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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Someone thought...

Last night, someone thought i wore tudung for good!!!!! sorry to disappoint u kak, hehhee. the conversation :

Kak : Tahniah yer soraya!

me: huh? untuk apa?

kak : yerlah, sebab kamu dah pakai tudung.. cantikk jer

me yg tgh tahan ketawa: eh, takder lah. ni sebab saya baru balik dari tahlil.
(Nadia who was next to me was laughing her ass off!)

kak yg tengah nak coverline: oh. well, apa salahnya kalau pakai terus

me explaining: ehhhh saya belum ready lagi.

i've said it before in this blog about this tudung issue. so i will not talk about it again. :) i hope no one will comment on this too! hehe thank u!

ANYWAY!!!! i just came back from Lancaster Family Fun Day held by KULM and with a BIG help from the Cartmel postgrads. they were really a big help and they did a very good job at that too! haven't got the pics, so will post it up later once i have it. there was this game where wife had to stand at the finishing line and their husbands were all blinfolded. what the husband got to do was to run to their wife. the wives were holding a stick for the husband to grab on to avoid them hugging someone else's wife! the wives had to guide the husbands by shouting "Abang! Abang!" HHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! serious lawak gila. terpekik terlolong la bini2 korang suma. ahhahahha!

i joined the game "mamat stylo" and "treasure hunt". lost in both! huhuhu. but oh well, it's all in the name of fun! i joined this game called "helikopter mabuk" last minute, and it's that game where we played in BTN. for those yg pergi BTN la k. the one where we had to spin around with our finger touching the ground and then run to the finish line. but this time we had to run BACKWARDS! pening gila masa tgh spin tuh. then i had to run backwards! my friends said i was going away from the finishing line! hahhahah wasn't a straight path at all! when i reached the finish line i fell flat on my back. sakitttttt. huhu.

now, definitely no more play time for me!!! i've gotta get my coursework done, presentations and of course, study for the upcoming exam in May!!

till i post up the pics in the next blog, toodles! xx

Thursday, 16 April 2009

the last stop during Easter Break!

Hello Blog!!!!!!! ngeee :D Last weekend i went to Coventry to visit my college frens! it was a great weekend!! the night i reached there, Syukri had made Cucur ikan bilis!! (as promised).. and it was good!!! thanks Syukri!!! and Faten made Padprik Ayam cause soraya nak rasa!! hahahah! it was really good too!!! and Alia made the desserts, Brownies and Pineapple cobbler! didn't taste the brownies (not a choco eater) but the pineapple cobbler sedap!!! oh oh! and Iwan rajin masak and sdap pulak tuh! thank u korang!!!!! two thumbs up for yall!

8 of us came down to coventry and joined by some of the warwick uni students, all 15 of us went to Warwick Castle last Sat and it was interesting i must say! 15 people. ramai kan?? the more the merrier! everyone who worked there were wearing those medieval clothes! is it called medieval? yes i think i'm right. anyway, yea! felt like we've stepped into another era. there were performances as well, but i only got to watch the Trebutchet where they threw a stone i think using a thing which looks like a catapult but it's called trebutchet. hhehee. wanted to watch THe Jousting show but we didn't know where it was. huhu. 7 of us then went for the Warwick Dungeons and hampa jer. tak takut pun. well, a bit scared pun cause it was dark and my imagina tion runs wild. HAHAHA. padahal nothing pun. i think London Dungeons would be much scarier! on the way back to coventry, we had a stop at Leamington Spa and went to Jephson Park just to take a few pics! it's a really nice park, with all the flowers blooming. lawaaaaa!

when we came back, Milo and laila dah pengsan (tidur i mean) and so, yazira, keena and i decided to play cards. we got bored off playing all the card games that we learn the night before, we decided to try and play Old Maid using the normal deck of cards. it was never ending! we gave up on that. hahhaha! too much cards and very small probability of getting the same cards.
btw, on fri night, when we were all playing cards, that was the first time i heard a card game called Declare and after syukri explained how it goes, Yaz didn't get it. So, i told her that u have to declare who ur boyfriend is, tuh yg declare tuh. i thought she knew i was joking. then syuk explained again and Yaz asked "so bila nak kena declare siapa partner kite?" HAHHAHAHAHHHA!! semua org cam.. larrr.. hahhahahha! kesian Yaz! sorry babe. :) then later that night, nain, mot n najib came by and i learned another card game called Loser. i think it's such a long game. not really into that one plus it was soooo quiet when we played it. hahaha semua org serious.

i hurt my left foot after all those walking around. have no idea what happened it just hurts. feels like cram but not. haha. sunday morning it still hurts but by noon it was getting better, maybe cause i kept massaging it. on Sunday, we planed to go for a picnic but it was drizzling a bit and very cloudy. so we just decided to take a walk around campus. then the guys wanted to play cricket so we all went around. i didn't play tho. there was a rugby ball, so qilotte, faten n i decided to play pass the ball. then after that milo n iffah joined and mot thought us how to play Touch Rugby!! us girls were soo used to passing the ball foreward! when we had to pass the ball backwards, it was quite tough cause we were always infront of our teammate who's having the ball! or maybe it was just me. hahahha! first timer okay! so the touching part comes. hahha touching part. k, i accidentally "touch" Faten a bit too hard i think that she fell to the ground. more like a teeny weeny push! sorry faten. lari2 pastu nak touch orang, i tertolak. then she claims Qilotte main ganas. heih budak kecik nih lar. hahahhhaha! kidding. well after that Faten made a come back!!! hahaha! qilotte was really really near to the touching line! and Faten was coming for her but she slipped and when she was falling she grabbed the nearest thing to her and it was Qilotte's hoodie!! she grabbed the hood and qilotte fell too!! sayand jer! dah nak sampai dah. hahahha fun fun! after faten and gang went back, milo and i stayed back. watched the guys played their own version of Baling Selipar. they used the cricket sticks and a tennis ball to replace the slippers. it was sooooooo funny watching their face expression when they were avoiding the ball! and when they rush to make the sticks stand. hahahaha! very entertaining.

the last night i was there, milo and i watched Takeshi's Castle!!!!!! it was so funny!!! we laughed till our stomach hurts! ahhahhhahah! the person who came up with the games is evil! i felt pity towards some of the contestants cause they were really really determined to get thru the obstacles! and when they don't get thru, cam frust jer. but their acts are funny! hahaha! Monday morning, the sun was up early and it was such a bright day!! rasa cam coventry tak nak kitorang ada kat situ jer. the whole time we were there, the weather was gloomy and on the day the last two visitors were going back, it was a beautiful day!!! cis. neway, i went to the Transport Museum with Milo before heading to the trains station. when both of us were walking around, then milo just took a look at her watch and it was alreay 12.30 and my train's leaving at 12.45!!!! ha kau, kelam kabut dua2 raja. ahahhaha! didn't take the bus cause it might come late so we went by foot! we were walking really fast and then running, then walking, then running! hahahaha! i reached there at 12.41 or so. very tiring. running around with that big bag of mine.

i didn't get to hug my friends who went back earlier. :( . really wish i had. dunno when i'll get to meet them again!! maybe back in Malaysia? with god's will, i hope so! again, thanks for the great weekend! xx!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

it's my 100th post!!!!

this is my 100th post! and about time i gave my blog a facelift! :) i think it looks much prettier and cheerful now. agree? yeap! :)

i have been the ULTIMATE procrastinator i tell ya. when holiday kicks in, i seriously have no mood to study!! i have a test on the 23rd and a report to be hand in on May 6th. i've started studying, still very slow progress but nothing yet on the report. i have myself to blame really. even when i motivate myself, i still can't kick in the study mode. i think i have to go to the library but it's such a long walk and with the ever so unpredictable weather. sheesh. skejap hujan skjp terang-benderang. sometimes both at the same time. heih.

TODAY! today was fun! Nadia and I went to town and we watched 2 movies right after another!!! we watched The Haunting in Connecticut and Monsters Vs. Aliens! there were only 6 people in the cinema when we were watching the horror movie! haha! the movie was good!! t'was based on a true story too. ooOooO! hehe. oh yes, i'm most probably will be getting a niece!! congrats to my sister! hehe! very happy that Dot's a girl! well, i don't mind really if she's a girl or boy. but a girl would be so much easier to dress up! and being that she's most probably will come into this world around my birtday@ a virgo!! i have a feeling that i'll get along very well with my darling niece!!!! soooo happy!!!

after my trip to coventry, i think i better FORCE myself to work hard! with all the UMNO activities coming up. gosh. things are gonna be stress up! i can picture it now! woooh! :P ok SOraya (note to self) work hard so u can get that ever-so-hot-looking Audi u saw! let's start working with some positive thinking and a great big smile! hmm.. let's see..

ngeeeee :D :D am smiling alright! ;) daaaa!