Where art thou?

Thursday, 20 December 2007

missing me!!!! hehe

helloooooooo!! it's been ages i know!.. wooh! i'm on my 3rd sem break now.. supposedly study.. BUT.. u know.. dah dapat holiday panjang2.. the mood's just not there! i hate long holidays.. buat soraya jadi malas.. however, when i start to think about my exam.. i become like.. stressed out.. but then i got no mood to study.. cam lagi stress.. and then i haven't even finish my hw yet!!! and it's already the 3rd week!!! why didn't i do it earlier?? good question.. BECAUSE.. the first week.. i had to relax cause i was tired as the last week b4 the holidays.. there's always some event going on in college.. then then 2nd week.. spent my week at Ilham Resort, Port Dickson for my Petronas Soaring the Eagle camp.. it was ok.. much much better than the previous camp! the resort itself was better!! seriously.. the activities held during the camp.. ada yang boring ada yang best jugak ar.. i think i find this camp to be much more fun as my group was active.. we were constantly laughing i tell u! and as a person who just loves to laugh.. well.. u know the rest.. of course i enjoy kan? Fadhil from KTJ and Khairi from UTP are very funny.. i mean.. i don't think they intend to make jokes.. it's their character.. hahah! I find them funny.. nice guys they are! i made lots of new friends! and met with some of my old friends i've met during the last camp.. ;) we stayed in a suite.. where there were 3 bedrooms.. my roommate was Yazira, my collegemate and Wani from UTP.. and the others in the other rooms are 2 girls from UTP and 2 frm KTJ namely Farah n Sarah.. they were my roommates in my previous camp! haha! i kinda "bonded" with Yaz.. i mean.. is that right? bonded? i think soo.. didn't know that we can click that well! we were like gossiping and i was telling her my story and all.. so she knows quite a lot about me now.. :) there's this one time.. where we were like on the bed and cam with the pillows and all. giggling away.. ahahahha! cute ah kitorang! ahahahhaha.. perasan betul.. then there was a time during lunch.. well after lunch lar, ju vern would be with us after lunch.. then i would blast the radio out loud.. and started dancing.. and ju vern joined in! we went crazy i tell u.. then yazira can't join us cause her toe was swollen.. and i was the who who hurt her.. kesian dia.. i accidentally langgar her small pinky toe with my big toe.. and she can't walk properly after that.. so i called her OKU short for Orang Kurang Upaya.. HAHHAHAHAHHAHA! sorry yaz.. then there's this one night where we were so bored that we decided to karaoke.. and sekali tgk cd tuh penuh ngan lagu melayu jer!! but then lantak lah kan.. janji i bahagia.. and yes i was! ahhahahaha! quite fun i say.. i mean minus the boring part where we had to listen to the person talking.. during some of the activities..
ohmigosh! i nearly forgot! i took a picture with santa Last Sunday!!! together with his 2 chinese looking elves! hahaha and my sister and her bestfriend, Azlynn.. i was sooo excited! it was at Midvalley.. and we even wore the santa hat tuh.. whee!! we were like the only malays during that photo session.. there was a lot of session apparently.. we went for the 12.30 session.. best sangat!!! we had 3 pics.. so this is one if it..

my sister's getting married next year on 4th of April.. happy for her!!!! am proud to say i have a good looking future brother-in-law!! yay!! hahahahah! my sister and him sometimes look like siblings.. i think it's their smile.. well. mereka bagaikan pinang dibelah dua.. CELAMAK! hahahahahahah! i can't wait for the wedding!!! hehehe.. I bought this pair of shoes for the wedding ceremony which will be held at Sime Darby Convention Centre and the heels is 3.5 inches high! MUAHAHAAH! but cam.. sure nampak cam giant nanti.. ahhahaha.. a beautiful giant i hope :) oh yeah, about my love life.. i give up on nachos dah! don't want to like him anymore BECAUSE.. he likes someone... tak sangka minah tuh.. since it's against my policy (i won't like someone who already likes someone else.. mcm kacau).. soo malas dah lah!! tak nak aku sudah!! ada byk lagi org lain kat dunia nih! .. HEHE.. a little bit of a drama... :) but hey it's true what.. well, hopefully i'll have one in the UK... insya-allah kalau saya fly ke UK lah kan.. anyway, i better get going.. gotta do my m'sian studies project! Adios Amigos!