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Saturday, 27 November 2010

My summer 2010 (part 1) - Italy (continuation)

Ciampino Airport, Roma

ITALY : I've already posted most on Italy in one of the previous post BUT i don't think i've mentioned about the last n most important part of my Italy trip. I'm gonna write it down now, WE WENT TO THE WRONG AIRPORT on the day we were going back to London! HORROR gila.

One of my friends got confused whether we were going to Ciampino or Fiumicino Airport and ask the directions on how to get to Ciampino (the wrong one) a few days before our departure date. So everyone thought we WERE going to Ciampino. We had bought the bus tickets and what not. ON the day of departure, we reached Ciampino earlier than as per planned as we took the earlier bus cause we could (which was good because we didn't see what's coming at that time). Only at the airport itself
did my other friend gave us the flight ticket. So everyone started walking and i opened the ticket n realise that it's written Fiumicino instead!!!!! but at that time, i wasn't really sure which airport we were at (worse case right.. well i wasn't the one in charge of going back) so anyway, i just went "babe, we are at Ciampino? but my ticket says Fiumicino?" and my fren's face totally changed and went SHIT. OHMAIGAWD. and that's when i started to get panicky. and we both hurriedly ask the rest to check their tickets and everyone was just shocked n started to get panicky. ahahhahahha but one of us asked everyone to calm down n rushed to go back to the bus and asked whether that bus goes back to the city.

Apparently, the right airport, Fiumicino is on the other side of the city!!!! Nasib baik, we took the earlier bus before. so we had a bit more time to reach the right one. we hoped on the bus and were praying hard that we wouldn't miss out flight. once we reached back to the city, we had to take the train to the airport!!!! we were running for our lives to the platform i tell u. then once we touched down at Fiumicino we started to run our ass off again! it's like in Amazing race. SERIOUSLY. the guys carried their bagpack so it's easier for them to run. Us girls were running with those luggage stroll bags!!! we thought we reached the gate, BUT THEN it wasn't the
right one when we asked one of the polive officers there. it was further away!!!! like Air Asia nya dock and KLIA camtuh! jauh kan. ha. so, panicky again, we ran so fast, the bag was going all crazy but we just drag that god damn thing when we were running! one of my friends even took off her slippers cause it's easier to run. The people at the airport must be thinking we're one rushing Asians catching their flight. hahahahaahah.

Finally when we reached the right gate, our flight was delayed. (a blessing in disguise) we were there on time but boy were we tired. you would know that the 5 of us had b
een running (maybe ran a marathon) cause of how we were out of breath. hahahahahaha. penat gila. but we were glad that we made it on time n laughed it out when we recap what had happened. (masa tuh boleh la ketawa kan) haha. :)

At the end of our trip. I was tan as ever. I have quite a dark skin tone n i got darker. oh boy. hahahaha. but it was worth it!!

I miss Italy.
one of my experiences I shall never forget. :)

Arrivederci! x

It snowed!

Good morning fellow readers! It snowed today!
Tho, i missed the first snow fall! wonder at what time did it start to snow.
So, i woke up and look out the window and that's what i saw (pic above).
I can't wait for the next snow fall! Yet, i know i won't be liking it once it starts to snow more frequently. hahaha
It is said to be that this year's snow will be worse than last year.
Brace yourself people! huhuhu.

I've finished planning out my winter break yesterday.
I shall share it with you. :)
Azdianur will be coming up for the first 3 days at the start of winter break,
off to London for xmas, boxing day and till the 29th with Shika,
finishing off 2010 at Bristol with one of my close n craziest friends, Yasirah,

I will be spending my winter break with my bestfriends, yeay!!!
Also, it's gonna be a white christmas this year! woot woot!

one more thing, i find this to be so romantic. hehe. In Covent Garden, London, if a couple kiss under the Christmas tree at the West Piazza, this will light up the lights around that area. (cue for awwwhh) AWWWWHHHH. haha. sweet kan?? how romantic is that weh. :)

xoxo, sorayaness