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Sunday, 26 October 2008

A Chubby Future

Hello hello! for these past few days, i've been eating a lot. A LOT i tell ya. i used to make like half a cup of rice but now it's always one full cup at one go. made it into nasi goreng and eat it with ikan bilis goreng kicap or ayam goreng. that day i had rice for lunch AND dinner. gosh.huhuhu. last Thursday night, my frens n i went to Imran's(a restaurant in town), it serves those indian foods like vegetable pilau rice, curry chicken, lamb, naan, chicken kebab, beryani n etc. i had 3 rounds that night! THREE people..THREE! had 4 naans, and 2 rounds of Vegetable Pilau Rice with the ever so delicious curry chicken. mmmm. i'm always munching when i'm in my room. it'll be either my fav strawberry yogurt(thick n creamy..huhuhu.. i can't help it, it's sooooo good) or the toffee bonbons or the raspberry jam biscuits. :) so, i foresee that i shall become one chubby girl by the time i get back to M'sia next year. it's a big deal for me that i'm eating a lot as most of my frens would know, i don't really eat much.

I think it's the cold weather that made me have such a big appetite. yessss that's it. agree?? yes yes. hehe :D i mean, i had 2 boxes of potato wedges, a personal garlic pizza bread and a personal vegetarian supreme frm Domino's. the garlic bread was scrumptious! it was soft and had some cheese on it. yes i know i can't take cheese(nanti migrain) but sometimes i've gotta try it don't i?! thank god i didn't get migrain after that. :) and for breakfast just now, i had a bowl of rice krispies, 1/4 waffle with honey n 4 mini glutinous rice balls filled with red bean. maybe i should just continue with my big appetite till after winter. after that, i think i'ld better cut down a bit. ;)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Personality Analysis

Hello friends! I had an assignment to do and it was this personality analysis thingy. I've gotten the results and I thought I'ld share it with yall. :) okie dokie? hehehe. let's see whether it's true or not. It's actually an assessment to see what type of manager I'll be. huhuhu. so here, enjoy reading!! tell me what u guys think yea? is it true?? or not? gotta assess MYSELF what manager i'm gonna be like. hahaha. habisla. :p however, this is only part of it. can't paste everything here as it's 11 pages. I KNOW. byk gile kan? and it's all about my personality stuff.
Raja Nor Soraya's style is identified by the keyword "Advocate".
Raja Nor Soraya, as an Advocate style, is a steady, sociable individual who strives for positive relationships at work and at home. Advocates can be very detail oriented and they tend toward individualism and independence. Advocates may find it difficult to change once a decision has been made. Advocates like people and tend to support the underdog. They may take opposing sides of
a disagreement and feel frustrated if things do not go their way. Raja Nor Soraya needs to be accepted as part of the team, wanting to be liked. Decisions are sometimes difficult for Advocates to make unless their parameters of authority are clearly defined. Advocates tend to be moderate, thorough and dependable. Advocates do not like conflict. Rather than create conflict in a group, an Advocate may tend to let others do what they want. They prefer not to confront people unless absolutely necessary. Raja Nor Soraya is inspiring, and is considered to be supportive. An Advocate has the ability to focus their attention on tasks that need to be completed, and to work at the tasks until they have been finished. Raja Nor Soraya displays respect for leaders, and is quality and service minded. Advocates are people oriented, but can be detail and task oriented as well when the situation requires. Raja Nor Soraya is motivated through joint collaboration and likes to
work in groups. Advocates do not tend to be argumentative, but will hold grudges if situations are left unresolved. This tends to happen due to their fear of confrontation. Advocates may have difficulty being honest about things if there is a fear that there will be devastating effects
to a relationship. Raja Nor Soraya prefers to make decisions based on facts as opposed to feelings. Raja Nor Soraya is usually seen as a humble and thoughtful person.
Raja Nor Soraya would prefer things stay the same, rather than to risk a new venture (unless it is proven and true). This person is typically peaceful and low key, and is usually seen by associates as a good friend and listener. Raja Nor Soraya tends to adopt a "wait and see" attitude about things, rather than taking charge of a situation, usually preferring to let others take the lead.
Raja Nor Soraya is an optimistic individual. They are the type of person who loves exploring new places or things and a wide variety of experiences. A natural charisma is displayed that draws and charms others. Raja Nor Soraya is a very encouraging person; others find them inspirational and lively. Raja Nor Soraya values close, personal relationships and will often put the needs and desires of those who are loyal friends ahead of their own. This is an even-paced individual who thrives in a peaceful, harmonious environment. Raja Nor Soraya will work to avoid conflict and sudden changes in lifestyle and finds joy in keeping tradition. Systematic and detailed, Raja Nor Soraya focuses on processes. Others see this individual as practical and logical. Raja Nor Soraya tends to be sensitive to criticism, but prefers to internalize emotions rather than expose them. Raja Nor Soraya likes to clarify
expectations before undertaking new projects, because of the hard work they will do to meet the standards that are set.
General Characteristics
- Steady; reliable; loyal
- Relational; team and family oriented
- "Do things right the first time"
- Enthusiastic; optimistic; practical
Value To The Team
- Steady, hard worker; analytical
- "Hands on" manager
- Motivates others to achieve by aiding and assisting
- Good leader if parameters are clearly defined
- Very relational and approachable
Challenge Areas
- When stressed, may tend to do things "by the book" rather than take a risk
- Internal conflict between responsibilities and social time
- May overly internalize or slow decision making down
- Sensitive to criticism
Greatest Fear
- Criticism; loss of security

When communicating with Raja Nor Soraya, an Advocate, DO:
- Build a favorable, friendly environment
- Give opportunity for them to verbalize about ideas, people and their intuition
- Give adequate information for informed decisions
- Share testimonials from others relating to proposed ideas
- Allow time sociable activities and friendships
- Develop a team atmosphere
- Develop a participative relationship
- Create incentives for their quality work

When communicating with Raja Nor Soraya, an Advocate, DON'T:
- Be overly aggressive
- Make them harshly discipline peers
- Threaten their sense of security
- Be overly critical

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

i want it to be hot n sunny!!!!!! oh god.. pleaseee

hello bloggy! c my title up there.. I WANT IT SO BADDDDD!!!!! it's SOOO BLOODY COLD N WINDY TODAY! it's different from the days before. i still can't imagine how bad it'll be once it's winter. waaaaaaaaaa :( MALAYSIA, I MISS U. last Thursday was my mom's birthday, and it felt weird singing to my mom thru video call. my bro-in-law was carrying the laptop up the stairs(surprise my mom as she was upstairs watching tv). i felt like i was in the tv looking out to the world. hahaha.Usually, the tradition in my family is to wake the birthday girl/boy/man/woman early in the morning like 4am or 5am and sing happy birthday and give presents. usually my dad or sis will shake the bed to wake me up when it was my birthday. but this year, due to the time difference, there'll be none of that. :( but anyway, i still got to sing happy birthday to mama! :)

last Saturday, i attended the Jamuan Raya LUMSS. LUMSS stands for Lancaster University Malaysian Students' Society. and us first years had to organise the games, drinks n one of us had to become the MC. so we had a short meeting in my kitchen last wed, and 6 of us.. the other 2 couldn't make it(8 first year students frm malaysia). yea i can count.. cool eh? :P anyway, yeah all 6 of us gathered in my room cause we wanted to use the internet. SEMPIT GILER. hahahha. and all of us were thinking about what should we ask the adults on Malaysia.u c, we had to make a quiz on malaysia. yeaaa. then we mixed it up with a little bit of "Teka Lagu Raya" :)the games for the kids was the 3 legged race and then pop the balloon. i think they had fun. we gave out Glow Sticks too! :) so the MC was... ME! first time babe. huhuhu. syakir was suppose to be the MC. then he freaked out so asked me instead. then i was like FINE lah cause he helped to buy this book i've been wanting so yea.. thought i owe him one. so here's a pic of me n the other MC, Syahir for the night.

that very same night, there was an election for the new AJKs for Kelab UMNO Lancaster & Morecambe(KULM). as i was busy looking at my text(MC kan) i heard my name being called out. so i had to stand up. being very blur at that time.. i didn't know what was going on. then i heard someone saying "cadangan ditutup" then i was like.. WHAT?! for what post is this? and the guy said "Secretary" :O! tak pernah pernah dlm hidup aku jadi secretary.. tiba2 jer.. (dalm hati i said that). hehe. i've always been the bendahari or something else la. but NOT secretary. i hate writing! but since they've given me the responsibility, how can u say no, right? but i guess it'll be a good exposure for me. get to meet some upper people if u know what i mean. Nadia got the position as treasurer. and syakir as vice pres. so i've my frens in there as well, should be ok :)

frm left : Nadia, me, Nana, Danny n Luqman

i gtg now, off to Nadia's house to do assignment! adios amigos!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Which superhero am I??

Your results:
You are Superman

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Saturday, 11 October 2008

it's S O R A Y A

see the title, yea, i have to say that to most of the locals i met here. apparently they have never heard the name Soraya before. hard for them to say it. but once they got it, gosh i just love the way they say it with the british accent! ada class gituh. ;) i'm getting a wittle bit stressed out, tiny bit as there are lots of stuff for me to read and most of em are hard to understand. but the lecturers said that it will be kinda tough to understand the reading material anyway. :( . takper, first time kan. i was suppose to go to London this weekend right?! like what i've stated in the previous post. WELL, tak jadi. why? cause my senior kinda forgot that i was suppose to tag along with them. so i had to book the ticket last minute and wouldn't get the same train/time as them. which means that i'll go alone WHICH i'm not fond of. cause it's my first time to london n being a girl, it's kinda dangerous lah kan. my mom was against it so i cancelled the ticket and get my refund. (nasib baik boleh refund). was soooo excited about going there. gonna meet up with yaz, ika, n maybe ju vern tapi apakan daya. huhuhu. well, there's always next time! :)

neway, there are a lot of group projects for me. 3 subjects and i have 3 group projects. haih.on the 25th, i'll have this field trip at Forrest Hills, near to my uni. some team building stuff. kinda excited about it! hope it'll be fun. but according to the event manager, it'll be really wet n damp n might rain as well. bongek betul. well,that's for my business n management subject. for my accounting subject, one of my group members looks like Kimi Raikkonen + Michael Owen. haaaaaa hehehe! ;) besides that,one of my classmates from my management & organisation class is soooooo cute. jambu tahap maximum punya jambu ar. there are loads of good looking/jambu people here i tell ya. the girls are hot as well. anyway, kena concentrate on studies. MUAHAHAHHAHA. :p

korean guys? did i hear anyone saying what about the korean guys that i want? hmph, takder sorang pun. well, i made frens with this korean girl. good god i thought all korean girls are very soft spoken. sekali tgk yg ni, very manly. even the way she talks@tomboy. but she's really nice. Nadia n I get along very well with her. she knows Rain, daniel n dennis. so yay! hehe. oh oh! just now, athirah@tyra, my ex-collegemate, fellow KYUEMian came to my flat!!!!!!! i was sooo surprised to c her! Nana, my fren in lancs, said that kocha@senior frm KY dulu, will be coming over as she has a cousin staying here. apparently she's in the same uni as tyra. i'm soooooooooo happy to have met tyra just now!!!!!! i miss my kyuem frens really bad!!! listenin to athirah talking just now and gosh how i miss her style of talking! she has her own way of talking btw. i'm sure those of u who knows her know what i'm talking about. oh n my ex-schoolmate back in form 2 is in Leeds as well. i hope somehow Tyra n him will end up together, i think they look kinda cute together. HAHAHAHAHA. :p

and OHMAIGAWD, i just found out frm my fren, that one of my kyuem frens got engaged!!!!! like OHMAIGAWD. i can't believe it. a chinese couple. i shall not name them and same goes to any of u if u were to comment on this post. if u know who i'm talking about, keep it 2 urself. can gossip at msn or ym. :p i don't know whether it's true or not. but so far, according to my fren, it's true. but i still need to get more details on it. huhuhu. but kalau diorang tak kahwin, mmg pelik ar. they're like "destined" to be together. :) very sweet couple i must say. both are very nice n soft spoken. i kept saying omg when i heard about it. hahahha. alrighty, need to go look up some stuff and esok gi jln2 kat town!!!! maybe i'll post up some pictures. wheeeee! toodles! -hugs-

Monday, 6 October 2008

yooooooooo peopppppleeeee

hello hello! :) lectures have started!!! huhuhu. but it's first week, so, not stressful yet. 1st week = settling down. well, that's what the lecturer said. anyhoo, i went beraya to a few houses last week! whee! finally i got to wear my baju raya. yesss. hehe. finally REAL FOOD! nasi minyak, satay, kuah kacang, kuih ros, jam tart, all those kuih raya lah. oh, my new flatmate just arrived today!! lives next to my room AND coincidentally she's Shahira's(my jr. in KYUEM)fren! small world ey. i knew shahira had a fren here but didn't expect her to live next door! literally. hahah. yay! can't wait for her to bring me to Sugarhouse! lalala. this weekend i'll be coming down to London!!! i'm so excited! i'm gonna crash Yazira's place. then on Saturday gonna head off to Pn. Rashidah's place for the Petronas's opn house. then i want to jalan2!!! hopefully i'll have time to do that. if not i'll be very disappointed. :( below are some pics of me going for my eid celeb. there's more on facebook. :) alrighty then, i'm off now, gotta go n get a good night sleep. i've got a lecture to attend tomorrow morning! dang.. hehe. adios amigos! cheerios!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

pictures.. like i stated in the previous post. ;)

Selamat Hari Raya!!!! @ Happy Eid Mubarak!

SELAMAT HARI RAYA EVERYONE! and maaf zahir dan batin. :) so yea, i'm in Lancaster now! seriously, it is FREEZING COLD HERE!!! and the wind. mmg rasa cam akan terbang ar. i think if my sis was here.. she'll b like mary poppins. one of the locals here told me that this is considered warm. WARM?! org dah nak mati beku ni. I CAN'T IMAGINE HOW COLD IT'LL GET IN WINTER!!!!!!! by the end of it, i'll be in a block of ice dah. hahaha. (yea i know.. lame isn't it).. hehe. back at the airport, i didn't sheda tear. not a single drop which i was kinda impressed with myself. my two darling bestfriends cried. awwwwwww. terharu i. u girls love me don't u. i know u girls do. i love u both too. anyway, when i was in the aeroplane HA KAU, nangis nonstop kut. all i could think of was my sister and my bestfrens. i switched on some songs to cool myself down, sekali lagu spice girls which made me cry harder cause i sang the songs with em a month back i think at redbox. so i was crying on n off. bila tiba2 mood emo datang. haa banjir la. then cool down. hehe. once we reached heathrow i was completely ok dah. :) spent almost the whole day coming to lancaster. as my parents n i travelled by bus. damn tiring.

my flatmates are frm pakistan. Shamaila n shazi. they knew each other back in college so they're very close. hence, always hanging out together in one of their rooms. which makes me feel left out sometimes. :( but it has only been two days since i've been in uni, i guess it'll soon work out ok. my other flatmate hasn't move in yet. met a few brits here. they're ok. nice peeps. some sombong like that girl who lives on the ground floor. BAPAK AR SOMBONG. hmph. there's an Italian guy living in my house as well. side view - GOOD. front view-alamak. HEHEHHE. most girls here wear short skirts and sometimes sleeveless. maybe byk lemak kut yg keep them warm. tapi tgk some tak chubby pun. used to it i guess. met a few other malaysians here. one frm sarawak,nana. very nice girl. had breakfast with her today. made her waffles but hangus and it was really hard. she said it's like eating biskut. i told her, that's ur first biskut raya here in lancaster. huhuhu. hey, it was my first time using that toaster oven. trial n error lah kan. made sausages n ate samosa. another would be nadia. jr. back in primary, been hanging around with her a lot. met luqman (kyuem jr.) n syakir (kmb@fadhil's n yahya's ex-schoolmate) today. pergi beraya rumah postgrads with them as well. oh oh! met an indonesian boy. cute cute. HAHAHA. can't really spell out his name tho.

neway, right now i am waiting for my personal tutor to come n meet my flatmates n gonna ask her stuff about my subjects. gonna need to pass up the enrolment form tomorrow morning. STRESS thinking about it. thought i blogged for awhile. oh yea, all of ya might not understand the concept of my house here. a building is called a house. mine is called Fence (the name of the house). and there are 3 floors. i'm on the 2nd floor. and each floor there'll be 2 flats. each flat will lead to 4 bedrooms n a kitchen. :) all the houses will belong to a college. my college is called Pendle. our mascot's the Witch. COOL GILA OK. missed out on the Witches n Wizards campus bar crawl. tak sempat beli costume plus tgh bulan puasa kan. but that's ok. ada byk lagi masa, so takper.

Hari ini Hari Raya tapi tak rasa cam raya. kenapa??? i didn't get to smell the nice smell of rendang daging n ketupat. tak dapat dgr takbir raya early in the morning. tak dapat bgn pagi tgk semua org siap2 lawa2. diri-sendiri tak dpt nak pakai baju raya lawa2 tetapi memakai baju tebal2 untuk meredah angin yg kuat dan sejuk. instead of seeing n spending time with ibu bapa tersayang, i had to say goodbye to them. pastu banjir. hehe. typical me. spent raya morning pergi dgr talk. FOR THE FIRST TIME, IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE RAYA. :'( haven't had a decent raya since form 5. form 5. sibuk SPM. then trials kolej. then final exam. and now in UK. huhuhu. what to do. kan? I WIL SURVIVE! I WILL SURVIVE! sing with me! ;)

i'll put up pictures in the next post. just a few. the rest can be seen in facebook later on. :)