ended up jumping all the time without stopping! hoping that we get the timing right.. (AS IF).. OH OH!!! the first picture pam took.. i secara spontan telah melompat di depan camera and TADA!!!! the picture came out cool!!! a picture of me dengan muka gembira nya melompat! :) it's in my facebook.. hehe! after that.. my jump suma tak jadi... (hampa).. oh, masa kitorang tengah bersuka ria tuh.. suddenly aimran n johan were there... i guess they were there with ija n all.. kitorang tak sedar kut.. well, both of 'em joined us and lawak giler.. at first, johan couldn't do the jump thingy... and he proved us all wrong when after that almost all gambar lompat dia sorang jer yang jadi... kekiasu-an melanda dirinya??? mungkin... hehehe.. macam2 pose kitorang try mlm tuh... kelakar sangat.. ija n her frens dah pergi kat tepi padang borak2.. kitorang masih kat tgh padang posing cam orang gila.. hehehee.. and okay here i have to admit.. i was kinda loud.. ok.. not kinda.. mmg loud lar masa tuh.. serap said that he could only hear my voice jer masa tuh... FINE serap... aku agak hyper malam tuh okay... biarlah sekali-sekala aku nak hyper kat kolej.. i was just having a little bit of fun that's all.. and it was worth every second!!!! i'm really gonna miss that night!!! haih..
tomorrow night i will be attending Students' dinner!! yay! hopefully that dinner will be a yay too.. this time the number of people going is about 70 something jer.. tapi takper.. i've got my girlfrens with me! should be fun! lalala... okay.. i think i wanna go and deal with something right now.. gotta clear things up.. adios amigos!!!! meet again we shall.. :p

Sunday, 15 June 2008


*this was suppose to be yesterday's post.. but suddenly there was no internet connection so couldn't post it y'day

I AM FREEE!!!!!! :) a levels is over!! woo hoo!! so right now, i'm in the mood to talk about what i did after my a levels!!!! yay!!!! not in the mood to talk about what happened before that.. SO ANYWAY... i watched P. Ramlee the musical last night!!!! IT WAS GREAT!!!! didn't know Liza Hanim has such a great voice!! and good acting skills tuh... the dancers were great! rasa macam nak join jer tau! oh oh! and there was this part where they sang the song "horee horee" by sudirman.. and i sang along cam tak kesah pun orang lain dengar ker tak.. well they didn't hear me sing lah.. BUT lalalala! i love that song.. it always makes me happy!i slept over shika's place that night.. and gosh.. best giler ok her condo cause u get to have a view of KL!!!! mlm kl lawa gak ar... slept at 2.30am cause watched Juno... cute ar cerita tuh! the next morning.. online and googled for Daniel Henney!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH DANIEL HENNEY!!! HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good looking!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously.... hehehe... KALAH RAIN TAU!!! and for me to say that is like.. WHAT THE?! some of my frens would know about it lah... cause i cam gilekan rain tuh.. oh sambung cerite, dah google daniel... then shika n i watched some commercials that featured daniel.. AND THEN.. we found this other guy who goes by the name Dennis Oh.. AND OH MY GOD... sama giler cam Daniel Henney!!! both of them are mixed korean n american.. and they speak fluent english!!!! cam hebat giler babs ar! haih.. how i wish i'll have a boyfren like that... i'll be the happiest girl on earth! hehehehe...
we walked around telawi street in the morning just now.. sampai melecet kaki!!!! nak beli slipper.. but then takder yang lawa.. sooo.. melecet pun melecet lah.. went window shopping for what to wear on students dinner.. nothing interest me... guess i'll have to find what to wear kat One Utama jer lah kut.. outing with mommy dearest!! yay!! i miss my mom.. my dad.. home.... my cats!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rindu rumah!!!!!!!!!!! FYI, i'm in my chalet right now.. alone... huhu.. hehe.. nak teman fiza.. kalau tidak dia sorang2 mlm nih.. baik kan kite? HAHAHAHAHA.... :)
haih.. can't believe a levels dah habis... one more week left in kolej.. i'm gonna miss this college a lot!!!! cepat sungguh 2 tahun itu berlalu... :'( i bet i'm gonna cry nanti.. SURE PUNYA.. hahah... ohh.. i think i'm an overly sensitive girl... watched this Korean movie called "Seducing Mr. Perfect".. (that's when i saw daniel henney)... and i cried at this one part.. and puvvana was like.. WHAT?! cause the whole movie is like.. a romantic comedy.. well, comedy dia sket jer pun... :)
OH!! I NEARLY FORGOT!!! we went to bangsar village 2 sekali tau.. AND AND MASUK MASUK JER KAN!!! there were 3 Lotus cars laid in front of us!!!!!!!!!! i was speechless!!!!! the middle one buruk gile tapi.. it was like.. flourescent greenish yellow.. but the other 2.. WOOOHHH.. black Lotus Europa s or 5.. i dunno and a normal grey lotus! i just love supercars.. okay.. i think i wanna go watch some anime now... adios amigos! maybe i'll update on other stuff tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! i miss uuuuuu sooooo much blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe.... seriuosly i do miss blogging!!! ok, so i just finished my Economics paper 4!!!! finally!!! i'm not suppose to blog till i finish all my papers but i can't help it!! i just had to blog today!!! my paper just now wasn't all that good.. the Data Response was tough!!!! i know some might say it's relatively OKAY.. but TO ME.. it was tough.. i went blank.. and i crapped... my essay on the hand was ok lar.. takderlah hebat mana... i didn't have any conclusion (kebongekan diriku) and worst.. i knew about the HDI n MEW as i had put it in before in one of the essay i did.. HOWEVER, JUST NOW.. i didn't put it in... DANGGGGGGGGG ITTTTTTTT WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAARRRRRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!! tapi apakan daya.. dah lepas kan.. kite berdoa jer lah.. betul tak?? don't u agree with me? (yer saya tau kamu semua setuju).. oh well, that's it for now.. i gotta do some maths.. esok ada P3... then friday ada S2... pastuh next tuesday ada accounts paper 4!!! huhu.. another tough paper tuh... AND THENNNNNNN... next friday.. FRIDAY THE 13TH (OoOoHH) is my last day of exam!!!!! wooooooooo hoooooooooooo bergembiraaaaaaa lalalala! teruk betul kan, baru habis satu paper dah berangan dah nak habis semua.. k k, wanna go freshen up now!! wish me luck!! and i hope u alls (ikut cara Lawi) will keep reading my "interesting" blog!! cause i have loads of stuff to talk about.. can't blog about it now.. we shall meet again after my exam dear blog.. :)