Where art thou?

Saturday, 30 April 2011




Friday, 29 April 2011

and so...

dah kahwin dah diroang!!!!
it was sooooooo nice!!! everything was just nice!!

we cheered, we clapped, we smiled, we awed.. semualah tadi!!
when the princes were in the car heading to the Abbey, that made us waved and cheered to the tv! and then when kate was in the car on the way to the Abbey, she was just so gorgeous!!!!
At the altar, when kate was walking down to william, harry at the side was glancing back at her and smiled and cheekily said something to his brother. ahahhaha comel sangat!!!!
and we all saw william saying you look beautiful.. that was just aahhh sweet!
the way they look at each other, you could tell that they were very much in love.
dang, everything was just so sweet!!!
suka!!!!! :)))))
i couldn't stop smiling..

berparty sakan lah diorang mlm ni since they've got the palace all to themselves!!!!
changing the throne room into the chill out place. cool gila.

haih.. *starry eyes*
May god bless them!

xoxo, the one who's daydreaming

eeek! weddings make me feel excited!! and..

ooooh!! what a lovely couple!

OH MY GOD, i'm like sooooo excited!!! It's oh-so-prince-charming and lovely Kate's wedding!!!!
They will tie the knots today!!!!
I'm so excited! the fact that i'm in the same country during the wedding ceremony is like eek!!!!
SO CLOSE!!!! hahahahaha. History in the making yo!!!!
(omg, excited terlebih.. siapa yang nak kahwin ni?!?!) hahaha
My girlfriends and I will be taking a break from revision tomorrow morning till afternoon to watch the wedding LIVE on BBC! aarrghh! so excited.
May happiness lay ahead for both of them in the future and I hope they will last together forever and have beautiful babies (can't wait for that)!!! W&K ftw!

I bet people who are getting married the next day will not get to sleep in peace that night before.
It's like waiting for your results to come out the next day. Like you know it's gonna come out at that particular time and you're just waiting there. ARRGH! ahahah!
well, i'm definitely gonna have that feeling soon after my FINALS! hahaha.

This past few days, got links frm friends showing beautiful engagement videos and with this wedding of the century going on, I couldn't help but feel like i wanna get married too!!! lol.
Tho, i am very much farrrrr from that. hahha. I know that these things should be the last things on my mind right now as my finals get closer but I couldn't help it :p
oh well, degree comes first! then work! then..
well, let's just see what happens then when the time comes as I blog about my life. haha.

So, I'm now a princess-in-waiting and my very own prince is completely lost
somewhere out there.
one fine day, I hope I'll be one of those lovely couples.
That very fine day...

xoxo, Soraya

Friday, 22 April 2011

A billion acts of Green

This picture was taken by yours truly ;) somewhere in my uni.
MasyaAllah, beautiful isn't it? :)
had to walk through some nasty dried leaves and bushes,
i wasn't wearing proper shoes to be doing that!! but the sight was worth it :)


Today, i opened up google and saw a pretty earthy picture at the side of the word Google
It's Earth Day!
this year's theme is A Billion Acts of Green.

So what are you waiting for? Do something green today!
I couldn't do my fair share today BUT i did plan a tree months back! and visited it last Wednesday so there! :)

Me and the apple tree that i've planted in early February :)

xoxo, Soraya

Monday, 18 April 2011

In exactly a month..

yes, it has finally come.
MY FINALE of university life.

My exam will start on the 18th of May and ends on the 13th of June.
As of now, I have not yet started revision for the first paper. I will soon. Well, later after asar prayers or tonight. ok definitely tonight! (tolonglah start Soraya oi!)
I've still got my 2000 words essay to write which I'm still currently reading and researching on.
But for that particular module, the one that I have an essay to write about, there won't be any exam for that as it's 100% coursework.
This means I have to balance assignment and revisions.
well the essay would count as revision as well right since no exam for that?
heehuuheehuu (nafas semput).

IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! tenenene~ tenenenene~

Lets end it with FLYING COLOURS!!!! and I wanna fly with 1st class please.
(God's will)
Yes! u heard me, that's the aim!
I want to graduate with my friends with BIG WIDE SMILES plastered on our faces!
not one with a frown including me.
we can do it peeps! aja aja fighting!
Lets make it happen people.

xoxo, Soraya

Monday, 4 April 2011

Hello April!!!!

It's April!!
Gosh, how time flies huh! happy sad happy sad
I'm alright now as regarding the previous post :)

Went to play table tennis / ping pong today with Nadia & Farrah.
At first, the game was kinda bad, but eventually we played alright!
boleh laaahh. hehe. next stop, Aeroball!!!

Played squash last month with Yana & Iqa. An hour after that we went for Zumba and god, my whole body was aching so badly the next day! every part of me felt sore. haha.
really gotta make myself fit!

Since I'm on easter break right now @ study break.. I guess I would have more time to update my blog.. tho it might not be on current stuff that's going on. I might just talk about stuff that happened last year. haha. lalalalala~

One thing's for sure, I'm not going anywhere outside of UK this easter holidays.
supposedly start my revision today BUTTTT...
got a 2000 words essay to write and it's 70%! c-c-c-crazy! due in May 4th. woot!

alright, think i wanna go check out the question now and maybe layout my exam tinetable. :)
GANBATTE everyone!
We can do this!

Have a good easter break!