Where art thou?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

AUNTY Soraya ;)

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to be an aunty!!!!! yes peeps, my sister is expecting a baby this coming September!!!! and most probably due on the 19th!!! AND WHEN'S MY BIRTHDAY?? THE 17TH!!!!!!!!! I was soooo excited when she told me when the baby's due!! well, i am still excited lar. wahhh i'm so happy!!!! if the baby's born on the 17th.. AND it's a girl.. habislah chor (i call my sister, chor btw..) hahhaa. cause my sister has a fren who was born on the 17th as well, and my mom said in terms of behaviour, we're more or less the same ar. hahahhaha! but i tell u, most Virgos i know are LOUD.. beat it girl/boy. anyway, i just hope he/she will born on the 19th like the doctor said. then i ada gang untuk celebrate!!!! happy happy joy joy!!

i found out about this great news last monday as i SKYPEd with my darling sis. and when she showed me the scanned picture.. there was this dot and a yellow circle, circling it. my sister apparently circled it to show where it is. i was like.. WHERE IS IT? then she said.. the one that i bulatkan lah. then i went "U MEAN THAT DOT?!" hehehehhe.. walaupun hanya satu DOT.. it brings a lot of excitement alright!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!! can't wait to go baby shopping!!! i've been telling all my frens here.. bila lah kakak kite nak pregnant.. everytime i passed by all these really really cute baby outfits.. i was like.. haih, so cute. AND NOW.. THE TIME HAS COME!!!!! baby department! here i come! hehehe. well, i'll go when i'm free lar. hehe.

and now, i'm off to do some work! and right now i can't stop listening to this song called Honey by JYP (korean).. makes me wanna move it move it! hehehe. ciao chicos n chicas!

Friday, 9 January 2009

essays smashays

why do i have to write essays??? it's not like when i work later on, i'm gonna have to write 2500 words and present it to my boss right?? currrently, i have to write one and its deadline is on the 30th of Jan. i could've finished it by this week coz i've got back frm my trip on the 1st BUT.. BUTT? hehe BUT due to me being a procrastinator, i've managed to do an intro yesterday. waaaaaargh!!! teruknya. this is just me releasing my frustration! i feel so lazy but i must not!! waaaaaa. i never liked writing essays. ever since i was in primary school!! essay is my no. one enemy! unless like those fiction type of essays.. yea, that i don't really mind. but non-fiction, bluergh. so what am i doing here blabbering about all this gibberish to u bloggy! cause i feel like it. yea man. huhuhu. having my lunch right now, jacket potatoes with bbq chicken and fries! i love fries! love it love it love it. oh well, essay here i come!!! aim to write 600 words today!! gam-ba-te soraya!!!! yeaaaaa!!!! woot woot! semangat!!! -end-

Sunday, 4 January 2009

a stranger who took my photo!

that's Hyde Park btw. well, part of it. Anyway, i was all alone sitting on the bench on the phone with my fren okay, when i was busy talking with my fren, a woman who was holding her SLR walked in front of me. i saw her but just ignore her well. yea.. just a passer by right?! WRONG. huhu. after she passed by, i saw her looking at me. i was like.. errr.. ?? she then took her SLR and just snap snap snap. siap focus focus lagi. then went to my right side pulak.. focus focus taking shots with her SLR. i was like.. WTH WTH.. hahhahahhaha. i kept on laughing and smiling cause it felt sooooo weird and awkward! i was telling my fren.. apa perempuan ni buat?! knowing that she doesn't understand Malay. hehe. pelik siut. wonder how the pictures turned out tho. elok kah??

after that, as i was walking around.. i saw her again.. she was taking pictures of all the random things. the rollercoaster, the people around n etc. after awhile, i bumped into her again, she was in front of me drinking and she put her bag on the table in front of me and i saw a tag which was written her name, job, address and contact no. apparently she was a professional writer and photographer! yea, that explains it!!! can't remember her name now tho. agak panjang gituh. the reason why i was walking around hyde park alone was they had this fun fair called Winter Wonderland going on and Ju-Vern had a part-time job selling hotdogs at some german hot dog stand. so, thought i'd followed her n hang around there for awhile. :) k, thought i share some things i find interesting in my life. heheh. (yea, getting my picture taken by some random person)

Friday, 2 January 2009


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! hello 2009! :D celebrated new year at Embankment, overlooking the London Eye! it was nice! not THAT great.. but nice! :) my new year resolution is to not procrastinate n not be so shy! hahahhaha. fighto-oh!

i just came back from London yesterday around 3pm. had a good trip! manchester was nice. got to meet my cousin, his wife n baby! met up with Yasirah n Hawa Fatin as well!! Hawa was my tourist guide as Yasirah was sick. wrong timing lar yas to get sick. huhuhu. was really frustrated tho cause i didn't get to go to Old Trafford Stadium! waaaaa. cause it was raining. so cam kalau pergi pun tak boleh nak tangkap gambar byk2. lucky manchester is just an hour from lancs by train. will go there one weekend! hehe. went to Primark (had to c what's all the big fuss about primark), the museum, and ate Faluda(refer to pic, it consists of vanilla ice-cream, something like chendol but pink, strawberry milk? and selasih!) at Moonlight(ice-cream shop). the taste? quite good.

Met up with Alifa in notts! oh and her whole family was there as well! hahaha. met up with Fiqry n Laila as well. Laila was not feeling well tho, kesian. Fiqry tak payah ckp ar, sihat or x sihat, sure ada kat situ. stayed at Jannah's room. THANK U JANNAH!! hopefully i didn't mess it up or anything. i went ice-skating with alifa, her siblings and fiqry. alifa n fiqry are both in ice-skating classes! isn't that cool!!! i want to go for those classes as well!!!! kenapa lancs takder ice-skating class. haih. well, tempat nak ice skate pun takder kan. oh hampa... :(. oh well. next to the place where we ice skate, was where concerts are held. saw posters of rihanna, chris brown and others. cool lah! went to this thing called the tales of robin hood and bought my self a teddy bear dressed up like robin hood! kawaii! watched Twilight as well when i was there. the vampire was kinda creepy, the way he looks at the girl but sometimes at some angel, waaahhhh cair cair. hehe. well, he was cedric diggory! woot woot! oh yea, there was this one time when we were all walking in town heading to meet up with alifa's parents, i heard someone calling out "Melayu! Melayu!".. i was like.. "WHAT THE.." i turned back and looked. it was alifa's mom calling out at us! hahahhahahahah! kelakar gila! she called alifa's name but none of us heard, so she said, she new if she called us that, we were bound to look back! so true! hebat lah aunty!! hahhaha!

After that, off to Bath with Alifa! met up with Mariam (my primary schoolmate) there! Bath is such a nice place!!!! it's so classic with the old buildings everywhere. i like it! went to Roman Bath, Fashion Museum and took a walk at the Uni. the sports centre was the bomb! if i have that sports centre at my place, i would go 4 times a week! it's sooooo big and cool! they even have a trackfield!! oh!mariam's frens cooked nasi lemak and even made nasi kerabu! t'was nice. went to this shop called Ben's cookies and gosh their cookies are soooooo good! didn't go and look at the Stonehenge tho, coz mariam didn't wanna go. I'll go there next time. i wanna c it. :)

hmmm this pic's not that clear is it. oh well, this was at the Roman Bath. :D

Last stop, was London! Alifa went back to Notts tho. Stayed for a few days with Iqa at St. Paul's Youth Hostel which was really near the Cathedral. Gosh, the bell was SO loud! the room was not bad at all, just love the way the bunk beds were layed out. on the 27th i stayed with Ju-Vern till new year. nyway, on xmas day, Iqa & i walked to trafalgar square, waterloo, piccadilly circus, oxford street, and etc. very tiring. oh i had subway twice! finally dapat jugak subway halal. :) on boxing day i went shopping at Westfield! whee! bumped into Hamid there. didn't expect to bump into anyone i know there assuming that most people i know would sure head for oxford street. but he said it was good i didn't go there cause there were too many people. so woo hoo! tp kat Westfield pun lebih kurang jer. line nak bayar pjg giler! it's so stressful. huhuhu. didn't shop that much actually, i mean throughout my stay in london. got all the stuff that i wanted like a handbag and a pair of high heels. ada lagi lar but u don't need to know all. went to Harrods! bought a teddy! kawaii! didn't go to London Dungeons tho, cause ju-vern takut and tak sempat pergi Madam Tussauds. i've decided to go to those places the next time i go to London. oh and take a pic on Abbey Road (the famous pic of The Beatles crossing the road)! new year's eve, ju-vern n i took a walk at waterloo and how lucky we were as the people were doing the rehearsal for the new year's celebration. so we got to c the london eye all gleamed up with beautiful lights! and there was like a projection of a pendulum on a building and the countdown was shown there. thank goodness we went there that night as we didn't get to c it during the actual countdown as we were all (me, ju-vern, hwee yin, anusha, dinni, diana , sapna, hanad, luna and a few of their frens)on the bridge across it.

London is a cool place i must say. when i was in the train on my way back to lancs, i could really see, feel n smell the difference! everything was green.. no big buildings at all. the air felt fresher and felt calmer. and the smell, oh yes the smell, i don't know why but right now, this place smells like fertilizer! i think they put it at the trees or something. god knows where. but i could sure smell it! huhuhu. and now, i'm back in lancs all alone in my flat. can feel pretty scary sometimes. WOOH! hehehhe. bongek.