Where art thou?

Saturday, 12 June 2010


HELLOOOOO everybody!! i am super tired right now! yet, i can't rest coz i haven't pack for storage and back to Msia. :( . Right after i finished my exam, i went for some retail therapy! hehehe. from that day onwards, i had something on every single day until today! was suppose to go to Lake District on May 29th but wasn't a good weather. On the 30th, went to Manchester to visit my cousin and watched Westlife's Where We Are tour!! ahahhaha, can't believe i watched Westlife's concert. followed my fren as she's a fan. Am not a huge fan, but they SANG so well live!! i enjoyed myself that night! thank god, they sang their old songs more than the new ones, so i could sing-a-long to some :) Thanks Nadia FN for the tickets! (good seats they were).

May 31st, I had planned a surprise birthday party/gathering for my friends n i before we all head back to malaysia. Somehow, the birthday girl accidentally found out before the surprise due to some slip of word by my junior. heih. but oh well! Nadia didn't spoil the surprise. well, after the cake was brought out, she told me that she knew about it! hahahah! i hope u had a great time!

1st June, head to London with Nadia FN. I wanted to do some shopping but summer sale wasn't on yet, sooooo didn't buy much. just bought some pair of shoes! Got my first Crocs!! hehehe. it's so light! Took Nadia FN to eat ice-cream at Ciao! the ice-cream there is awesome! Don't have the ice-cream pics with me now. Nadia went back to Lancs on the 3rd and i stayed on causeeee.....

On June 4th, I went to Italy!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME. plus with some really funny frens, it was such a fun trip! we went to Pisa, Venice, Florence, Milan, and Rome! We reached Pisa, just to take pics with the tower, then head to Venice on the same day. Spent one night each in Venice, Florence, and Milan but 3 nights in Rome! more things to see in Rome! we stayed in an apartment when we were in Rome and it was so cool!! my skin tone had leveled up! ahahhaha i'm really tan right now. feels like a ninja turtle cause around the eyes, it's fairer than the rest of the face cause of my sunglasses!!
I just got back from London yesterday.
and later today, i've got a dinner to attend and i'm super dark right now. damn it. hahahah but then again, holiday right, what's summer holiday if u didn't get some tan going on?! :D :D .

Next stop, Msia!! and then, 26th June.. REDANG Island!!!! belum sempat nak putih balik dah nak tan balik. hahaha. heih. Sunny Malaysia I'm coming home soon!!

p/s: will talk more about my Italy trip next time :)

random fact: sea lions have external ear flaps (they're the ones that we usually see in circus), seals don't.