Where art thou?

Saturday, 22 March 2008

one week left.. ONE WEEK....

one more week and then it's back to KYUEM!! the good thing about it.. i can c my frens!!! the not so good part.. the studies and all.. haih.. horror betul.. TRIALS LAGI.. AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAA! huhuhu.. oh oh! i'll be picking up my clothes for my sister's wedding today!! yay! hopefully it'll turn out the way i wanted it to be!!! kinda bengang jugak dgn the tailor, i sent the cloths last year!! LAST YEAR OKAY... and masih belum siap till yesterday.. hari ni pun ntah dia dah siap ker belum.. the wedding is in 2 weeks time hello!! and i'm going back to college edi.. adik pengantin kena melawa jugak OKAY... ehehehe.. it's true! agree? (nodds) ahaha! oh yeah, just found out that one of my bestfriends had a fling with the dude i use to like back in high school.. i still can't believe it!!! i don't fancy him anymore but the fact that they had a fling?! woah.. agak terkejut ar jugak.. and a bit bengang (not at her)... just feel bengang lar.. and why did she have to call me when she was at his house?? (how did i know that? well she told me of course) what's the purpose.. tak boleh ker call kite when she's at her own house.. kan kan? and of all people 2 "fling" with.. sheesh.. but dah tak fling dah.. according to her lah.. well, apa2lah.. as long as i don't c that dude i'm okay.. do whatever u want with him girl, i don't care.. as long as i don't meet him.. oh dang, i miss hanging out with Azdianur n Izyan!!!! rinduuuu.. k takper takper, after A levels nanti i'll make sure i spend time with them.. oh oh! 2 months and 9 days till my first paper of A-levels exam!!!!! (baru lepas kira) berusaha soraya!!!! yea!!!! mulakan semangat kuda gagah vogue!! are u with me PAM?!!! ALIFA?!!! yeaaa!!! hehehe.. i think that's it for now.. i shall blog again after trials.. :) buhbwwaaaiiii!!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

wahai bloggers sekalian

i lost my mechanical pencil.. huhu.. that's a weird way to start blogging... but it's true.. still looking for it.. WHAHAHAHAAH dah jumpa dah.. u know what.. i think if anyone read this.. mesti orang tuh rasa cam dia baca some maniac's blog.. WELL EXCUSE ME.. it's my blog!! ikut suka hati i ar nak tulis camner.. ANYWAY, yeah... in the morning just now.. was a stressful day for my mom n sis.. all with my sister's wedding preparation and all... and plus the wedding planner (boleh katakan cam planner gituh) passed away!!! can u imagine that?! i hope his people will continue doing the work... he's my dad's fren.. so my dad was really really sad as he knew that man since he was in ITM... kesian dia..

i DID inform yall that my sister's getting married right?! well yes, she's getting married!!!!! after 6 years of knowing each other they got engaged last year.. diorang bagaikan pinang dibelah dua!!!! hebat lah.. hahahaa.. chor (i call my sister : chor), IF u're reading this.. jgn bangga eh.. hehehe.. but u should be!! no no.. not too much.. yes.. that's better.. :P i can't wait for the wedding!!! excited!!!! on the 4th of April, the akad nikah will take place at my house and then on the 5th, at Sime Darby Convention Centre!!!!!! yay!!!!!! and and on the 7th... guess what's happening on the 7th.. MY TRIALS EXAM!!!! "YAY"..... nak nangis dgr it's on the 7th!!! bongek betul lar.. dulu ckp on the 14th.. my mom pun buat lar date tuh suma.. sekali dia pergi awalkan cuti and trials!!! heish! takper takper.. study study..

oh my god!!! my laptop kan!! hari tuh dah corrupted tau.. so i went and send it for repair.. and it was sooooo corrupted that that dude couldn't do anything to back up my documents and all.. SO, everything's GONE!! AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!!! MY PICTURES N MY MUSIC!!!!! sedey gila.. i cried in my room.. hahah.. yer lah! sedey gila ok.. dah lar i ada banyak gambar.. and when i say byk.. I MEAN A LOT OK.. A LOT!!!! huwaaaa :'( gone.. the memories. i could get it frm my frens but they don't have some of the pictures... oh yeah, 2 weeks back, this dude i USED TO like in high school called me up.. which was like soooooo weird.. after 3 years, tiba2 jer call?! at that time i was at the netball court cheering like mad for my junior diamonders.. and suddenly i got a call.. the no. looked familiar (deleted his no.) but i was like "hmmm.. can't be".. so when i picked up the phone and he said who he was.. i was stunned.. cam pelik gila.. but then i was busy right sooo he said "u sound bz.. nvm.. bye".. ok fine lah kan.. but then 2 days after that i msg him and asked why he called and apologise cause i was bz that day.. he didn't even reply my sms!!! bongek betul!!! menyesal aku msg dia.. pelik pelik... and then last Saturday, his cousin yang tak pernah call i.. tiba2 call!!! what's wrong with those 2!!! gedik arh.. Hahhaha gedik... tak. tak gedik.. just pelik.. or maybe they just felt like calling me.. (oh terperasan lah pulak saya)... whatever lah.. i saw his picture just now (the high school one) at facebook and he looks kinda different.. dah berisi sikit.. berbanding dgn zaman sekolah.. oh well, time passes.. some people get fatter, some people get thinner (i.e fiq! u dah kurus sangat! i suka masa u berisi sket! chumel gituh), some people fluctuates, and some.. just stay the same.. :D

remember my post on A,B and C... well.. C dah poyo gila... he now knows that he's good looking.. so skrg cam perasan jer... eeeee tak suka.... and he's very flirty now.. with the juniors... and according to my frens, the way he talks to girls skrg pun cam dah lain..... cam gedik2 sket.. eeeeeewwww... it's official.. he now thinks he's SOOOO hot... well, he is hot but he misused his hotness... hhahahahah.. i dunnolah.. conclusion, dia sangat perasan dia hot sangat... wateva.. tak suka org macam tuh.. B on the other hand is still nice! dia baik sangat! he treats me nicely.. i like him just as a fren though.. for now lar... who knows.. maybe in the future ke.. HAHAHAAH.. but hey, no one knows about the future right.. so can't blame me for just speculating.. ;) k, nak buat P3!!! :p adios amigos!!

Friday, 14 March 2008


i bet my title of this blog caught ur attention!! correct me if i'm wrong.. :P does anyone know that song??!! tell me if u do! then we can sing together.. however, i only know that phrase.. hehehe.. a lot of my frens in college doesn't seem to know that song.. instead diorang kata soraya ni pelik.. tau lagu yang pelik2.. EXCUSE ME.. korang nih tak rock ar... :P (kidding)

ANYWAY, HI EVERYBODY!!! (wave wave).. i bet i made u smile when u read that.. right? no? well.. maybe just a little bit.. senyum tak nampak gigi tuh... a crack of smile maybe?! well i bet u had some reaction! hehehe.... u know what.. i feel good when i make another person smile.. it makes me happy! but if i keep making others smile, who's making me smile?? :( SOMETIMES.. i feel like i want someone to always make me smile u know?? u know what i mean.. if u don't.. well boo hoo 2 u.. :p i mean.. i'm not desperate or anything.. seriously NO.. it's just that sometimes i wanna feel wanted u know? is that the correct word? "wanted" hahaah! neh, i don't think soo.. oh well, i guess, it's not time yet KUT? or i scare people?! only time will tell! ahah! i don't know lah! whatever.. change topic!!!! lalalala

oh yeah!! my next-door neighbours right.. have sons my age.. tapi i'm not attracted pun.. the younger brothers are cute!!!! frust betul abang diorang tak rupa cam tuh!!! HAHAHHAHAH!! haih.. one of them.. the younger brother lah kan.. he had a gf tau.. and MY GOD.. he could have gotten a much better one.. ok fine.. i'm being bad here.. BUT it's the truth!! byk jer kut girls yang lagi cun dia boleh dapat.. sekali dapat kat minah tuh.. well she's one lucky girl!! unfortunately dah break dah pun... kesian.. anyway, according to my source.. adalah kan.. his mom ckp lah kat dia.. "kenapa nak ada gf masa sekolah nih... nanti2 lah"... something like that i assume.. then u know what he said?! "takut nanti kalau dia takder gf skrg, nanti takder siapa nak kat dia.." when i heard this.. i was like.. "WHAT?! HE MUST B JOKING!!! DIA TAK TAU KE YANG DIA HANDSOME?!?" kesian kan budak nih??? he doesn't know that he has good looks.. cute betul.. well, his mom was shocked too.. so she told him, "u can get any girl u want lar..." something like that kut.. well, let's just hope bila dia dah besar nanti, dia tak jadi Romeo ar.. hahahaha!

i think my country's going kaput.. I HOPE NOT!!! COME ON MALAYSIA!!! U CAN DO IT!!!! with all this political stuff going on.. i'm not into politics that much.. but i like to hear the gossips... dia ni tak suka dia nih lar.. dia ni ada affair lah.. dia ni merajuk lah.. dia ni ada hidden agenda lar... frankly speaking, i prefer Tun Mahathir!! i respect him totally.. what he did for the country... RESPECT... without him.. we wouldn't be known that well! i bet u, he's really disappointed with what's happening with the country right now..

speaking of politics,, in my General Studies class.. there are a few of my collegemates who i can c clearly that they support the oppositions.. we had a presentation.. and when their group presented, that's when i feel that diorang nih penyokong those people.. it's obvious, bcoz their points mostly supports the opposition.. and asyik kutuk gov. jer... well frm someone who said this and i totally agree about it, u as a scholar, siapa yang bayarkan ur yuran kolej and all?! Kerajaan jugak kan?? and yet u're so ungrateful.. kalau suka sangat ngan that opposition.. kenapa tak suruh diorang bayarkan untuk u.. mintak scholarshop daripada diorang lar! tak sedar diri.. bongek betul.. well, this is just ekspresi diri ok...

anyway, my trials is just around the corner!!! takut!!!!! rasa cam tak cukup masa ar... better go n study now.. till then my dear frens! adios! oh! tomorrow i'll be going to SDCC for food testing for my Sister's wedding!!!! yay!!! hehe.. g'nite!

Monday, 3 March 2008

DID yall miss me?!!!

WOAH!!!! dah nak dekat sebulan i tak blog!!! dasyat ah!! well, i'm a very busy girl.. hehehe.. i really miss home.. i haven't been back home for about a month now.. :( on the 17th of Feb, went out to Midvalley and watched JUMPER with ika and mimi :)... hayden chirstensen HOTTTTTTT GILERS... heheheh!!! suka suka suka!! then on the 23rd and 24th.. i went for the Diamond House Trip! which was loads of fun!!!!!
the House trip was held at Raja Intan Suraya camp..at Tasik Cenderoh, Perak.. the place is OKAY lar.. i mean.. for a one night stay.. boleh tahan ar.. so anyway, on the first day, there were Water Confident, River Floating and Kayaking in the evening... and at night we had BBQ!! the River floating activity was very calming.. we just floated along the river.. soooo niceee... haih.. of course we were all wearing our PFD (i.e Personal Floating Device).. yesss.. it's not a life jacket.. it's PFD.. say it with me people.. P F D.. hehehe! the guy who was in charge of the 3 activities was an army.. and he worked for the Khidmat Negara for the first 5 batches lar.. he is sooo Lame.. and sedap hati dia jer panggil some of the girls, jenab, janet, sawan, and i can't remember the other names he called my frens.. he told us about the PFD and the correct way to wear it..
so Pam n I had to show how to wear it in front of everyone.. sooo, it's just wearing it like a normal jacket lah kan??!! then suddenly he was like "SALAH!" i cam malu gila.. pun lari lah duduk balik.. then he asked siapa sini dulu budak PLKN.. then pija raised her hand and she was asked to show how to wear it the correct way.. so pija(with some support frm nana) pun buckle up all the buckle tuh.. and then she tried to wear it macam terus masuk gituh.. hmm.. camner nak explain ar.. ha ok.. do the superman pose when he's flying tuh.. yes.. and then imagine at the tip of r two fist, u're trying to go into the jacket.. HAHAHAHHA! (I HOPE U GET WHAT I'M TRYING TO EXPLAIN HERE)... if u don't oh well, too bad!! cause it was damn funny!! oh memories.. the BBQ that night was ok.. but mmg mlm tuh basah kuyup ar.. the juniors threw water on us. and we counter back with water+soap! MUAHAHAHA! then asyik jirus org jer kerja mlm tuh.. the next day we had War Games!!!!! BEST!!!!! it's like paintball.. but instead we use water balloons.. i was in the Yellow team.. the other was the red team.. our base was on top of a hill.. AND YET.. WE LOST! WHY?! sebab the red team.. took down their red cloth and put a decoy instead (a red balloon, without the air).. so we would have won.. tapi kena tipu rupanya!! so they got our flag.. and why?! because they shut down our water supply! so we couldn't refill our balloons.. and soo there was like a rugby thing going out.. between the red n yellow team.. ganas betul.. berebutkan kain.. HAHAHHAHA! ada yang luka.. tercabut tudung lah.. MACAM2! then after that it was fair and square lah.. because we still had some balloons left but no flag.. and the red team got no balloons left but they got our flag and theirs too.. soo no one had to go into the river!! yay!!! however afer that, ada jer yang volunteer nak masuk dlm sg. tuh..
that afternoon we took a group picture.. and SPLASH! diorang jirus lagi air kat kitorang! tak guna betul! it's like.. u can never trust them when there's a picture taken.. hahahah! comel betul... i will never forget that trip! :) oh yeah, i forgot to tell u, on the way to the camp. we watched "A Walk to Remember" in the bus.. it was the first time i watched it.. and boy was it sad.. hahaha.. pam tau kut i cam banjir jap kat tepi.. ahahah! AND! on the way back to College b4 stopping at IPOH'S JUSCO... we played this game.. i don't really know what it's called.. but there'e a werewolf, a little girl, cupid, lovers, fortune teller, hunter, and other characters.. i don't feel like explaining it now.. some other time lah.. hehehe!
on 1st and 2nd March! i went for my D.O.E expedition!!! finally, it's over!!! 25km babe! TIRING!! up and down the hillS... HILLS ok!! and it's like.. in the plantation lagi! with all the mosquitoes!!! i'm still scratching here and there.. a bit swollen here n there as well.. but it wasn't as bad as the Trial Expedition... i'm glad it's over! and sooo happy dat i finally have an experience of camping and all!! woo hoo!! oh damn, i think i better be going now.. i'll write again this weekend i think.. easter break starts by then!! :) adios amigos!