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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Spain trip go bye bye

i know i've said that the previous post will be the last till i finish my xm. BUT.. i feel so devastated right now. I'm not going to Spain this June. i've planned it, i was excited about it and then BAM, i'm not going. WHY?! WHY?! well, lemme just say, health is more important than holiday no?? it's the Swine Flu people.. selsema babi tuh.. mmg babi pun. kacau jer plan org. anyway yea, my fren emailed the embassy there and ask the condition of it like last month i think and she got their reply yesterday and they adviced us not to go. Hence, we decided not to go. yer lah, nanti kalau dah kena haaa kan dah. but but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i was really looking forward for it!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa urgh! dah lar.

hmm, as the saying goes... better safe than sorry...

k, off for subuh prayers! :) awal gila doh.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

i too will finish my exams.. > |

Yes people, my exam is just around the corner!!!! some peeps i know have finished their exams!!!! some are in the exam period and me?? well, my exam starts on May 28th and ends on June 17th! JUNE 17TH OKAY!!!! cam pahal lambat sangat!?! urgh!! everyone else will be over and done with by then! i'm kinda stressed out as i haven't finished revising my modules. i have 5 papers and i've only finished revising one of the modules. That's because i had a test on it a few weeks back. and did u know what was the average percentage mark for that test?? 45% !!!! 45% okay!!! what did i get?! borderline pass.. nasib baik pass! thank god! nasib baik that topic will not be asked in the exam. but still have to practice for the other topics right?! RIGHT! heih..

i haven't touch the modules that require writing long essays. I SUCK AT ESSAY WRITING! i mean, fiction is fine.. non-fiction?! the horror the horror.. i've been getting between 50% - 65% for my essays so far.. :( ngeng betul.

i can't wait for my trip to Spain! HOPEFULLY everything will go well for my exam.. so i can enjoy my trip with ease and then when i head back home, HOME SWEET HOME.. i long for u, xm results will be mailed to me and and and when i get good results... I'LL BE MUCH MUCH MORE HAPPIER!!!!

home + good food + family + friends + good results = A VERY VERY HAPPY ME!

therefore my dear blog, i shall not blog for quite awhile and try my best to FOCUS! (which i doubt to be 100%) but still FOCUS! aight, till my exams end... miss me! xx

Friday, 15 May 2009


(that's me if i was a sun).. hehe. bright and happy. I've just finished my management presentation and i feel really really happy right now!!!! i feel so relief that it's over! yay!!!!! (clap clap clap) i was so freaking nervous before going the lect. theatre with 3 other groups members. we were all nervous i think. we had our own small cheer going on before going in. all went well, i think i went a bit too fast in the beginning. u see, i tend to talk really fast when i'm nervous or really excited. hehe. i thought i was gonna get a heart attack or something when my friend before me was about to end her part. my heart was beating really really fast. never felt that nervous before. maybe cause there's marks for this presentation. well, then the 2nd time for my turn to present i slowed it down. hehe. All in all with all our hardwork in making this presentation a success. i think it was definitely a success!! the markers liked it. (thumbs up for that!). and we liked it too. it couldn't have been better! Alhamdulillah.
Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat, malaysia maju rakyat selamat... hahaha anyone remembers this song?!?selalu keluar kat RTM 1 kut dulu. hehehe. damn random lah me.

ohmigosh! yes! last sunday, i planned a surprise party for Nadia and Syazwan
! and it was a success!! here's a picture of the birthday cake! That's the Clone Trooper from Star Wars!!! i wanted that for my birthday.. but on my birthday i'll be in malaysia, Iqa said to buy it for them. huhuh. takperlah. hehe. it even tastes good!! the cake was erm those normal ones but with raspberry jam in the middle. nice! I had everyone to gathered at my flat to help fry the nuggets and blow the balloons. Iqa then went to Nadia's flat and told her that she accidentally left her keys in her room and lost my number. hahhaha! she went on and on when nadia didn't even know what iqa was talking about! in the end, nadia just went "so where do u want me to go?" haha! senang gila. after that, when i let them in the flat, i just talked to nadia while walking towards the kitchen and then Surprise! we sang happy birthday to nadia AND syazwan. that really got syazwan surprised. cause his birthday was way back, but we didn't celebrate it cause he was in london the whole of easter break. it was fun! hope they had fun too!

okie dokie! now i must go and start on the poster for the farewell dinner. so i'll have time for other important things! till then, toodles! ;)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

my obsession with......

ok, i decided not to post up the pics YET.... cause i'm soooooo lazy to do it. i've been extremely busy and am still am.. well not as busy as before but still am!!! i've just submitted my report!!! yay!!! and now i'm preparing for my management presentation next week. I'VE ONLY GOT 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS LEFT TILL MY FIRST PAPER!!!!! GOSH!!! damn u cute countdown! (siapa suruh letak kan..) hehe :P. anyway, there'll be a farewell dinner most probably on the 16th of May and i'm in charge of food and decorations! the theme is Retro Flashback! i'm sooo excited! it's the hippies era. sooo PEACE DUDE.. :) . so yes, with that, presentation and studies! wooh! one busy bee alright!
hmm, it has been raining the whole day today! saya hampa. oh oh, this may seem really random but but, ada this one group of guys in my lecture and they're all international students in that one gang. One Italian, 3 frenchs, one norwegian, one indian, and one is from i think he's from cyprus.. they are all intelligent and goodlooking. if they seat in a row in the lecture cam waahhhhhh.... hahahha! :P

ANYHOO, referring to my title of this post. i was once obsessed with this South Korean pop singer, dancer, model, AND actor named Jeong Ji-Hoon or better known as RAIN!!!! wooooohhh!!!! haahhahaha! started after i watched Full House. i had his pictures all over my room back in college. open my cupboard and pap gambar rain kat cermin.. my walls where i have some words to motivate myself, a few of rain's pics around it. hahahhaha! AND THEN.. i even did a presentation on Rain!! it was for IELTS.. and miss rena let us pick our topic on what to talk about. so i talked about Rain! i even printed out pictures of him and passed it around the class for them to look at. hahahahhaha! boon seong would surely remember this presentation of mine. :P all my pictures of rain are now gone cause my old laptop went kaput and since there were no backups. yea. gone.. gone (n'sync).. one of my sad memories. :(. oh! he came to malaysia once, for his asian tour concert. i really really really wanted to go BUT i had to go back to college. nangis kut masa dlm kereta! hahaha. i got the poster jer cause my sister's boss went to the concert.. and she got the RM1000 punya ticket for free! she didn't even know who Rain was!!!!! felt like banging my head to the wall when i heard that. mmg masa tu jealous gila ar.. hahhaa. kesian soraya. well now, i'm not SO obsessed with Rain anymore cause he totally changed his look tak sukaaaaaa :( not cute anymore.. looks a bit scary too.. with the long hair and all so buffed up like Ninja Turtle. hmph. however, Full House 2 is coming soon.. hopefully he'll be the oh-so-cute Rain again! ngeee :)

so then, after rain, i'm now a lil bit.. well i don't think i'm obsessed with him yet (belum sampai tahap tu lagi).. with Daniel Philip Henney!!!! this one.. mmg omggilahandsomesmartoOOoOhawt! ahhahhhhahha! i can't remember how i found out about him. i think it was after watching Seducing Mr. Perfect which i have to say.. he IS Mr. Perfect in that movie... or when i was with Shika youtubing for something and we stumble on daniel henney.. then after that dua-dua org tersengih-sengih tgk si henney tuh. hahahahahahah!! oh the memories... :D anyway, it seems that he's not that hot in Wolverine according to some of my reliable sources :) . but i don't care.. he's Henney!! he's not even my bf and i get all protective about it when one of my friends suddenly became sooo into him.. hahhaha! dasyat kan? tuh lar. haha. my friend saw him in person before.. and she said he was such a gentleman! score! ahhahaha! Iqa told me about Lee Min Ho, another korean actor. very nice smile. tapi cam.. i dunno, there's something wrong. hahahha. me no likey but she likes him. WHY are all these korean actors so cute!! or hot!!! WHY don't the koreans in my uni look like them?! WHHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!?!!!!?! huhhuhu.

ohmegosh, i better go now! it's already 11pm! need to do work!! bloggy made me procrastinate.. ish ish. byeeee now!! :D