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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Hello Hello everyone!!So guess what?! It's Fortune Cookie Wednesday!!!
sounds like a tv show? well, it's NOT.

I've self-proclaimed Wednesdays as Fortune Cookie Wednesdays due to the fact that I'll eat a fortune cookie every Wed :D
WHY u ask?
simple reason.. I LOVE FORTUNE COOKIES.
I love em! i love how i can snap it and oh! comes out that small piece of paper that gives random "fortunes" on it, then eat it! (the cookie i mean). the taste is not all OH MY GOD HEAVENLY. it tastes like those cones u eat with ice-cream which i love too. :p

This isn't what i got frm my fortune cookie today BUT it's a cute phrase to be put in a fortune cookie at a wedding ain't it? (frm google image)

yes, small things like this makes Soraya happy :p

U know, sometimes it's these small things be it from the act of eating something i like or even random act from strangers that turns my frown upside down.
won't u agree?


Monday, 24 January 2011

Siddarth and Ciggy

Here's the thing, Nadia, Iqa and I, we love to chit chat at the front door in front of our flats. This usually happens when we got back from hangin out with the rest and before we head into our own flats. So one day, while we were chit chatting.. the following happened:

Random guy opens main door and..

Random guy: You know Siddarth??
us: *blur faces*
Random guy: Siddarth??

Me: CIGARETTE??? cigarette?? *nods head*
Iqa: You mean lighter maybe??

*random guy kept quiet, gave weird look at girls and gave up. decided to just press his friend's flat buzzer*

Nadia: *tahan ketawa*

right after he closed the main door, we were L our AO. hahahhaa. (usually it's LMAO. but it's 3 people.) :P

(we don't even smoke & to be asking him whether he wants ciggy or even a lighter!? heih. hahah)

oh, don't u just love epic moments with friends! xx

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Singing in January @ Lucky Voice!

FIRST TIME KARAOKE in the UK yall!!! hahaha, so on the 12th of January, Nadia had planned our karaoke trip to Manchester! It was so much fun!! there were 5 of us.. all girls. I call us Wanita Rempah (Spice Girls in english..) hahaha. had lunch at Al-Jazeera restaurant.. the half-roasted chicken with rice was soooo good.. it was such a big portion and it only cost us 3.50 each! murah gila nak mamps. soo generous! I like! :D

from the outside, the building looked a bit dodgy BUT THEN once u step inside... the areas were sooooo nice! so lucky voice is situated at the top floor and the rest of the floors are the bars and restaurant areas, which go by different themes. it was really nice!!! I just love the ambience of each area!!! here are some pics from their main website:

The White Room

Kaz Bar

Groovy Wonderland

Lucky Voice!

view of the karaoke pod from outside

They provided a tambourine too!!! wheehoo! haha.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The last bits of 2010

So, since i didn't really talk much about my last bits of 2010 before.. here we gooooo!!

first and foremost.. celamak gila formal kan.. haha. nyway, my bestfriend came up to Lancaster to visit me! It was really nice to have her over!! asyik jealous over the fact that my frens back in msia kept meeting up and i'm not there. it's like lepak2 kat taman tun all over again but just in a totally different country! haahhaha. tho she said i'm different here in the UK. hmmmm. a tad weird, cause i think i'm the same? i love the fact that she got to meet my msian friends here in lancs and they can get along well! a bunch of us went camwhoring at the park. it was still snowing at that time so it was nice to see the park covered with a blanket of snow.

Then, I WENT SLEDGING!!!!! IT WAS SOOOO FUN! cam fun sangat! after 3 years being in UK, that was my first time sledging. ahaha. it was on the 22nd of December 2010. ha see, i remembered the date. i don't know how to explain the feeling of going down the hill on a sledge. i love the adrenaline rush! oh, we sledged at the hill near the football field in Uni. :D

i watched Wicked!!!! my 2nd musical theatre in London! yeay!!! always wanted to watch that. i sat at the very front row!! like THE FRONT ROW. the FIRST ROW from the front. need i emphasize more? hahaha. and it was only for 27.50 due to the day ticket. we were there at 9.15am to buy the ticket, u see. it's limited. yea. gotta be there eaaarllyyy in the morning. counter opens at 10am and the show is at 2/2.3opm. If u're ever in london, should go n watch it! it's good. Next musical to watch, Jersey Boys or Grease.. or anything else that involves singing n dancing for joy :p

I also went to a Ralph Lauren shop in Old Bond Street and good god it was super classy. i wish i could just live in that friggin shop. ahhahahhaa. Yazira n i went there just to look around and like woohhh!!! boy were we impressed. their latest ad had blown us away and their shop just adds up to it. hehehe.

that's it for my last bits! cause after that was the one in Bristol. (previous post) :D

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy 2011!!!


I somehow do not have a new year's resolution ahaha.
we shall live the moment yo!
Well, maybe just to be more hardworking? It's the final countdown!

I was in London and Bristol for my winter break.
Definitely a different new year celebration for me this time.
Since 2005, i've been outside with my frens or family
to celebrate new year during new year's eve.
2010-2011 new year's eve, i was in Bristol, snuggling in bed in a hotel, watching tv n my fren was fast asleep next to me.
Fell asleep while watching tv, woke up realizing it's already 2011.
I wished my fren Happy New Year but she was dead asleep.
so i slept.
Woke up with me complaining how i wished her but she didn't wish me back.
So i wished her again and she wished back and said..
"Soraya, we're 23!"
WHAT A TURN OFF!!! hahahahah.
Accidentally left my camera and handphone charger in London.
There are lots of things i wanna write about but i think i'll wait for my camera.
Luckily, my fren is in london and she can get it for me!
Thank you Iqa n Shika! :D

to all girls out there, you have GOT TO WATCH
Ralph Lauren's Big Pony Collection ad.
(top pic shows the main 4 models)
i like the ones in suits in the video. :D
It's the bomb! I've got my frens n sister watching it over n over again.

Their dressing, their style,
their walk, their smile,
their built, 1234..
It's to die for.

here's the link ;) enjoy!