Where art thou?

Thursday, 29 September 2011

belated stories from moi!

the beautiful sunset at Oia Village, Santorini. Pic taken by yours truly, ME! :D

i would love to say i was super busy as i haven't updated my blog BUT the truth is, i was just plain lazy.
but i thought i should start writing again. hehe.

I'm done with my degree as mentioned! now i'm just job hunting! waiting for the result from one of the companies i've applied to. 4 stages of interview process! did the 2nd stage last week. let's hope i passed it! really want this training programme!

my summer trip 2011 was AWESOME! went to Greece and Spain. Greece was just beautiful!! Especially Santorini. I had a lot of fun in Santorini as compared to Athens. Athens was fine but yea i prefer the island! :) I went on a donkey ride, rode on the ATV, hiked a volcanic island and also road trip! the resort that we stayed in was really nice! it's very reasonable and the service was good. think it's a family owned resort. the mother was the receptionist, son is the driver, daughter is the bartender.. etc. cute. it's called the Holiday Beach Resort and it's located very near to the Black Sand Beach. ahahha i didn't know the name literally meant that the sand was black there! super cool! My Greece trip was packed with adventures and i love every minute of it!!!

Spain trip was a bit different. not much of adventures but more of a hang out with frens holiday thingy which was fun too! oh! i watched the flamenco show when i was in Barcelona. it really got us all excited and i believe all the audience were at the edge of their seats! it was so full of passion and wow, it was like they're on fire baby! mantap habis diorang menari.

planking at Parc Guell with Nadia. ;)

where ever you are, you can never be dull when you've got family n frens around u! I love going on holidays with friends. The atmosphere is different from going on holidays with family. I mean going on holidays with family is fun too! but the fun is different. well, u know what i mean! :D

so now, i'm back in Malaysia. good ol sunny sweaty malaysia. haha. I really miss being in the UK right now but nothing beats home sweet home ey!

i've got more to write about BUT i think that's enough for now!

toodles! xoxo!