Where art thou?

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

holiday's about to start!

holiday my foot! hehe.. 2 weeks and a few days of studying.. k fine, maybe a BIT of shopping and hanging out with muh frens.. BUT STILL... kena study.. haih.. i really can't wait to finish A levels.. met up with a few of my seniors the other day.. and they were all getting ready to go to the overseas.. starting their university life.. WAHHHHHH JEALOUS... i wanna go too!!!! oh well, my time will come.. (mulakan semangat kuda gagah vogue!)
i miss my wildthing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fiq pun! kite rindu sangat ngan korang! :( (just a shoutout to my homies.. ).. luahan perasaan.. hahahhaha! WHY must people shorten my name.. i think i have a very nice name.. (excuse the vainess)... but hey.. it's MY NAME.. some people in this college call me SORA.. .. what the..?? kan?! bongek betul... :p gosh, i still haven't gotten my IELTS result yet.. was to bz to take it yesterday.. and today.. the woman in charge is sick.. i have to wait till tomorrow to get it... i wanna know now!!!!! everyone else got theirs already!

Friday, 24 August 2007

waaaaaa... :(

I feel sooo sad!!! huwaaaaaa.. nak nangis.. i feel like i'm getting dumber and dumber everyday for econs.. which is sooo wrong!!!! it's like.. when i read.. i understand it.. but when it's time to answer questions.. i'll get stuck.. i just did a Data Response just now.. i don't quite understand the article.. so OBVIOUSLY salah!!!!! huwaaaaaaaa!!!! FRUST SANGAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and geram with myself!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! (good to have a blog to let it out).. sedey.. urgh! that day.. kena buat Essay and then the question with 13 marks to.. cam cacat jer kite tulis.. sangat sedeh... why am i so stupid in econs! kenapa org lain boleh i tak boleh?! is it because of my mindset?! am i not giving my best?! i'm working my ass off i think!!! it's the only subject that i'm always stressed out about.. ask my chaletmates or Alifa n Pam if u don't believe me.. nih dah lah A2... AS pulak kena re-sit!!!!! sangat stress!!!!!!

k, dah tak nak ckp pasal econs dah.. i wanna talk about my D.O.E trial expedition last weekend.. it was an experience i tell u.. i've walked for 25.2 km!!! PENAT GILA... mmg dah nak tahap gila dah pun.. went on the expedition for 2 days.. on the first day, we nearly got lost.. but thankfully the last group.. together with 2 other groups.. so one of the 2 asked whether it was the right direction to the Kolam Air Panas... and the dude said "NO.. THIS WAY WILL LEAD TO A DEAD END.." by that time.. all the other groups were way ahead of us to the dead end.. pity them... so my group and the 2 groups arrived at the campsite earlier than we thought.. kolam air panas nya takderlah hebat sangat pun... when we reached there.. it started to rain.. so everyone rushed to get their tents up and then went it and eat n eat n eat.. starving.. that night.. we played Old Maid and Happy Family.. i became the Old Maid.. :(... we had Spaggheti with prego... bread and kari ayam (courtesy of Brahim's).. Campbell chicken soup with bread.. hahahah.. kebulur lah katakan.. the next morning.. was awaken by fikri's voice.. saying "bangun bangun.. (sambil gegarkan tent)".. then off we go again.. we passed a farm, Mai Farm.. saw goats and horses.. dah lama gila tak nampak binatang2 tuh.. so was a bit excited.. then we walk n walk n walk.. on the way, we passed a rubber plantation.. then we walk again.. (under the HOT sun) we walked on till we reache KYUEM!! well we had a few stops on the way of course.. but at this one point.. it was just a straight road and greens around us... IT WAS THE WORSE.. it was like never ending!!! rasa cam nak pengsan pun ada.. but once i saw the teacher's apartment.. woo hoo!! semangat membara..

oh yeah, at the campsite.. all of us went to the waterfall.. (had to go into the river and walk to get there) then a few of my frens and i cam back to the campstie earlier than the rest.. then while we were talking i saw the guys all looking at the river.. and apparently.. people were swept away by the water current!!!!! i thought they were joking at first.. but after looking at Iqtidar's face.. i know they weren't joking.. they were all shouting to Pai and Po to grab on to something.. and then i saw few other students.. came up back to the campsite.. so.. this was what actually happened... apparently, when it rains.. the people there will collect the water in the dam... then they will realease (not sure about the term to use) the dam at 7 o'clock.. at this time.. the students were walking in the river heading back to the campsite.. SOOO.. they were all swept away by this strong current.. quite a few almost drowned... THANK GOD none actually did.. some were trying to save their slippers.. and that didn't work.. they themselves almost drown.. one even tried to save his towel!!!! he was going under water and yet his hand was up above the water holding the towel.. (the towel didn't survive).. my cousin was one of those who nearly got drowned... he said he felt like he was in an Indiana Jones movie... (yeah, it wasn't funny when it happened was it Dinni?)

so that was my D.O.E expedition was like.. baru Trial.. haven't gone through the Qualifying and the real expedition yet.. well i think i wanna go back to my chalet now (at the Resource Centre now).. gotta do my hw.. till we meet again in the next post.. bye blog! muah.. ;)

Sunday, 12 August 2007

miss my blog!!!

Hey ho! gosh, it has been such a long time since the last time i blogged.. before college started! and now it has been a month.. i am now officially a SENIOR.... i feel so old!!!! huhuhu.. the juniors are all so hot.. the girls i mean.. the guys.. boleh tahan ar jugak.. MUAHAHAHAA...
i just got back my AS result... the horror... :( i got one A out of 3 subjects i took... got a B for Econs.. gonna re-sit the paper this November.. yeah!! semangat baru!!!! the other subject. we'll just ignore it yea! hehehe.. sedey ar jugak sebab kena re-sit.. but oh well, what to do!! another recent thing that happened to me.. the chinese guy that works at this kedai betulkan specs broke my specs!!!! really frustrating!!!! WHY?! because it's GUESS!! and then, he replaced the sides with some no brand.. aaarrghh!! Why didn't i ask for GUESS? BECAUSE.. that shop doesn't have specs with that brand!!!!! geram gila ok!!! huwaaa.. fortunately, it doesn't looks so bad.. i didn't feel like hitting that guy.. in fact, i felt like hitting the indonesian girl who works there.. BLOODY ANNOYING I TELL U... she was like yaping all the way about oh fragile specs tuh sebab tu lar.. kena tuh lar ni lah.. sheesh! seriously i was like a volcano waiting to burst.. my mom was next to me.. so kena bawa bersabar.. tak boleh lepas kan kemarahan.. hehehehe..
Let's catch up with what happened last month.. let's c.. start college, dah agak stress dah.. sebab ada welcoming test.. (for accounts).. thank god i did quite ok.. fuh! :) then met the juniors.. most of them are friendly.. is it because that i'm a senior so they're being friendly? hmmm.. hehehe.. the guys... don't really talk to them.. soraya kan malu2.. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. no lah no no... ;) ohhh.. the Batch Anniversary was fun!! especially the cheering part! ahahha.. everyone was cheering so loud for their houses that night.. the next day semua suara dah nak hilang.. i have 2 petbrothers now.. in my college.. there's this Pet Family thing.. it's like a tradition.. everyone will have their own petfamily.. i have 2 petsibling.. Tengku Aisha Fateha and Navin.. wasn't close with Aisha last semester till this pet family 07..i think the part where we have to write letters to our petbro and keep our identity secretly made us so excited that it made us closer!! so happy! not so close with Navin though..
Diamond's Welcoming Party was fun as well.. my petbrothers found out who i was before the party.. they weren't suppose to find out.. terer betul budak2 tuh.. semangat berkobar2 nak pecahkan identiti petsis diorang.. hmph.. writing letters to them was soo much fun! especially when i wrote it together with Aisha.. spent 1 hour to write a letter.. because we kept on laughing.. ehehhe.. oh.. my petbros' name are Muhammad Aiman and Tengku Faris Shah.. nice boys they are.. i think Faris is a bit on the shy side.. whereas aiman is very outspoken.. they are much taller than me though.. i feel so short standing next to Aiman.. feel shorter standing next to Navin.. hahaha! at last i have brothers!! always wanted one.. now i've got two!! i don't care if they're just my petbros.. i'll treat them like my real adik2.. to a certain extend of course :D
I'll be going on an expedition next Saturday!!! woo hoo!!so excited! never been on one b4.. oh my gosh! i almost forgot.. i am now the President of the Spanish Club!!! how cool is that.. hahahah... UNFORTUNATELY, i only know how to speak basic spanish.. not really good at it too.. (mcm mana lah kan..) gonna brush up on my spanish!!! yeah!! semangat KGV (Kuda Gagah Vogue)!!! tak boleh kalah ngan petbro (he's in the spanish club as well).. the club has a new advisor.. joining mrs. Oliver.. her name is Mrs. Yeomans... she asked us that day.. who was in the club since last semester.. and the seniors raised their hands (i'm one of em) then suddenly she spoke spanish and i didn't understand a word (like i said.. i only know the basics) then i went like "HUH?!" then everyone laughed... how embarassing!.. kinda funny when i think about it again..
I gtg and take my bath now.. going to go to the bazaar! whee!! till we meet again in the next blog! adios amigos! :)