Where art thou?

Monday, 24 October 2011

here I go again!

SOOOO, here's the thing. Every now and then I will have a phase where I'll get obsessed with a certain artist. HEHE.
It all started when I had a major crush on Bi Rain after watching him in Full House. This was during my college period. In college, I even had a presentation which I talked about him. We were free to pick on whatever we want to talk about during the english class okaayy. ;)
Then it died out cause well yea, he kinda change his persona and all. badan dah mcm badan ninja turtle cam eewww tak perlah tak suka dah.

Then I watched this Korean movie called Seducing Mr. Perfect which stars Daniel Henney.
So I had a Henney phase near the end of college period which lasted till I went to England for further studies. Had his picture on my wall and one of my friends went to watch Wolverine, came back and asked me, u know that guy who acted as the policeman in Wolverine, is he the same guy on your wall? HAHAHA. YESSSSSS! :p

Then during my first year, i started to watch Japanese movies and boy bands. SO i got obsessed with ARASHI. when I went to my 2nd year, no more asian phase. Got all drooly over all them european hotties in uni and also models that my fren showed me. So that made me widened my perspective and no longer attracted to korean or japanese guys that much. hahaha. That lasted till the end of uni life.
Suddenly i came back to Msia, my mom watches korean drama everyday so i've got not choice but to watch it too if i were to watch the tv. And MTV or other music channel have kpop going on every now and then. I started to watch the KBS channel, their entertainment shows are so funny. i love watching Lets go Dream team!, Gag Concert and Star King. they never fail to make me laugh. one fine day i happened to watch this music video starring G-Dragon and T.O.P. with their song High High. and now i have an obsession with T.O.P.

People, meet Choi Seung-Hyun or better known by his stage name, T.O.P.

he's no longer platinum blonde but has brownish hair now. He looks so good with platinum blonde! brown hair suits him well too! actually, whatever the hair colour is. He can pull it off! He's such an eye candy!!!! SUUUUKAAAAAA!!!!!!! :p

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

nothing to dooooo... ?

"guilty as charge" the jobless girl.

hehehe. well, I've been chillaxing (i.e. chilling and relaxing).. drive around. go out with frens when some of them are free. most of them are either working or still studying. so lonely here pls!!! boo~
I've got an interview this Friday and next week I've got two interviews to go to. Those two are both the 3rd stage interview process for the respective companies and boy am i not looking forward to that! I'll be tiiiireeeddd. 3rd stage interview will be half a day. M
ust sleep early and be as energetic as possible ey!
after the 3rd stage interview then comes the last stage of interview which is being interviewed by the executives. getting a job nowadays is so difficult. macam2 stage kena attend. but i guess, no pain no gain! :|

Wish the best for my interviews okay? thank youuu!!! hehehe.

Oh, i almost forgot, I went to watch a musical theatre called ...

yes, The Secret Life of Nora. It was awesome! It was very lively! I love it when i watch a musical theatre and the songs just makes me wanna get up and dance :) got me all jiggy with it. hahahaha. It was vibrant with all the lights and colours! the actors were great! I would have to say the guy who acted as Sharif, Aaron Khaled has great talent! he was really good! the other casts were good too definitely! with Adibah Noor with her powerful voice and Aznil Nawawi never fails to crack up some laughter. Datin Tiara really did a great job in this musical. Two thumbs up!!! :D

till then, xoxo!