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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

the blues vs. the yellows.. :D

this is a story of a girl (come sing with me! if u know the words) lalala teringat zaman junior masa battle of the bands.. ANYWAY, this is a story of a girl.. with one of her bestfriends. supposedly yesterday night they were suppose to watch the World Drum Festival at Sunway Pyramid.. that late afternoon.. as they were discussing on what time they should meet up.. and whether they're gonna watch The Journey to the center of the earth in 3D or not, both of them got a msg from one of their frens... and this particular fren apparently had 2 extra tickets to watch the match between Chelsea FC and Persatuan Bola Sepak Malaysia (yea saya cinta malaysia!).. so the girl quickly called up her bestfren n ask her.. which one are we going??! and her bestfriend couldn't decide as well.. so she asked her mom.. n her mom went like CHELSEA LA!! bila lagi nak tgk?! sooo it has been decided.. they were going to the match!!! and apparently those free tickets.. weren't just any free tickets.. they were VIP tickets!! woo hoo!!!! the match started at 8.45pm and they arrived at the stadium at 8.40pm.. due to some delays.. so they quickly hurried up to the stadium and look for the entrance.. they seriously didn't have any idea on where they should go.. so they asked someone in charge there and the man told them that their entrace is on the opposite side of the stadium.. soo they ran to the other side.. however, once they got to the other side.. they still couldn' find the VIP entrance!!! so they ran here n there.. they could hear the crowd inside cheering loudly and they were really excited but they're still not inside!! so they quickly ask anyone they saw at the gates and ask them where's the entrance? and FINALLY... there it is!!! the gate to the vip seats! woo hoo!!! they saw tons n tons of people! but as they reached the vip seats.. wasn't that pack,, but thankfully the people who sat around them were as high spirited as them as well!

as they watch the game.. one of the man in the front row stood up and shouted GO MALAYSIA!!! and guess what?! it was Jason Lo!!! they were surprised to see him there..n nearly missed a shot from chelsea but thank god it wasn't a goal.. if not that would be kinda frustrating.. i mean didn't saw the goal cause they were distracted by an artist.. shessh.. hehe.. they cheered for both teams.. whoever who seems to be having the ball... they would cheer for them.. but after 2 goals from chelsea.. they cheered for Malaysia all the way.. :D a bit dissapointing to watch the malaysian team played.. they should put more effort into it.. more strength! the ball just went lalalala into the goalkeeper's hands.. haih.. nyway, a man who sat in front of the girls went like "hoi tak reti main bola ker?!" and the man next to them was like "bangang tul ar"... all sorts of words came out.. some were kinda funny too.. when half time was about to end.. the girl n her bestfriend went down the stairs and glued themselves to the fence to get a close up pic of the chelsea players.. but the pics turned out blurry.. huhuhu.. saw lampard and both of them went "OMG!!! LAMPARD!! GO LAMPARD!!!!!" then "omg we saw lampard" then suddenly "omg omg! Ballack!!!!!!!!!!" HAHAHAHHA.. both went gaga.. so the girl went back up to find her seat and u know those men who sat next to her the one that one of them went bangang.. yea.. those men apparently moved up to the seats in front.. so this girl thought that the row that the men were now sitting at.. was her row too.. BUT she saw the man who sat in front of her was now sitting at her place..so with full confidence she told the man that he's sitting on her seat.. he stood up and looked at his seat n made a face at the girl.. then the girl's bestfriend said "our seats are behind him, that's his seat"... so the "now really embarassed" girl.. quickly went to the seat behind him n sat there covering her face behind her friend.. she apologised to the man.. but he jsut ignored her.. so she got quite upsat about that man being rude.. but later during the game.. as everyone was sooo into the game.. all cheering n shouting.. the girl shouted "tendang ar! tendang!!" the man in front of her turned back and said "siapa tuh.." then when he saw that it was the girl.. he gave a smile.. and it made the girl felt a bit better as now she thinks the man maybe wasn't being rude.. maybe he didn't want the girl to feel more embarassed as she already had felt.. :P

when the malaysian team got hold of the ball and was going for the goal.. everyone just stood up and cheered like mad!! and when the ball missed the goal.. it was just soo frustrating.. but oh well, at least they had experience playing with the pros.. :D on their way back to the car.. they saw Ramli Sarip.. oh yea, during the half time.. as they were glued to the fence.. they turned right.. and saw sultan selangor.. looked bored at that time.. and a few minutes after that.. the girl saw someone who looked really really familiar going up the stairs followed by a few man in black suits and jackets.. another VVIP? her bestfriend then said that he was sultan pahang.. guess those men were his bodyguards.. coolios!! so, the girls had a great time watching the match! a really really BIG THANK U to their fren who got those free tickets!!!!it was their first time watching a football match at the stadium and they hoped there will be more to come! maybe in the UK.. insya-allah :)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

life.. oh life.. ohhh lifeee

i'm gonna watch the World Drum Festival on July 29th with Pam n Fatin(maybe)!!!! it will be held at Sunway Pyramid, starts at 8.30pm.. anyone who wants to come along?! jom jom!!! lalala! oohhhh, yesterday i saw nicole david during her squash training at the Curve!!!!!!!!!!! coolios!!! :P i can't believe i saw her in person.. she doesn't look as muscular as shown in the papers or adverts u see along the roads! she looks normal.. quite pretty actually.. but it was fun to watch her play even if it wasn't the real game.. tak sempat tgk the game however, cause i had to go back.. but i don't care cause i saw her!! :P hehe.. i went to Pavillion for the first time today!! very high end shops there if u get what i mean... cam ada discount pun masih tak bleh afford.. buat frust jer kan? takper2.. just wait till i'm a working woman... i'll make sure i'll get a good bonus! hehehe.. (nothing wrong dreaming about it right?).. neway, the layout of the place is really nice! love the food court too!! ate at this restaurant called Tony Roma's. the ribs served there were soooooo good!!!! sedap giler!!! and the fries were like fresh cut from the potatoes!!! there was still potato skins at the edge of the fries.. gosh it was delicious!! lovin' it.. :D went out to Rasta for dinner with azdianur n izyan just now.. rindu giler lepak ngan diorang.. and yea, dah lepas rindu dah tadi.. hahaha! gonna miss them A LOT if i go to the UK later this year.. huhuhu..

oh yeah.. speaking of frens.. someone said that i have something on with another someone.. which is totally UNtrue!! mana that person yang start tuh dapat gossip tuh pun ntahlar.. org rapat sket ngan org lain pun dah kata something on.. SHEESH!!! i enjoy my conversation with that person, that's all.. unlike some people who compliments on unnecessary things.. i made it clear to two of the people who heard about it.. and i wonder whether that person knows about all this story.. haih.. apalar... u know how some people (generally speaking) kinda avoid that person who has been claimed to like that person.. sebagai contoh.. L thought that K likes L.. and starts to avoid K.. i think it happens sometimes.. well.. i don't want that to happen just because of a stupid gossip going around.. and it's not even true.. i just want to point out that i don't like people going around my back n tell stories..

neway, i don't feel so well right now.. got bad flu and i think i'm gonna catch a fever soon.. waaaaa i don't like beeing sick!! i just feel like i want to take off my nose and put it somewhere else. k need to take a rest now.. goodnight! buenas noches!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

rhinoceros mad n happy.. ?

i've no idea what to put for the title.. thought i just put in my nickname that i sometimes use in MSN... neway, i was in a bad mood just now!!! frust lah!!!!!!!!! it's just a small matter really... i couldn't find something that i want.. i want it badly!!! i've been wanting it since i bought this top and nak pair it up with that top lar... but all the shops that went to.. semua kata dah habis.... bongek tul la!!!! masa i tak nak beli byk je jual.. now that i want it sooo much.. takder!!!!! frust tau tak?! (yer korang tak tau).. :P urgh! this small issue can make me sooo stressed up! hate this part of me! i was happy before i was looking for that thing as i bought myself a heart shapeed mould for baking.. damn it lar, still not in the mood sangat skrg.. tadi dah banjir dah jap.. i think it's because i'm really tired kut.. (went out the whole day y'day n today kena gi the curve with my mom n opah then sekali nak gi OU) my body's aching all over! had too much fun yesterday i suppose.. i think i'm gonna talk about what i did yesterday.. take my mind of my frust-ness today..

Yesterday.. (do u feel like a song coming up? hehhe) neway, yesterday i was at times square with a few of my collegemates. we went to cosmoworld.. i went there by LRT n monorail.. sooo it was my 2nd time on the LRT the last time would be masa standard brape ntah with my family.. and it was my first time on a monorail.. hehehe.. was a bit excited lar.. yay finally dah pernah naik monorail! :p and it was my second time at times square.. the first time i went there, followed my fren n sis for shopping.. kinda boring.. didn't do anything much.. so anyway, at cosmoworld, the first ride, we went for the bumper car! but masa tuh topan, haziq n serap tak join sebab datang lambat.. kesian.. then we went on the roller coaster ride i think.. best sangat!!!!! at first pam n kamal tak nak naik sebab takut.. but then after further persuasion.. diorang naik jugak.. sat next to pam! hahahah! was screaming our head off during the ride!!! ahhahahahah! "omg omg" pun semua keluar.. ahahhahah!!! when the ride ended.. pam n I kept laughing n laughing.. found it funny cause we were screaming.. pastuh dah semput.. hahaha :D but it was a thrilling experience! then we went for the spinning orbit.. i'm afraid of height sooo was a bit of a problem there.. dah lah sejuk kat atas tuh when it was spinning.. topan n ju vern could hear me going "omg omg... tinggi nyaa... waaa sejuk sejuk.. (then i looked down) omg gayat gayat!" ahahhahaha! then ju vern hit me! she actually hit me when we were up there in the air! bertuah nya budak..

after that they rode this thing which goes round n round.. since i've got migrain.. i decided not to go on it.. nanti kalau i kena my migrain nanti spoil my day jer.. so everyone else rode on it except me.. sat down next to an arab lady.. borak2 ngan dia.. she's from Qatar.. asked her why are there so many arabs here? apparently it's school holiday right now.. 3 months break.. so they come here cause it's cheap.. tapi mmg pun kan, negara arab sangat lah kaya.. kinda hard to understand what she was saying most of the time as when she spoke.. it was a mix of bahasa arab n english!! hahaha! saw my frens going on the ride.. hahaha! they looked so funny.. muka nak muntah pun ada.. hahahahaha! we also rode one of the kiddy ride.. naik cam kereta and pusing2 bapak lah bosan yg tuh.. but oh well.. hahaha! erm then.. fatin, fiqry n topan went on the DNA mixer.. fatin comel gila! fiqry maintain macho.. topan was like crazy! hahahhaha! we were all jsut watching at that time sebab most of us dah pening dah.. kesian haziq.. muka cam tak sihat giler masa tuh.. we went on the bumper car for the second time.. this time topan, haziq n serap ada sekali lar.. best giler!! mmg semua kenakan each other! giler betul.. had our lunch at 4.30pm.. tahan lapar tuh sebab nak naik the rides.. ahahahha!

we watched War of the Dragons.. to my frens, don't waste ur money on that movie ok.. it's not worth it! hehehe.. full of crap.. tapi takperlah.. masa tuh tgh tunggu yang lain nak datang anyway.. i really had a blast yesterday! woke up today with my arms feeling all sore.. and my back is in pain! can't really lean back.. inilah masanya untuk gunakan yoko yoko.. yea woo hoo! hehehe.. i'm feeling a wittle bit better now.. (my mood i mean).. i think i wanna take a nap and read a book.. need to restore back my energy! not gonna let anyone spoil my relaxation.. if anyone does.. god, kacau gila my mood balik.. huhuhu.. k adios

Sunday, 20 July 2008

boom de ya dah!

what's boom de ya dah?! WELL my dear frens, it's a song from the Discovery Channel's commercial.. saw it at the cinema.. and liked it.. kinda catchy.. masuk you tube cari.. click on the 1:01 clip.. :) neway, yesterday i tried making peach crumble.. used some recipe from the internet.. tapi tak jadi! was really really frustrated.. so i tried again today using another recipe from the internet, this time was from Nigella Lawson's website.. jadi la.. my mom likes it.. i think it's because dia mmg suka peaches pun.. i tasted it.. not really fond of it.. but at least boleh dimakan ar hehehe.. 10 points for my effort?? YESSS... hehehe.. next week or this week kut.. my mom will be giving me cooking lessons.. haih.. takperlah.. would be fun! cause i love being in the kitchen! experiment sana sini.. kesian my mom.. hahahahah! i think i want a boyfriend who can cook.. yeap, that'll be one of the criterias!! suka suka suka.. ;) oh oh, gotta go to ampang now! gonna meet my grandaunty.. she's soooo cool!! the last time i saw her, which was like about 10 years ago maybe.. she had this big hairdo with red framed glasses and she looked at me closely with those magnified eyes and went "oohhh dah besar dah".. wonder how she looks like now! gonna find out later.. aight! till then.. i love the whole world! and all its sights n sounds! boom de ya dah boom de ya dah boom de ya dah boom de ya dah! :p

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Happy day

today i went out with Ju Vern n watch The Dark Knight! best lah movie tuh!!! super gempaks!.. hehehe.. well, this is my opinion lar.. i think it was great!! but one of the dudes next to me said "we pay this much to watch THIS movie?!"... well different people have different taste right? :) met a lot of my school frens today!!!! before going in the cinema.. met yi ping and grace.. in the cinema.. i didn't realise that the boy who was sitting next to me was wei jin until the movie ended and the lights came on then i heard someone going "raje!" i was like.. "oh my god!! wei jin!!!! ahhaahah" then suddenly another voice went "hey raje".. and it was mak yuen joon!!! i call him Mak tho.. :D he looks soooo different as he has got long hair.. very girlish i must say! after walking out of the cinema.. someone grabbed me by the arm and it was Yuen Yen! one of my ex-schoolmates as well! rasa cam miss popular gituh.. HAHHAHAHHA! kidding kidding.. well OU jer kan.. near my home.. Taman Tun Dr. Ismail is my kampung.. it's where i grew up! am proud of it!!! it feels nice to meet old frens.. eventhough it was just for a brief moment :D okies, i think that's all for today.. kesimpulannya, the dark knight was A W E S O M E!!!! gonna watch horror movie with mom now.. adios amigos!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

trip to singapore!!

the day after BTN, i flew to singapore together with Fatin n Shika.. later that night we were joined by fatin's fren, Nadia. mmg berani lah minat tuh dtg singapore sorang2 naik bus.. respect babe! once we reached singapore.. we checked in and baring2 golek2 jap then we walked to Orchard Road.. took about 10 min.. but i don't mind cause we got to c all the nice condominiums n hotels on the way there.. we stayed in singapore for 3 days.. cam tak cukup jer cause we didn't go to Sentosa Island.. but it's ok i guess.. cause it's kinda expensive to go there.. neway, orchard road cam best ar.. all the posh shops are there.. u just name the brand.. it's there.. the cars that passed by.. most of em made me go all excited!!! the new nissan skyline.. gosh lawa gila.. and it was next to me masa kat tepi jln.. cam.. waaaaaaaaaa nakkk... BMW sports car kat situ cam bersepah jer.. fairlady lagi lah.. porsche.. haih.. i went crazy over the cars.. ask fatin.. she was amused by my fascination.. hahahha! first night, we went to Newton Circus.. kinda like rasta or hartamas square.. after that nadia n fatin went to Ministy of Sound (M.O.S.).. but i tak jadi ikut.. i decided to teman shika kat hotel.. she didn't follow us out for dinner coz of some problems.. heard that MOS was really really cool.. hmm rugi gak ar tak pergi sebab kat m'sia.. 21 above jer.. oh well..

next day went to marina bay to looked at the Merlion.. then we went to marina square.. walked to esplanade theatre.. and esplanade mall.. at night we went to the Night Safari.. and after that went to Clarke Quay.. Clarke Quay is such a nice place to hang out.. mostly bars but who says we have to drink to hang there kan? we lepak2 at Clinic.. the chairs are wheelchairs!!! cool kan? and if u drink like vodka and some other drinks.. they'll serve it in the drip! instead of the thing being flown into ur body thru the skin yang kat tangan tuh kan.. u know how the drip works.. erm.. yang nih.. takder needle but u just suck the end of the tube! i think my description sounds soo confusing to u.. it's easier when u c it! oh we tried the MRT and we were sooo jakun.. hahah! didn't know how to use the card.. when actually u just tap it like touch n go.. and we tried the bus when we wanted to go to the night safari.. sangat lama.. but takper.. adventure.. :)

didn't really shop that much actually.. i think we went to most of the malls in orchard road.. except for takshimaya.. if i'm not mistaken.. it's open 24 hours.. most of the shops there ada kat m'sia.. and if u convert to RM.. it's about the same.. but i did quite a lot of shopping when i went to Bugis Street on the last day.. went to bugis junction as well.. bugis junction is also a very nice place.. unique i must say.. and outdoor bazaar with a glass roof.. and connected to the shopping mall.. a nice trip i must say... very tiring too.. cause we kept on walking here n there.. oh! i just remembered.. the esplanade library is sooooo nice.. u can borrow dvds there.. oldies, series.. anything.. ada tempat main piano.. best.. went to suntec city mall.. and was sitting down at this roundabout thingy.. ada fountain kat tgh and suddenly it started to make its own show.. musical fountain.. more or less.. it moved @ flowed following the beat of madonna's song.. can't remember what song.. it was soooo cool.. but didn't understand why it happened so sudden.. but lucky me cause i get to c it!!!! ANYWAY, to sum it all up! i had a great time in singapore!!! and finally, i've been to singapore.. :)


first of all, would like to warn yall.. this post might be a bit long.. byk nak cerita.. :)
woah!! feels like it's been sooooo long since the last time i blogged.. in the previous blog i dread the fact that i had to go to BTN right? well u know what?! i'm glad i went to BTN cause i actually had quite some fun there!! seriously! ada some activities yang best ada yang tak of course.. the latihan dalam kelas.. some tuh best la.. i liked the part where we had to play tic tac toe.. :)but penat la BTN ni.. tak cukup tidur and all.. we'll sleep after 12.. first night slept at 1.30am.. then 5am dah bgn dah.. mandi2 then gi surau.. ada kena berbaris kat the padang perhimpunan tuh.. i don't mind that.. but the one thing yang paling annoying would be this person.. an ex-commando YA ALLAH.. garang giler!! he is always shouting and marah2.. dgn wisel dia suma.. haih.. hanisah said dia sorang2 pun dia boleh buat bising.. which is sooo true! oh btw, my BTN was held at Tg. Rhu insteaed of shah alam.. glad it was tg. rhu cause apparently btn kat tg. rhu is the best place lar.. lagi lawa n all.. hehehe :D neway, then there was this other jurulatih where he loves to use the word "reput".. for example, normally people will go like.. "bodoh betul lah kamu ni!".. something like that ok.. contohnye lar.. but instead of saying bodoh.. he uses reput.. and the way he says it makes it sounds funny.. hanisah terer at saying that.. hahahah!

Kembara was the highlight of BTN!!!(from my point of view lar).. kembara is like and expedition where we had to go thru this so called "swamp" like thingy.. which STINKS really really bad!!! air dia kotor gilaaaaaa... and then we had to go thru thick bushes yang ada duri2 suma.. nasib baik seluar tebal.. our track bottoms were soaking wet.. and gosh.. we were on land then in the dirty water.. in n out.. and everywhere was all so slippery cause it rained before our kembara (the timing couldn't have been better).. during kembara.. i was with yazira, quiyah, mila, athirah, hazman, johan n faiq(intec).. i have to say, athirah mmg ckp non stop the whole 5km of kembara.. glad she was around tho, made it much more interesting! oh, ada satu part at one of the slippery parts during kembara lah, i terjatuh in a melutut style right in front of hazman and dia kecoh oohhh soraya jatuh depan aku weh.. hmph! well, better than him having a brown ass the whole way sebab jatuh terduduk!! :P then ada this one part mmg licin giler lah that bukit and we were suppose to go down into a small river quite deep tho and up the hill lar... masa nak turun tuh.. ada this intec dude yang tolong.. hahaha i have to say that dia macho giler because i hold on to him while going down the hill.. cam agak kuat jugak ar sebab boleh tmapung my weight tanpa terjatuh sekali.. he helped yazira as well.. and other girls too.. mesti dia penat giler tolong minah2 suma.. tapi macho time tuh jer la.. after that.. biasa jer.. :P wonder what's his name.. masa nak naik.. ariff tolong.. or better known as pua eh? i think so.. guna kayu hulur kat kitorang.. but still licin giler.. dah soraya tersungkur.. hahahah! malu jer.. biarlah..

everyone was soooo smelly and dirty after kembara... but it was worth every step! sebab mmg experience giler ar! i've never imagined myself doing all those stuff.. masuk dlm those kind of waters.. eewwww.. now i feel macho-er! hahahahhahaha! :p the night after kembara we had a pertandingan nyanyian lagu patriotik.. my group won!!!! kumpulan no.3 dengna lagu mereka Perajurit Tanah Air!!! mmg semangat gila kitorang.. kawat naik stage kasi tanda hormat and the part where the guys play dead and we tabur bunga.. cause the lyrics was.. andai kata kami gugur semua, taburkan bunga di atas pusara.. kami mohon doa.. everyone buat pose cam pohon doa including the boys.. and everyone started to laugh.. sebaba mati hidup balik.. we didn't c that coming.. cam tak kelakar pun masa we praticed.. oh well, we won!!! yay!! oh oh! i went absailing as well.. i think that's what it's called.. it's like those army exercises where they go down the wall using ropes! the wall was 60feet high.. i'm afraid of heights soo i was like.. pak cik.. mcam mana ni.. takut.. huhuhu.. but then it wasn't that bad once i was on the wall going down.. B'COZ.. i wasn't looking down!! i was looking up! by the time u know it.. i heard a man saying "dah dah.. dah sampai dah pun".. hahahah! and all of us wanted to do it again! btn did give me more inputs about malaysia.. and saya cintakan negara saya!!!! glad i went to BTN.. :) experience i shall never forget!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

miss me for 5 days

hello blog.. hello people who r reading my blog.. going to BTN tomorrow.. so peeps, u won't b able to reach me for these coming 5 days.. haih.. takperlah, heard that it's not THAT bad.. i hope so.. maybe my expectations of that btn thingy is sooo low that it might not be so bad after all kan? yeah.. (hehe.. making myself feel better here).. well, what to do.. ayam patuk itik sudu.. HAHAHAHA! my dad was the one who said that to me.. the malay version would be.. "apa nak buat.. tahi kambing bulat-bulat".. ahhaahahaha! cute kan.. tuhlar.. :p i'm packing right now.. so better get going with it.. a few of the funky munkies will be coming to my house tonight.. we're having pizza by the garden.. hehehe.. must teman cik soraya sorang nih sebab tak nak tinggal sorang2 kat rumah.. sebab tak diajak pergi wedding.. apalar.. people should like ajak childern above 18 jer ker kan..kalau nak bawa anak ar.. whateverlah.. i get to spend quality time with my munkies.. aight! adios chicos n chicas! wish me luck for BTN!! xoxo

Saturday, 5 July 2008

today was a very tiring day! and so are the days to come..

i had loads of fun today!!!! i went out to OU with Pam, Alifa, Fiqry, Adif, Kamal, Topan n Naomi.. celebrated Alifa's 20th birthday! watched Hancock!!! best best!!! yall should watch it! after that we ate kat shakey's n my god.. bising nya kitorang.. tapi takper.. semua bahagia :D and there was this part where Pam n I started laughing n laughing and pam's face went all red.. i think mine did too cause i felt my face getting all heated up! hahaha.. it's because we both saw something and tetiba buat eye contact and ketawa! cause she saw what i saw n vice versa ar.. lalala.. :p neway after that we went n do sticky pics!! before topan n kamal arrived we lepak2 there sementara tunggu diorang, pam n i went into almost each machine and took pictures there using our own camera! ada satu machine tuh siap ada palang2 and another one ada monkey bar lah.. dasyat betul.. neway, when all of us gi buat that sticky picture tuh.. bapak lah sempit.. first pic that we took alifa n i weren't ready.. so tak ambik lah gambar tuh.. then after that mcm2 lah gambar kitorang! oh then after that we were suppose to celebrate alifa's birthday around 4 but kitorang dah habis buat the sticky pic terawal.. so we all decided that fiqry n naomi to bawak alifa pergi jln2 while adif, pam,topan, kamal, n i pergi ambik the cake.. and we wanted to go buy party hats as well, tapi cam tak muat jer kat kepala kitorang.. x jadi beli.. masa nak part with alifa, naomi n fiqry pun susah cause cam pelik lah kan.. why tetiba nak berpisah.. so.. pam n i just made a run for it.. ahhahahaha! kesian alifa.. saw her looking at us when we were running away.. (well takderlah run.. walking at a fast pace morelike it..) punya lah lama kat toys r us sebab nak beli party hat.. last2 tak jadi pun.. beli tisu jer.. after getting the cake n all.. fiqry, naomi n alifa dah kat rainforest dah.. so we rushed to the rainforest and surprised her! alifa agak terkejut jugak ar.. but she saw the secret recipe bag from far so dia dah agak dah.. ceit! hehe.. so then we moved to secret recipe and mkn kat situh.. sebab kat rainforest cam takder kerusi.. hahahha!we had 2 party packs.. fiqry bought 'em.. and ada party poppers.. pam popped one and kamal took a picture of her and muka pam terkejut comel gila!! hahahhhaahha! kamal tak habis2 kenakan pam pasal muka terkejut dia.. kesian pam..

after that alifa n naomi went back.. fiqry n adif went to the arcade.. so tinggal lah kami berempat.. went n watch the indie youth fest sekejap.. i'm not really into it.. so we decided to go to the arcade as well.. sekali terserempak ngan fiqry and he was going back as well.. and adif apparently dah kat MPH pulak.. so pam asked him to join us kat the arcade.. before going to the arcade we decided to play foosball cause kamal never played it b4! and i think kamal amat bahagia masa main tadi.. i'm sure Kamal would agree with that.. it was the females vs. the males.. and ohmaigawd.. satu bowling alley tuh boleh dgr our voices!!! SERIOUS.. kelakar gila!!! hahahahah! padahal 4 orang jer kut! then after that, adif joined us.. so it was me, pam n adif against kamal n topan.. lawak gila ar.. bila menang siap high5 lagi semua cukup.. mcm2 betul.. after playing foosball with full enthusiasm.. adif balik.. then kitorang gi arcade jap.. AND ya allah! punyalah byk remps kat tangga tuh!!!! i've never seen them there b4 as i dah lama giler tak pergi the arcade.. cam wth.. takder keje ar budak2 nih.. ingatkan kat tangga jer.. sekali tgk atas ha kau.. bersepah kat situ.. tapi kat area yang dkt the stairs jer la.. boleh diabaikan mereka itu.. so anyway, then after that we played this shooting game.. 4 org boleh main sekali so cam agak cool gak ar.. and obviously, pam n i kalah dulu.. hehe.. pastuh i pun balik! :) penat tapi sangat fun :) went out at 10am and came back at 6pm.. lama kan.. tuh ar.. haha!

oh yeah, one thing that made me really really unhappy today is BTN.. wajib pakai tudung kat BTN!!!! why?? kalau masa tazkirah ker i understand la.. BUT why during classes as well?? bukannya belajar pasal benda2 agama pun.. it's about malaysia stuff kan?! i'm not being u know.. cam.. kurang ajar or anything ok.. but cam kenapa... and masa sports pun kena la pakai tudung kan dah kata wajib masa program.. i'm not used to wearing tudung masa sports!!! it'll be so uncomfortable! i'm not used to it!! yes i know wearing tudung is wajib.. not just during the program.. but for life right? but i was brought up u know in this way.. and cam.. to me.. i will wear tudung that's for sure.. but i will only wear it when i myself am sure that i won't take it off again.. u know how some people sekjap pakai then sekejap tak.. well i don't want to be those people.. when i'm ready.. i'll wear la.. but BTN nih.. waaaaaaaaaaa dah la orang tak minat ngan sejarah2 nih!!!!!!!!!!! 5 days man!!! sekarang nih rasa cam kalau gi camp petronas balik pun takper!! urgh! dah lar.. tak nak ckp dah pasal benda nih kat blog.. k, should take out some stuff to bring for BTN now.. ciao!!

Friday, 4 July 2008

singapore!!!! oh n my most embarassing moment..

OH MY GOD!!! FINALLY!!!i'm actually going to singapore!!! i'm soooo excited!! yay yay yay!! i'll be going to singapore with 2 of my college frens together with one of their friend next weekend!! alhamdulillah! akhirnya.. hehehe.. tapi i rasa lagi best if Pam could go with us! tuh lar pam.. haih.. i'll bring u back something then.. :) hmmm, it'll be a bit tiring tho cause i have BTN next week.. it starts on monday and finishes on Friday and then the next morning terus gi airport.. takper takper.. i'll rest there :D watched The Happening yesterday with mom.. it was not bad actually... terkejut terkejut ar cerita dia.. oh yea!!! YESTERDAY MORNING was the most embarassing moment of my life!! u wanna know what happened? of course u do.. k, went out for breakfast with my parents.. my dad gi ambik tempat duduk n he wore this black t-shirt okay.. (i have to give this detail, later u would understand why).. neway, then my mom was ordering food at the counter and i was behind my mom.. asking her to order roti canai.. i didn't realise that my dad had sat down at the table at the corner of the shop.. there was this other dude.. who wore the same colour as my dad.. style baju pun sama and he sat down near the table where i was standing.. SO, with full confidence i just sat down in front of him while looking at my mom.. so i didn't realise who i was sitting with UNTIL i look in front and he gave me this weird smile like "ermm.. ek eh budak nih".. then i went like.. "OH!" i covered my mouth cause i was practically laughing and MALU GILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and raaaannnnnnn to my dad which i baru nampak duduk kat mana!!! malu giler okay.. my god.... and there were these 2 man who sat near that table and they saw my moment of embarassment and just laughed.. bongek! malu tau tak!! i told my dad what happened and he just smiled.. i was going.. omg malu nya omg omg.. still covering half of my face.. hahahahah!! heih.. never have i felt so embarassed in my life! neway, i think i better start packing for BTN today.. tomorrow will be just a busy day.. have an outing with collegemates and on sunday there'll be a wedding to attend and on sunday night.. pizza with frens at the garden! (well hopefully) and then on monday?? YES.. BTN BEBEH! (hitting head).. hehe.. drama sikit.. :p

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

cantonese style fried yee mee

why that as the title?? saje jer.. i had that for dinner just now :) yesterday i went to c one of my bestfrens who just got back from the UK.. tengah jetlag pun masih nak jumpa org.. hahaha! oh well, i guess she missed me! :P she kinda has a slang now.. tapi baru one year kat UK.. maybe cause she's always around the english peeps? well, it was nice to c her after a year.. ANYWAY, i watched The Covenant just now on HBO.. it's about 4 teenage wizards against this one evil wizard.. among those 4.. one of them is the hero lar.. and ohmaigawd 3 of the 4 wizards are oh so good looking!!!!!! macho dan hensem gila! hehehe.. kemas2 my room just now, it looks better now! yay! all i need now is a cabinet to keep my old toys which are now all kept in this HUGE box in my room... sakit mata memandang.. i shall display it in the soon to be cabinet of mine! memories bebeh..

i bought 2 books today... Mayada Daughter of Iraq and The Bad Mother's Handbook.. both are totally different from each other.. i mean of course lah different.. as in.. one's a bit serious even the cover is dark and mysterious (i.e. Mayada).. where as the other has a picture of an animated baby crying on the cover.. and it's brightly coloured... cheerful i guess.. can't wait to read em.. however not gonna read it tonight.. esok start.. speaking of books.. there's this book i've read before called The Ex-boyfriend's Handbook which i find really interesting and funny.. it's about this dude who was left by his gf.. and u know that ever so famous breakup line the "it's not you.. it's me". well in this book.. it's "it's not ME.. IT'S YOU".. pity the dude la! kesian dia.. he tries his very best to get the girl back.. and that's when the story starts! best gila.. cara dia suma.. and he has a bestfren who happens 2 b a chick magnet!.. dia frust menonggeng jer sentiasa.. and he's kinda on the plump side.. so he tries to lose weight too.. best lar buku tuh.. i didn't spoil the story okay.. there's more.. it's worth buying that book if u ever happen to come across it.. i borrowed it from my sister's boss :) i think i shall go n look for it.. hehe!
i'm off to the cinema tomorrow evening with my mom.. thought i should take my mom out to the movies.. i've never watch a movie with my mom b4.. i mean just the two of us.. usually my dad will come along too.. mother daughter bonding! :p

erm, i would like to make a confession here.. there was this poster that the kyuem football club kut yang buat.. for the kyuem football interhouse competition.. yea.. the one that has KAKA's picture.. i think it's an adidas promo picture.. I took that poster yea.. kepada orang yang telah print poster itu.. sorry.. but i just can't help it.. i really like kaka.. hehe.. and poster tuh gambar dia sorang jer.. at least u have it in ur laptop yea.. :) hope u don't mind! thought i just let it out.. why now? oh cause i was putting up pictures of erm.. good looking people on my cupboard.. hehehe.. LALALALA.. aight, i think that's enough for today!! adios amigos!