Where art thou?

Friday, 25 April 2008

the final chapter...

NO IT'S NOT THE FINAL CHAPTER OF MY BLOG!!! i'm referring to my final chance 2 score good grades for A levels.. hehehe.. i am really worried about it.. a thing called stress as u all know.. very popular word when exam is just around the corner.. just to update this blog.. i don't think i'll be blogging for awhile after this.. i'll just go online and check my e-mail and facebook, that's about it.. well last Wednesday was Evening With Sapphire@EWS.. it was fun! Aisha n I went n watch out petbrothers dance!! ahahahaha! i must say, tak ku sangka Faris akan menari sebegitu!! ahahahah! the theme was oldies.. they had this Retro Dance Competition. so yeah, my petbros entered.. together with 3 other jr. diamonders.. comel gila! they wore like those mamat2 zaman dahulu dlm those malay movies.. baju ketat2.. ngan cermin mata hitam diorang, with flat hairs.. HAHAHAHAH! kelakar la! Ali who has this really curly hair which i think telah mengalahkan rambut topan pun flattened his hair! comel betul.. they dance to george michael's "You Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"! cute dance moves! and they won!!!! woo hoo!! bangga weh bangga! hehe.. there was this other competition called Hair Spray where the girls participated.. they have to do some oldies Hair-do! which was cool too! they did those big hairs u know, ala-ala Amy Winehouse! is that how her name is spelt? i sounds right.. ANYWAY, besides that.. they even have pertandingan parut kelapa! pelik kan?! but hey, it's something new.. i mean, tak pernah ada pertandingan mcm tuh kat kolej.. they some tradiotional games like tinting and congkak as well.. but i just went n watch the dance and hairspray jer..

Events that are coming up would be Evening With Topaz@EWT.. then the college's 10th birthday! and we have LailatunNisaa' (i.e. ladies' night)!! cool kan?! i don't know how lar.. kalau tak pergi cam.. alar, bila lagi kan.. sebab dah last year kat kolej.. pergi sekejap2 jerlah kut eh? yea, i think so too.. :) yesterday night's taklim was really really touching.. most of us cried.. they talked about mothers.. so, as someone who's a bit emo/sensitive.. banjir lah babe, apa lagi.. hehehehe! but i wasn't the only one tho.. well ok, it's already 3pm, better go n study! have photoshoot rehearsal later at 5pm! batch picture!!!! wheeee!!!! adios amigos!! i may continue to blog after my exam! so till then, wish me luck for my final exam!!! i wish whoever who's reading this good luck in ur exams too!!! buhbwwaaaiiii!! xoxo

Saturday, 19 April 2008

flu oh flu

my sister came home with a flu and now i got it too!!! heish! i hate having flu!! suara sengau.. and it's all so stuffy! pergh! and i hate taking the medicine! FYI, for those who doesn't know this.. I DON'T KNOW how to swallow pills, or tablets tuh.. hehehehe! i'll crush it.. or if i have to.. i'll CHEW IT! laugh if u must.. but i'm not the only one in this world who tak reti telan ubat.. :P confession ni! huhuhu.. neway, i got back some of my results edi.. accounts paper 3 alhamdulillah ok.. tak kena rotan :) OH speaking of acc.. last thursday, during my acc class, pn. nor ain gave us this sweets which are called Monster sweets.. nama dia monster.. then she kept saying.. ha saya ada gula2 hantu nak kasi awak.. so we all took one each.. and i terus pop one in my mouth.. then ON THAT DAY, my lips were dry, so the whole day i was like licking my lips.. alar u know.. kalau bibir kering u tend to like lick it a little bit tuh kan?! so yea ok.. THEN, tengah makan gula2 tuh.. then tiba2 she giggled tau after looking at me.. then she said to the whole class "tuh lar saya suka kasi gula2 ni kat budak2 untuk mkn. cuba tgk soraya" i was like.. "what?! (dlm hati)".. then everyoen turned.. almost everyone i think.. then faten signalled at me pointing towards the lips.. and walla! my lips were blue!! well not the whole lips.. but u can c there's some blue colour there.. then i tunduk bawah! MALU.. and pn. nor ain was like "takper.. kamu boleh basuh.. nak pergi toilet skrg ke?" i was like.. nak.. then i went out cepat2.. came back in class.. and she asked "dah hilang?" ... i senyum jer.. and said "mhmm" hahahah! i know macam tak penting jer apa yang i ckp nih.. but u're reading it! saya amat terharu.. anyway, malu gak ar.. pn. nor ain nih ler.. haih.. but u know what.. among all my teachers now.. i like her the most.. no doubt about it.. altho i am scared of her.. i haven't got back my maths paper.. next week kut dpt.. got back econs paper 3.. HORROR GILA.. nih baru paper 3.. paper 4 ntah macam mana lah pulak.. acc paper 4.. most probably dpt on monday.. itu mmg paper yang boleh banjir ar... hehehe.. just have to wait and c the outcome..

last wednesday, we had EWG @ Evening With Garnet.. they had this haunted house which i must say.. berjaya lah jugak diorang! respect.. heheh! erm.. yasirah n i went in together.. masuk2 jer dah terkejut dah.. and masa part ada this pontianak pun mmg tuh i jerit ar.. orang masuk this part kan.. then dia mengilai.. soraya pun jerit lah sama.. HHAHHAHA.. then we didn't know where to go.. so cam i ngan yasirah was like.. eh nak gi mana nih? which way do we take.. boleh ker.. ahahha! then the hantu cam ikut yasirah.. so rupanya kena crawl kat bawah2 meja untuk keluar.. so i crawled first followe by yas, and hantu tuh ikut yas! hahaha.. i was pulling yasirah's hand.. and she asked me to stop pulling her.. so i did.. i didn't want to get out of the crawling part sebab i tau mesti ada hantu tunggu kat the end of it!! but then yas kat belakang cam.. cepatlah keluar! hantu tuh kat belakang i!! so yeah i did.. and yes! ada hantu sergah i.. thought he was going to be in front of me ke apa ke.. rupanya dia tunggu kat atas meja tuh.. pastuh dia kuarkan kepala dia kat depan kite! bongek! terkejut orang tau.. then ada this mummy lying there.. and yas was like.. pointing at it and said "nih betul ke tipu" then he cam bangun tangan ke depan and went aaaaa.. HAHHAHAHAHA! i ketawa gila.. ada jerit and ketawa lar.. best ar.. kesian jugak the hantu suma.. sebab i was going like.. bodoh lah korang.. bongek ar! korang nih mmg ar.. hahhahaha SORRY... haih.. juniors yang jadi hantu masa tuh mmg boleh ketawakan ar muka kitorang masa tuh.. memalukan jer.. BUT it was fun! no doubt about it.. well, so far.. i have only this to talk about.. till the next blog, aight girls n boys! CIAO! xoxo

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

it is I.. SORAYA..

so yes!!! finally!! trials is over.. BUT THE FINAL EXAM IS NOT.. dang.. it means that i have to work hard this one month!!!!! kena berusaha!!!! yeah!!! my econs paper was really tough.. i mean.. i've never seen such paper before!!! seriously.. heih.. matilah.. paper 4 pun cam.. tak kuat jer... i really really hope i get better in my paper 4 soon.. accounts pun susah gak hari tuh punya.. i don't have any classes today.. wanted to study in the morning just now.. but had a lot of distractions.. sooo i think i'll study after lunch today.. full throtle (i think i dah salah eja dah).. huhu.. but yeah.. :) i really really gotta get my ass TO THE UK!!! i've just gotta! if not i don't know what will happen to me.. don't want to think about it.. :( i'm already ok.. dah emotionally stable dah :D yay! i guess i just needed some time.. hehehe! i'm back baby! :)

oh, i got a letter from Petronas about my BTN (Biro TataNegara) gosh.. i really don't wanna go.. it's on the 7th to 11th july... it's like learning history.l. i never like history.. i thought after form 5 then dah lah kan! sekali masuk kolej.. it's under Malaysian Studies.. like WHAAAAT?! and then ingatkan after Malaysian Studies.. close book dah lah kan.. and i have BTN?! huhuhuhu.. 5 days.. and we have to wear like school uniforms.. kain hitam and baju kurung warna putih.. haih.. takperlah.. rindu jugak pakai cam baju sekolah.. hahahaahah! kidding.. it'll be held in Shah Alam.. haih..

nih nanti nak kena ambik results trials.. i know i did badly.. sheeettt larr... takper takper.. i kena berusaha!! am i right frens?!! ARE U WITH ME!!?!! let's mulakan our semangat kuda gagah vogue!!!! :P (i'm trying to motivate myself here.. so lend me a hand).. :)

Saturday, 12 April 2008

one paper left then trials exam is over

HELLLOOOOOO frens!!!! i have one paper left which is Economic paper 3.. it's on this Tues.. i'm at home right now.. back for the weekend.. hehehe.. i need to come back home... this week had been a really really tough week for me.. so ok.. updates! Last weekend was my sister's wedding!!!!! she's now married!!! i can't believe it!! woo hoo!! the wedding was great!!! she got married on the 4th of April.. the akad nikah took place at my house.. and ada bersanding sekali.. family frens came.. the next day.. wedding reception was held at Sime Darby Convention Centre.. gosh it was sooo tiring that night.. i became one of the usherers.. i think that's how u spell it... i wore this high heels which was 3.5 or 4 inches high!!! and my god.. rasa macam nak tercabut kaki ok!!! yerlah.. siapa suruh pakai kasut tinggi2 kan?! but hey... gotta look good.. no pain no gain.. hehehe ;) neway, after the function.. i really didn't wanna go back to kolej cause i am not ready for the exams.. so i "banjir" lah sorang2 kat dlm bilik jap.. cause i couldn't banjir in front of my family right.. malu lar.. i hope u all know what banjir means.. if u don't.. pergi tanya Pam.. she gave me that term... hahaha... so anyway, i cam stressed out jugak ar... sooo bila balik kolej on sunday night.. i broke down terus bila masuk chalet.. pija was there.. so she tried to calm me down.. oh maji was there as well.. how embarassing.. then i went to puvvy's chalet to give her the wedding favours and i told her about it.. and yes.. i broke down again.. then i went back to my chalet and then met amalina and broke down again.. and by the time fiza came back. i was kinda ok dah.. so i had picked up all my strength and studied after that.. huhuhu..

The next day.. i thought i had let go all my blue feelings that night.. i was wrong.. it just hit me that i won't get to see my sister as often as i used to anymore.. so i banjir again... so banjirlah saya sambil baca Malaysian Studies.. and i was really really emotionally unstable last week... talking about my sister was really a sensitive issue to me.. but when i talked to ju vern about it.. i was laughing about it.. maybe because well, my sister kalau dia tinggal kat rumah husband dia.. it's just 5 minutes away.. HEHEHE.. ju vern kata bongek kat i.. 5 minit jer.. WELL YEAH!! 5 minutes jer BUT still... skrg kalau balik rumah.. she won't be there sometimes and then there'll be no more.. lepaking with just her and backing me up or laughing at my stupid jokes... k k, teary now.. but kena tahan.. her husband's right behind me.. hehe.. she's at home right now.. so anyway, yeah.. i'll start to banjir everytime i have my flashbacks of times of me n my sis.. a bit pathetic maybe but.. seriously i myself didn't know i was going to be this emo.. well virgos ARE sensitive.. this virgo right here.. hehehe.. k end of story..

i gotta get ready to go out for dinner at aunty shahroom's house!! yay!! oh.. she's my mom's bestfren.. :) and she's a good cook!!! whee!!! till next time.. after econs paper!!! adios amigos!! xoxo