Where art thou?

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Eiffel! :)

Champs Elysse!

I! at one of the I Amsterdam blocks. :)

In Keukenhof's green house! the tulips outside weren't fully bloom yet. this is good enough!

another pose together with frens at I amsterdam!

London-my friends n i playing Rock Band via xBox at our friend's place!! this was super cool!!!

kenapa tiba2 ada underline ni!! okay, something's wrong with the post, suddenly got underline and i don't know how to un-underline it. ahahah.

anyhoo, during my easter break, i went to London n Amsterdam! woot woot! it was soo much fun! will talk about it after my xm!

hehe. my first paper is less than a month, i'm not ready for it AT ALL. THE HORROR THE HORROR. my exam starts on the 7th of May and ends on May 28th! let's all pray for the best aight! i'm currently doing my coursework now (ADA LAGI okay. siut gila.) i want to read marketing!!! grrrrrr~

oh oh! i've got myself an iPod nano!!! the 5th generation one. it's striking Pink! I LOVE IT!

from today onwards, i'll end my blog with an interesting fact okay?! well, i don't know whether it'll be interesting to u or not, but it's just stuff that i just found out! hehehe.

DIDSH U KNOW.. that M.A.C. , Origins, Aveda, and Clinique are all under Estee Lauder? :)