Where art thou?

Friday, 17 June 2011

Done with exams!

I'm done with my final exam!!!
It's like the final final. the finale. No more exams after this!
Unless I have to take some particular exam to move up a post or something in the future well I don't know BUT that can wait.
NOW!!! I want to enjoy myself in England! Won't be coming back here anytime soon (god knows when)!

After my last paper last Monday, god i felt so relieve!! I was like OMG I'M DONE WITH MY UNDERGRAD. LIKE OMG. haha.

Been having lunch dates n movie dates with my frens whom I won't be seeing anymore. Well, i don't know, I might travel to their country one day. who knows, right? Will talk about them in the next post.

This Saturday, there'll be a Msian farewell dinner for us leavers. Our performance will be super cool yo!! becaaause we'll be shufflin! ahahahahaha. well we will be singing before that then everybody shufflin'! ahahahah. That will give them a surprise. :p

This summer holiday, I will be travelling to Greece and Spain! Gonna get myself a sunkissed tan. Fyi, i'm already brown. ahahah. no no, i'm honey bronze then after my holiday i'll turn into hot chocolate. yessss. ahahhaha!

Hopefully everything will go well! (including my results) Praying for the best! alright, gotta get ready to head to my fren's place to practice for this sat's performance! whee~

till then,
xoxo Soraya!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

there's a red spot at..

There's a red spot at my white eye! Can u see it? I've circled it there in the pic. It doesn't look THAT bad in the picture but upfront, it's like there's blood but not bleeding (i.e. a bloodshot). Apparently, (after I've googled) it's due to a broken blood vessel in the eye. The cause? Well, it might be caused by tiredness or a poke/scratch. I think mine would most probably due to tiredness. I don't remember scratching my eye or anything like that. huhu.
This happened yesterday. I have noooo idea when it appeared but it is gone now, tho i still see some fade redness. wanted to stay up yesterday and do my essay but since i got that bloodshot in my eye, i slept early and yea, had a loooong sleep and my eyes got its rest! :)

Looking at this picture again, is that an eyebag i see?!?! (since only one of my eyes is in the picture). Oh well, this is the last time I'll be studying my ass off!

Alrighty, I shall be off preparing for my last/finale/final paper now!
All the best and good luck to moi! hehe.

xoxo, Soraya

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

keep rollin' rollin' rollin'

rollin' the hair that is.
haha ;)

Collected my graduation tickets just now and as I was walking back with the tickets in my hand, I was listening to One Republic's Secret (I LOVE THAT SONG, I can listen to it again & again), I can't help but feel happy sad.
I looked up into the clear blue sky and thought, gosh, I can't believe I'm about to graduate!!!
I feel old.
oh well. I'm still young at heart :)

2 more papers to go!!!
woot!!! Come on Soraya!