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Saturday, 17 November 2007

the farting incident

Alright peeps, FIRST OF ALL, it's not about me! it's what i saw.. AND of course.. HEARD... it was damn funny.. i was at OU with Izyan.. and then as we were walking.. adalar this dude which i know.. well, i just know who he is lar.. never spoke to him before.. then as we were about to pass each other.. his friend was running from behind him.. and he jump and he did some kind of split the same time AND THEN I HEARD IT!!! THE FART SOUND!!! he farted right smack at his friend's (the dude that i know) face! i was like.. what the... kelakar gila! we started laughing our heads off.. and his friend laughed out loud too! kesian dia!! hahahahah.. budget macho sekali kena kentut!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! i will never forget that incident.. and i know izyan won't either.. it's kinda amazing that he could jump that high tho.. and fart at that particular time!!! bongek betul.. hahahhah!
So anyway, speaking of farting.. there's this book that my sis and i bought for our dad which is called "The Art of The Farting"... i haven't read it yet.. however i think it's really interesting and funny as i've never seen my dad laugh like how he laughed when he read that book.. :) OH, and there's this movie called "Mystery Men" i think.. not so sure.. it's about this superhero wannabes.. ben stiller's in it.. and ada one superhero nih.. his power is his fart.. he will give his peeps pegs (yg cam penyepit baju tuh) and ask them to clip it at their nose.. and ask someone to pull his finger.. when it's pulled.. HE FARTED.. and his fart made everyone who didn't close their nose fainted.. i wonder who on earth would want such power kan?! scary weh..
k.. enough about this farting stuff.. i'm currently reading "Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul"... most of my friends went, awwww or alar.. i'm not sad that i'm single OKAY... saje je nak baca.. the stories in that book are all so sweet!! how the guy try to get the girl's attention.. and the girl likes the guy but didn't know that the guy likes her too... i mean.. yeah fine, it's sooo cam.. girlish and jiwang if u have to say it.. BUT.. cam sweet ar cara diorang. u gotta read it if u wanna know.. HAHAHHAHA... so after reading the chapters that interest me.. (as u see there are chapters on divorce.. makes me sad so i skip that chapter.. :P) i started on Shopaholic.. and the starting pun dah attract my attn. can't wait to read on! gotta do my assignments u see... huhuhu!
currently i'm thinking of not liking my crushie anymore... tired of liking him and no signs of him liking me!!! how frustrating!!!!! urgh!!! ok, i'm not doing anything to get him.. which is dumb to be complaining.. but it's not my way.. to me.. girls should NOT chase the guys.. it's vice versa that's correct.. don't u agree?? i don't even know why i like him sooo much.. apparently, according to his close fren, he doesn't have a crush on anyone.. BUT WHY?!!! crush on someone lar!!! so that i'll stop liking him! if i like someone at that time.. at suddenly i found out that that certain someone has a gf or likes someone else.. i will stop liking that someone.. soo pls pls.. i hope that crushie of mine will like someone! so that i'll stop liking him! it's driving me nuts i tell u!! waaaaaaa :( -end-

Saturday, 10 November 2007

yay!!!!!!!!!! exam's over but it's still not the end

woooohooooo!!! exam's over!!! and i'm back at home! well, just for 4 days.. but wait till the end of sem. break!! one month and 2 weeks.. gila lama cuti.. loooongg holidays can sometimes be soo boring.. nanti soraya rindu akan kawan2 college dia.. huhuhu.. so yea, didn't really blog cause had exam.. accounts and econs.. i guess it was OKAY.. pray for the best lar... :) i didn't get to go to any of my funky munkies' open house this year!!! huwaaaa sedey gila okay.. i actually cried cause i didn't get to go.. cause of my exam and some of them had it on a weekday.. can't just go back to kl and come back to tg. malim right.. harga petrol dah naik.. hehehe.. HOWEVER, the funky munkies did meet up today at my house for dinner! gosh i miss them so much!! hanna n aimi (part of the funky munkies) couldn't make it tho... kalau diorang ada.. sure lagi best! gotta wait for end of this year.. everyone will be free!! yeay!

2008 is coming.. well, in about a month's time.. kinda scared.. cause.. it'll mean that my Alevel exam's coming... THE HORROR.. THE HORROR... hehe.. IT IS... if i have to repeat my econs and acc paper.. MY GOD.. i will have to work my ass off then... :'( ... banjir lah nanti chalet L-23.. hahahahaha! i shall worry about it later... right now, i'm just so happy cause today i saw my friends!!!! a nice way to sum the day up! here's a picture of some of the funky munkies.. just for ur info.. we came up with the name Funky Munkies when we were going down an escalator(i hope i spell it correctly) at Sunway Lagoon in form 3.. weird huh.. :D

dinner with the funky munkies at my hse
beraya di rumah Aiman pada hari seterusnya! hehe