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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

wooot woot! pictures!

<--in front of Valhalla! we had to wear rain coats!

The Big One! i'm the 3rd from the back if u look on the right hand side :)

me with Pleasure Beach's mascots?

my face and Danny's expression when we were going down!! --->

the Big One. that reaction was when
we went down this track!

with Chu Chu!!! ----------------->

Louise & I!!

with Helina!!!

pleasure beach and others


the name sounds wrong no? hahahha! it's actually just an amusement park!!!
i had LOADS of fun!!!! there were sooo many rollercoasters! and other rides too! tapi tempat tuh tutup kul 5pm, so tak sempat nak naik all the rides! i rode one rollercoaster, it's called The Big One! trust me it's big alright! cam panjang gila track dia!! we timed it before we went for our turn and the ride was like 2 minutes or so! takut sangat masa dia turun tuh! i was like screaming n screaming! and open n close my eyes! jsut to see where and what's going on! ahhahaha but then takut so tutup mata balik bila nampak! tinggi gila! (p/s: i'm afraid of heights!) nadia pandang bawah n tutup mata the whole time! she didn't scream a bit! hahaha!
i went go-karting (is that the right spelling?) for the first time!

i went for this ride called Valhalla and it's a bit like that ride yg kat Sunway Pyramid tuh, yg naik log tuh, tapi tak setinggi kat sunway la. yg kat sunway tuh just naik and turun bedeboosh! right. but this one was like.. it'll let u experience a few weather.. cam there was really really cold weather, windy (it was bloody dark and they had some air blown at our face!), hot (they had fire blown up around us) and then there was this one part the ride just stopped. all of us thought like, the thing rosak ke apa. sekali dia cam slowly rotate and it fell down backwards!!!!! bongek gila! dah lah basah ride tuh!!! we were in a viking-ish boatlike thingy sailing around and the path takes us on a ride la. because it was pitch black, u don't know what to expect, tau tau AAAAA dah turun!! bedeboosh! hehe FUN!!!!
and then Nadia n I rode on this horse ride. i feel so freee when i rode it! kinda scary tho when it takes a sharp turn the horse was like "TURN!" cam omg! both of us were like terkejut2 like that. hhehe. there were many other rides too. all were fun! :) happy happy

last friday, i went to cheshire oaks, a shopping place full of all the branded outlets! well not all. didn't really shop a lot. takder byk benda yg interest me. hehe. altho i did bought a little white dress. i was looking for a little black dress and i ended up buying the opposite! well, the price was from GBP150 to GBP40. and it was a nice lacey one! couldn't help it! with the price reduction! so vulnerable i am to the sale. hehehe. it was "from me to you, Ted xx" so u do the thinking on what brand it was ;) i just love the labels! so sweet.

i watched Transformers 2 just now!! it was COOL! rasa cam nak jer masuk dlm movie tuh! hahahha! cause it's friggin cool! and the cars! like omg. my favourite Audi is in it!!!!!! can anyone tell me the model of that Audi?? it was around the beginning of the movie. i loveeee that Audi!!! haihhhh. (Day dream jap)

went for a bbq yesterday too at Syahir, Don, and Afiq's house! last gathering before they all leave! hmmmm rasanya, akan rindu jugak ngan diorang. especially rgen, he just cracks me up! so funny! :)
i also met up with a few of my int. frens these past few days jsut to say goodbye before we all headback to our homecountry! so glad i've found such nice frens!

think i better start packing now! masih tak pack2 lagi! tak sukaaa!!!!!! dah la berkotak2 kan! ngan luggage bag lagi! urgh!! syufiza!!! tolong!!!! kalau kat kolej awak selalu tolong kite bila bab pack-pack barang nih! :(

next post, i'll post some pics from what i've written here. ;)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

how was my last day of exam?? well, surprise surprise ;)

I've finished my exam!! yay!!!!!! first year of being an undergrad student had passed! boy how time flies huh. anyway, TODAY was such a windy, wet n cold day! it was soooo gloomy. the weather here has some effect on my mood. hahhahha. so anyway, so sad that the last day of my exam was to be with such a gloomy day. PLUS, the paper was ermm so so.. everyone kept saying it was soooo good! but to me i wasn't sure whether it was good or bad. so wasn't too happy about it.

had lunch with Chu Chu before she flies off to China tomorrow and then head back to my flat to watch some of my Arashi's tv shows. I was to meet up with the rest of the gang (i.e. nadia, nana, luq, danny n syakir) as nadia said that syakir made rendang and we were all to meet up at the previous bbq spot but it was raining heavily so i was like calling syakir n nadia asking whether it's still on or not. Syakir didn't picked up, couldn't get thru nadia. When nana picked up, she said it was on but not sure where. Syakir called later n i straight away asked him whether it was cancelled but he said.. no no it's still on, we're going to nadia's house. which i found to be kinda odd cause gatherings would usually be at my kitchen. tapi cam kat rumah nadia.. cam hairan. so thought a change of venue would be okay.

nana then sms me asking what time am i coming cause they're all hungry and wanna eat with me. so i quickly prayed and head to nadia's place. when i reach there, nadia was like, u tau tak nana sorang jer yg baru sampai. then when i entered her room.... TADAAAA! everyone was there to surprise me for my 3 months in advance birthday!!!!! 17th June yea and my birthday is on sept 17th! haha! so sweet of them to celebrate it while we're all together! i've never told ANYONE about this before but now i'm gonna tell you that i've always always always! wanted a surprise birthday party. but i never did get one. cause i mean, if u tell someone that u want one.. obviously u wouldn't be kinda all surprise right?? plus, none of the people i know back home seem to plan anything for me. i am the one who's always planning stuff, even for my own birthday. heh. was hoping that one of the many people i know would actually plan something for me but oh well. hahha.

u have no idea how happy i am to have the surprise 3 months in advance birthday for me! u know the feeling off how much effort people put into something just for you?? if u do, then good for you cause i love that feeling! and that's what i felt! still feeling it! hahaha! a very very very very big thanks to Nadia for planning it!!! and of course not forgetting Nana who helped out too. ANNNND also to Luqman who masak the nuggets! and of course to Syakir n Danny too!!! u guys turned my gloomy day into a bright n fun one!!! thank u thank u thank u!!! u guys might not see my expression being so surprised or happy or whatever but trust me.. deep down inside i felt sooooo happy and touched that u guys did that for me! i feel.. appreciated!! :P yes i do!! it was a great day in the end and i thank yall for that! xoxo!

tomorrow will be an outing to Pleasure Beach, Blackpool and we shall see how it goes! :D till then, toodles!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


It has been confirmed that Dot's a girl!!!!! yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i can call her Princess DOt! Congratulations to Adam and CHor!!!!! i can't wait to welcome her to this world!
WOO HOO!! Your aunty's waiting for you!!!!

ok, now must go study. huhu.