Where art thou?

Thursday, 7 February 2008

continue frm the previous one.. hehe

i know that i can just edit the previous post.. BUT.. saje jer.. nak buat new post.. hehe.. SO YEAH.. my mood's okay again after i came back.. well, not that night.. a bit moody.. but the next day.. I'M BACK BABY! woo hoo!! ANYWAY, the last event in college was Bangsawan.. and i was in charge of the dance! i'm not really a choreographer type of person.. i know how to dance.. but creating steps?! OMG.. SUSAH GILA OK.. i seriously dunno what to do.. sooo i watched youtube... most of the classic malay movie dance was FUNNY.. a few was ok.. so only got a few steps frm there.. credits to Nana, Teh n Syufiza for helping me with the steps.. and putting up with my crankyness.. stress giler.. cause i couldn't figure out what steps to do.. and i had only what.. 2 weeks to do it! my dancers find me amusing.. especially Sarah.. she just loves laughing at me.. bertuah nya budak! a few days b4 the real day did we finish the steps.. then after that, practice, practice n practice and then WALA! we won best choreography!!!! i was sooo happy!!! i really wanted to win it! bcoz i succeeded in winning something that i enjoy doing.. DANCE.. hehe.. u can watch the video at my facebook.. :) i actually lost 1 kg because of all the dancing! huhu.. oh yeah.. i named our dance group the Ronggeng Rokiahs.. and each of us have our own rokiah name.. I'm Rokiah A because i'm the head.. i can't be called Rokiah S because S is for Sarah.. then there's Rokiah P (Pam), Rokiah L (Liyana), Rokiah M (Marsh).. and other 3 rokiahs.. i hope they had a lot of fun dancing with me.. :)

i'm on my CNY holiday right now.. should be studying hard!! but look what i'm doing right now.. ONLINE!! sheesh! gotta read up econs... practice Acc and Maths! so that i can FLY!!! i HAVE TO fly!!! pray hard for me! hehe.. oh oh, i had my dinner just now with my ever so wonderful 2 bestfrens, Azdianur n Izyan.. rindu kat diorang.. so glad i went out with them just now.. last minute planning! haha! and went on an adventure in searching for the condominium where Izyan was at! hehe.. miscommunication jer sebenarnya.. oh n then we bumped into Rifdi! n on the way back.. we saw Matin in the car! gosh rambut dia dah panjang!!! a bit ugly tho.. nampak cam poodle gituh.. HAHAHHA! (ish ish tak baik).. i kept bumping into my school frens.. yesterday i met Nabil and Widuri at VIchuda.. and the day before, i met Shaza and Ros Aimi.. :)

i think i better go now.. gotta try to resist the temptation of going online!! i blame it on the internet connection in college!! cam jakun bila dapat internet connection yang laju!! :( adios amigos!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


FIRST AND FOREMOST, everyone in my chalet has gone back!!! EXCEPT ME! WHY?! BECAUSE... my mom thought she was suppose to pick me up on thursday!! when i said TUESDAY!! HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! i was looking forward to go back today!!! sooo excited and all! sekali dia lupa!!! i'm sooooo moody right now!!! i'm still in my acad clothes.. didn't bother to take a bath just now coz i thought i was going back as soon as i finish my classes.. packed everything up in the afternoon so that i could easily go back and not rush... sooo when i found out i was going to go back after 7pm and not at 5pm.. soraya's mood change.. malas nak unpack my clothes so that i can change into.. haih! enough about me being alone in the chalet right now waiting for my dad.. tukar topic ok?

SO, my AS results?? Alhamdulillah.. both A's!!!! yay!!! however, my econ's components are A B... sooo kena work hard for my A2 as i'm not taking P1 N P2 again.. but for acc... components are A A! yay! soo happy!!! oh my god! my dad's here!!! i gtg! i'll continue this blog once i reach home! later babes!