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Monday, 5 December 2011

MTP site visits!!!

As you know, (if u don't well now u know :p) I'm now a Management Trainee in Sime Darby. So for the first two weeks, we had site visits and also team building camp.

I would like to talk about the Site visits that I went to. It was awesome!
we went to all 6 divisions tho I won't be talking about all 6. booosan nanti. hahaha.

Plantation: we went to sime darby plantation and I got to see up close how the buah kelapa sawit looks like and hold it. ok, for the record, i always see this sime darby plantation sign by the road side yea. and yes i do know it's all palm trees. oil palm but i've never got to hold the huge big fruit before. so it was cool. we also visited the refinery, their R&D and the mills. the smell is a bit funky tho at the refinery. gave me a slight headache. haha. bet the people who work there are all immune to the smell.

Motors: at motors, daaaammnnn it was freaking cool. So we heard a rumor that we will be going to visit Porsche but then the bus dropped us off in front of Hyundai instead. we were quite sad about that. then one of us asked the guy who was giving the presentation at Hyundai whether we're goin to Porsche and he said "what?! nooo. u are not. just hyundai." then his boss came in and blurted out "when are they going to porshe?" hahahahha he was like winking like crazy to ohis boss but too late! we knew we were heading to Porsche after that. everyone got all hyped up about it after that. at Porsche, we all wanted a test drive but we couldn't. so we thought, fine at least we got to go to porsche and check out all the bad ass cars. then after the presentation at porsche, we had a tour around and we were told to go to the pre-delivery inspeciton area 2 km away. then the woman in charge told us that there's 2 cayenne and one panamera here, choose
which car u want to ride in and we're good to go. we were all speechless like.. wait.. what did she say. so i asked her "are u serious?" and she was like YES. woot!!!! ahahahaha. i got into the cayenne S and on the way back i rode in the panamera. obviously we didn't get to drive the cars but good enough!!! porsche road trip! hahaha. we felt sooooo cool. :p

Industrial: at industrial, another awesome experience!!! I got to drive a Wheel Loader!!! i don't have the picture me driving it, cause it's with the HR lady but this is a wheel loader.

voila! hahah i was super excited to drive this big baby. felt sooo happy after that.

So, that's it. right now i'm in my first job rotation with Sime Darby Industrial under Tractors Material Handling. haven't started work yet as when i came in they were about to for their own team building camp, so i had to join (i just got back yesterday, it was beyond awesome) but that i shall save for another post, a whole different story! I'm super tan now. anyhoo, tomorrow will be the first day of working life!!!! woot!!!


p/s: really need to get some pictures!!! all words and no interesting pictures are making me feel bored with my own blog. :(